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Gotta Have Faith Pt. II
by CJT

Tom couldn't believe the days happenings he got to meet Faith Hill and of course the sex in the pool house between Cleamons and the nanny, Nancy, things are just plain weird right now he thought to himself. But other than that the shift was uneventful and now with night fallen Tom could see a big burly man making his way over to him. He was here to replace Tom. Pickett was his name and they exchanged pleasantries and Tom began to sign out.

"Hey kid, do me a favor and walk the grounds for me?" Pickett asked as he picked up the phone.

"Yea sure no problem." Tom said his heart skipping a beat. What would he see this time? Probably nothing but now Tom wasn't taking anything for granted. Tom picked up the large black flashlight and made his way through the locked gate he walked the perimeter of the fence then began checking buildings shining his flashlight in open windows. He made his way to the bushes surrounding the house began to search casually. Nothing. He began to hear a voice so he switched off his flashlight and became still. The voice was female and coming from an open window near the side of the house he slowly made his way to it. Was it the nanny? The memory of her luscious body flashed through his mind. He approached slowly and from the side looked in. It was a child's room, various Mickey Mouse and Pooh pictures were on the wall.

Tom took great caution not to be seen, he could see Faith reading a story to her oldest child, her voice soothing as she ran her fingers through the child's hair. She finished the story and kissed the child gently on the head and tucked the covers around him. She quietly moved to the door and left the room, a little farther back around the house another light came on, Tom slowly made his way back there This window was closed but there was a crack in the curtains he could make out another bedroom, its large bed in plain sight, Faith appeared and disappeared into another room, Tom assumed it was bathroom, he was about to leave when Faith re-entered the room in a short pearl colored silk bathrobe that stopped about mid thigh. Tom's cock began to stir. She stopped and turned toward the widow. Did she see him? Tom's heart began to pound as he ducked to the side.

The window never opened so after Tom got his breath back he looked again Faith was still there looking at the same direction she was before, Tom looked at her blue eyes they were focused off to the side of the window, was she looking at a mirror? Had to be! She would turn from side to side looking at her profile. What was she looking at Tom thought. She was gorgeous. Probably one of the most beautiful women in the world but she didn't look satisfied with what she saw, as was made positive by the frown on her beautiful face. She slowly undid the pearl silk belt of her robe and slid it off. Tom gasped at the sight of her beautiful naked body. Her breasts were firm, her skin a soft white in the light, her pussy covered with just a small patch of hair neatly trimmed, she again looked at her profile in the mirror. Her hands making their way to the small pooch of skin that was inevitable with children although on her stomach barely showed any signs of childbearing.

Her stomach was flat, and save the little pooch you could not tell she had even had kids! She turned the other way giving Tom a shot of her firm ass, the ass he had admired in the camera earlier that day, Tom gasped audibly as his bulge in his crotch grew, Faith turned and faced the mirror again, her hands moving up from her stomach slowly, teasingly. Tom's erection was at full force now begging to be released. Faith slowly encircled one nipple of her breast, her thumb brushing it gently bringing it to attention, her other hand trailed up to her other breast, the same motion making it hard as well, for a moment the stayed there, rubbing, pinching gently. One of her hands made its way up her body to her neck into her mouth moistening a finger, she sucked on it then down the way it came, her own saliva rubbing her nipples, giving them a wet look, her mouth was slightly agape as her hand made its way down across her flat stomach to her trim patch of hair.

Tom groaned, he couldn't believe his luck! With one hand he undid his pants, his cock was throbbing as he took hold of it. His eyes never left her. Her blue eyes watching in the mirror, her hands acting as her lover. Slowly touching, rubbing, making herself moan as the passion in her stirred. Her finger began to rub the outside of her lips. Touching gently as not to break anything. She spread her legs slightly, Tom could see her lips well now. His cock lurched, he couldn't ever remember it being this hard. It almost hurt when it throbbed. The show continued inside as Faith moved back unto the bed, her hands, her lovers, covered her body slowly, making circles around her breasts, one lover moving around between her legs, Faith closed her beautiful eyes to allow her fantasy to come to life. Tom wondered what she was thinking.

Her hand from her breasts squeezed each nipple as if testing their firmness, her other hand moved lower and slowly she slid a finger into herself, her lips parted slowly allowing her "lover" into their warm, soft folds. Her mouth parted and she let out a slow breath, biting into her lip she moved her lower hand in and out. Tom paced his own strokes to match hers. Her "lover" was slow and rhythmic, diving in and out her finger sparkling in the light with her own wetness. Tom placed one hand on the window sill to keep his balance. Faith's hand began to pick up speed, she started to lift her hips to meet her own hand, she slid a finger that was playing with her breasts into her mouth her face was turning red from the passion that was overwhelming her body, Tom's eyes darted from Faith's pussy to her face watching her expressions as she made love to herself. Her eyes opened and her head tilted up to see her own finger disappear inside of her pussy, she put her head back down again, the pace of her hand below increased some more, she slid in another finger, now she was two deep inside. Her ass moved off the bed the muscles in her thighs and ass flexing as her orgasm built. Tom began to pump his fist furiously, his own orgasm ready to explode at any second, Faith closed her eyes again her face was really red now, her hand pumped furiously below.

Faith's body began to shake as her orgasm washed over her, her hand didn't slow though as she plunged away, the hand that was in her mouth gripped the sheets of her massive bed as her orgasm exploded, Tom could now hear her moans, that was it for Tom, as his cock shot a hot load out that almost hit the wall a couple feet away, his breathing was fast as hers, he could picture himself on top of her kissing her lips in that intimate moment during and after orgasm, his tongue dancing with hers in her mouth. He watched her eyes open and her head tilt up to look at her pussy which was sopping wet from her orgasm. She removed her fingers and fell back into the pillow, her breathing fast and deep as if she had just run a marathon, her body trembled, Tom wished he was in there with her, covering her body with his, holding her. Running his fingers through her blonde hair, his lips kissing her forehead and cheeks, her perfect nose, her ears, and that delicious mouth. Wished he could cuddle up next to her in the "spoon" position. Feel her warmth, her ass against his cock, as he would nuzzle the back and side of her neck.

After a few moments Faith. her breathing back to normal, got up Tom watched her as she bent over to pick up her robe her breasts dangling in the light. How he would love to place his lips on them, to kiss them gently , suck gently on her nipples, she stood and straightened out her robe. As she walked away into the bathroom, Tom saw her ass again. He thought about the way he would kiss her ass, devour it, allow his tongue to disappear down the crack, following it to her anus. Would she allow him to slide his tongue into her ass? To fuck her ass with his face? What was he thinking? She would never do that! He was a pervert peeking in widows! Oh, but to dream Tom thought as he slid his pants up and made his way out away from the house.

Tom returned to the guard shack. "What the hell took so long?" Pickett demanded "Did you see something?" Tom looked at him and fear ran through him. "Well?" Pickett was staring at him.

"No, thought I did, but it was nothing." Tom collected his things signed out and then left.

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