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Going After Celebrities

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All my life I've never had a problem with women because of being very well endowed. With me being 16 inches long and 8 inches around no girl could ever say no and I usually had a crowd of them around me whenever I broke up with a girlfriend. They all wanted to feel the size of my cock. Still I quickly got tired of normal girls at school throughout high school and wanted a real catch.

When I turned 18 I was finally allowed to get to go on vacation wherever I wanted. I decided I should go where I could find one of the most hottest women. When I thought about hot women I instantly thought of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Well the prospect of getting to get in Sarah's pants instantly made me horny. I always longed for Tuesday's for when I would get to see Sarah kick Vampire ass on tv. It always got me off but now I decided to go for the real thing.

First I had to find out where she may be right now so I started looking through current magazines and watching shows about current events to find where she lived or if she was maybe doing a movie somewhere. I finally found out she was in Hawaii on a brief vacation and knew I had found a perfect opportunity. I knew I had found my place for vacation and started packing immediately.

On the plane I started to think how I would get to her. I had been so excited I hadn't even thought about it. I finally came up with the idea of letting her see my package. I would basically find a place where I could let her get a good look while in public. I only prayed she would be like the rest of the girls in high school and not be able to deny that she wanted it. It wasn't hard to find her once he got there. Every guy in the state was practically following her everywhere she went. I simply joined along because it was the only way I could get close and find an opportunity to show myself off.

My chance came when Sarah went to the beach one afternoon. Of course, practically every horny guy was around to get to see her in a swimsuit but I saw this as a chance to let her see me. When I saw her at the beach in a skimpy bikini that very well showed off her amazing tits and traced the outlines of her pussy I instantly got hard. Fortunately I was in the water at the time but once I got close I would let her get a look. She took a quick swim but I couldn't get close with all of the other guys hovering her so I waited still expressing a hard on. Suddenly I saw Sarah sneak away from the crowd under water and left one of her friends to impersonate her for a while.

Her friend just floated in the water and none of the guys noticed it wasn't her. She started to swim towards the beach by me and I knew this was my chance. I quickly got out of the water and then jumped back in by her into a big wave. I still had my huge hard on through this and knew she would be shocked when she saw it. When I jumped into the wave I quickly threw off my trunks making it look like they got knocked off by the wave. She was already surprised by me jumping into the wave so close to her but when the wave receded and she saw me she was totally shocked.

There I was completely naked, and a raging 16 inch hard on pointing directly at Sarah. She just sat there with her mouth opened until I finally said something.

"Sorry about that, those waves can be rough sometimes." She slowly said "yeah they can" in a stuttery voice trying not to stare at my cock. I told her my name was Erik and that maybe we should get together sometime. She said sure very quickly and I knew I had bagged her.

We agreed to meet that night at her sweet in a hotel. I counted the minutes till the date. I hoped she felt the same way. I felt extremely confident of what she wanted by her saying we should not go out and just stay in for the night. I knew exactly why she wanted to stay in too.

When I arrived I almost fainted when she answered the door in a very short, thin nightie. It just barely concealed her huge tight mounds and barely came over her sweet pussy. She said come in and turned and walked towards the bar she had in the room. As she walked away shaking that very sweet ass I could tell she had a small black G-string on by her nightie creeping up over her ass. It was revealing the small string barely showing between her tight cheeks.

She told me to get more comfortable and come over to the couch and have a drink. I ripped off all my clothes except my boxers and walked over and sat next to her. We drank and talked a while just getting to know each other.

Finally she made the first move by putting her drink down and saying slumping back into the couch. She told me she had never been really satisfied, even with all the boyfriends she had. She had been looking for a while for someone that really measured up. When she saw me at the beach that day she knew she had found someone. And by how hard I was she knew I was definitely interested too.

I never even said a word. I simply picked her up and laid her on the couch. Then I slowly slipped off the night pulling it over her head and revealing her precious breasts. They were so tight the just pointed right at me. I couldn't resist them as I instantly began to suck on them sucking as hard as I could. I then started to move lower going over her strong stomach coming to the small black panties. I bit the top of them and pulled them down her legs with my teeth. She kicked them off and spread her legs giving me complete freedom.

I was surprised to see a freshly shaven slit before my eyes. This made me so horny I dove in probing at her pussy as much as I could. Her scent and taste were indescribable. She was absolutely delicious. As my pace increased her moans did. Soon she started to cum and I was greeted with a flood of sweet, delicious juice. After she calmed down I got my turn. She got up and then pushed me onto my back. In no time at all she had jumped on me and ripped off my boxers releasing my raging cock. Again she stared in amazement at the sight of my huge cock. I grabbed her by the hips and positioned her above my hard on. She then took control and began to lower herself onto me.

I couldn't believe the tightness and warmth of her confines; it was incredible. I couldn't believe I was fucking Sarah Michelle Gellar. She started to moan as she continued to lower herself onto my cock. I knew she had never been filled up this much and I was going to give her the time of her life.

Finally she buried my cock to the balls and just sat there in sheer ecstasy. I felt incredible but decide to now take control of things. I got up and held her keeping myself inside of her. I then did something that felt incredible. While holding her I turned her around so she was facing away from me while she was still inside me. Twisting her pussy around my cock like that almost made me come right then.

I then leaned her over the couch and started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy. Then I quickened my pace and soon I was pulling my 16 inches all the way out and slamming it back in. Her pussy made a sucking sound as it took the onslaught of my huge tool. This sound made me finally cum. I shoved my cock all the way in and held it as I filled her with my hot steamy cum. At the same time she was letting out her fourth scream of ecstasy from cumming. When we both had finished I pulled out of her and fell back in the recliner.

Once she had recovered she turned around and saw my half hard cock dripping with both our juices. Before I knew what happened she was sucking on the head of my cock trying to get it in her mouth. This quickly brought me back to full strength and my cock head grew while in her mouth. She continued to suck hard and finally I released another load of cum down her throat. She choked a little but actually was able to swallow every last drop. With her tongue still tickling the head of my cock I didn't even lose any of my size. She even had a hard time pulling her mouth off of my cock. Eventually she was able to pull her mouth off and I knew there was one more thing I had to do.

I took her over to the couch and bent her over the side of the couch again. Then I positioned my cock right between her ass cheeks. She started to protest but I didn't give her the time. I quickly started to push my huge cock inside her tight hole. She started to scream in pleasure and pain telling me to fuck her shit hole and rip her apart with my huge cock.

This just made me go faster and instead of slowly working in the last 10 inches I backed up my hips and slammed the rest of my dick inside her. She screamed and went totally crazy. All of her shaking and moving made me hump her fast and hard. She was having continuous orgasms and screaming constantly through all of them. Finally I was about to climax and let my third load loose into her third hole. I came like I never came before filling her bowels with gallons of my jism. It felt incredible.

When we were done I gave her a long sweet kiss and told her goodbye saying she was the best fuck I ever had. She said I was the best too and hoped I would call sometime. I took her home number and said I would definitely get in touch. She said she would mention me to other actresses and give them my number. I said that sounded great and thanked her very much. After I left I thought about what she said and couldn't wait for my next star.

To be continued....

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