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Green Ladies From Outer Space
by Ronald D. Thurman

I was headed back to my car, after making a quick stop downtown to take care of some business when a very attractive young woman bumped into me and held on to my arm to keep herself from falling. She was gasping for breath and looked as if she were about to pass out. I helped her over to a bus stop bench and sat her down. "Are you alright? Do you want me to call for help?" I asked.

"Please," she gasped, "take a breath, hold it, then blow it into me." When I had held my breath long enough, she pressed her lips to mine and sucked it out of me. "That is a great help," she said, with a heavy accent, "but once more would be better." On the next breath, she lightly placed her hand along side my head and moved herself closer to me, making it seem more like we were kissing. When we were done, she made no effort to move away but just looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes.

Needless to say, I felt somewhat turned on by the exchange. "Can I take you anywhere? Do you need a doctor?" I asked.

"I have what I need at my vehicle. Could you transport me there?"

"No problem," I said as I helped her to my car, which was only a few spaces down. "Where are you parked?"

She indicated the direction and I pulled into the traffic. By the time we reached the first light she was gasping for breath again. Without a word, I inhaled and held it as I leaned over towards her. I placed my hand on her narrow waist as I pressed my lips to hers for her to take in my spent breath. When she was done, her lips lingered momentarily before she drew back and I noticed her scent of herbs and flowers, which was quite intoxicating. "You give me much pleasure with your help," she said with a sigh. She didn't know the half of it. I was getting quite turned on from the strange activity.

After traveling about six blocks, my mysterious passenger pointed out a tall parking garage and said, "On the top." I drove to the roof level and parked next to the only rig up there, which looked like a custom van of some sort.

I helped her out of the car and she looked me over in a strange way. "Can you converse with me for a time?" she asked.

"Sure, I'd love to," I said.

"I am Xantrophicanflas Mi Yornis, but I am called `Xana.'"

"I'm George Schatz, but everyone calls me `Geo.' You have an unusual name. You're not from around here, are you?"

"My home is Vlexa. I believe that our sun is the third one over," she said, pointing towards Orion's Belt. "I am here to learn why your world has two forms of people, one shaped like us and the other shaped like you."

"There aren't many here shaped as exquisitely as you," I said. I followed her over to the van but felt somewhat apprehensive about climbing in. "What is it that you want to know?" I asked as the side of the vehicle irised open.

"Normally, we do not make contact with the people of a world, but when my nasal canisters failed, it was either make contact or perish. We need more carbon dioxide than your atmosphere provides. Because your metabolism differs from mine, your spent breath contains enough of it to sustain me for a short while. It is the process of pressing our lips together that I want to study." She stepped up to me and kissed me hard, pressing the full length of her voluptuous body into mine. Instinctively, I put my arm around her and pulled her closer. "Yes, that is it," she breathed. "It creates an illogical sensation within the body. We must study this further, come." She took my hand and pulled me into the van.

The interior of the van was more spacious than it looked from the outside. Xana offered me a seat on a beanbag looking thing that flowed out of the wall. As I made myself comfortable, Xana started to peel her clothes off. "I cannot understand why your people confine themselves in these bindings," she said as she fumbled with her bra.

I stood up and unlatched it for her and was surprised to see that she had no nipples. She turned and smiled a silent thank you then started to roll her panty hose down. When she sat and pulled them off of her feet, I noticed that she didn't have a pussy either. Her sexual features were like a department store mannequin. "You can remove your bindings if it would make you more comfortable," she said. "I have to take this off, and I'll be right back." When she turned and stepped to the back of the `van,' I did notice that she had an amazingly full, well-shaped ass.

Jets of vapor shot from the wall, completely engulfing her, and after a few seconds, she stepped out of the cloud and I was shocked to see that she was green! "As you can see," she said, "our metabolism is more like the vegetation of your world in that our blood is based on chlorophyll rather than iron, as yours is."

Even though her skin was a rich shade of green, she was still stunningly beautiful by Earth standards. Her long golden hair curled around her shoulders, framing her face to accentuate her big, luminescent pale green eyes, her pert upturned nose and her full, dark green lips. Her well rounded, half cantaloupe shaped tits were now topped with dark green nipples that were puckering and starting to distend. As my eyes traveled down her smooth, slightly rounded tummy, past the flair of her hips to the triangular thatch of golden hair at the apex of her long shapely legs, I could see that there was indeed a hint of a feminine crevice hidden there. Yes! I thought to myself, I will remove my `bindings' and help her study these `illogical sensations.'

I pulled my shirt over my head, kicked my shoes off, and when I stepped out of my pants, her eyes went wide. "A person who bears a stamen!" she exclaimed. She reached down and gently fondled my cock, making it stiffen a little. "It blooms to the touch! Is that why your nearness is so stimulating?"

"Don't you have men on your world? How do you procreate?" I asked.

"We are pollinated by the flower of the phallic vine."

"And how is that done?"

"When the flower blooms and the stamen is filled with pollen, it is inserted into the style of our flower when it is in season." I pulled Xana close to me and kissed her softly on the lips. "Does this `stamen' give you pleasure?"

"Oh, yes. Even though it is frowned upon, we sometimes practice when we are not in season for the pleasure it gives."

"I could show you how we on our world practice for the pleasure it gives."

"I would like that very much," she said. "Even now my flower blossoms and its nectar is flowing. My science officer must be told of this. It is the discovery of the millennium." She reached up and fingered a panel that had somehow appeared out of the wall and spoke a few words of her language. A second later, a disembodied voice answered her as a feminine face appeared in mid air. The face was every bit as cute as Xana's, but with close cropped, leafy looking tresses. They spoke a few words back and forth, then the face obviously became angry, and looked around Xana directly at me. "The science officer is upset because I contacted you," Xana said. "I told her that you accompanied me of your own free will."

"That's true," I said. "Does your science lady understand my language?"

"All of the operatives of this project are adept at the primary language of the geographic location," the face said. "Our only concern is that our project will be discovered by the people of this world and be taken unfavorably."

"Not by any of my friends," I said. "Anyway, if I told anyone about green ladies from outer space, they'd think I was crazy."

"You cannot imagine the pleasurable sensations that this form of person is capable of giving," Xana cut in. "They are the counterparts of our phallic vine, but the vine does not even compare."

"Would the Earth person care to visit our facilities aboard the research vessel?" the face asked. "Here we are better equipped to study this phenomenon."

"I don't see any problem with that," I said as I fondled Xana's firm, round bottom. "I can share with you all that I know."

"Yes, if it would not be an imposition," the face said. "Well then," I said to Xana, "take me to your leader."

The face winked out as Xana sat more upright on the cushion and fingered several more touchplates on the panel. After a slight sensation of movement, the door of the 'van' irised open to a well-lit hallway, partially obscured by a female figure. The figure stepped into the `van' as the door irised shut behind her and I immediately recognized her as the `science lady' whose face had appeared in the air earlier. "I am Trephlorious di Vagorial, called `Treph,'" she said. Like Xana, she was obviously more comfortable wearing nothing. With a quick, unobtrusive glance, I took in the entire science lady and found her to be every bit as beautiful as Xana, but more muscularly defined with smaller breasts and long, thin legs.

"I am George Schatz, called `Geo'," I said back in the same formal tone.

Treph handed me two small plugs; "These will filter out the excess carbon dioxide of our environment," she said. "Just roll them in your fingers to compress them, insert them into your nasal passages and they will expand to fit comfortably." Her eyes traveled down my body and rested on my manhood. "Yes, there is a remarkable resemblance to the stamen of the phallic bloom," she said as her hand unconsciously touched the triangular thatch of foliage covering her pubis. "I have moved some of the recording instruments to my quarters. It will be more comfortable than the lab." She turned and exited out into the hallway and Xana and I followed.

Treph was an absolute delight to follow. I couldn't help but admire her tight, round butt and the delicious gap just below it as her long, slender legs carried her down the corridor. She showed us in to a softly lit room decorated with only a small table and a large poofy looking bed. The door irised shut behind us and Treph stepped up beside me. "It would seem to be an unnecessary burden on the economy for nearly half of the population to be bearers of stamens."

"For the most part, it is the male, or stamen bearers, that control the bulk of the economy of our world."

"It is no wonder that your world is in such turmoil and your economy is in ruins," Treph said as she reached down and gently stroked my semi-flaccid cock, making it start to swell. "It does bloom to the touch! I assume that because he is a being such as us and not a vine, his flower is a permanent fixture such as ours." "Yes, but that is not the wonder of this form," Xana said. "It is his ability to generate an internal warmth in us with his touch and their custom of pressing their lips together, called `kissing.'"

"I can feel a warmth from just the proximity of him," Treph said as she sat on the edge of the bed to examine my parts more closely. "When one has a vine that blooms prolifically, it is considered a delicacy to taste the pollen of one of the blooms."

"Same with us," I said. "Go for it."

Treph held my stiffening rod with one hand and tentatively licked its underside then sucked it into her mouth. It was immediately obvious to me that she had a vine that grew extra blooms and that she was a connoisseur of the pollen. Xana came around behind me and put her arms around me to fondle my chest and I turned my head and kissed her. She then moved down and joined Treph to take turns sucking on my cock. It wasn't long before the incredible sensations made me deliver the pollen that they were so eager to taste. I shot a load into Treph's mouth, and then Xana proceeded to drain me dry.

Xana pulled me onto the bed and as Treph moved to lick the spent come off of my belly, I positioned myself under her so that the violet orchid of her sex was right over my face. I reached up around her hips and pulled her down so that I could reach those succulent parts with my tongue. When it made contact with the sweet, fragrant softness of her botanical pussy, she sat up with a moan and pressed herself down on my face, allowing me to lap at the tender folds and suck the hard knot of sensitive flesh at their apex.

I could feel Treph's body start to quiver as she began muttering something in her own language. Xana kissed her and whispered something in her ear as she caressed her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples. Treph let out a loud expletive as her body began to buck. I tried to maintain contact as long as I could, sucking and licking the little flower bud, but she broke away, rolled off of me to one side and lay there as spasms shook her body.

I started to set up, but Xana was all over me, "I cannot believe how stimulated I get watching you pleasure Treph," she said through a hail of kisses. "Now I want to `ride the vine' so that I can see how much better it is with the kissing, as you call it."

Treph was still letting out little moans as Xana straddled my torso and guided my stiffened rod into her moist orifice. As the bulbous head of my dick slipped between the swollen lips of her cunt, she sat up, and drove the entire shaft into her steamy flesh, then started to thrust her hips back and forth, grinding her crotch into my pelvis. I pulled her down to me and while kissing her deeply on the mouth, I rolled us both over. With me on the top now, I continued the kiss, swapping tongues and inhaling her oxygen rich breath, while I thrust my throbbing hard on in and out of the hot, wet style of her flower.

Xana met my every thrust, clawing at my back and raising her legs up into the air. I pushed up to my knees and positioned her legs over my shoulders as I continued pistoning in and out of her gripping orifice and noticed that Treph was fingering herself wildly and moaning as loud as Xana. Treph leaned down and started kissing Xana while fondling her tit and squeezing her nipple. I stroked my hand over Treph's firm, round butt and ran my finger between her pussy lips and into her hot snatch. I pulled my cock out of Xana's pussy and positioned Treph over her. With the botanical beauties making love to each other in that position, I had access to both of their pussies. I slid my dick into Treph's hot snatch from behind, gave a couple of strokes, then pushed back into Xana's waiting cunt. After establishing a pattern, a few strokes here, a few more there, the pressure was building in my balls and I knew I was about to explode.

When both of the succulent lovelies began moaning; "OH! Rasm sa lesium...Rasm...Rasm...RASM!" I was pounding into Treph and her cunt tightened around my dick so I could barely move. She screamed one last "RASM!" and her cunt gushed with moisture just as I shot the first spurt of my cum into her. I quickly pulled my throbbing cock out and plunged it into Xana's hot pussy to stroke out the rest of my climax. Her cunt gripped my dick and seemed to suck it right in. I tried stroking it, but her grip was too tight as it tried to pull my whole body into her with its internal contractions. Needless to say, the sensations were incredible. It felt like I was climaxing over and over again. When I regained my senses, both of the botanical beauties were practicing their newfound activity, kissing, all over each other and me.

"The Council of Science will have to be told of this," Treph breathed between kisses. "You would not mind if we brought some of them here for you to demonstrate this practice?"



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