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Genie in a Bottle Pt. II
by Caresse Mandylor

It was almost dark when I woke up from my dreams of sexy genies from peach penis bottles. With half-opened eyes I saw him sitting on my bedroom floor with a pile of books scattered around his knees. I never realized genies like to read, but I guess they do. He was obviously getting great satisfaction from the contents of my bookshelf and I didn't want to disturb him. I craved the chance to watch.

"Good evening, Ma'am," he grinned like a little boy up to no good. The light coming in from my bedroom window was growing sparce but flickered in his eyes as if winking at me. "I was looking at your copy of the Kama Sutra. You do not have the complete volume."

"Nope, it's pretty much just a glorified picture book with a sample of positions."

"That is very sad. A woman of your sensuality needs to see and taste the entire work."

I was going to melt for sure if he kept talking. "Oh, well! Besides Americans aren't as limber as Eastern Indians. I've heard there are positions we just can't contort ourselves into."

"I can show your body how to experience them...," he whispered.

I'm over here. The puddle under the baby blue comforter.

He rose from his seat on the floor and joined me on the bed. Each of my eyelids was kissed, one and then more leisurely the other, and I moaned softly in response.

His hot breath caressed my ear as he spoke softly. "It is a good thing you had that book for me to read. There were some things I had forgotten and I must be prepared for your third wish. I would assume that your next wish would be for mindblowing sex, no?"

"No," I responded, feeling more brazen than ever around this man, who's only purpose was to satisfy my wishes. I'd heard a genie's magic was a double-edged sword. Be careful what you wish for and abstain if you have the will power. Let's just say the three million dollars you asked for might go missing from the bank where you have a suddenly increased account.

But have I not had two really great, totally satisfying wishes with no harm done other than fainting from the pleasure? He could make one of my most secret fantasies come true - all in the power of a wish.

"Sweet Genie, I'm ready to make my third wish. I wish...I wish for mindblowing, public, chance-of-getting-caught sex!"

His nose twitched, his fingers snapped and I blinked, opening my eyes again in the answering service boardroom where I made my living.

Both of us were naked as Adam and Eve before the apple and the place had never seemed more crowded. The full crew was there, ten of the twelve available chairs filled with telephone secretaries answering calls by the hundreds. During the overnight shift it seemed so dead and lonely compared to this. I stood absolutely still, never more aware of my nakedness than at that moment as the booming cacophony of ringing telephones and activity swirled around me.

"No, Genie! This is bad! I'm going to be fired for this! Make it stop! Please! Don't do this to me." I cried out, my eyes filling with tears, not realizing no one heard my screams.

"Don't worry, Ma'am," He pulled me into his embrace, patting my shoulders in comfort. "I won't hurt you. Trust me. You can see them but they can't see you."

His soft spoken words slowly drove reality into my frantic brain cells. He's right. No one was looking at me. I was standing naked in the middle of the blue tiled floor and not a single soul stopped answering the phones to look.

"Others of my kind like to play games, Ma'am, make victims of the ones who release them. I do not do that. I play fair, and especially in cases like you, enjoy my work immensely."

I couldn't help myself and walked around the room, stopping at the supervisor station, "Hey, Irene! Need me to pull the stats?"

I giggled, watching her answer the phones as if there wasn't a naked woman standing beside her.

"Hi, Beth! Need me to do some of the undelivereds?" No answer. It was so incredibly sexy. Who could believe something so naughty was possible and I was doing it? Who knows? I might even try this where someone could see me next time?

I plopped down in one of the empty plush blue office chairs, legs apart with my hands resting on the triangle of chair between them. I laughed when Irene turned to Beth and said, "Did you just see that chair move?"

"It's under the air conditioner vent," she replied quickly before answering another call. I was a naked gust of air...

"Hey, Genie, let's heat up the coldest part of the room. Everybody complains about this vent!"

"Yes, Ma'am, but get on your knees in the chair and face the other direction. Cross your arms over the back and lean over a little...Yes, that is a good girl."

"What are you doing, you naughty little Genie, or not so little Genie?" My eyes wandered to the part getting bigger by the moment.

"I'm going to teach you a little trick that is too racy for the Kama Sutra."

The time it took me to lean into my arms took milliseconds. His hands opened me even further than the position naturally instigated and caressed me, moving in wicked flutters up and down the lips of my sex, making me hotter and wetter. Genie lowered to his knees, his fingers were soon joined by his lips and tongue. Ooooo. Oh, my! He was doing it again. I was going to be way beyond sore throat from all the screaming in the morning if he kept this up. But, oh, how the pain would be worth it!

He stroked, fondled and tasted me until I was so close to coming I was blinded by need. I was aroused to the point of bursting when he finally stood up, gripped my shoulders, moved his feet in the path of the chair wheels to keep them from moving and slipped inside me. I was so wet he glided in with ease, making me feel like a human wet velvet glove.

He didn't insert his long cock all the way inside, but I didn't complain once I realized ...oh... that he was only doing it ...mmmm... only going deep enough ...Yes!... to make direct contact with the ....Yes! Yes!... very elusive g-spot that I'd been searching for forever. He found it. Oh, yes! There is a God! He found it!

"Please, baby, please don't stop! I have to come! ... I have to come or explode!"

His hands were everywhere, on my nipples, my sides, my belly, my clitoris. The owner of the company came right up to the chair and I squealed, jerking in Genie's grip but that only pushed him deeper inside me. Did he know? Couldn't he smell the hot sex smell that was filling my lungs to capacity. I was receiving the mother of all orgasms, not the five or ten second variety but closer to a minute than I've ever been before. Mindblowing, mega intense orgasm that left me soaked in sweat and drained, crying tears of joy.

Genie leaned into me and I felt his breath in hot gasps at the nape of my neck. He pushed in a few more times, bringing himself off with enough semen to drench, not only my pussy, but leak onto my thighs as well. I wondered if it would leave stains in the chair.

My legs were shaky as I tried to stand and I wound up tripping and pushing the chair almost clear across the room. I was falling, but captured in my lover's muscular arms midway to the floor.

"I got you, Ma'am," he laughed as he pulled me up against his chest. I stayed there as the evening crew contemplated what kind of air conditioning unit could send a chair flying like that.

"Hi sweeties! It's just Caresse Mandylor and her amazing fucking genie!"

To Be Continued...


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