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Good Friends And A Bottle Of Booze
by Malice

I couldn't believe there was such a staggering horde of alcohol in Talis' basement. I couldn't tell how old the booze was, but the stuff had to be at least from the 1920's. So he and I took a few upstairs and laid around in his bedroom, getting plastered on the stuff. His new house was huge, I dare to even say cavernous. He was loaded, so I guess he could get away with it. Damn lucky bastard.

Talis is a neatly-groomed wiseguy in his mid-twenties, with an athletic build and deep set, wild amber eyes. His longish brown hair drapes casually over his ears and off the sides of his face, giving his spiffy look just a slight tease of dishevelment. I've known the jackass for years, yet I've never built up the gumption to tell him how I fell for him like a brick cottage under a wrecking ball soon after we'd met. I never showed him any of the drawings I'd made while thinking of him, and he hadn't ever seemed to take the hint when I lean all over him while we watch TV. Either he's pathetically oblivious or he gets a gleeful perverted kick out of seein' me sweat.

He turns to me with this big shit-eatin' grin on his face. "Hey, Craig, you can really throw it back. Isn't that your second bottle already?" He laughs drunkenly.

"Yeah, I guess it is." I glance off the bed at him sitting on the floor next to it. I could barely keep my eyes off of him, especially with his legs set apart the way they had been for the past hour and a half. If he caught me drooling, I'd blame it on the wine.

I just lay down and look up at the high ceiling, running a hand absently through my long dark hair, held at bay in a ponytail. Where he got a velvet Victorian canopy bed was beyond me, because it looked frighteningly authentic. There we sat, a bottle in each of our hands, downing the entire thing like idiots. "Gods, am I drunk." I laughed at myself, stretching out on his bed. He sat up and smiled at me. "You look comfy. Want another bottle?" He grins, a look of genuine surprise crosses his soft features.

I smile and wink back at him. "Did you need to ask?"

He shrugs, handing me another. "Dude, where did you learn to drink like that? And why haven't you taught me??"

I cock my head to the side. "Cuz you're a runt, Talis. I'd be shocked if you don't pass out by this bottle alone."

He cackles. "Shut up, Gigantor! Just because I don't crush doorways as I pass them doesn't mean I can't hold my liquor." Granted, I was much larger in frame than he. I was, after all, a bouncer, and that was sort of a job requirement.

"Let's change the subject." I roll over onto my stomach, still admiring the goofy way he's been looking at me while in his stupor.

"So?" Talis grins stupidly at me.

"So what?" I move over as he climbs onto the bed and lays next to me. "What do you and Scott talk about when you see him?" He chuckles with child-like curiousity and I roll my eyes, not being able to resist it.

"We talk about stuff."

His eyes glitter. "Stuff?"

"Hah. Yeah, stuff."

"I don't believe you."

"What don't you believe?"

"That you talk."

"Excuse me, what else would I do with him?"

"Have sex with him."

"Say what?? Oh, I don't think so."

"Don't think I don't see you two standing so close when he comes to visit you at the bar, or how you laugh at all of his lame corny jokes, I'm not an idiot, Craig."

"So we're friends, that doesn't mean I'm fuckin' the guy. 'Sides, he's my therapist, fer chrissakes."

"Admit it, you're gay."

"I ain't gay!"

"Yes you are, don't lie."

I shake my head in frustration and lay my head on the pillow, closing my eyes. The next thing I know, he's kissing me. I simply freeze. As much as my ego demands I save face, I just can't push him away. He moves over a bit, grinning at me. "See? You're gay."

"I said I ain't gay, a'ight?" It was more of a timid meep than a statement. "But you just kissed me." I shake my head. "No, you kissed me."

"But you liked it. I can tell, you kissed back."

I get all in his face. "I didn't kiss back, asshole, get it right, *you*...kissed...*me*. What part don't you understand?"

Talis laughs outright, leaning over and kissing me again. This time, he wraps his arms around me, probing my mouth with his tongue; and I kiss back.

I nearly cream in my pants, but I manage to hide it pretty well. Before I have a chance to really kiss back, he lets go of me and I melt into the bed. "You're gay, Craig. Accept it." I couldn't respond, I was too busy trying to catch my breath and think of how I could conceal the rock-solid package in my pants. "See? You're not denying it. You are gay." He smiles widely, watching me attempt to sit upright. All I could manage to do was shake my head no. Again, he feels a need to prove me wrong.

With amazing speed, he pushes me down flat onto the bed and sticks his tongue deep into my mouth, feeling me up and down passionately with both hands. One of them eventually winds up feeling the bulge that I was so furiously trying to conceal, and I find myself at a loss of will to stop him. Just then, my body overrides my mind's needs with it's own, and I'm grasping at his ass desperatley, grinding his hips into me, moaning my lungs out every time we part lips for a quick breath. Suddenly and without warning, the bastard stops kissing me completely, climbs off and grins at me as though it never happened. "Oh yeah, you are so gay." I'm left unable to do anything but shut my eyes tight and gasp for breath. He sits and watches me patiently until I finally get a firm hold on my libido and begin speaking again.

"I...ain' listen, I'm gonna explain myself." Talis starts to shake his head, but then sits still and watches me intently. "Kissing, and sex and all that, it's a beautiful thing, but...well, in case you haven't noticed, not many people want to share that with me, so I....well, I guess you could say I take what I can get."

He frowns sympathetically. "That's not good."

I shrug in response, looking away from him. "It don't matter, it's the way shit is."

"But it does matter. You're a great guy, and I can't believe Scott's the only one who's ever been able to see the real you."

"It don't fuckin' matter, cuz he prolly be the only one, but thassokay, I guess. I don't s'pect no one to see who I am, cuz they all shallow fuckers 'neways, so fuck 'em."

He frowns deeply at me before turning my head back towards him with his finger and kissing me again. "I see the real you," he whispers in my ear in between the times our lips caress.

I close my eyes lightly and smile at him. "Maybe you do, but you a cock tease." He giggles churlishly and moves closer to me, putting an arm around me. "Wull, you are." I grin back.

"Seriously, Craig, have you and Scott ever have sex? Answer me honestly, I swear I wont make fun of you."

My smile fades as I look down, knowing full well we have. Talis must have picked up on it. "Don't lie to me, you know I can always tell." I glance up angrily. "Okay, we did, a'ight? You happy now?! We sat there and whacked each other off, if you really gotta know..." My tone hushes noticeably, and I look down again. "...and I fuckin' liked it. Okay, I fuckin' wanted more of it but I got so freaked out I didn't tell nobody, okay??" I shake my head and laugh, but I feel like crying. "You freakin' happy now?" I can't even look up at him, because I knew his face was going to display disgust.

I guess I must have looked really upset, because he hugs me tight and whispers in my ear. "Hey, it's okay, you don't have to be freaked out by it, there's nothing wrong with doing what feels good," he coaxes. I could do nothing but shrug again. "Look, perhaps we should get some sleep." His tone is gentle and calming, and slightly condescending. I had a hunch he wouldn't touch me now he knew that Scott had. I had a bit of a problem accepting it, but I eventually got over it and nodded, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, I got up pretty early, and there was not much of a hang-over. I tried to go back to sleep, but I was awake and my body planned to stay that way. I crawled off the bed, got my art supplies together, sat in front of Talis' sleeping form, still curled up on the bed and started drawing him. I thought he was so funny-lookin' all snuggled in like that. I'd even say it was cute. I manage to get almost three pictures sketched of him before he wakes up. He rouses from his slumber, just when I was just going to start on the way the sunlight seemed to hug his features. I hush him and tell him to lay back down and close his eyes.

We end up arguing about it, because he wants to go downstairs and make breakfast, and I talk him into two more minutes. I hurry up the sketch, which I hate to do, and I say I'm done before I really am. Still, he gets a kick out of it when I show him the portrait. It slips out that I had drawn three, and I regretted the words the moment they left my piehole. He gives me a look like I had ten purple heads and walks downstairs. I had to sit and sigh a while before joining him. Perhaps I hadn't gotten over it after all.

My cock ached all day long, and only got worse when his friend, Phil came over and decided to lean on top of me as we watched TV on the couch. I couldn't blame him, though, he was absolutely addicted to human contact. However, he didn't need to breathe on my neck, nor did he need to lean his arm a fraction of an inch away from my throbbing crotch. It was becoming unbearable, so I took a half-hour trip into his upstairs bathroom. I brought myself to the edge several times, but I just couldn't seem to bring myself over. I never came, and I didn't get a chance to again after that until after Talis made a bed for Phil to sleep over. He fell asleep quickly, and Talis and I were alone again.

My hopes raised high, despite how feverishly I tried to bring them down again. I was getting a taste of how my dog must feel when he goes into heat, because I was quite literally looking around for a place to stuff my hard prick in. The need for sexual relief consumed me, especially when Talis invited me into his bedroom and locked the door behind us.

I take a seat on his bed cross-legged with my hands folded neatly on my lap, watching him take his night clothing out from his dresser and place them in a neatly folded pile on top of the DVD player. When he looks at me, the words "I NEED TO FUCK" must have been plastered all over my face like neon. I suddenly felt more self-conscious than I had in years. He stops cold, watching me as though I was his prey.

His expression becomes almost feral, grinning at me, his eyes revealing only a fleeting glimpse of the lust they hold within. He reaches up casually, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, never taking his eyes off of me. When I see him start undressing, my jaw hits the floor like an anvil. When he finishes, he slides off his white shirt, letting it fall to the ground carelessly. My hard on begins pounding against my jeans, and I uncross my legs, still watching him like a deer in headlights. He starts undoing his pants, licking his lips at me. My eyes follow his hand as it unzips his fly, then they linger on his bulging basket, poorly concealed by his white Hanes.

I slowly unzip as well, my gaze never faltering from him. I move my underwear down with one hand and pull out my cock, damp from pre-cum out with the other, and begin chewing on my bottom lip as I begin stroking it encouragingly. He does the same, gripping his hard dick tight, squeezing it several times before working it's full hardness. My breath becomes shaky as I feel myself start to reach climax already.

I slow down, not wanting this to end so soon. He offers me a toothy smile and a soft grunt. "Getting close? All this waiting must have built up inside you." I stop altogether when I realize no amount of slowing can stop its progress.

"You watched me suffer all day and loved every minute of it." I give him a shaky smile of my own, watching his strokes become faster and more deliberate. He lets out a shuddered gasp, and his brows knit tightly. "Oh, you bet. Masturbating...*huff huff*...didn't help, did it? *huff*"

I start jerking myself again, not being able to take this for much longer. "Nuh-uh..." I shake my head quickly. "The fact that I didn't cum made it even harder."

His smile widens. "Why didn't you cum?" Now squeezing his prick more than pumping it.

"I dunno.." I moan, licking my lips, savoring the mere sight of him.

"I guess I wanted you to make me climax instead." I give him the most seductive look I'm capable of, and he seems to eat it up with a spoon.

I lay back on the bed, kicking my sneakers off and shaking the legs of my pants off with them. I glance at the hand I'm using to pump my cock, then back at Talis. Sharp waves of heat ripples through my body fiercely, and I couldn't believe the words that came out of my maw next. "If you want....ahh..oh could..." I spread my legs a bit, reaching back with my free hand to rim myself for him. "....make that fat dick'a yours cum in...mmm...a more...desirable place...?"

He stops pumping himself and walks over to me eagerly. Then, grabs my thighs with both hands to pull me closer to him, and I use the free hand to grip onto the dick I just offered to take up my ass. He inhales audibly, closing his eyes as I touch him. I take liberties to touch more of him, sitting up to use both hands to rub all over his sides, legs and smooth ass. His head dips down to kiss me, running his hands over my heaving shoulders. I can't help but shove my tongue into him, kissing him as hard as I can without hurting him. When he reaches over to squeeze my aching dick, I yank away from his mouth to moan aloud, gasping for breath. "Shh, you wanna wake Phil? 'Cause then we'll have to stop." He whispers harshly. I shake my head no, putting a finger to my lips to promise I'll try to be quiet.

<Not being able to hold it in anymore, Phil' quietly sneaks out of bed, careful not to step on any crushed beer cans as he does so. He hated having to forfeit his comfort to shut his nagging bladder the hell up, but he had no choice. He finishes his business and is just about to flush, when a moan catches his attention. It was coming from Talis' room, which was right across from the bathroom. Funny, it didn't sound like Talis, it sounded like Craig. He stealthfully crawls on all fours and presses his ear against the door, pushing his shortish dirty blond hair behind his other ear. The moaning stops and he hears fumbling, and out of curiously, he peeks into the keyhole to see what's going on. A sky blue iris peers into the room, scanning his line of sight before focusing on his two friends and what they're up to.>

Reaching into the top drawer of his night table, Talis pulls out a small tube of K-Y and I can't help but smirk. I figure he either thought ahead or got it for someone else. He yanks off my shirt and gives me a look, as if disappointed I didn't have it off before. I flinch at how cold the jelly is when he rubs it against my ass. He then dabs some on his cock and mine, tossing it to the floor by his feet. I try to relax as he enters me, and when he starts working the lube into my dick, it becomes a lot easier.

The next thing I know, it's buried deep inside me to the hilt and I fuckin' loved it. I'd have to thank the guy who first broke me into this, because I don't know what he'd do if I had started screaming and crying like a little girl for him to pull it out. I grab his hips, guiding them as he grits his teeth, working me slowly at first, then gradually getting quicker, until he's fucking me harder than I've ever been fucked. My head reels back into the mattress, grunting, trying with difficulty not to moan so loud. I didn't want to moan, I wanted to scream. I couldn't believe how incredibly good this was feeling, and obviously neither could Talis. He starts slamming violently into me, his throat emitting raspy growls to emphasize each thrust. I had to bite into a pillow to keep from waking the whole neighborhood.

<Phil's eyes widen to the shape of saucers, not so much because they're having sex, but how incredibly good it seems to feel. As he watches his friend, Craig get violated, and how he tosses his head back in pleasure, his own breath starts becoming heavier, and he unconsciously starts nibbling lightly on his lip and tongue. He feels his balls tingle, and his dick rapidly grow to full rock-hardness. He lowers his sweatpants and grips the length of his cock, and begins stroking the shaft tightly, rubbing his thumb around the head to enhance it. He times the pumps along with Talis' thrusts, closing his eyes for a few moments to dine upon how incredibly aroused their grunts and moans are making him.>

"Oh're ass is so fuckin' tight," Talis snarls out at me, standing up straight to take as much of me in as he could. I grip onto one of the posts to the bed and push myself against his hips, feeling him stab into me deeper, and all I can think about is how to make it go deeper still. "You take my cock pretty well... *grunt* If I didn't know better...*grunt* I'd think you've had cock up there before."

All I could do was bite harder onto the pillow as he started plunging into me with slow, incredibly deep strokes. I try pushing the pillow away to answer him, and ended up holding in screams that I swore would have shaken the Earth. I take a hold of my shirt, grabbing the hand that has been working my prick, and I wipe off most of the lube, bringing him down on top of me. "Just fuck me...I...ahhh...I need it!" It was meant as a demand, but came out like a kitten's cry. He gladly wraps his arms around me and spears into me slow and hard.

<Phil ignores the ache in his knees and continues watching them in ecstasy while fist-fucking his own pulsating prick. He had stopped timing his pumps with Talis' when he saw they had started going slow, and pumps himself faster when he watches his friend climb on top of Craig and begin tearing into him madly.>

He grabs a fistful of my jet black hair, roughly yanking on it each time he shoves himself into me with hot intensity. All I could do was moan and squirm as he fucks my greased up hole. I could do nothing to stop it from sliding into me so easily, and I wouldn't have wanted to for the world.

<Phil's free fingers start pinching and squeezing his own erect nipples as his forehead drowns with sweat. He swears he's never seen anything so erotic in his life. He couldn't believe what this was doing to him, but he didn't ask questions, he just continues to beat his stiff prick, panting heavily. His rhythmic jerks going now at top speed, begging his body for a release.>

Before long, and before I wanted him to, he hunches over me, pumping my welcoming ass rapidly and shallow, eyes shut tight. He whimpers out frantically, "Oh jeezizumgunnacum-*gasp*-" and roars out god's name in vain almost as loudly as I would have, shooting his thick juicy sperm deep inside me. THAT sends me over the edge. With his spent, leaking cock still hard and pumping slowly deep within me, I start fucking his fist, shouting out how desperately I need to cum to him and the gods who made this possible. All muffled by the chewed up pillow, I rip into it once more as my climax heightens and I moan raspily at the top of my lungs, spilling white-hot streams of cum all over his clenched hand and my own heaving, dripping wet body.

<It sends Phil over the edge as well, and all the rapid strokes he's been doing comes to a climax as his quiet grunting quickly turns into harshly whispered gasps and whimpers. His thick white sperm torpedoes out of his cockhead as he tries desperately to keep his moans to minimal decible. He doesn't mind that his cum had sprinkled out all over himself, but when he hears them calm down, he quickly staggers into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it.>

Talis and I move further into the bed and he lays on top of me, and we take a good while to calm down. Despite all the cum drooling off our fingers, we fondle each other softly, kissing, licking, and nibbling at each other until we're too tired to continue. I've always liked to gently cuddle and fool around after sex, but I've never had the balls to admit it. Now, I didn't have to, because it was evident that he also loves it. We had many things in common, and I was convinced that if we do this enough, I'll learn of plenty more. When I suggested it, he didn't seem mind that either.


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