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Ginny and Amanda
by NewAnon

Harry would not admit it to anyone, but he loved to watch x-rated video tapes. The invention of the video had saved him from the tiresome routine of going to an x-rated theater with its coterie of "raincoat" non-crowd: isolated middle-aged men absorbed in the screen fantasy. Instead, he could rent or buy features that seemed to combine some sort of story with good writing, good acting and exciting sex scenes. Of course, the family members knew little or nothing of this: certainly Sarah, his wife, knew he watched them but did not join him. She knew the films helped to keep his sex drive active and ready for their frequent love-making. But Amanda was different: their attractive daughter, now twenty but still living with them, probably had known nothing about her dad's "secret life," an extended adventure into the eroticism of sex films.

But all that changed one day.

Harry was alone in the house in the late afternoon. In the dim light, he had started up a new x-rated video that had just arrived in the mail that morning. Sarah had gone for a long trip and would not return until very late that night. She had smiled when she saw the familiar type of package arrive, whispering, "Save some of your sexy thoughts for me later on, OK?" He had grinned and made a sign of strong agreement. Now she was gone and he had the house to himself. Amanda was out somewhere, it was a day when she rarely came home until after six and it was only four in the after- noon. So, he showered, left on his robe and nothing else, put in the tape and sat back to enjoy, first closing all the curtains.

The name of the film was "Ginny." As it opened Ginny appeared walking down the street in a suburban area. She was a brunette of dark Latin-type complexion but not a Latino, probably she was just sun-tanned. She had hefty breasts, he surmised, from the way they rose and fell as she strode along swiftly toward a particular door of a specific house. In her short skirt, her legs were beautifully shaped. All in all, a very attractive woman of about thirty. She used her key to enter the house, so it must be her home, Harry thought as he watched the film. Ginny prowled around the house for a while, putting away some things. Then she sat and looked at a picture of a man and a woman: herself and ... her husband probably. She smiled and then began disrobing as she walked toward the bathroom. The film had a certain quality about it. It proceeded slowly and not so coarsely. The viewer didn't see Ginny's full nakedness, only the arousing behind as she finally entered the shower, nude. And when she was done, the camera did not linger on her breasts, in the trite B-movie style. Rather we see her in a robe, brushing her hair. Then she moves to a closet and a chest of drawers. In a little while, we see that she has put on some special underwear: a shelf-bra that leaves her breasts revealed and high (and we now see these luscious globes with their puffy areolas) and a garter belt with black stockings. Over this, she wears a sheer gown. She is a stunning wife, waiting to please her husband ... and just someone is at the door.

But when the door is opened, and we see the man in the picture arrive to kiss her, the conversation makes clear that Joe, her husband, has brought home a friend, Jim. Ginny looks disappointed but ready to please. She returns to her room and replaces the sheer nightgown with the white robe from the shower. Her husband introduces her to Jim and then prepares drinks.

For a while they sit and converse, sipping the drinks, which Joe replenishes frequently enough for us to understand it when the talk becomes more risqué. Joe is proud of his sexy wife and at one point opens her robe and looks while allowing Jim a look-see too. She laughs and this stimulates Joe to remove the robe. At first, she is completely startled and thrown off: after all, she now is visible to Jim in the sort of near-nudity that drives a man wild, her breasts free but held up by the sexy shelf-bra, her lovely legs covered by black silk stockings held up by a black and red garter belt -- but also her sex on display for Jim as well as Joe! But Joe holds her close and hugs her, kissing her gently, then more romantically, then more lustily. It is apparent that, between the kissing and the drinks, Ginny is now not thinking of the observer Jim but only of Joe's hard erect penis pressed against her. Joe holds her apart from a moment and gently pushes her down on the couch. He kneels before her and kisses each breast, then sucks each. She throws her head back and closes her eyes, as Jim watches intently as Joe licks downward from Ginny's breasts to her belly and finally, spreading her legs, probes her sex with his tongue. Harry was so absorbed in the scene he failed to hear the key turning the lock and the door opening, then closing. But then he did hear the footsteps on the kitchen floor and his finger leapt to the stop button. The TV abruptly picked up in the middle of a news announcement, but Amanda was standing there and having a combination of frown and curiosity on her face.

His daughter looked at him for a moment like that and then, curiosity winning out, she asked, "Dad, what was that you were watching? It wasn't the news!"

A faint odor of liquor entered the room and he realized that his daughter had been drinking.

"Oh, just some video ...." he muttered lamely. "Come on, Dad, it was a particular film, wasn't it? What is it called? Who is in it?" Her voice was a little slurred.

"It's called 'Ginny,' but nobody you know is in it. It's not a well-known movie." He immediately regretted saying so much in response. "Oh, can I watch too? Please, Dad ...." She mocked a whining sound and approached him, leaning toward him so that the combination of perfume and liquor odors wafted over him.

Did she know already?

Harry didn't know what to say. He deliberated a moment and then took a deep breath. "You may as well know, Amanda, a man sometimes likes to watch sex films. That's what it is, a sexy movie."

"Oh. But I still would like to see it if it's OK with you."

"Amanda, it's not just a sexy movie. It's an adult movie."

Amanda was silent, but her face had changed expression and color. Her cheeks became somewhat red and her chest moved in such a way that he knew she had been excited to hear this. But apparently she wasn't too sure how far she should press and reveal her interest. Maybe if she had not been drinking, maybe then she would have backed off.

"I've never seen one of those. But I'm not a prude. How could I be, raised by you and Mom. Please, Dad, don't treat me like a little girl: I'm old enough to decide. If I don't like it, I'll be gone-gone."

"Yea, but this is XXX!"

"I know what "adult" means in regard to videos, Dad, but I insist. I'm sitting here right now beside you and I'm not leaving until I decide that I don't like the movie. Please, hit the start button.... No, wait, first I'll make us a pair of drinks."

She darted out of the room and busied herself in the kitchen for a while, returning with two large gin tonics. He sipped the drink ... it was strong, but Amanda gulped hers down almost at once and made another for herself before he had a chance to warn her to go easy. She sat down and stared at him pointedly.

He sighed. "Well, okay, but first I'll reverse it so that you can see this is not just some slob stuff, it's a serious erotic film, to be seen from the start." It was a bit of BS, but with that, he hit the reverse and a few moments later, the start button again.

They watched together as the film set up the situation, with Ginny returning home, bathing, putting on the sexy underwear, greeting her husband and his unanticipated pal and, finally, the start of the drinking and the revealing of the wife's charms to his buddy. At that point, Amanda shifted in her seat and stared at him and then back at the screen, intently scrutinizing the now explicit character of the movie. Her face was a deep red and her bosom was rising and falling. Harry noticed that she wore a light white shirt with several buttons open in front, so that now, for the first time, he took interest in his daughter's ample breasts, heaving now in response to the sexual stimuli of the film. He could not see her nipples, but the lovely shape was alluring ....

He found himself shifting too, facing toward her while yet also watching The film, just as she did. They were very near, and he felt some start of intoxication by Amanda's mild but heady perfume together with the pleasant aroma of the lime in the gin tonic. He realized that his daughter was a sexually experienced woman, and now an excited woman. And that he was a very sexually excited man.

In the film, Joe was licking Ginny's cunt lips and then spreading her a little more, his tongue probed her beautiful throbbing anus. Joe had stripped down to nothing as he was doing this and Jim now approached Joe and waited until Joe looked up and, hesitating for a moment, nodded. Jim then stripped and revealed his handsome body with a large erect cock. As Ginny leaned back on the couch, eyes closed, Joe moved up and over her, positioning his hard cock at her lips. She opened and slowly pistoned his prick in and out of her soft, willing mouth. Behind him, Jim knelt between her legs, replacing Joe and continuing Joe's ministrations of her sopping-wet cunt lips.

Ginny's eyes opened, startled: they questioned Joe, but he smiled and nodded, as if to say, "it's OK." Ginny closed her eyes and accepted the double-loving, her mouth and cunt being serviced by two handsome lovers, in and out, making love to her, worshipping her tanned tall body. After a few moments, Joe whispered something in Ginny's ear and all three arose and walked to the bedroom. A bottle appeared from somewhere. At a slight urging from her husband's hands, she shifted her body so that she knelt on her hands and knees on the bed. Joe climbed beneath her and they kissed deeply as he rubbed his prick on her cunt and she slid her breasts over his chest. She bent to suck him, taking his cock deep into her mouth, on her knees and her ass spread out ...

Jim opened the bottle. He spread the oil in it across Ginny's lovely bare ass and her crack, then into her puckered anus, as he also oiled his own erect organ. Then he slowly entered her ass and began a slow pumping motion while she sucked.

Harry was in heat himself. He had had no idea that the film would get into anal sex. Here he was with his own daughter and not only were they watching an X-rated movie, but one featuring double penetration! He expected Amanda to jump up and leave, but instead she leaned in closer to him and he felt her forehead touch his own and then she lifted her face toward his, her mouth open and her breasts heaving. He moved his face just a little and then felt her kiss, then her tongue as she probed his mouth with passion.

His robe was loose and had a tent where his enormous erection sat demanding satisfaction. Amanda, his lovely hot daughter, broke from his lips. She looked at him and then, serious in tone but slurred in voice, she asked, "So this is going to be just between us, never related to another single human being ever, right?" He gazed back at her through his own foggy alcoholic feeling and nodded, his faced flushed and his heart beating rapidly.

Amanda opened his robe and caressed his erect prick with her smooth fingers. "Oh, Amanda, oh, ...," he whispered.

Then her head swept down and he felt the most sensational event of his life taking place: Amanda sucking his huge erection while on screen -- which Amanda seemed to be watching as she sucked - Ginny's husband shifted to enter her cunt while she continued to be ass-fucked.

Ginny slowly rocked, fucked in cunt and ass by her husband and his friend, while his passionate daughter watched them and sucked her loving dad! Ginny was taking it both ways. Her mouth open, breathing heavily, she seemed in a dream, two huge but wonderful cocks penetrating her, entering her very being.

Amanda moved her face away from his prick as he showered his own belly with his come. She leaned back and Harry massaged her clitoris with his finger as he kissed his daughter's lovely mouth. After a few moments she shuddered in climax and they sat back, resting. After a while, Harry hit the stop button. Amanda kissed him and went to her room. He wondered what the future would be like.

Several days later he had a chance to find out. Sarah was out again and not due back until late that night. He knew this was Amanda's day at home. He showered and shaved, then put on his robe. He wondered out to the pool and saw that Amanda was stretched out, sun-bathing. She was so lovely, he felt his cock twitch in desire. When she saw him she paused and then spread her legs and looked fetchingly at him. "I've never had that," she said, referring to the scene that had watched that night, the anal loving. He said nothing, but moved toward her, and they kissed deeply. She broke away. "She really enjoyed it, without a doubt. It must not have hurt her." Her chest heaved. She wanted it, he saw. Amanda rose and then bent over in the sunlight, looking back at him, at her father. "Do it Dad, but be gentle."

He applied some oil to her and then slowing probed her. At first she resisted in spite of her desire, but then with a slow fucking with only the head going in and out, she adopted a rhythmic coordination with him. Then she pushed back and took more of him. She was hot! She was tight!

"Oh, yes, make love to me that way, I didn't know it could feel so good!" she called out to him.

"Amanda, baby, this is wonderful. You're my very own Ginny, my Amanda-Ginny, who wants her Dad to make anal love to her. Fantastic!" "Yes, Dad, do me, love my ass, faster, harder!"

He thought of Ginny being ass-fucked by her husband while he ass-fucked his daughter Amanda. He reached down and felt her fullsome breasts as he fucked her. With one hand, he finger-fucked her cunt, while the other massaged a breast, while she bucked back and forth, her breasts swaying, being ass-fucked.

There, in the sharp sunlight and near the pool, he played at being ass-master to his lovely daughter Amanda, who wanted it, and got it, until the sun went down.

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