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Good Morning!!!
by Angellean

As you are lying in your bed.....the sun is struggling to break into the morning are in between the stage of sleep and are alone sleeping in that nice comfortable bed of yours...wearing only your underwear... snuggled under the blankets keeping warm.....I enter your bedroom quietly......tiptoeing across the room towards your bed...I let my jacket float to the floor softly so as not to wake you. I slip under the covers next to you....not touching do not even realize that I am there next to you in your bed.

You are in a dream like state of mind...not sure if you are dreaming or what. I move my body closer to can feel something silky against your back....but you lay arms reach around your chest and I behind to hug you from fingers interlocking in front of your lips softly find your shoulders and I begin to kiss your skin.....planting wet delicious kisses all over your back and your are still in a dreamlike state but you realize that you enjoy this feeling and you lay hands release and slowly begin to travel along your magnificent body downwards.....down your chest.....along your stomach......stopping briefly to let my fingers make small circles around your navel.....and at the same time my lips are gently covering your back with my warm fingers continue to massage downwards until the palm of my hand brushes across the front of your hand glides over the bulge in your underwear and continues to move down towards your thighs......I smile to myself as I know that the best time for you is the morning as you often wake up with a magnificent hard on. And I am to please you any way that I can.

My lips part slightly and my tongue begins to lick slowly your shoulder blades......kissing and licking as my body slinks its way down the back of yours. You can feel the soft smooth silk negligee that I am wearing caressing your back as I slide down next to you. You reach around with your arm and feel the soft fabric between your love the way it rub my thigh feeling the fabric slip between your experienced fingers...then I gently take your hand and lift it off me and put it in front of are still lying on your side.....I continue to kiss your wonderful back...leaving little wet kisses as I make my way down your back.

My hands are busy rubbing your thighs and teasing your groin by brushing across the front of your underwear.....touching your stomach....then brushing my hand again against your groin and back to your are still in a sleep daze...thinking to yourself...that if this is a dream you don't want to wake up!!! You decide to just lay there and enjoy the feeling. My fingers work their way under the elastic trim of your underwear and slowly begin to inch their way down....peeling your underwear off moan with love the feeling of being loose and free. In fact you like to sleep nude but for some strange reason this night you wore your underwear. My kisses linger at the small of your back...enjoying the arousing sensation it is giving hand slips around to the front of you and feels your cock growing larger with all the excitement. I smile to myself....I love it when you are enjoying yourself.

My mouth moves towards your tongue does a dance upon your side...licking little swirls from the back to the front of your body....sending little shivers of excitement through you. You are now starting to wake up slowly and you realize that you are not dreaming but I am really roll over on your open one eye and look at me....I look back at cannot help but notice my big brown eyes pleading with you to let me smile at me....this is the go ahead sign that I have been waiting for. I smile back at you and say softly "Good morning baby!" you moan back at me "Mmmmmm morning" your head presses harder into the pillow. Your back arches and you are pushing your hips up stretching your body to wake up all your muscles.

I lay next to can feel my breasts up against your side....firm, round and move one arm around to touch hold my body next to yours.....then you moan again "Mmmmmmmmm", raising your head you look and see that my black silk negligee is bunching up around my hips...exposing my long lean legs which I am rubbing along yours.....I love to feel the hairs on your legs tickling my smooth hand moves to help lift off my negligee.....I sit up on your bed as your hands, experienced as they are, begins to disrobe me. My negligee slides over my head but you are having trouble pulling it off as my long hair gets tangled in continue to slip it off....grabbing my hair and helping it can smell the strawberry scent of my shampoo as you wrestle with my hair.....finally my hair falls down on top of you.....your hands freely rub my hair into your love the feeling of the soft strands against your skin.

You close your eyes and the scent of my hair brings a quick memory to the forefront...the one where we showered together and you shampooed my hair for me. You remember the smell of strawberries in the shower as we made love with the water cascading over us. This memory triggers your cock to pulse....a quick throb....and then another one....with my hand I reach over and take your throbbing cock and cradle it in the palm of my hand.....I lean over and gently kiss your cock.....your head pushes back against the pillow and you moan "Mmmmmmm" and because I know that you love it when I kiss you there I oblige and kiss you again. And again. And again.

Soft little kisses all around the shaft of your now throbbing cock. You can feel my hair up against your close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. Your hand relaxes on my back rubbing it slowly with your strong fingers. My lips are kissing your cock ever so hand holding your cock so my lips can moisten it with my kisses. Your hips buck up and I can feel that you are very tell me that you can stand it no grab me with your strong hands and flip me over on the bed so that I am now lying on my sit up and straddle me...your muscular legs on either side of my body.....your cock waving in the air as you sit on my look at me...starting at my head and working your glance can see my eyes are so full of love and gaze at my lips....thinking about the many times that I have wrapped my ruby red lips around your cock and made love to it with those think about the many kisses....long and passionate ones that we have kissed in the past...the warm feeling that you got when we we were meant to be together...we feel so open with each other.....the stirring feeling inside your stomach whenever we locked our mouths together in a long passionate kiss.

Your glance moves notice my smooth shoulders and then you take your hands and run them along my shoulders and down my arms....pulling my arms to the sides and holding them there. You sit back a bit and stare at my breasts...marveling at the shape and softness of them. Your hands slowly move towards them....gliding over my collar bone....then down together across my chest....each hand cupping one of my hold your hands on them and look into my eyes are open and staring into yours....we do not speak...just looking at each other....your hands perfectly still as they cradle my breasts in them.

Finally our stare is broken as you lean over to kiss me...your tongue plunges into my mouth and we kiss hands grabbing your head and holding you tight.....your hands still on my breasts....but the grip is tightening. You can hear my breathing beginning to get shallow and you know that you have touched me and aroused my body. Our tongues wrestling in our mouths becoming one....the sexual excitement building....I want you so much....I beg you to make love to stop your kissing and sit up and look at me....then you smile.....your hands begin to lower to my stomach....I watch as your head bends to kiss my breasts.

You start by kissing around the sides....and down the middle between my breasts.....then you slowly lick my breasts with your tongue....working your tongue along the roundness of my breast to the tip...close to the nipple which is now beginning to harden. Your tongue flickers across the nipple...and you watch as it responds by hardening and growing. Your tongue again flickers across the hardened nipple and this time you nibble at it. I moan with delight. It feels so good when you do this to me. Your other hand grabs the other tit and squeezes it....your mouth then transfers to it....licking it and nibbling at it until the nipple is rock hard. You put your finger into your mouth and moisten it...then you begin to draw circles around the nipples with your index fingers....both tits at the same can see that this drives me wild with excitement.

My head is pushed back into the pillow and my eyes are closed....I am enjoying this immensely. You tell me to open your eyes and watch you while you tease me....I open my eyes and I see the most wonderful have taken your cock in your hands and you have moved up higher on my body and are now sitting just behind my breasts....with your hands you tap your cock in the palm of your other hand...making a slapping noise and you say to me that you want to make love to my breasts....I smile and say "anything to please you lover"..... "but first you must be wet so you won't hurt yourself.....bring it closer to me and I will wet you" I whisper to you! You move a little closer and my tongue begins to lap your cock like a lollipop...wetting it and making it glisten with saliva....then you reposition yourself back behind my breasts and lay your cock in the cleavaged area.....I grab each breast with my hands and squeeze them together and make your cock disappear in them.

You can feel the warmth of my breasts against your begin to rock your hips slowly at feel the closeness of my breasts wrapped around your cock.....and with every stroke of your mouth reaches out and kisses the head of your cock as it appears through the top side of my breasts. You tell me to suck it as you pump my I say that I will. You continue to thrust your cock between my tits while I am still holding them tight around your cock...and each time that the head of your cock pops through the top I begin to suck the can hear the sucking noises and the popping as you pull it out of my mouth with each stroke.

You look down and see the most wonderful sight as my lips wrap around your cock as you are fucking my tits. You breath through your nose....and sighing deeply as you exhale...."this feels so good Angel" you say to me.....don't stop.....I want to cum soon.....your thrusts become harder and sucking tongue swirls around the tip of your cock each time it appears in front of my watch as my lips open and your cock head slides in through my lips.....your hips are moving faster and faster.....your hands are holding my head in place while your hips are thrusting forward with great strength.....I can feel your leg muscles tightening with every thrust.....

I love the weight of your body on top of can feel the saliva running down your cock and wetting my breasts with every thrust of your cock. You begin to moan......then little grunting sounds....your hips are thrusting faster and are pumping in a frenzy ...... I continue to suck and lick you......your grasp on my head begins to tighten and I can feel that you are ready to cum. I reach my left hand around to grab your ass and my right hand slides under to massage your balls...your balls are very tight and they are ready to release their cum onto me....I can feel your ass muscles contracting with every thrust.....I pull your hips into me further.....and without notice.....while you are on the backswing and ready to thrust with all your might into my breasts.....I move and let your cock slide ALL the way down my throws you a bit off balance as you are no longer fucking my breasts but now your cock has made its way down the full length of my now I am deep-throating have never done that before...had a woman suddenly and so smoothly maneuver this for you....and without missing a beat you continue to rock your hips in rhythm to my mouth which is sucking your cock the full length.

You can feel the back of my throat as you pump with excitement....your head tilts back...your eyes rolled looks as if you are in pain....but in feels so damm good it wouldn't can hear the muffled noises coming from my mouth as I take you deep inside with every can hear that I am about to cum and you quicken your pace to join me. Your hands still guiding my look down and watch as your cock disappears into my mouth with every thrust....this sends you over the edge and you begin to unload in my mouth. I can feel your balls jerking...pumping out the semen and shooting it down my is warm, sweet and I swallow it pull your cock out of my mouth and watch as I lick you clean.

Long strokes up and down your cock making sure that I get every last drop. You roll over to my side and sigh....I tell you to roll on your are so lay on your stomach and turn your head to the I sit on top of your butt.....and with my hands I begin to make long strokes up the center of your spine all the way from the small of your back to the base of your neck....then out towards the shoulders blades and along your arms all the way down to your finger tips.

Again I start at the small of your back this time my hands are a little wider apart...and I continue up the middle of your back to your shoulders and out along your arms down to your fingertips......I love to massage your feels so good under my fingers. I new that the shiatsu massage course that I took would come in handy.......I love to massage you and make you feel totally need to rebuild your strength and be ready for part two with me! I lean over and kiss your back. Leaving little kisses all over your back.........then I lay down next to you and keep you warm with the warmth from my body. You are still on your arm reaches around your back and I snuggle in close to you. We lay like this and drift off back to sleep. Holding each other.

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