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Gilligan's Island
by Kip Carson

*** The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with the original television series or its characters. ***

The seven castaways led a little more of an exciting life than they showed you on television. There was a lot more boners than just Gilligan's screwups. Ginger Grant that gorgeous red haired goddess, was sunbathing by the lagoon. She had a pair of bikini bottoms on, and her top was lying beside her in the hot sand. Mary Ann was also at the lagoon, making some coconut cream pies for everyone. Ginger rolled over to her back, her firm breasts stood out proudly with their perfect pink nipples fully erect.

Mary Ann glanced at Ginger and saw those mouthwatering breasts. Mary Ann was quite horny, being on that deserted island was starting to get to her. She felt her pussy get moist as she looked at Ginger's perfect breasts. Mary Ann quickly felt herself, rubbing her moist mound making sure no one could see her. Ginger was feeling quite horny herself. She was used to having her choice of big hollywood studs to fuck her anytime she wanted.

It had been years since she had a hard cock inside of her tight redhaired snatch. Years since she had held a large hard one in her hand and stroked it til it filled her sucking mouth with hot cum. Ginger was thinking about her last fuck, and began rubbing her beautiful breasts. Mary Ann watched as Ginger firmly squeezed her pretty, erect nipples. Ginger's full lips were parted wide, and her wet tongue moved seductively across her lips. Mary Ann's hands were inside of her shorts. She began rubbing her throbbing, aching clit, she really didn't care if anyone saw her or not, she needed to cum. Ginger slid one of her hands inside of her bikini bottoms. She began furiously playing with her hot, moist pussy.

Mary Ann bravely walked towards her, still playing with her self as she walked. She stood above Ginger, both girls playing with themselves. "I'm so horny" Mary Ann told Ginger.

"I am too, Ginger replied.

"Let's get each other off, ok Ginger?" she asked.

"Let's go to the hut" Ginger responded. They were in a dead run to their hut. Ginger stripped her bikini bottoms off, and began undressing Mary Ann. She quickly had Mary Ann totally naked. Ginger knelt to the floor of the hut, and pushed Mary Ann's creamy thighs apart. She tenderly parted the black curls that partially covered her wet, pink, juicy slit.

Ginger slid her tongue into the soft folds of Mary Ann's pretty pussy. Mary Ann softly moaned. Ginger began licking up and down the wet lips of her pussy. She would stop at the throbbing clit, and gently suck it each time she was near it. Mary Ann held Ginger's pretty red hair as she wonderfully ate her moist pussy. Mary Ann didn't last long. She groaned as her pussy climaxed. She roughly pushed Ginger's face against her tasty pussy. Ginger made loud slurping noises as she lapped up Mary Ann's pussy cum.

Mary Ann wasted no time, in returning the favor. She was between Ginger's legs instantly. She stroked the pretty red pussy hair, as she pulled her pouty pink pussy lips apart. Ginger was soaking wet already. Mary Ann sucked on Ginger's big swollen clit. She thrust 2 fingers inside of her hot pussy, while she sucked on her hard clit. Ginger moaned as Mary Ann's wet tongue darted playfully all around her wet pussy.

The Professor happened to be walking by, and looked in the window of the girl's hut. He watched as Mary Ann tongue fucked Ginger's pretty pussy. He quickly ran off. Mary Ann made Ginger cum, and as she climaxed, her entire body quivered wildly. Mary Ann continued licking Ginger's tasty pussy. She hungrily lapped up every drop of her precious pussy nectar. The 2 girls positioned themselves in a 69, and began eating each other. Professor returned and knocked on the door to their hut. Ginger wrapped herself in a towel and opened the door. "Hi, Professor" Ginger said. "What can we do for you?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, but I happened to notice you girls earlier when I walked by" he stated. "Gilligan found this surplus of liquid rubber while fishing yesterday, and I thought I might be able to help you" he said. Suddenly the Professor pulled out a huge rubber dildo. It had a head on both ends and was about 16 inches long. "I thought you 2 could possibly have a use for this" he told her.

Ginger thanked the Professor, and she had a very naughty idea. She grabbed the Professor by the hand and pulled him into the hut. She instantly pushed him to the floor. Her and Mary Ann began to undress him.

"You shouldn't be doing this" the Professor protested. "This is wrong" he added. But they didn't hear him. They had his pants completely off, and Ginger was already sucking on the head of his cock. His cock quickly became stiff as a board. It was probably a good 10 and 1/2 inches long, and quite thick.

"Have you ever made it with a girl before?" Ginger asked him.

"No, I have never been married" he added.

"Well today is your lucky day" Mary Ann added. Ginger resumed her blowjob, and Mary Ann straddled his face. She pressed her wet dripping pussy against his mouth. The Professor began kissing her wet pussy lips. Ginger was now deepthroating his hard cock. His hips thrust wildly, pushing his cock deeply inside of her wet, warm mouth. His tongue began licking at Mary Ann's hot wet pussy.

"God, I need you to put that deep inside of my hot pussy" Ginger seductively stated. She straddled his huge cock and thrust herself down on it. He was instantly buried all the way inside of her hot, red haired pussy. Ginger rocked back and forth on his hard cock, wiggling her shapely hips. She literally fucked him silly. Mary Ann climaxed and her hot, pussy juices were flowing across the Professor's chin. She stood, and walked around the hut naked. She watched as Ginger rode the Professor's big hard cock, like a cowboy would ride a mean assed bull. The Professor was thrusting his hips upward each time Ginger's hot pussy made an upstroke, he didn't want one inch of his cock to not be buried inside of her wet, tight wonderful pussy.

They were all startled by a knock at the door. Gilligan came bursting in. He looked quite shocked as he watched Ginger riding the Professor's big hard cock. Mary Ann quickly pulled Gilligan's pants off, and had his cock inside of her mouth. Gilligan giggled as she began to lick his balls. She sucked his young cock making him quite hard. Gilligan began moaning, as Mary Ann deepthroated his 8 inch cock. She licked the precum from the throbbing head.

The Skipper was looking for Gilligan, and heard the moans coming from the girl's hut. He quicky made his way to their hut to investigate. He flung the door open, and saw his "little buddy" getting his cock sucked by Mary Ann. He looked at Ginger, who was still riding the Professor's long thick cock. Ginger was moaning and thrashing about wildly. The Professor moaned, and he shot his load deep inside of her tight pussy. Ginger grunted as she felt the hot fluid explode into her. The Skipper was completely naked now.

He was stroking his hard 7 inch cock. He walked over to Mary Ann and pushed it into her tight pussy doggy style. Mary Ann groaned as the Skipper thrust himself roughly inside of her hot , tight pussy. It felt so good to the Skipper. Her pussy clung to his hard cock tightly. He pushed in and out of her with long deep strokes. Gilligan began to moan, and Mary Ann knew he was going to be cumming soon. She stopped blowing him.

"Please, don't stop, Mary Ann" Gilligan begged her. "I'm very close" he added.

"Oh don't you worry Gilligan" Mary Ann told him. "you will be cumming soon." Mary Ann pushed the Skipper onto his back. She slid her hot wet tight pussy down upon his cock. She then instructed Gilligan to put his cock in her butt. Gilligan thought this was kind of strange, but hell he was horny. He began pushing his swollen cockhead against her tight, puckered asshole. He firmly pushed until he slid inside of her. Mary Ann screamed wildly. She was totally filled with cock now. This was what she truly needed. She rode the Skippers hard cock, while Gilligan slammed his hard 8 inch cock deeply inside of her tight asshole.

Mary Ann came quickly. She climaxed harder than she imagined possible. She almost felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her. The Professor was regaining his second wind, and he thrust his long thick 10 and 1/2 inch cock into her mouth. She graciously accepted him, and was deepthroating his long cock. Every hole she had was completely filled with hard throbbing cock. Mary Ann was in heaven. She rocked back and forth so her pussy and asshole could both be pentrated deeply.

"MMm God, " she groaned. The Skipper was the first to cum. He began yelling "Oh, Mary Ann , yes, take my load" and he sprayed a gusher inside of her tight pussy. Her pussy gripped him tightly and she came. This caused her asshole to grip Gilligan's hard cock even tighter. Gilligan moaned and his load exploded inside of Mary Ann's hot little ass. Mary Ann could feel both holes being filled with hot cum. She had never felt such an incredible experience before. The Professor, quite excited by all of the cumming, began to shoot his hot load. His large cock exploded inside of her hot mouth. His cum erupted splashing deeply into her warm tight throat.

Mary Ann hungrily swallowed as he continued pumping her mouth full of his jism. Mary Ann still had the Skipper's and Gilligan's cocks in both of her holes. They were done cumming, and she could feel them going soft. Both men pulled their cocks from her holes. Cum dripped sloppily from both holes. Ginger knelt between Mary Ann's thighs and began sucking all of the hot cum from both of her still open holes. Mary Ann moaned as she climaxed against Ginger's pretty face. The Professor's cock was shrinking, and she let it fall from her hot mouth.

The 3 men dressed and left. Ginger picked up the homemade rubber dong that the Professor had made for them. She inserted one end into her own hot, moist pussy. Then she shoved the other end into Mary Ann's very wet cum filled pussy. Ginger began thrusting her hips, shoving the large rubber dildo into Mary Ann. Both girls were completely filled with the rubber cock. They pushed against each other, gyrating their hips wildly. They wiggled around making the huge dildo squirm inside of themselves. They fucked one another passionately, and they climaxed simultaneously, both quivering, and shaking uncontrollably. They rode each other a few more minutes, then they began to slide apart.

The large rubber dildo was once again visible as it slid from their hot pussies. Ginger grabbed the fake dick and pulled it from Mary Ann's pussy. It made a loud plop as the head slid from her pink lips. Ginger put the dildo beside their beds. "God, what a day" Mary Ann moaned.

"Yes, I am wore out" Ginger added. They kissed each other and went to sleep. Life wasn't going to be so bad on that deserted island after all.

"I wonder how big Mr. Howell's cock is?" Mary Ann asked Ginger.

"Who cares, with all of that money" Ginger replied. Both giggled. They knew that they would probably find out real soon. They dozed off and had wonderful wet dreams.

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