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Good Buddies
by Bud Lempke

I had just turned 18 during the summer of 1990, and my parents had just purchased a summer house in Spring Lake, Michigan. The house was on the lake, and the lake had access to Lake Michigan via the Grand River. If you want to see where it was look on a map, Central West Michigan just north of Holland. We were going to spend the summer there, and, although I was looking forward to the vacation, I was going to miss my friends, especially my good buddy, Sarah.

Sarah was the coolest girl I knew. She was also 18, but she didn't look as old as me. She was very pretty, but her body had not really started to curve yet. I told her all the time that she had a great body, and it was true. She had lean muscular legs and a rock-hard ass. Her abs were perfect too, but she hated the fact that her chest was so small. She used to say that when her nipples weren't hard nobody even knew that she was a girl. On the other hand, I already had B cups when I was 18. But I wasn't as lean and athletic as her. My hips were much wider than hers, and I could never remember seeing my abs. Sarah didn't even know how hot she was.

She wasn't quite as popular as me at school, but I think that was just because her family did not have a lot of money. Sarah was a really good artist, and I used to go over to her house when we were very young, and she would try to teach me how to paint. She also played soccer and was one of the best players on the team. I was going to miss her.

The first weeks of the summer at Spring Lake were a lot of fun. We spent much of the time water-skiing, driving the boat to town, and swimming. I slept in the boat almost every night. However, after a while, this life of solitary leisure was making me really bored. I was so excited when mom suggested that I call Sarah and invite her out for the weekend.

I was really happy as dad pulled the boat up to the dock to pick up Sarah. She looked so familiar, standing there in her Umbro shorts with her long brown hair whipping in the wind. I remember noticing how tan her legs looked as she jumped into the boat.

"Hey girl!" I said, and we hugged. She sat down beside me in the bow of the boat and filled me in on all the gossip from home as dad drove the boat back to our cabin.

That night asked Sarah if she wanted to spend the night in the boat. She said that sounded like fun, so we grabbed some clothes and scampered down to the dock.

"I've never slept in a boat," Sarah said as we made our way down into the cabin.

"It's just like sleeping in a water bed," I said. "I've slept out here almost ever night this summer!" I turned around to latch the cabin door, and when I turned back around I saw Sarah slide her little Umbro shorts down to her ankles. She had on plain white undies, and one side of them had crawled up the crack of her ass, giving her a dreaded half-wedgie.

"We've gotta get you some sexier underwear," I said, giggling.

"What's wrong with these?" she asked as she pulled her half-wedgie out.

"Well, nothing," I said, "they're just kind of plain."

"My mom's Catholic..." she said. We looked at each other, and we both started giggling like we were little girls again.

After we had changed into our sleeping clothes and snuggled into the bed in the bow of the boat, Sarah leaned over and pulled something out of her backpack. "Check this out!" she said.

When I saw that she was holding a copy of Hustler magazine I said, "Where did you get that?"

"I bought it at the general store while I was waiting for you to pick me up today!"

"How'd you get it?" I asked as I opened the pages.

"It was easy," she said, "I just put the Hustler inside an over-size Life Magazine, and the lady didn't need to touch it when she rang it up."

"How can these great looking women pose for pictures like that?" I said as I was looking at a picture of a lady with all of her private parts showing. "I would just die if someone was looking at pictures of me like that!"

We spent a long time examining the pictures very closely. "Look how big her breasts are!" Sarah said.

"Look how she's pulling her pussy apart in this one!" I said. "That's gotta hurt!"

"I can see some wetness down there." Sarah said, pointing at the woman's pussy. "Do you think it makes her excited, having her picture taken like that!"

My face flushed a little, and I started to feel very warm between my legs. I wondered if Sarah was feeling the same. I turned the pages until I stopped at a picture of a women with her finger half inside the lips of her pussy. "Oh! look at her!" I said.

"This getting too hot?" Sarah said jokingly. "Maybe we better take a dip?"

I threw the magazine on the floor next to Sarah's backpack, and started digging through my bag.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked as she pulled her tee shirt off.

"I'm looking for my swim suit," I said. When she didn't say anything, I looked up at her and saw that she was naked.

"It's so nice and warm out," she smiled, "let's just skinny dip!"

"Okay..." I said. I slipped out of my night cloths and opened the cabin door. It really was a nice warm evening and the moon was full. I looked up at the house and saw that it was dark. I guess it was not quite midnight, but a few boats were still out on the lake. We hopped on the dock and looked at the water. The air felt great on my nude body, but the water looked dark and cold. It was about a 6 foot dive into the water, and I wanted to jump in quickly. "Watch this!" I said to Sarah as I got ready to jump.

I looked to see if she was watching me, and I saw her eyes land right on my crotch. She remained focused there for a moment, and I felt that warmth again. Losing my concentration, I all but fell in the lake.

Sarah jumped in after me, and I felt very relaxed as we bobbed around in the water. The water felt great, very sensual on my naked body, and I began thinking about Sarah in a very different way. I wondered if she ever played with herself like I sometimes did. I wondered if I should try to find out, but I was afraid that I'd get really embarrassed or that she might think that I was weird.

A half hour later we were sitting and air-drying on the floor in the stern of the boat. I was leaning back with my arms resting on my upturned knees, and I noticed Sarah looking at my crotch again! "Do you like staring at my cunt?" I asked.

Sarah looked up and acted embarrassed that she was caught. "You have the nicest looking pussy I've ever seen!" she said as if she'd seen a lot of pussies! "You're hair down there is so think and pretty."

"Stop!" I said and covered my privates with my hands.

"Do you wanna look at mine?" Sarah said.

I hesitated for a moment, then I nodded. Sarah slowly pulled her knees apart. She was sitting in a dark corner, away from the moon's light, so I moved in for a closer look. I could see her sparse pubic hair, her clit was sticking out of the folds of skin, and her slit was most definitely damp. Using her right hand, she separated the folds around her clit with two fingers.

"This is turning you on, isn't it?" I asked.

"Lets go into the cabin where it's totally private," she said.

Once inside, we sat in the cabin on cushions and faced each other. The light in the boat cabin was bright compared to the moonlight outside. We positioned our pussy's facing each other about a half a foot apart and begin our examination.

"Open yourself up like this," said Sarah. Using both hands this time, she opened all of her pussy lips. Her skin was tanned and inside her pussy, it was very wet and dark pink. She watched as I did the same.

"My button is bigger than yours but it looks like your slit is longer."

"But, I'm just as wet as you!" I interrupted. "Watch this!" I said as I slowly slipped a finger into my pussy and moved it in and out. I had done this before, but it felt a lot better with Sarah watching me. I closed my eyes and continued slowly finger fucking myself for a few moments.

Sarah broke my concentration by saying, "Can I try that!?" I nodded.

I expected her to begin working on her own pussy, but instead, she reached between my legs and slid her finger into me! After the shock wore off, I relaxed and concentrated on the feeling of someone else stimulating me. She slowly finger fucked me just as I had been doing. At one point, she stopped with her finger all the way inside and began bending and turning it around. Just as I felt the familiar quiver in the walls of my pussy start, she removed her finger. "Here," she said as she spread her legs wide, "now you do me!"

My voice was weak from the near orgasm and abrupt stop. "OK, lie back and let me do you!" I whispered. I figured that Sarah didn't know what she was creating inside me. She surely must have never frigged herself all the way to orgasm before, or she would have tried to get me off. She was gonna love this!

I sat on my hip to her left side and began by rubbing her whole crotch with the palm of my left hand. I moved my hand in circles and pushed gently down. She began to move her lower body up and down. I could see her rock-hard abs flexing and releasing as she thrusts her hips, and I heard a small grunt from her. With my right hand, I relieved her clit from the folds of skin and moved some moisture up from her cunny onto her little swollen clit. With the finger of my right hand, I began by lightly rubbing the very top of her button, and she began to squirm a bit.

Then I circled my finger around and around her clit as I quickly flicked the top again. I felt her hand on my arm, trying to push me away, but I heard a little giggle come from her so I moved my finger down and slid it into her very wet passage. I slid it out, and then using two fingers, began to slowly finger-fuck her.

"Oooh! That's nice!" Sarah said, her chest heaving as she spoke. The buds of her hard nipples stood out from her flat chest. Impulsively, I reached up and pinched one of them hard as I fucked her with my hand. "Faster!" she pleaded.

I picked up the pace and began to rub her clit with my other hand. "Mmmmm!" she moaned. She was really squirming around now. I felt a great deal of juice gathering around my two fingers. I continued working on her, and after a minute or two her upper torso lifted up, her eyes are closed tightly, and her mouth opened. I felt her pussy walls contract, and much more wetness came out onto my hand as I pumped in and out. Then I felt her cunt become very tight and spasmic. Sarah squeezed her legs together around my wrist as her snapping pussy milked my hand.

"Oh! Oh God Cindy! Oh! Ah! No, no, YES! No, stop" she screamed. She pulled her knees up to her chest and tried to push my hand out, but I just stopped plunging and kept my two fingers buried deep in her. I felt the contractions slow down and then stop, so I began again to slowly move my hand a short distance in and out. Sarah squirmed and giggled, "No, no, stop OK?" I sat back up and looked at her. She smiled and asked, "What was that? Wow!"

"You came!" I said, "You had an orgasm." Unconsciously, I was fingering myself as I talked. "I've been making myself have them since I was like fifteen."

"God, that was cool!" she giggled.

As she laughed, I leaned back and spread my legs wide so she would see my hand moving between my legs. My cooter was really wet, and my face was flushed. "Now, you do it to me, Okay?" I said.

Sarah knelt between my legs as I settled back on the pillow. I closed my eyes, and butterflies began to dance in my belly as she examined my pussy in every detail. I felt the back of her fingers rubbing up and down my wet slit. A finger slid down the slit and back up to my clit then it hit the button sharply, and I jerked a bit. "Are you teasing me, Sarah?" I said, "Hurry up! I'm going nuts here!"

I wiggled my butt down into the cushion and grabbed my knees, opening myself up as much as possible. I felt two hands now, one knuckle was spinning on my butt hole, and the other hand was sticking it's two fingers into me. She slid them in very easily. Once in, she turned them 180 degrees around and back for a while. Then the in and out motion started, and, as her other hands found my clit, I realized that she was doing me exactly like I had done her. Good girl!

My orgasm rocketed through out my body. The pleasure was tremendous. It was much better than when I did it myself!

As I was finishing my orgasm, Sarah crawled up next to me and put her arm around me. I felt her wetness on my leg, but it was warm and I didn't mind it. In the light of the cabin, I looked into her eyes. She smiled at me, and I felt like kissing her. But we were just good buddies, so I didn't kiss her. That would have made us lesbians.


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