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Good Neighbors
by Shintani

Caroline huddled under the covers. The storm raging outside was fierce. Torrents of rain splattered against the house, gusty winds whistled through the neighborhood. In her darkened bedroom, she could hear the shutters clattering against the windows. Despite the noise, she tried to shut her eyes and go to sleep. Suddenly, a loud crash filled the room. She woke with a start, then shook her husband awake. "Ray! Ray! What was that?"

"Huh?" he replied sleepily.

"That noise. Didn't you hear it?"

Ray listened to the howling wind. The pitch was somewhat different now. "Sounds like we lost a piece of siding or two off the house, it's no big deal. We can fix it in the morning." With that, he rolled back over and went to sleep. Caroline listened fretfully, then snuggled up next to him. He was right, she thought, he was always right.

The next morning, they went out to survey the damage. Sure enough, a couple of pieces of their house's siding had been torn off by the wind, and were now resting in a flowerbed. Several other neighbors were out early as well, surveying the damage caused by the previous night's windstorm. Ray and Caroline lost no time in retrieving the pieces, and setting up an extension ladder to repair the damage. They had to get the work done quickly, for Ray would be leaving on a business trip the next day. Caroline helped her husband maneuver the ungainly ladder into position. It was tall enough, but with the steady breeze that blew through the yard, it would be impossible for him to repair the siding by himself. Ray tossed his tools down, and headed off to the garage for another ladder. Caroline scampered up the ladder as she waited, so that everything would be ready when he returned. Somehow, she managed to hoist up one of the siding strips as well, but was unable to place it up against the house. Realizing that she could at least position the siding back where it belonged, she placed her hammer between her legs, and leaned up against the house.

Baldwin was about to start working on the wind damage to his house when he happened to glance across his yard. He was well rewarded for his efforts. Caroline, his neighbor, was perched up on a ladder and bending over. Her fine ass was thrust out at him, quite by accident, but he still enjoyed the view. Caroline was wearing a pair of black stretch pants, and the outline of her thong underwear showed through the clingy material. Furthermore, the wooden handle of her hammer protruded behind her, she had the head clutched between her sexy thighs, and the view from behind looked extremely provocative. Slowly, Baldwin made his way over to his neighbors, admiring the view with each step he took.

Ever since the young couple next door had moved in, he was able to catch the occasional glimpse of Caroline. Whether she was sunbathing in her bikini, or working up a sweat in the yard, she managed to project an innocent appearance, but the young brunette had a body to die for. They were preoccupied with their work, and didn't notice his approach. When he reached them, he paused, taking in one last long look at her ass, such a lewd sight with the handle sticking out, it almost looked like she was bent over and getting fucked. Too bad he couldn't make the image last forever, but at least it was now burned into his memory. "You, know, you could get arrested for that," he announced.

"Huh? What? Oh, hi, Baldwin," was their reply.

"For what?" added Caroline.

"For standing on that ladder with the hammer like that," he chuckled. "It's very seductive, the way you're standing there like that. I ought to run you in."

The neighbors all shared a laugh. Baldwin was a city police officer, and one hell of a good man to have as a neighbor. "I didn't have anywhere else to put the hammer," explained Caroline, slightly embarrassed. She wondered just how long he had been eyeing up her delicate rear. That was a comforting thought to her, however. Although she was petite, and nicely shaped, she often questioned her attractiveness. Baldwin was quite a specimen for her to impress. The man stood well over six feet in height, and she could see his muscular build bulging out of his T-shirt. The thin white cotton failed to conceal his well-developed arms, and contrasted sharply against his dark skin. A memory stirred in her mind, of her college days when she had been more carefree. There certainly had been some intense encounters back in those days, and Caroline remembered her handful of black lovers quite fondly. Briefly, her subconscious played out her fantasy, as she mentally undressed the man who had come over to help them out. She was not unhappy in her marriage, far from it, but the thrill of the conquest was still there, and when the prize looked as good as Baldwin, there was no real harm in looking, was there?

"I came over to see if you two needed any help, that looks like a three person job," he said, interrupting Caroline's thoughts. "It's still a little windy, and if I help out, we'll be done in no time." Caroline and Ray heartily agreed. Their move into this neighborhood had clearly been a good choice, the people were friendly, like Baldwin, many of their neighbors were quick to drop what they were doing and lend a hand if they were in need. Plus, having a cop next door definitely had its advantages when they were out of town, as Ray often was. While good neighbors could keep an eye on things when he was away, having one who was trained to do something about it if there was trouble was a plus. In addition, all the kids knew where Baldwin lived, and although he was a gentle and charming man, they knew not to cause any trouble with him around.

He was right about the job going much quicker with all of them working on it Ray and Caroline had the siding back up on their house within an hour. That gave them all plenty of time for a barbecued lunch, which was something that Baldwin always enjoyed coming over for. He watched Caroline closely as she helped prepare the meal, damn she was a sweet thing. Her own shirt was a little too baggy to show much of her chest, but those stretchy pants of hers gave quite a show throughout the afternoon. Whether she was climbing and bending over the ladders, or while she went about getting lunch fixed, two pairs of eyes, Ray's and Baldwin's watched her ass at all times. Ray was really going to miss her this week, but his job often called for him to be on the road. At least he knew that he'd get that sexy ass tonight, his sexy wife was quite a handful in the bedroom, or whatever room they chose to consummate their love. Baldwin's voyeuristic tendencies were held in check by Ray's presence, after all, he didn't want to be too obvious in ogling Caroline's tight little ass. Still, it was quite a sight to see, and he was a bit envious of Ray, who she must keep very happy. He wondered exactly how talented she was in the sack; she certainly looked like she knew what she was doing.

During their meal, Ray mentioned to Baldwin that he was going to be away for the week, and asked his neighbor if he would mind keeping an eye on things while he was gone. Baldwin was more than happy to oblige, and even offered to help tighten down a couple of the upstairs window shutters that had blown loose during the storm. That offer made both of them very happy, how fortunate they were to have a neighbor like him. Caroline and Ray reflected on that in their conversation that evening as well, safely bundled up under the covers. Even though Ray had an early flight to catch the next morning, there were just some things that needed doing, and they had been doing them all night long. Caroline made a mental note to change the sheets in the morning after he left, as their nocturnal activities had left quite a few sticky spots.

The next morning, after Ray had left, Caroline went about her daily household chores. She was used to being left alone, and truth be know, didn't really mind it. As the morning progressed, she changed into her workout outfit and flipped the TV on to her favorite exercise program. She had hardly begun her stretching routine when a knock came on the door. Mildly annoyed at being interrupted, she went to answer the door. Baldwin was standing there as she opened it. He had on another tight tank top and a pair of running shorts, which accented his muscular build quite nicely. Startled by his appearance, Caroline did a double take and jumped back a bit when she saw him there. She greeted him politely, and listened as he explained that he was there to take care of the upstairs shutters. Still a bit flustered at his appearance, she directed him to the stairs, momentarily forgetting that their houses had similar designs.

As Baldwin chuckled to himself softly and headed up the stairs, Caroline regained enough of her composure to watch that fine male specimen from behind. She also noticed a slight moistening between her legs as she headed back to her exercises. But the distraction of having Baldwin upstairs working proved to be too much for her. Try as she might, Caroline couldn't get her mind back into the program. Her mind raced. Sure, she was happy with her husband, but those memories of past loves stirred something inside her. Besides, she didn't know if Baldwin would be a willing participant. Nevertheless, she decided that at least she could go upstairs, ostensibly to keep an eye on him, while she took in an eyeful.

Baldwin was actually in the master bedroom, leaning out the front window. His body was positioned to give Caroline a perfect view of his sculpted form. She made up an excuse about the TV downstairs not working well as she flipped on the bedroom TV and put her workout program back on. Absentmindedly, she went back to her program, occasionally glancing over at Baldwin to get an eyeful of him. She was giving him one as well, her perky breasts were constrained by a sports bra, and her black spandex shorts weren't really clothes, they were more like another color. In fact, if Baldwin had been close enough, he would have been able to read her lips through the tight material. He wasn't close enough yet, but that was going to change. It didn't take him long to finish working on the shutters, and he was dawdling, taking his time so that he could sneak periodic glances at Caroline. Whether she knew it or not, she was putting on quite a show with all of her bending and stretching. He couldn't delay forever, and he gathered up his tools and told Caroline that he was through. Her heart was pounding in her chest. This was it, there probably wouldn't be a second chance for her at this. Taking a deep breath, Caroline smiled sweetly at him, and asked if he wanted to stick around until the end of her workout set.

That caught Baldwin completely off guard. He hadn't known that she saw him sneaking glances at her. The big man stammered for a second, trying to explain himself as she made her way toward him. "What's the matter, Baldwin?" she asked. "Don't you like what you see? Or would you like a closer look?" As Caroline approached him ,she reached out a hand for the obvious bulge in his shorts. With her free hand, she slowly pulled her sports bra up and over her head, tossing back her head as she did. Caroline shook out her hair, jiggling her breasts in her neighbor's face. She kept her eyes shut tight as she awaited his reaction to her bold approach. Baldwin didn't make her wait very long. With his powerful hands, he picked her up at the waist and carried her over to the bed. Caroline's dexterous hands quickly undid his shorts, which he kicked away as he gently lay her down on the bed.

Baldwin traced his hands down her legs, stripping off her shorts in the process. As his eyes took in the lovely sight before him, he literally tore his white cotton tank top off. Caroline gasped as she saw his rippling muscles, she licked her lips seductively as he lay with her, his hands and mouth finding her breasts. Despite his size and strength, Baldwin was very gentle as he caressed her. He curled up next to Caroline as he sucked on her tits, allowing her to reach down and stroke his massive cock. She took the dark member in her hands with great enthusiasm, slowly stroking his shaft and playing with his balls. Caroline could feel him stiffening under her touch, her own nipples hardened in his mouth and between his fingers as he continued to suck away. Baldwin's mouth hungrily devoured his neighbor's breasts, although they were on the small side, they were quite perky and he was able to take each tit completely into his mouth.

Her pink nipples were so hard, he let his hand wander down past her trim stomach and found the sweet spot between her legs. She was so wet! Gently, he slipped a couple of fingers inside her tight little pussy, letting her lubricate him with her own juices. Caroline moaned softly as she felt his thumb slowly trace over her clit, her moans grew louder and louder as he rubbed her harder and faster. Baldwin kept up an in and out motion with his hand, fucking her cunt with his fingers as he played with her clit, Caroline's screams of passion were music to his ears as he brought her to a body shaking orgasm with just his fingers. Her cunt muscles contracted around his hand as she came, her pussy juices flowed around his hand.

As she gasped with pleasure, she stroked his cock faster and faster, gripping the swollen shaft with her small delicate hand as tightly as she could. As further invitation to Baldwin, she spread her legs completely, anchoring herself down on the bed with her feet. He needed no further encouragement from her, as he climbed between her knees, and held her hands in his. With one mighty stroke, Baldwin sank his thick black cock into Caroline's cum soaked pussy. Her pink lips wrapped around his shaft as he slowly slid in and out of her waiting hole. His dark skin was such a sharp contrast against her pale complexion as he thrust his cock deep inside her.

For Caroline, it had been several years since she had such a well-endowed lover, but she was no stranger to such a magnificent shaft. Her pussy ached for his cock, even Baldwin was somewhat amazed that this sweet young white girl could take every last inch of him. He pushed her legs as far apart as he could, driving his cock in hard and deep. She was screaming as another orgasm over took her, her cunt gripped his cock as he slammed it in and out of her. His pace was rapid and furious, but Caroline kept up with him. She moaned loudly with each solid thrust of his cock into her waiting cunt. As his speed and force increased, her cries grew louder and louder.

There was no mistaking that he brought her to yet another body-wracking orgasm. Baldwin found release as well, his cum filling Caroline's hot little pussy soon after she came. With a few final thrusts, he bounced his balls against her ass; his hot cum wad spurting out of his dick as he rammed it home one last time. Slowly, he withdrew his spent cock from her pussy, amazed that she was able to keep up with him. His long black shaft glistened with Caroline's slippery cunt juices as he slowly withdrew from her, drops of his sticky cum oozed from her pink pussy lips.

Baldwin gently kissed her on her forehead as they lay together in bed, quite contentedly catching their breath after their interlude. Caroline hadn't had such a wonderful fuck in years, and she smiled sweetly at her neighbor and asked if he wouldn't mind stopping by on a daily basis while her husband was away.


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