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Grandpa's Horny Dilemma
by J

(Inspired by T.K)

It was about six weeks ago I got a call from my Son-in Law asking if my wife and I could come and house sit whilst he and our daughter spent a week at the coast. We were having some work done in the house at the time, which my wife wanted to supervise, so I told Chris that I'd pack a bag and get there in about four hours.

I arrived mid afternoon and rang the doorbell. I heard footsteps running on the other side of the door and it was opened with a shriek of excitement by my Granddaughter, Kelly. She put her arms around me and said how good it was to see me after so many months. I must admit that I was surprised and delighted at her reaction. Kelly is a lovely girl but she had never shown me this much affection before. She was followed about ten seconds later by her brother, Tom. He is five years old and came, as my daughter says, 'as a nice unexpected present', long after Kelly was born.

The two kids put their arms around me and ushered me into the living room where I was greeted by Chris and my daughter, Ruth. They were both pleased to see me and thanked me for looking after the house and kids at such short notice. Now, being told that I was tending after Kelly and Tom came as a bit of a surprise as I had naturally assumed they would be going away as a family. Ruth gave me a wink and said that she and Chris wanted some 'quality time' together. Well, I had been looking forward to five days of peace and quiet myself but that went straight out the window with this news. Ruth always knew what strings to pull with her dad, so I reluctantly agreed to house sit and child mind.

Within an hour I was on my own with Kelly and Tom. I made some dinner which we ate whilst Kelly brought me up to date with things and then I phoned home to let my wife know the news. She laughed and said she was pleased that she hadn't come too. I think she has had enough of kids after bringing up our own, although she loves Kelly and Tom to bits.

I settled down to watch some TV but Tom took the opportunity to use me as a climbing frame. I tried to reason with him at first but I knew that I couldn't win, so I grabbed hold of him and we mock fought on the floor. Kelly heard Tom's laughter and came downstairs in a pair of pajamas and proceeded to jump all over me herself. Soon, all three of us were in a tangled heap tickling each other. Kelly tried to pull me away from her brother, so I said to her that she would be the next to feel the monster's rage. With that, I jumped on her as she crouched into a ball on the floor and began to tickle her. She was giggling as my fingers touched her waist and hips. Then I moved to tickle under her arms. As I did she shifted to one side and my hands accidentally brushed against her breasts. I realised that my Granddaughter had grown up a lot since I had last seen her. Although she was not in the least concerned about what had happened, I knew that she was now too old to be playing these kind of games.

I called it a night and suggested we all go to bed, as it had been a long day. Kelly said that her room was being redecorated and that in the meantime she was sleeping in the lower bunk of Tom's bed in his room. I helped Tom up onto the top bunk and started to tuck him in. Suddenly, still excited by our playing downstairs, Kelly started to tickle me around my waist from where she sat on the lower bunk. My hands were busy helping her brother so I asked Kelly to stop messing around. She took no notice of me and the next thing I knew was that she started to undo my belt buckle after saying, 'Let's see what you've got to hide in here, Grandpa'. Now I know that all girls of Kelly's age begin to explore their sexuality as the hormones kick in, so I told her in no uncertain terms that she should stop that at once. She was obviously in a stubborn mood, and I had to eventually push her petite hands away just as she'd gotten my belt undone. She looked flushed and wild as I bent my head down to kiss my Granddaughter goodnight. But I put it off as a one off due to her not having seen me for so long.

Next day was quiet as both kids were away at school. When they came home I made some dinner and then we all watched TV. I thought it unfair that Kelly should go to bed at the same time as Tom, but the problem was that she would surely disturb him if she entered his room later. So I hit upon a compromise; I let Tom sleep downstairs on the couch until we were all ready to go up. This worked out well. About eleven o'clock I told Kelly that it was about time to call it a night. She had changed into her pajamas a little earlier, but I didn't want to bother Tom until the last minute, so I thought I'd put his night clothes on upstairs.

Kelly entered the bedroom ahead of me and lay down on the lower bunk. I lifted Tom up onto his bed and began to change his clothes. All of a sudden Kelly was tickling me around my waist and hips again. I suppose from her position on the bed I made a tempting target, but I told her to cut it out just the same. But then, just like the previous night, she started to unbuckle my belt. As I was so wrapped up in not waking Tom as I dressed him, I couldn't get to Kelly's hands until she had not only undone my belt, but actually unfastened the top button of my trousers. I stopped her just as she was about to pull down my zipper. Once again I chastised her for being naughty, but she just smiled and gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

As I left her room, and walked down the landing to my own, I realized that I had become aroused by Kelly's touch. The thought frightened me. Sleep that night hardly came at all. I couldn't get those final events of the evening out of my mind. My hand wandered down to reach inside my pajama bottoms. Before I knew it, I was pulling myself off and imagining it was my own Granddaughter giving me a wank. I maybe fifty years old, and I may be a relative, but I'm still a man, I reasoned. As long as I kept these fantasies as just that, I could live with the guilt.

The following few nights went the same way. At one time Kelly almost got my zipper down all the way. I'd get to my room and have my dick in my hands before I even got into bed. Tomorrow was the last day. But as I lay there, on that last but one night, trying to get Kelly out of my mind, forbidden thoughts sneaked their way into me. What would happen if she did see what was in my shorts, anyway? It wasn't my fault. I had been trying to put her off. Hadn't I told her that it was wrong. I couldn't be blamed.

I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind. But even so, as I dressed that day, I decided not to wear a belt around my trousers or to put on any underwear. Sure, I was making it easier for her, but it wouldn't be my fault, that was the main thing.

That night, as I carried Tom to the bedroom, and Kelly walked a few paces ahead, I partly hoped that nothing would happen. But a bigger part of me prayed she would touch me again. I lifted Tom onto the top bunk, and made a conscious move of my midriff towards the bed. I began to undo Tom's shirt. Nothing. Then I took his pants off. Nothing. As I started to put his legs into his pajama bottoms, I heard a rustle of sheets from below. Was Kelly moving towards me? Oh please, please let her touch me. Then, as I fastened the cord around Tom's pajamas, I felt her hands on my trouser button. I tried not to notice as her dainty fingers struggled to get it undone. I even found myself breathing in, to make it easier for her. At last, with a giggle of triumph, Kelly undid my trousers. By now I was becoming hard, and I was certain she would be able to see it twitching in its corduroy prison. I continued to dress Tom and pretended that I was too preoccupied to notice what my Granddaughter was doing to me. I felt her fingers go to my zipper. Slowly, she pulled it down. There was not a word of protestation from her Grandpa this time. I felt my throbbing weapon was about to be set free. At last, with a final movement of my hips, it sprung out in full view of my Granddaughter, Kelly, but still out of my sight from my position.

I heard Kelly gasp when she saw my rock hard, pulsating, veined penis presented to her gaze. I stood motionless. The thought of exposing myself like this to my Granddaughter was both exciting and worrying. What would happen to me now if she told her parents about this? My life would be over that much is certain. Just as I feared that I had made a terrible mistake, I felt Kelly's warm hands grab hold of it. Slowly, I could feel her pulling back my foreskin. She gasped again when she saw the huge purple knob underneath, already glistening wet with precum. As she held on to my dick with greater tightness, I started to rock my hips back and forth. I realized the movement was waking Tom, so I stopped and bent my head to see the look on my Granddaughter's face. Her eyes were wide and she looked excited, the way you look when you've just found out a secret. 'You want to go to Grandpa's room?'. I found myself asking. Kelly just nodded.

I put one arm under Kelly's knees and the other under her back and lifted my Granddaughter up from the bed. We left her bedroom quietly and proceeded down the landing to my room. I managed to keep my trousers up as I walked. My dick was so hard that I could have balanced Kelly on it and held her steady with one hand. She had put both her arms around my neck and she looked at me with the hint of a smile on her face. We went into my room and I closed the door behind me. Then I placed Kelly on top of the bed and put on the bedside light. As I took my clothes off, my Granddaughter's eyes never left my groin.

I moved to the edge of the bed and sat down next to her. My dick was now within her reach and Kelly's hands immediately sought to hold it. 'Our secret forever' I said.

'Cross my heart', Kelly replied. I told her to move her hands up and down the shaft. She said she knew what to do. I leaned over as she pulled me off and began to undo the three buttons of her pajama top. Kelly didn't even look at me, she was too fascinated with her new toy. The final button came undone. I spread open her top to reveal a lovely pair of small, round breasts. I lifted Kelly's head so that I could take her top off. Reluctantly, she let go of my dick just long enough for me to complete my task. I bent my head down to her soft, creamy skin. I let my tongue flick at her hardening nipples. At last I got a reaction from my Granddaughter. As I gently sucked and chewed on her titties, she let out a soft groan and said that it was lovely.

Her hands started to move quicker and I could feel myself start to climax. I asked Kelly if she would like to taste her Grandpa. She shook her head and said she didn't think that she'd like the taste. I said that was OK and that I'd give her a small taste later and see what she thought. I told her that I'd like my stuff to come out over her boobs, so I straddled Kelly's waist and told her to pull me real fast. Her delicate hands worked feverishly at my shaft and, at last, bucket loads of my spunk shot out onto my Granddaughter's body. She jumped as the first drops of warm liquid landed on her but I told her to keep on pumping her Grandpa to get it all out. Kelly lay beneath me, covered in my muck, as I recovered my breathing. She had put a tentative finger to her mouth to taste my semen. 'Tastes OK Grandpa', she said.

'Good', I began, 'Because I've got lots more for you to swallow later'

I began to spread my stuff over Kelly's body making it glisten. As I did, I noticed that I was becoming aroused again. Hardly surprising given the circumstances. I let my hand wander to the cord holding up my Granddaughter's pajama bottoms. Cautiously I began to untie the knot. Kelly leaned up on her elbows to watch, but made no indication that she wanted me to stop. I was even more encouraged when, without my having to ask, Kelly raised her hips to let me pull of her bottoms. The most gorgeous fuzzy, pink pussy stared up at me.

I straddled Kelly again and began to kiss her breasts. I could taste my own cum as it dried on her skin. Kelly moaned quietly as my mouth brushed her sensitive body. I let myself wander further down. I licked her hips and she wriggled beneath me. Slowly, I let my tongue flick its way to her cherry. He legs were firmly locked together as my first touch along the outside of her pussy lips sent my Granddaughter into convulsions.

'Do that lots, Grandpa', she pleaded. I was happy to oblige, so I moved further down so that I could open her legs. I spread them apart and pushed them right back so that her knees were by her face and her pinkness was laid open to me. She was so wet and tasted so sweet that I thought I could never get enough of this. As my tongue flicked into her opening for the first time, she squealed with delight and used her hands to push the back of my head further into her. After a minute or so of licking my Granddaughter out, her body started to wrack in orgasm. I told her what she was experiencing. She said she wanted to have this all the time.

My prick was, by now, back to its full size and in need of a tight, warm hole. I put myself in an upright position in between Kelly's legs which were still bent right back to her head. I rubbed the length of my swollen shaft along the outside of her pussy. Her fists slammed down on the side of the bed as she tried to cope with the sensations coursing through her body for the first time. I told Kelly that I was going to put my penis in her and that it may hurt for just a second. I asked her if that would be OK. She just looked at me and nodded. Better to do it quickly, so I forced my knob into her tight snatch. I feared her yell might wake Tom, so I covered her mouth with my right hand until the pain had passed.

Man, was she tight. I moved it in and out slowly. I felt like my dick was in a vice and I knew I couldn't take too much of this. Kelly was now feeling nothing but pleasure as my thrusting increased. She squirmed underneath me as I thumped into her with all of my strength, moving faster all the time, like a piston. I let go of her ankles and she wrapped her legs around my back and her hands came up to my face. Then she came for the second time. This time was more intense than the first and she screamed in ecstasy. I was close to cumming so I pulled out of her hot little box, and moved up to her face. I asked her if she wanted to take me in her mouth and she once again just nodded approval. She opened wide just as the first jet of spunk shot out of the end of my tool. My Granddaughter's warm, wet tongue danced over my taught knob as I sprayed the inside of her mouth with my cum. I squeezed out the last drops into an obliging little mouth and collapsed next to her.

I don't know what time it was that we both fell asleep, but I was awoken at seven by the sweetest lips I knew enveloping my, hard again, prick. As Kelly squatted down on it and began to slide around. She looked up at me and said coyly: 'I hope you'll be coming to see us a bit more often in future, Grandpa'. I was sure I would.

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