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Gym Fling Pt. I
by Sexy Eyes

LJ's working at a small private health club near your home and on the nights when he's locking up you occasionally drive down in your new car, have a workout then relax for a while in the hot tub and steamroom to wind-down after work.

On one such night you're feeling particularly in need of some R&R and you also feel like teasing poor old LJ! You pack your shortest shorts and a cut-off tee that ends just below the curve of your breasts and head off.

In the gym you're feeling great. Strong and sexy and you build up a great sweat that shows lines in your clothes, separating your tits and running down the crack in your butt. You love the feel of the warm sweat running down your ass and your nipples and pussy respond to your pleasure. Although it's nearly closing time there are plenty of people to admire you and you catch many men's eye's as they study your body and undress you in their minds. There is a girl too who you make eye contact with a couple of times. You exchange a smile or two.

She's very pretty, with short cropped blond hair and long feline muscles. Her body is curvy and tight underneath her leotard which hides nothing. Her big round breasts are flattened a little but her nipples show through, and the upward pull of the one-piece suit splits her pussy into two visible segments.

You position yourself on a hip machine which works the outside of your thighs when you move the weight by spreading your legs wide. I've seen you do it before but you call me over to ask for help.

As I bend down to position your long smooth legs I look up and into your open shorts and see your shaved pussy - almost like it's smiling at me! It looks wet from the sweat and I deliberately take a big sniff to try and catch a trace of that hot musty heaven. You know I can't do anything so I go to town with the instruction, my warm hands press into your thighs as I help you with the movement, you pressing bars outward and stretching the material of your shorts against your cunt. You glance around and no one is looking and you rub a finger along the length of your pussy outside your shorts. It leaves a moist trail and my reaction is mouth drops open and you see my dick grow down the leg of my lycra uniform!

I lean down and whisper, "You filthy know you're driving me fucking crazy! I hope all this teasing is not for nothing."

"I love it and you love it, dog," you reply, "so go stroke your hard dick if you want but it's not getting in this tight pussy tonight!....think I'm gonna go and shower and get in the hot tub. Fuck off now, I don't need you anymore." You shoot me a lovely smile and your eyes sparkle which only makes me want you even more... mmmmmm baby you're so fucking sexy!! I tell you I'm gonna close up soon but not to worry, the others will leave, stay till you're done.

The blond had witnessed it all. She makes her plans.

I see you walk along the deck to the hot tub in your wet bathing suit. I've had to sit at the instructors desk for a while now, this hard-on just won't go away, and seeing you again makes it twitch with desire to fuck you in the mouth, your pussy, your ass. I decide to close early and request that members leave now, the gym is closing.

I watch you slip into the hot foamy water, positioning yourself against the powerful jets. Your head goes back as you throw your long hair behind you and close your sexy-eyes, enjoying the feel of the pulsating streams.

I head off and take care of my closing chores.

Meanwhile, the blond has slipped into a bikini and is swaying along the deck. Her bottom half wrapped in a towel. She walks to the hot tub and looks you straight in the eyes...."mind if I join you", she asks, "no, please do", you respond and the blond walks off to the deckside shower only a few feet away to rinse off. She drops the towel and reveals a yellow thong that cuts deep into her ass. She steps into the icy water and you see all her muscles tighten. Her legs and buttocks shiver from the cold and she turns around to show you that her bikini has gone transparent. She washes the sweat away from her long legs and then her stomach. She notices you watching intently, you're very attracted to this bitch, so she plays for you. She turns around and bends down, running her hands up the inside of her thighs to her pussy. She looks at you again and, knowing you're watching, repositions her thong, giving you the briefest glimpse of her pussy. She stands again, arms high, hands in her hair, her breasts gently swaying as she rinses off.

She walks out, over to the tub and climbs the stairs to get in. You look up at her and smile, checking out her toned body and looking at her slit which is visible. She smiles back and runs her hands over her long, hard, nipples.."wow I'm cold.....hope it's hot in here,".."getting hotter!" you reply.

She slides in opposite you and says she wants to find the best jets. She works her way around the tub, her breasts just out of the water, her eyes locked on yours, mouth slightly open. The tension is building and you're both playing the same game.

The lights go out in the club, the hot-tub is lit from it's underwater lights glowing a warm red.

She finally slides up next to you, her thigh rests against yours. With a smile she asks if you take hot tubs often and offers to help you fully relax. You accept and she begins to stroke the inside of your thigh with her still cold hand. She moves it closer to your pussy which is burning for her, but instead her hand disappears as she searches for the right jet. She moves you over to the jet, positioning your clit upon it. It pulses gently on your pussy and you let out a small sigh and close your eyes. Her hand moves around to your ass, you feel her lips close down on yours and she kisses you with her full soft lips. Her tongue presses on your lips and as you part them to french kiss each other, her hand slips your suit away from your pussy and ass and the jets stream into your holes, her tongue enters your mouth and kiss deeply, you moaning from the pleasure of a woman's kiss and the rushing water.

Her hand reaches up and pulls your suit from your shoulders, she bends her head and ever so gently bites on your stiff nipples, her hand now working on your bulging clit as you spread your legs wide and bask in the extreme pleasure......

her fingers are working circles around your clit, massaging you close to your orgasm, her tongue starts to flick across your nipples in turn, sending small charges down to your pussy and taking you close, closer, closer......she kneels in the water in front of you, kissing you the whole time, and slides a long thin finger deep into your pussy, her thumb still rubbing on your she massages in the hot wet cunt, you feel your orgasm cumming, you throw your head back, moaning softly, this gorgeous babe taking you to the edge of

pleasure.....she drags you forward just an inch or two and the jet shoots into your ass...her finger still massaging you deeply, you cum hard on her hand, your cunt spasming and releasing it's juice as you cry out and let the waves rush over you..........

She delicately slips her finger out, takes your hand and leads you, topless and with your pussy exposed out of the tub and toward the steam room.

It's cooling down now but still thick with warm scented steam. "was that good baby?" she asks, "you know it" you reply and push her down onto the bench. You undo her top and free her tits, sucking hard on her long nipples to make them hard. She breathes heavily as you pull down her thong, "now fuck me baby", she whispers, "make me hot, make me cum".

She lifts her leg high in the air with her hand and exposes her soft, shaved pussy. It's already wet and as her cunt lips part the juice leaks down to her ass. You lick her up and down, over and over, tasting her warm cunt, your own finger finding your pussy again and slipping in, you finger yourself as you taste her cunt. Her clit hardens and you suck softly on it, making her groan and she grabs your hair and pulls you closer to her. You press your face to her cunt and push your tongue inside her burning cunt. You look up at her body and she's pulling hard on her nipples, this makes you even hotter and you fuck your pussy with your hand faster and faster....."oh baby, you're making me cum," she moans, "do it like that, do it faster, bite my clit, oooooooooh baby" You lick harder and poke your tongue in and out of her tight wet cunt, the juices filling your mouth as she massages her tits and you fuck her with your expert mouth.

"I want to taste you.....69 me " she says, on the verge of cumming, and you both lay, you on top, on the bench. Your bodies are dripping with the steam resting on them, making them shiny and slick as you bury your head and two fingers deep into her crotch......she sucks on your lips, pulling them gently and she gently presses on your asshole as you bring her off.....your own cunt is going wild for some more attention and she teases you, kissing your clit and rubbing around your ass.

Outside the glass door is LJ. He's naked, a huge bulging cock in his hand, struck dumb by the sight of two incredible babes fucking each other, moaning, writhing, in the steam room...he's gripping his dick and pumping it hard, back and forth, jacking off as he watches you make the blond cum......

Your fingers push in and out of her pussy, sliding easily even though it's so tight because of the wetness. Her back arches, lifting you both off the bench and you feel her cunt tighten around your fingers as she cums loudly, squeezing her cunt muscles, getting all she can from being with you.

This is too much for LJ!! As the blond brings her head back down to the bench as he slowly, quietly opens the door. His cock enters the room first, proud and high. He slowly opens the door and puts his finger to his lips to say "Sshhhh" to the blond. She winks and begins to lash her tongue quickly across your clit, making it hard and making you hot again, wriggling your gorgeous butt against her face. You're still enjoying licking her juices around her pussy and making her large clit stand up again which you alternate teasing with your tongue and sucking hard like a little cock.

LJ creeps behind, bends over and takes a little juice from your cunt. The blond grabs his hard dick and pushes it down her throat, her fingers fucking you while she blows the hard cock, tasting the cum leaking out. I take your pussy juice on my tongue and push it slightly into your ass, rimming around and around, making you moan, "oh yes baby, tongue my ass and fuck my pussy with your hand", my hands spread your ass cheeks and my tongue dives deeper, flicking around and dipping in and out while you push four fingers into the blond, getting them soaked and fucking her till she moans some more.

When your ass is wet, LJ takes his dick from the blond's warm mouth and positions it right on your asshole. She is furiously licking on your clit, excited by what is about to happen inches from her face, turned on by your fingers pumping in and out of her cunt........

The head of Lj's cock presses against your ass, waiting for the blond to bring you right to the edge of cumming, she fucks your cunt with four fingers and licks back and forth on your clit. LJ takes your nipples between his fingers and rolls them hard, pulling on your you are about to cum, he grabs your hair, pulls it back so you can see his smiling face, then plunges his cock straight down into your ass, it's hot and hard like iron as it pushes your ass apart and sends you spiraling into the most intense cum....the blond is fucking you with her fingers in your cunt and licking and kissing your clit with her

soft female mouth while you have a rock hard cock shoved deep in your ass.....

You begin to scream, so does the blond as your orgasm approaches......I pump you hard, real hard, for only a few seconds then fill your ass with an exploding hot load of cum, we're cumming for ages and ages, wave after wave after wave, the sight and sound and smell of the other sex going on, the thought of the the blond, of you, of LJ - all cumming, all away with pleasure.....FUCK!!!

We collapse, so happy but also drained from the heat and the orgasm. "Fancy a workout tomorrow?" says the blond, "maybe we should make this a habit"


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