The Best Erotic Stories.

Good Morning! Pt. I
by erOTic

She found the note he secretly left her when he took their daughter to school that morning. The note said: "I'll be home at 10am. Open the box on the top shelf in the closet."

Curious, she went into the closet and found the box. In it were her sexiest camisole, her garter belt, and a pair of stockings. Also, there was about a dozen scented candles and their pipe. Finally, there were two envelopes. The outside of one said "Read Me First!" and the other said "Don't Read Me Unless You Want To Spoil The Surprise."

She opened the first envelope and started reading. It was an erotic story he had written. Throughout their relationship they had always enjoyed sharing erotica. Only recently, however, had she revealed that she enjoyed writing her own erotica, and now he was sharing his with her. The story was very familiar, about a woman whose husband left her a couple notes in box... She got the hint...

She didn't want to disappoint him. Their sex life had been somewhat less than exciting lately. This was very unusual for him in its directness. He was thoughtful enough to chose a morning she didn't have any obligations. She looked at the clock, almost 9am, better get started.

She got in the shower. The hot water and her imagination started her mind wandering. She caught herself rubbing her large breasts and squeezing her thighs together. "Better save that for later," she thought. After washing her hair and body she decided to shave her legs. As she got up to her thighs she thought of a weay that she could surprise him? She got out his beard trimmer and cropped her pubic hair to a trim 1/2 inch. When the buzz of the shaver hit her clit it drove her through the roof. She was almost shaking when she got out her razor to trim the edges of her trimmed bush. She knew how much time he liked to spend down there and thought that this might help "keep him focused."

After getting out of the shower she dried off and applied her body oil. It seemed like all of her nerves were focused on her freshly trimmed cunt. When she rubbed a little oil there she found she couldn't stop. She dropped to the bed, pinching her nipples with one hand and rubbing her oily clit with the other. She felt a breeze from the fan through her short bush and was pushed over the edge...

After regaining composure she looked at the clock: 8:45am. She jumped up and went to work. She put the candles throughout the bedroom. The scent was wonderful. She went over to the CD player and found a post-it note on a Santana CD: "Play Me". She wasn't a big fan of Santana but she knew he was and this was his morning. She put in the CD and was surprised by the raw, erotic rhythms emerging from the speakers.

She went into the bathroom and dried her hair, put on a touch of lipstick and a splash of perfume. She pulled the camisole over her head and caught a flash of her pubes in the mirror. The sight sent a shiver down her spine. She had tried shaving clean before but always had trouble when the hair grew back in. She'd never thought of a "crew cut."

She pulled on the garter belt and the stockings. "Boy, he's predictable," she thought. He'd said a million times how much he loved thigh-high stockings and garter belts on women. She put on her highest pumps. She had others that matched the outfit better, but these were more comfortable and she didn't think she'd be taking them off any time soon. Plus, the extra inch of height they add puts her almost eye-to-eye with him.

She looked at herself in the mirror and started swaying to the music. She got out the pipe and took a hit. The buzz of the hit, the smell of the candles and the beat of the music all combined with her reflection in the mirror making her feel very hot inside. As she swayed her hips she caught flashes of her thighs above the tops of the stockings. The way her hot flesh contrasted with the stockings really pushed her closer to the edge. Just then he walked in the room.

"Damn, I never got to the second note," she thought.

She barely noticed the box he set down on the dresser. It was all she could do to keep from ripping his clothes off. He went over to her and started dancing with her. Their lips immediately found each other. He could feel her heat coming up from deep within her through her hot lips. She quickly had him stripped to his underwear. The continued to dance. She saw their reflection in the mirror.

"Damn you look hot!" he said.

"Not as hot as I feel!" she replied.

He grabbed her and pushed her on the bed. His roughness excited her more. He climbed on top. Their hottest parts touched at the same moment as their mouths. He started kissing her down her neck. Little bites here and there. He spent a little time on each nipple. Just enough to get them hard and make her wish he spent more time there. In all their years of marriage this is how sex always started, his following this trail down to her cunt. At least the notes added some new excitement, and he's about to find his little surprise.

When he reached her stomach he sat up on his knees. She was on the bed looking up at him in ecstasy. He started rubbing her thighs, gradually lifting the hem of the camisole. She knew he was enjoying the unfolding view of her stocking encased legs. He kissed the naked flesh of each thigh above the tops of the stockings. Then he noticed her trim haircut. He moaned appreciatively, "Mmmm, a surprise. I like it." And he planted a kiss right on her clit making her squeal with pleasure. Continuing, he kissed her right hip near her pubes, then the left, then back to her thighs. Then the predictable bite on the tendon right next to her cunt. He always enjoyed that most intimate bite... Wait... No bite... He was rolling her over on her stomach. He started kissing her soft buns. "He's always been more appreciative of 'that side'," she thought to herself. He lifted her hips so her ass was sticking up. She liked being taken this way and right now she wasn't going to be picky...

To be continued...

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