The Best Erotic Stories.

Gotta Have Faith Pt. III
by CJT

Tom stood in the driveway as the beautiful blonde reporter tried to coax information out of him. She was using all of her womanly charms on him and he had to admit they were quite extensive. But ultimately Tom was a professional and he was not about to jeopardize his future in the FBI by leaking information. The lady left her card with her home phone number on it just in case he changed his mind. Tom watched her get into the van she came in with her crew and left.

Tom entered the guard shack attaching the card to the clipboard and detailing the incident in the log.

"You know Ms. Hill, it is very impolite to eavesdrop on other people's conversations." Tom said this without looking around. Faith came out from the back office and leaned up against the desk with all the security monitors.

"How did you know?" she asked incredulously her face red with embarrassment. Tom looked at her, damn if she didn't look like an angel! Her blonde hair hung at her shoulders her blue eyes sparkled, she was wearing jean shorts and a white T-shirt. She crossed her arms across her chest waiting for a response. Tom smiled and inhaled deeply through his nose as if he were smelling a thanksgiving meal.

"You smelled me?" she asked her brow furrowing as if to punctuate the question.

"Your perfume." Tom stated taking his eyes off of her and turning them back to the clipboard before he became too intoxicated by her beauty.

"Could have been Nancy." Faith pointed out.

"Nope, she wears a spicy smelling perfume while you wear a flowery type." Tom laughed a little as he made this statement. He cocked his head slightly to look up at her. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"You expect me to buy that?" Tom answered her question with a shrug.

"What brings you down here, is there a problem?" Tom asked changing the subject.

"No, there is just... well I would like to have a conversation with someone around my age or at least above the teenage level!" Faith laughed this out, her mouth smiling her hair dangling as she looked to the floor.

"What about Nancy?" Tom asked

"All of Nancy's stories of conversation start off with 'should have seen the guy I went home with last night' I get tired of those conversations." Faith looked to him.

"I wouldn't know anything about that." Tom stated to matter of factly.

"I am surprised, you are a good looking guy I am sure you get plenty of women over." Faith countered.

"I haven't been with a woman in......." Tom thought back " Geez. has it been that long? Well let's just say longer than I care to mention!" Tom and Faith shared the laugh. Tom couldn't stop looking at her, her gaze upon the floor. She looked almost sad.

"You OK Ms. Hill?"

"It's Faith, and yes I am OK just miss Tim is all." She looked up at him and smiled a big show biz smile.

"Must be tough. You know you could go out with him on tour...." Faith cut him off with a shake of her head.

"Being on tour is tough, especially with kids, besides I don't know if the girls and I would see him any more with all the promoting he does." Tom watched her carefully, she looked vulnerable right now, if he were a lesser man he would play this to his advantage.

"Anyway I came down here to see if you wanted to come up and chat." Faith again smiled big as if to persuade him, like she needed to do that, Tom thought to himself.

"I would love to but my replacement just pulled up, I have a test for the FBI tomorrow and I was going to go home and rest and brush up on a couple of things." Tom hated to say it but he couldn't lose focus now. Not even for this beautiful woman. She looked to the floor again.

"Well hell maybe for a little bit." Tom said when her saw her head drop.

"No, no Tom you go and study, get ready. And do really well on your test." Faith gave him a reassuring smile.

"You sure?" Tom hoped she would change her mind but she only nodded and left.

"Fucking idiot!" Tom said under his breath. "It is not like every day a beautiful woman invites you up for anything let alone Faith Hill! Fucking dumb ass!" Tom beat himself up verbally.

Later that evening Tom sat on the couch in front of his TV, a Braves baseball game droning softly. Tom had his college algebra book open, brushing up on some of the formulas that were bound to be on the test tomorrow. A soft knock came from the door, so soft in fact that Tom thought it might not even be the door. But there was another soft knock, Tom got up setting the book down on the couch next to him still open and made his way over to the door. Just as he arrived there was another soft knock, Tom peered through he peep hole, his jaw dropped, there in the hallway stood Faith. He quickly unlocked the door and opened it, she was dressed as before only now her hair was up in a bow.

"Hi." She said shyly.

"Hi back, what are you doing here?" Tom asked not believing his luck. He moved to the side and motioned her in. She slipped past him, the smell of her perfume filled his nose. He closed the door.

"Well I could say I was in the area, but you would know I was lying, so I will just be honest with you." They had made their way to the couch, she sat down and began to fidget. Tom sat next to her, she turned sideways on the couch tucking a shoeless foot under her.

"I really just wanted to get out of the house and stuff so I thought I would come over here and see if you needed any help studying." She was lying and she thought it was obvious.

"Oh! Well no not really but maybe we could watch the game or talk if you like." Tom was so shocked he thought he was about to die.

"OK cool. Who is playing?"

"The Braves are beating the hell out of someone..." he said motioning to the TV. She shifted her position and wound up closer to him. Almost touching on the small couch. Tom felt his heart hammer in his chest. Surely she could hear it! My god it was loud, but she didn't. He knew she couldn't really.

"Would you like something to drink?" he asked looking at her profile. The beauty of her face, her nose and her ear, why was she so perfect? Tom felt a stir in his pants.

"No, no I am fine." She said turning her head to him, they were close to each other now, they could feel one another's breath on their face. Slowly Tom leaned into her pressing his lips to hers her eyes closed. Tom broke from her like he had been shot, he stood quickly, the breath in his lungs gone.

"I...I am so sorry..I should have never..." Tom blurted. She was up and in front of him her hands on either side of his face holding it still looking into his eyes.

"No, don't say that. That is what I wanted, what I needed, I have wanted it since I first saw you there at the guard shack, that very kiss, please don't stop now." Her blue eyes were pleading. Her breathing deep as was his own. She pulled his face to hers now, their lips touching again. Tom felt her body move to his, her arms go around his neck, and his own hands betrayed him as they moved around her pulling her even closer. His body disobeying his every mental command. He knew she was married, this could destroy both of their careers, her marriage. All that could go wrong went through his head, yet his body continued its own thinking, his hands moving across her back, to her hair, her lips open slightly allowing his disobedient tongue to enter. It crossed her teeth to mingle with her tongue. He wanted control but had none, he was powerless. Her body was melting into his, the bulge in his pants grew large and uncomfortable between them. Finally the kiss broke, she pulled her head back a little,

"It has been a long time hasn't it?" she said her smile knowing. His cock began to throb.

"It has been awhile but I think it has more to do with this angel I am with." Tom said, his lips still warm from their passion. She smiled that perfect smile, took a step back, taking his hand and led him to the open door of his bedroom. She made her way to the bed walking backwards never taking his eyes from his. Tom flipped the light switch on as he entered the room, Faith stopped when the bed hit the back of her legs, Tom move close to her, their breathing deep and slow. Faith's hands moved up to his shirt and gently tugged on it, she pulled it over his head revealing his muscular body, his nipples growing hard from the cool air of the room, she placed her mouth on one kissing, sucking moving across his chest to the other. Her hands came to play now, rubbing his chest, over his shoulders, and then back down again, Tom tilted her chin up and planted another kiss on her lips, her hands stopped at his waist, slowly she undid his pants, never breaking their kiss. Tom moved his hands to her shirt and slowly pulled it off her hair coming out of its bow as he pulled it free from her, revealing a white lace bra. His eyes wandered lower to her breasts his hands following, he reached around and undid the bra, she let it fall from her body, her nipples at full attention, Tom's hands didn't stop there, with quick precision and expertise he moved lower brushing her nipples with his knuckles, she placed her forehead to his chest as he reached her shorts and undid them. Tom thought she might be having second thoughts.

"Do you want me to stop?" Tom asked but he didn't know how he could, his mouth was dry and his voice was shaky. She looked up at him, the blueness even brighter than he remembered. She smiled.

"You mean you would if I asked you to?" her own voice was shaky. Tom only nodded. His hands moved to her chin to bring her gaze which had been on the floor to his. She smiled pushed him softly then hooked her thumbs in her shorts and pulled them down. She stood there before him completely naked. Surely I have died and gone to heaven Tom thought. She reached for him and took his hand and placed it on her breast, the heat from it made his hand feel like it was on fire. He moved closer to her and pressed her to the bed, she fell back gently, Tom went to his knees in front of her, without a second's warning he began to lick her sweet pussy, she drew in a deep breath and held it. His fingers opened her up slightly and exposed more of her pink flesh for his mouth, she reached down and pulled his hair, pulling him closer to her. She lifter her buttocks off the bed pushing herself into his mouth, he ate hungrily. She began to grind her hips into his face, her body became very tense and then she let out a muffled cry as her cum escaped around her lips covering his face. Tom continued to lick until her ass fell back to the bed. He began to kiss his way back up to her mouth wanting to kiss her again, he covered her body with his, he could feel her hands on his pants pushing at them, pushing them over his hips, he stood and quickly discarded them, he returned to her, his manhood now pressed against her belly, his lips found hers, and the hunger for each other consumed them. She rolled him over and straddled his hips her pussy wet with her own cum and her body's heat could be felt by Tom. Slowly she pushed herself onto Tom's cock, letting out a soft gasp as it entered her. She locked her lips to his, her hair falling about his face, he gripped her ass as she began to move on him his cock sliding in and out, the coolness of the room a stark contrast to the heat of her body. With one hand she balanced her self and with the other she pushed her blonde hair to one side. Her expression was one of pure pleasure, her teeth gently bit into her lip, her cheeks flushed, her eyes closed. She sat up completely now, his cock going completely inside of her as she moved only her hips. Her hands moved to her hair and pushed back on it, her moans growing more audible, her breathing erratic, Tom sat up taking a breast in his mouth he sucked on a nipple, pulling at it with his teeth, first one then the other, Finally she pushed him back to the bed, a playful smile across her face, as she began to ride him faster, her cries became louder, Tom knew she was close, he began to thrust up to meet her, throwing his cock deeper into her soft folds, she began to cry out in short moans now, her body then tensed as another wave of her orgasm hit, she dropped her hands to either side of his head her hair falling all around their faces, her body motionless as her powerful orgasm racked her body, but Tom didn't stop, he began to thrust powerfully into her, his own orgasm just seconds away.

"Oh god Faith I am going to cum." his voice was soft and quick.

"Yes, don't stop, please, don't stop!" She called out to him, he pressed his mouth to hers their tongues danced, his hands fell to her firm ass, the same ass he had been admiring for a long time now, pulling it to him then with one final thrust he pushed his cock deep inside of her and they were both still, their lips locked, as his cum spurted out of him and into her in hot steady streams.

Tom awoke with a startled jump his alarm blaring. He slammed his fist down on it.

"Fuck!" he called out his breath fast and heavy. He fell back into the pillow. A dream. A fucking dream! Tom waited until his breath returned to normal, then proceeded to get up, it was then that he noticed that his sheets and blanket were covered with cum, his cum, he remembered going to bed naked and the dream which seemed so real caused him to have his first wet dream since he was a teenager.

"Fuck!" was all he could say as he moved to the bathroom to clean himself up and get ready to leave for the test.

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