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Going Down on Dante
by sweetpea

Last night started out the same as all the others. My best friend Jim and I went to our favorite local bar and as usual, all the guys there were too intimidated by my exotic looks to approach me. Maybe it's the combination of pale skin, long dark hair and bright blue eyes that makes them nervous. Or it could be my big tits, tiny waist, and curvy ass and the fact that I'm about five inches taller than most women. Sure, they all look and check me out, but they never have the guts to just walk up to me and start talking. Jim knows I've been dying to get fucked and have been having a serious case of jungle fever lately and when we both spotted the tall, attractive brother, we both knew my luck might be soon changing. White guys are usually way too intimidated by me, but black guys almost always say hello. White guys are threatened by confident, sexy women; black guys looooove confident, sexy women. God bless the brothers!

He came over and introduced himself. His name was Dante and just sitting next to him made me wet. He had those sexy, full lips I love and those deep brown eyes that drive me crazy. Tall, well dressed, well spoken, athletic body...he definitely had it going on. My horny little cunt was twitching within minutes from the sound of his deep, sexy voice. We chatted for a while, had a few drinks and then decided to go hit some other clubs. It was nice, but really all I wanted to do was peel off my clothes and feel his lips and fingers exploring every inch of my warm, naked body. I tried to conceal my urge to fuck, but after a few drinks that gets pretty hard. Especially for a horny, desperate-to-get-fucked girl like me! All I could think about was those big, wet lips wrapped around my hard nipples and sucking every drop of my pussy juice from my aching cunt. I liked that he was a little intimidated by me. He was real polite, soft-spoken, well mannered...and I knew he was dying to get into my pants.

To be honest, I was pretty wrecked last night and can't exactly remember all the details, but I do remember how the night ended! He drove me back to my car and we were saying our goodbyes. He asked for my number and programmed it into his cell phone. I think he said something about wanting to take me to dinner next week. I think I then said something like,

"Dinner, hunh?...mmm, yeah, well...I'm definitely hungry."

The next thing I knew, those big lips were mashed against mine. Mmm, he kissed so good! His tongue in my mouth made me moan and sigh. I was getting so turned on. My hips started grinding against his leg and my pussy was literally throbbing. I could feel it pulse, all my blood racing to my hot, wet box. He smelled so good and we just kept kissing for the longest time. I must have been moaning like I needed more action, because I felt his big fingers pop the button of my jeans and slide down inside my panties. Those big fingers trying to push into my dripping snatch made me start breathing so hard. I looked down and watched his big, black hand bury deep down my jeans. I wonder if he was surprised to discover that not only was my cunt soaking wet but also totally smooth and extra soft. Oh my God...those huge fingers going up my cunt, finger fucking me...first one, then another. Dante was exploring my moist, pink cunt and finger fucking me like an expert.

By then I was going insane. I kept my eyes open just long enough to see the look of raw lust on his face when my cum juice really started to flow. His hand was covered with my sweet, sticky cream and just kept working my horny pussy so good. I was dying. I was on the verge of cumming when he started rubbing my clit hard and fast and I fucking lost it. I screamed and cum gushed out of my cunt all over his strong, dark fingers. We kept kissing and when I glanced down, I saw his other hand undoing the button of his pants. Oh, yeah! I was in heaven!

I got my wet, eager mouth down on his big, black dick as fast as I could. It was my first time sucking a black cock and I fucking loved it. I watched it move in and out of my mouth as I sucked up and down. I gave him the best head possible--tons of warm, sticky spit, lots of deep throating action...I would pull my face up off of his cock to look up at his ebony face and there would be little spit ropes between my mouth and his cock. He was sighing and moaning, watching everything, going crazy. I give fantastic blowjobs, so I knew he was definitely loving it.

"Oh,'s so's so good..."

He just kept murmuring that over and over. I made sure to look up at him with his hard, wet cock in my mouth so he could enjoy the visual of fucking my pretty white face. Up and down, up and down, spit dripping everywhere. I sucked and licked and kissed every inch of his dark-skinned dick. His breathing got louder and faster, more like groaning. Ooooh, he was so close to cumming all over my soft, pink cheeks! I looked up at him, smiled and licked my lips slowly. He wrapped his beefy fingers around that big, hard cock and shot a thick wad of warm sperm all over my nose and eyes. It was nice and thick, so it slid down my face real slowly. I made sure to just keep looking at him, letting him enjoy the site of his jizz inching its way down my cheeks and chin.

There wasn't much to say after that! We kind of giggled, kissed again, and I left. I have no idea if I'll ever hear from him again, but you can be sure that if I do, we will DEFINITELY be fucking soon!


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