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Good Neighbors
by Patrick

I ran my tongue slowly and sensually up the underside of his cock and was rewarded with a low moan as his cock twitched and jumped, and a thrill ran right through me! oh I did so enjoy driving a man wild with my educated tongue, there was a beautiful sense of power in bringing a man to the brink of sexual ecstasy and holding him there! but there was also the sheer delight in having a man's beautiful cock in my mouth! and this cock was particularly beautiful! large and thick and deliciously shaped, a cock to be proud of! and I had the feeling that Joe was indeed proud of his erect manhood, proud that I'd showed an interest in it and an obvious delight in seeing it, and he'd had that half proud, half excited grin on his face when I'd eased it from his bathers just a short while ago! that grin had now turned to one of lustful pleasure as my lips and tongue had paid his cock due homage!

Joe was barely 22 years old, and lived a couple of houses away with his equally young and extremely pretty wife, Helen, and right at this moment his wife, Helen, was sitting alongside him on the lounger, her eyes half closed and her legs wide open! and between her legs my husband, Trevor, was busy creating ecstasy in her hot pussy with his even more educated tongue!! and I knew just how she was feeling!! I'd never met anyone that could lick pussy like Trevor! he'd once told me that his mother had taken him in hand at a very early age, determined that he would never let a woman down the way his father had often let her down, so she taught him everything about pleasing, exciting and most of all, satisfying a woman!! she had done an amazing job!! and I was delighted when she took me in hand shortly after Trevor and I started going out together and taught me a few things about how to pleasure a man!! I was using some of those skills right now on Joe - and he was loving them!!

Trevor and I ( my name is Melissa, by the way ) were now in our early 30's and had been married for 8 years, but we'd never been particularly conventional in our sex lives! we realised very early in the piece that we were both incredibly horny creatures! and to try and confine that horniness to a monogamous marriage would be a recipe for disaster! so we operated by the creed his mother had passed on to us, 'don't ever confuse love with sex or sex with love! love is something you can't command, but sex sure as hell is!!'. We knew and acknowledged frequently the deep love that existed between us, but accepted that sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction was our own, individual responsibility! so over the years we had both explored and experienced sex with other people, always bringing that back into our relationship honestly and openly, and had found that in doing so, we received incredible sexual pleasure from hearing of each other's experiences. It might seem surprising therefore that this was the first time we had ever been in what could be described as a swapping situation!

Joe and Helen had only moved in down the street a few months before, fresh from their honeymoon, and in the fashion of all good neighbors we'd been happy to help them get settled and introduced around the neighborhood, by throwing a small party in their honor. After that, Helen and I became friends very quickly, and as is always the case when two women start to get close, we were soon exchanging very personal information! so I quickly became aware that all was not rosy in the sex department between Helen and Joe, and had popped Helen's eyes wide a few times with some discretely dropped hints about the unusual sexual attitudes that Trevor and I shared. In the meantime, it didn't take a genius to see that almost from the outset, Trevor had the hots for Helen! she was blonde - and he loved blondes, she had a real sexy ass - and he loves sexy asses, and she had high, ripe, firm tits - and he loved tits of all shapes and sizes!! and as we lay in bed at night he often mused how he would love to have his throbbing dick parked in Helen's pussy!! and I'd laugh and say that I wouldn't mind having Joe's big cock parked in my pussy either, as I'd gathered from Helen that he was pretty well endowed!! I don't know who first floated the idea of combining forces and seducing Helen and Joe as a couple! but the idea immediately fired our imaginations - and our hormones!

Tonight we'd invited them over for a meal and a dip in the pool, as we'd discovered many years ago that there was nothing quite like a pool to lower inhibitions and increase feelings of sensuality! I think it was a combination of the sensuality of water itself and the lack of clothes!! and that's the way it had proved tonight! Helen in a Bikini was an awesome sight! she really did have a sensational body, and Trevor made sure she was aware of it, with frequent compliments and occasional brief physical contact! Joe looked pretty good too, he was quite tall and muscular, and his relatively small bathers only served to highlight the bounty that lay beneath!! Trevor had equally brief bathers on and lacked nothing in comparison in the bulge department! a fact that I'm sure did not escape Helen's attention! as for me, well, I had a bikini on which appeared quite modest in its dimensions, covering most of my breasts and my pussy, it only had one drawback! once it got wet it became totally transparent!! so once I climbed out of the pool after my initial dip it was like I was totally naked!! and Joe's eyes just about popped out of his head!! because all modesty aside, I had a trim , taut and terrific figure with very firm and reasonably sized breasts!! Helen gasped in surprise also and glanced at her husband to see how he was reacting! I'm not sure if it was his popping eyes, his dropped chin, or the sudden discomforting bulge in his bathers that caused her reaction, but I saw her turn her head aside and lift a hand to her mouth to stop a giggle from bursting out!! an interesting and very promising reaction, I thought, as did Trevor when our glances met, and I saw the grin come on to his face as he quickly moved to engage Helen in conversation, giving me all the space I needed to work on Joe!

Helen and Trevor dove into the water together, and surfaced together, Helen giving out a slight screech, and all three of us burst out laughing as we realised that her small bikini top was really not made for diving and had come adrift and was floating off down the pool! there was that inevitable period of indecision as to whether she should go after the bikini top or cover up her breasts, and that gave all three of us time to have a pretty good view of her succulent naked breasts! particularly Trevor, who was standing only a few feet away! I glanced quickly at Joe to see how he was reacting after the initial laughter, and he had a curious half smile, half flush on his face and his bulge had grown even larger! the sight of his wife displaying her tits to other people was clearly turning him on! and he got turned on even more when Trevor gallantly retrieved the Bikini top and insisted on helping Helen to put it back on! watching Trevor slip the bikini over her head, then fit the two pieces of material at the front over the thrust of her breasts, before moving to the back to tie up the strings again, left no doubt that Trevor had actually touched and fondled Helen's naked breasts or that Helen had made absolutely no attempt to stop him! but if there was even the slightest doubt, that disappeared when Trevor then slid his hands around Helen and deliberately and provocatively cupped them around her breasts, while asking if that was ok and was the bikini completely comfortable now!! Helen just tipped her head back and grinned up at Trevor - albeit with a slight flush on her face - and told him that felt absolutely fine!! They seemed to stay in that position for an absolute age, Trevor's hands cupping Helen's breasts, and her gazing up at him, and I knew that Trevor was having all sorts of difficulty holding back! I knew in that situation I would be seeing Helen's upturned face with lips slightly apart as a definite invitation!! I think Joe could sense that too, and I heard his slight intake of breath! so just to take his mind off things I moved forward and 'accidentally' brushed my hand across the bulge in his bather's!! this time the intake of breath was so great that they heard it in the water!! and broke from their half embrace!

Things were looking so promising that I wasn't sure we needed to move to the next phase of our seduction plan, but Trevor's mother had taught both of us never to take situations for granted, so when we finally went inside from the pool I nodded to Trevor and he went to the bar to make us all a drink, which he proudly announced as his own cocktail invention! it looked stunning! a sort of rainbow of different levels and colors containing only a little alcohol, but plenty of sweet smelling and sweet tasting herbs! herbs specifically designed to lower inhibitions and increase desire!! we knew they worked on us! now we waited to see if they worked on Joe and Helen!! We lit a few candles around the place to make things even more sensuous and put on some music! initially some nice boppy music that encouraged them to get up and dance, sometimes together and sometimes with us, then slowed the music down. By this time they had both finished the initial drink and had asked for more, as they'd enjoyed it so much! we obliged, of course!! with the slow music on, we allowed them one dance together, and enjoyed one ourselves - doing everything we could to get each other into an even more turned on state, then split them apart and began to work on them individually! neither of them seemed to mind! in fact as soon as Joe took me into his arms for the first dance, his hands slid down and started to fondle my ass cheeks! I knew then that everything was working perfectly!

It was spooky in a way, but Trevor and I seemed to be totally tuned in to each other, even though we were focussing on Helen and Joe, we seemed to know just how far the other was getting and even slowed down or speeded up to compensate for any minor hold backs of the part of Helen and Joe! and they were only minor! both seemed to be hot to trot, as they say!! and it wasn't long before the slow dancing became little more than a swaying back and forth as both couples allowed their bodies to get to know each other!! it even seemed perfectly natural that our lips and tongues should also get into the 'getting to know you' mode, and gentle, tentative kisses soon became quite heated and passionate!! it wasn't long after that activity commenced that Trevor and I felt confident that things were at the right stage! so we mutually led them over to the sofa and sat them down, and almost in unison removed the bottom portion of their bathers! there wasn't a murmur of dissent from either one!! Helen hadn't lied, Joe was pretty well endowed! and I drooled at the first sight of his rampant dick!! then proceeded to lick and suck it like Trevor's mom had taught me!! while right next to me Trevor was also following his mother's instructions, lifting Helen's pussy to heights of pleasure I'm sure she'd never experienced before! I glance up at Joe and found his eyes firmly fixed on the action that was happening between Trevor and his wife, and when I glance over at Helen, noticed that she was alternating between closed eyed groans of pleasure and open eyed glances at what I was doing with Joe! and I realised that they were getting off on watching each other as much as from what they were getting themselves!! something I could relate to! as I was getting real turned on watching Trevor in action for the first time with someone else!! Time to up the ante!!!!

I stood up and quickly divested myself of my bikini, and Trevor did the same with his bathers! once again we seemed to have tuned in to each other! and we stood naked before Helen and Joe for the first time, letting each feast their eyes on us! I felt a real flush of delight when Joe immediately burst out "God, you're sensational!!", Trevor grinned widely, also seeming to take pleasure from the comment about his wife! "You're absolutely right Joe!" he said, "My wife is sensational!, but your wife is sensational too, and I'm really looking forward to fucking her!!" there it was! right out in the open!!, and, I thought, perfectly timed as usual!! "Just as I know you're really looking forward to fucking Melissa!!" he added! " But of course, we can take nothing for granted can we? it's really up to the ladies isn't it? I mean I can tell Helen how beautiful, exciting and incredibly sexy she is, and how much I want to feel my throbbing cock deep inside her beautiful juicy pussy! and you can tell Melissa the same, but unless they want our cocks in their pussies, it's not going to happen, because I've never yet made love to someone who didn't want me to! and I'm sure you're the same!" God, I almost stood up and applauded! he'd noted their interest in what the other was doing too, and he was bringing that right out into the open! he wanted Helen to admit openly in front of her husband that she wanted to be fucked! that she wanted to be fucked by Trevor! and in a perverse way he wanted to hear me do it in front of the others too!! a shudder and a shiver ran right through me!!

There was a short period where his words seem to bounce around the room like an echo in a canyon, repeating and repeating within everybody's heads, then Joe turned to face Helen and an anguished look came over his face, "I'm sorry, I can't help it! Trevor's right, I want to fuck Melissa so bad!!" he blurted out! another long moment passed as Helen stared deeply into his eyes, then a slight smile came to her face and she said, "I don't think Melissa wants you to fuck her bad! I think she wants you to fuck her good!! and that's ok with me if it's ok with Melissa! because I just can't wait for Trevor to fuck me real good!!" there was almost a shocked silence as the full impact of her words struck home, then three pairs of eyes turned in my direction! "Are you crazy?" I snorted, "I can't think of anything I want more right now than to have Joe's beautiful cock rammed right up my steaming pussy!!". Trevor let out a tribal yell and scooped Helen off the couch and laid her on the floor, dropping immediately between her legs, "What are we waiting for?" he yelled and promptly plunged his big hard dick straight into her pussy!! it was Helen's turn to let out a tribal yell! but it sounded suspiciously like "Yes, oh god Yes!! fuck me!!", but who had time to really listen? Joe was only a fraction of a second behind Trevor in pulling me to the floor and plunging his gorgeous cock deep into my pussy!! and I was screaming along with Helen!!!! "Yes!, yes!, yes! fuck me Joe!!, fuck me good!!" my pussy was on fire, my body was on fire, even my mind seemed to be on fire as he plunged his big cock into me time and time again, and it felt good, god it felt just soooo good!! and I glanced over and saw Trevor's fantastic cock plunging in and out of Helen's pussy and the sight of that nearly blew my mind!! it was so exciting!! seeing Trevor fuck another woman for the first time and seeing how her body was reacting to him was simply amazing!! and I saw him glance over at Joe's cock plunging into me, and my body bucking and heaving in response and he grinned wildly, then mouthed silently "I love you!!" and I came!!! god did I cum!!! I came so hard that I practically dislodged Joe! but he clung on because he was coming too! shooting what seemed like gallons of hot cum juice deep into my thrashing pussy! and I was screaming again "Yes Joe! of god yes! fill me up, shoot your juices deep, fuck me hard, fuck meeee!!"

Alongside me Helen was engaged in a similar frantic orgasm!! yelling just as loud and just as often! and for a moment our eyes met and we grinned wildly at each other, and she said "Oh yes Melissa, your husband sure can fuck!!", "and so can yours!!" I responded and we both burst out laughing!! but we weren't laughing for long, we were both too busy!! I don't know if it was the special herbal drink, the sensuous atmosphere, the exciting element of fucking in front of our partners, or just the special electricity between each couple, but we just kept on fucking!! at one point we were even fucking with our own partners! and that seemed to be a heightened experience too! fucking each other in front of someone else!! wow!! Afterwards the four of us lay entwined together and talked, and I loved watching Trevor's hands fondling Helen's breasts, I loved the look of pleasure on her face, but I also realised with something of a shock that I was also enjoying looking at Helen's breasts themselves! so ripe and firm, and such gorgeous swollen nipples! I felt a heat start to rise in my pussy and realised that I was actually getting turned on to her!! Mmmmm, that was interesting!! then I caught her glancing at me, and saw her eyes drop to my breasts and her tongue come out and brush across her lips! and the heat inside me seemed to double in intensity!! was it my imagination, or was she also a little turned on to me?! I found myself suddenly thinking of ways that I might find that out!!

Once again I silently thanked Trevor's mother for her wisdom and her insight, she'd taught us both to enjoy pleasure for pleasures sake - and we were about to do the same with Helen and Joe!! Teach them to enjoy pleasure for pleasure's sake!! I think she would have approved!! We stayed pretty much as individual couples that night, but the possibilities of a whole variety of joint ventures did not escape the eagle eye and horny mind of either Trevor or me!! and we knew that this night was only the first of many! as Helen and Joe became increasingly comfortable with what was happening!!


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