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Ghost in the Machine Pt. II
by Guitman69

"How's it going so far?" Doctor Williams asked.

"So far, it going well," Jennifer answered. "The simulation is stable and her vital signs are normal."

"Good, I just hope that nothing goes wrong this time."


"Hello there" said a masculine voice behind Lisa. She jumped and spun around to see a very attractive man holding a towel. "I'm very sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to scare you."

Lisa giggled and said, "That's alright." She smiled," I guess I'm just a little nervous. This is my first time here."

"Well, if you're that tense, then you should have come to see me sooner." He smiled back at her and offered his hand. "My name is Jack."

"Lisa," she responded as she shook his hand. "Why don't you hop up on the table and we can get started." He patted the table and then turned around to get something out of a cabinet.

Lisa opened up her towel and took a quick look down. Her body looked exactly as it did in the real world. She got up on the table and laid face down upon it. She heard the man rub his hands together as he walked up to her. When he placed his hands on her back and started rubbing, Lisa jumped. "Are you alright?" her asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. That just surprised me," Lisa replied. "It felt so real."

"I should hope so," Jack said, sounding a little surprised at her response.

He doesn't know he's a simulation, Lisa thought.

Jack's hands were quite strong, and the oil he was rubbing on her back smelled of jasmine. His hands pressed hard into her muscles, but not so hard as to cause pain. He must have felt a knot in her back because he started to concentrate his efforts into one place. Lisa let out a loan moan as she felt the tension drain away.

Jack's hands moved down her body to her legs. He squeezed the back of her thighs and ran his hand down the length of the leg all the way to her feet. He ran his hand along the inside of her thighs on the way back up. His hands stopped at where her legs met, but as her continued massaging her legs this way, Lisa's thighs would get farther apart. After a few minutes his hands brushed up against Lisa's swollen outer lips. An electric shock seemed to pass through her body. Well, I know THAT part of the suit is working, Lisa joked to herself.

Jack then started to rub the sweet smelling oil onto her ass. Lisa moaned even louder this time and started to feel a tingling from her vagina. He took a cheek in each of his hands and rotated them in opposite directions. Lisa had to bite her lip to keep quiet since this motion made her pussy lips rub against each other. He leaned in close. "Roll over onto your back," he whispered into her ear.

As Lisa rolled over, she saw Jack apply more oil to his hands. He took her hand and started to rub her palm and up her arm. He stopped when he got to her armpit and walked over to her other side. This time when he got to the end of her arm he started to rub up and down the sides of her ribcage. When he reached the last rib, his hands moved up to her chest.

Just then, Jack started to get fuzzy, like a television signal that was too weak. Lisa looked around but everything else seemed to be fine. There must be a glitch in the program, Lisa thought. I should remember to tell Dr. Williams about it. Jack started to phase back in. He looked down at his hands and smiled, then he put them back onto Lisa's chest.


Jennifer dropped her pencil on the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, she didn't notice the monitor she was watching blank out for a second. It continued its readout of Lisa's vital signs by the time she got up off the floor.


Jacks hands moved slowly, rubbing his way up to her breasts. He lightly touched the outside of her breasts with slow circles that went all the way around it. The circles got smaller and smaller. As he got closer to her nipples he slowed down. When he finally touched the edge of her areolas, she let out a gasp. He continued to trace a circle around the pale pink skin as it started to crinkle up. With her eyes shut, it felt to Lisa like he was staying in the same spot for hours when he stopped touching her. She opened her eyes and let out a disappointed whimper. Before she could say anything though, Jack grabbed both breasts at once and rubbed his slick palms over her nipples. Lisa couldn't control herself and let out a scream as her vagina started to twitch.

After a glorious few minutes, Lisa felt like she would come just from this stimulation alone. As she felt herself nearing the edge, Jack took his hands away. She was about to protest when Jack put his finger up to his mouth. "Shhh." He placed his fingertip between her breasts and dragged it down her body. When touched the spot where her pubic hair used to be, he cut to the left and went down her leg. When he got to her toes, Jack started to rub them, but the moment his fingers touched the underside of her feet she started to giggle.

"Stop!" Lisa screamed as she pulled her foot away from him. "I'm ticklish."

"Really," he said with a sly grin. "Well, this is a test of your tactile suit. This is something else I must check." He grabbed her ankle and raked his fingers along the sole of her foot. She screamed with laughter and kicked wildly at the tickling sensation. Jack lost his hold on her ankle and said, "I can't exactly test your ticklish response if you don't stop moving." He paused. "I guess I'll have to tie you up." There was a flash of light and then Lisa noticed that her hands were tied down over her head. Her legs were also fastened to the end of the table spread wide open.

Lisa struggled against her bonds, but she was held fast. Jack pulled a stool up to her feet, and sat down. Just as he started to tickle her again it hit her...I thought he didn't know this was a simulation.


"What's going on?" Dr. Williams asked as she ran into the lab. "Why is she laughing?"

"I don't know," Jennifer said. "I just lost control of the simulation."

"Get her out of there now!!!"

"I can't. Not until I can get control over the program again and shut it down safely. If I don't we'll lose another one."


"Who or what are you?" Lisa asked between gasps.

Jack stopped. "I was a test subject just like you a year ago. They didn't have all the bugs worked out then. I went into the simulation and something happened. I don't know what. It could have been a lightning strike, or a brown out. Hell, it could have just been that someone tripped over the power cord. All I know is that I've been trapped inside this damned computer, alone for the past year." He stood up and walked over to Lisa's head. "But know I have you here to play with."

He smiled and held up his hand. He snapped his fingers and a long stiff feather appeared in his hand out of nowhere. "I've learned how to control my environment in my long exile." He brought the feather down on Lisa's armpit causing her to writhe in hysterics. "I am a god here Lisa. Would you like to be my Goddess?"

"Ahahahhahhaa!!! NO!! Ahahhhaaaha!!! Let me out of here! Ahahhhaaha!"

"That's too bad. I guess I'm gonna have to convince you then."

Jack snapped the fingers of his free hand and two machines appeared at the end of the table. The machine held two soft bristled brushes, one at each of Lisa's feet. The brushes each spun in circles while also moving up and down. Lisa was screaming with laughter. Jack produced another feather and was now running both of them up and down her bound arms. Lisa tried to wiggle out of the way of the feathers but was tied up so tightly that she couldn't move an inch.

Jack dropped the feathers. They vanished in a flash of light before they hit the ground. He bent over Lisa's body and attacked her ribs with his bare hands. Lisa was now laughing so hard that all she could do was gasp for air. Jack tried to kiss her but she turned her head away quickly. "Fine then," Jack said in a disgusted tone. He backed away from her, and snapped his fingers again.

Two new machines appeared on either side of the table. Each one had two attachments: One with a half dozen rotating feathers against her armpits, and another in the shape of a wiggling hand digging into her sides. Jack laughed as he just stood there watching with a sadistic grin on his face.

Lisa was in agony. Her lungs ached from laughing and she thought she was going to go insane from the ticklish irritation. There was nowhere he could move to get away from Jack's tickle machines. Her lungs ached and her stomach was all tensed up. She didn't know how much longer she could take it.

After a few minutes of this, Jack walked up to Lisa. Lisa didn't see her since her eyes were closed with an expression of anguish/joy on her face. He leaned over her writhing body and sucked one of her erect nipples into her mouth. With that one act the tickling sensations took on a new form. They were no longer just irritating, but erotic too.

Jack reached over and started to caress her other breast as he sucked and licked on her nipple. The combination of tickling and Jack's touch sent shivers all though her body. They mainly focus around her clitoris. She could feel herself becoming aroused by all this stimulation.

Suddenly Jack stood up and the machines stopped. Lisa lay gasping for breath. "I think we need a change of scenery", Jack said as he clapped his hands. The whole room went so white that Lisa had to shut her eyes. As she blinked the tears out of her eyes, she noticed that they were in a different room. She was now in some type of dungeon. The wet stone walls held shackles and racks of medieval torture equipment. Her position had also changed. She now lay on a wooden bench. Her arms were still tied over her head, but her legs were now bent with her feet tied to the table. "Do you like it?" Jack asked, smiling down at her.

"It's ghastly," she replied.

"I'm glad you like it," he said ignoring her reply. He pointed to something over his head. Lisa looked up to see a huge metal tank hanging about 10 feet over her head. At the end of it there was a nozzle with a valve on it. Jack walked behind her and said, "Here I want you to see this." Lisa heard a click and then her torso started to rise up. She could now see between her legs and noticed that a section around the table had been cut out just between her legs. From this ankle she could also see her pussy. Without having any pubic hair there to cover it, she could see her swollen clit.

Jack walked around the table and between her legs. He reached up to the water tank and opened the valve. A large drop of water fell from the end of the tube and fell directly on her clit. The contact of the water sent a shock though Lisa's whole body. When the second drop hit, she let out a moan. The way her legs were spread, the water would hit her clit and then roll down to her vaginal opening to mix with the fluids already building up there. The impact of the drops felt good, but came maddeningly slow. Between drops her heart would race and her breathing became ragged as she waited for the next drop to fall. Once it did hit, Lisa's head would go back as she closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation.

After what seemed like hours of an insanely slow build up, Lisa could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. She could tell already that it was going to be a big one too. With all the stimulation Jack had put her body though, she REALLY wanted to come. But as she waited, the orgasm that she knew should be coming wasn't. This damn water torture must be too slow to make me come, Lisa thought as she teetered on the edge of orgasm. "Please," she begged him, "turn it up faster so I can come."

"Alright," Jack said as he reached up and turned the water on full blast. Now a steady stream of water fell down onto her enflamed clit. Lisa screamed, as it seemed every nerve in her pussy fired off at once, but she still couldn't come. She bucked her hips into the air, somehow trying to increase the pressure on her pleasure zones, but it didn't help. It just made her even more desperate to come.

She looked at Jack. A look of confusion mixed with passion covered her face. "I told you Lisa," Jack laughed, "I am a god here. You won't be able to come until I let you."

To Be Continued...


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