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Good Neighbors Pt. II
by Shintani

Ray wasn't surprised when he got to his house. He was a bit earlier than he expected to be, and his wife's car wasn't in the driveway. He checked the time and remembered why. This was normally Caroline's afternoon to go out and play tennis with a friend of hers. In a way, that was better. He was dead tired from the trip, all he wanted to do was go home, take a relaxing shower, and go to sleep. Sure, he had missed his wife while on his business trip, and there was sure to be a hot reunion tonight, but for now, he needed his rest. Ray parked his car in the usual spot and went inside. Everything appeared to be in order as he headed up the stairs. On a whim, he went to open a window for some ventilation. That was odd, he thought. I don't remember leaving any tools laying around. And if I did, why didn't Caroline pick them up. Whatever. He was really too tired to care about such trivial things. He set his bags down and headed for the shower.

Meanwhile, Caroline was just on her way back from the fitness center. She had to stop off at her friend's house first to drop her off. On the way, her friend knew that there was something that Caroline was dying to tell her. "Out with it!" she demanded, "I know you're just bursting to dish about something..."

Caroline smiled as she realized her friend had just given her a perfect out. "Well," she began. "It's our next-door neighbor, Baldwin."

"Baldwin, the huge black guy?" Asked her friend. "He's a cop, isn't he? Is there some kind of trouble?"

"Um, not really," explained Caroline. As she finished the drive, she told her friend all the sordid details of the past week. During her husband Ray's business trip, Baldwin had been coming over and treating Caroline to an incredible series of fuckings. Not since her college days had she been so promiscuous, and her friend knew it. Of course, it helped that she had been just as wild as Caroline, if not a bit wilder. Her eyes opened wide in amazement as Caroline described the perfection of Baldwin's physique, and the week of incredible fucking she had enjoyed at his hands.

There was just something about having his huge black cock taking her hot pink pussy that drove her wild. It had been that way in the past, with other black lovers, and her adventures of the past week served to awaken some long slumbering feelings. It wasn't long before she reached her friend's house, and there her revelations ended. Caroline elicited a promise not to tell anyone what she had just confessed, and her friend agreed. The only condition was that she wanted to hear all the details at a future time, and to that, Caroline agreed. Thoughts of what salacious details she could be sharing filled her head as she made the short drive back to her house, and she barely noticed that Ray's car was back as she headed inside.

Her husband's presence startled her, but he had just finished showering and wanted to take a quick nap to sleep off the effects of his travels. He did mention the tools he found, and to Caroline's shock, she realized that Baldwin must have left them there. Hurriedly, she explained to her husband that their neighbor had come over and lent a helping hand to some quick home repairs. She was extremely nervous at mentioning this, but Ray was holding evidence of those visits in his hands. If only he knew what kind of work Baldwin was really doing! Much to Caroline's relief, Ray bought the story she cooked up, and announced that he was going to take a quick nap. Caroline said that she wanted to shower off herself, but would take Baldwin back his things while her husband rested. With that, she was back downstairs and headed out the door.

Baldwin had been tinkering at his garage workbench that afternoon. He had seen Ray come home, and that, he figured, was that. Still, it had been quite enjoyable to fuck hot little Caroline all week long. His hot neighbor had been such a slut for him, it seemed as if there was nothing that she wouldn't do. Her resilience amazed him even more. Some days, they had fucked, three, even four times, but she kept on coming back for more. Baldwin sighed. Too bad it was over. At least he had the pleasant memory of how good it felt to slip his huge black cock into that petite white girl's cunt.

She had definitely been hungering for it, and absentmindedly he wondered what she would do next. That was about the time Caroline showed up. She had a few of his tools that he had accidentally left at her place, but as she explained, Ray bought her bogus excuses. In fact, he was home right now, napping while she came over to visit. Baldwin tried to listen to her, he really did, but in fact his mind was on other things. Caroline was dressed for a workout, and that meant she was dressed sexy. Her brown hair was put up in a simple ponytail, but that was all the modesty she had. A sweat-soaked sports bra was her only top cover, but it had supported her perky little tits well.

Tradition dictated that she wear a skirt to play tennis, hers was short and black. She knew that it gave the guys who would watch a thrill to see her run and stretch in that little black number and she rewarded them for it. Her panties were visible with nearly every move she made, and there were no white cottons in her drawers. Hot pink was the color of the day, although she did have the decorum to wear a pair with a full back and not a thong.

Baldwin was busy enjoying the eye candy that she was providing, and it soon became apparent to Caroline. She was eyeing her stud up as well, no man had fucked he so hard in a week, and what a man to do it! Baldwin was built like a tank, and she had melted in his muscular arms repeatedly. Plus, the power and stamina of his build served her extremely well that week, and here she was, watching him eyeing her up. It was too much for her to take, especially knowing that their encounters probably couldn't continue. She glanced around nervously while they chatted, then she stopped him.

A slender finger placed over his lips did the trick, and as he watched in amazement, his sexy young neighbor stripped off her white bra top and held it down at her side. She turned her head as he knelt down to kiss her, closing her eyes so that she would remember the grace of his touch. His strong hands and hungry mouth found her waiting breasts; a brief shudder was her reaction as she felt his tongue caressing her nipples again. A smile crossed her face as his hands began to meander along her body; his strong touch was electrifying. By now, Baldwin was very familiar with her and he knew just what to do. Keeping his mouth on her tits, he let his hands do their work. Despite his size, he was very gentle with her, caressing the soft skin of her face and running his hands through her hair. She trembled with excitement as he hungrily suckled on her tits; they were small enough that he could suck the whole breast into his mouth, not just her nipples. He paid equal attention to both of those bouncy tits as he caressed her body with his hands. They came to rest on her legs, then wandered up under her skirt.

Caroline parted her legs for him, feeling the gentle caress of his fingers on her pussy through her panties. A sharp tug down was all he needed to get them out of the way. His next caresses let his fingers slowly explore her exposed cunt. How much he had enjoyed fucking that wet pussy during the past week. She was wet and ready for him already that afternoon, his fingers found her pussy to be very moist. It was a good thing for Caroline that she was so responsive to his touch, if she hadn't been; there was no way she would have been able to take his enormous cock repeatedly. But somehow, they managed. She moaned softly as she melted in his hands, his mouth ceaselessly sucking on her tits, his hands massaging her firm ass and playing with her soaked cunt.

She couldn't be more ready for him. Gently, she broke away from his embrace, and she stepped to the side. That workbench seemed to be the right level for Caroline, and seductively, she flipped her skirt up, exposing her fine ass and gorgeous pussy to Baldwin. Then she bent over, steadying herself on the bench with her hands as she stood. Baldwin drew neared to her. Caroline spread her legs, wiggling her cute butt at him as an invitation. He needed none. With a grace that was belied by his impressive build, Baldwin moved over behind Caroline and pressed himself against her. She responded by grinding her ass against his cock, until she felt the tip of that beautiful member sliding into her hot fuck hole. Once again, Baldwin felt his neighbor's tight pussy contracting around his thick cock. Slowly, he slid his shaft deep inside her. Caroline moaned as she felt his cock plunging into her, and she wiggled her sexy little ass at him in encouragement.

Baldwin's strong arms wrapped around her body. His hands caressed her, finding those wonderful tits. He cupped his hands beneath them, letting his fingers play with her nipples while he pumped his cock in and out of her. His movements were slow and deliberate, and he savored every sensation of fucking the white girl from behind. Her ass was just so damn seductive looking, especially with his dark cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. For her part, Caroline closed her eyes, fully immersed in the moment. It felt so good to feel that monster cock taking her yet again, and Baldwin definitely knew his stuff. He wasn't squeezing her tits too hard, but he was letting his hands explore them. That only served to heighten the sensation of his cock reaming out her tight pussy. From the angle they were at, he was able to ram that thing in deeper than he had all week.

That drove Caroline absolutely wild. To feel a man fucking her from behind, that was one thing. To have him drive that deep, well that was a whole new ballgame. When they had fucked during the week, it was always in some face to face position. Now all she could feel was his cock sliding in and out of her while his heavy balls bounced up against her ass. True, the big man was fondling her breasts as well, but the actual fucking seemed so animalistic. She let out a gasp as she felt another wonderfully slow thrust of his cock into her pussy, but now she wanted more. "Fuck me Baldwin! Oh, my God fuck me! Do it to me stud, take me hard and deep. Fuck me with that big black cock of yours, you know you want to. Oh! Oh!" She moaned as he picked up his pace. "Oh come on, fuck me! Fuck me like an animal, you gorgeous stud. Stuff that sexy black cock into my pink little pussy..."

That was all the encouragement that Baldwin needed. He let his hands slide off of Caroline's tits. They slid down her sides and came to rest on that cute little ass of hers. With a low grunt, he started to ram his cock into her harder. His thrusts were faster now; her cunt was well lubed by her own juices and stretched out by his cock. He felt her muscles contracting against him as she screamed with the pleasure that only an orgasm could bring her. She was begging him to fuck her harder now, even harder and deeper than he was doing her before. In response, he slammed his cock into her as hard as he could, pushing her head down as he braced against her. Caroline felt the power of his thrusts nearly threw her arms off the workbench she was leaning against, but somehow she managed to hold on. She could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he drove his cock into her, it was as if she was nothing but a hot little whore for him, and she loved it.

Her cries grew louder and louder, even though she tried to stifle them so as not to attract the attention of any of their neighbors. Baldwin was going all out now, slamming his cock into her deep and hard. "Oh baby! Oh yes baby!" he cried as he rammed himself into her. "Take it you bitch, you love that black cock fucking you, don't you?" Her only answer was another half-suppressed scream of pleasure. As the sound of that reached his ears, Baldwin let out a low groan. With one final thrust deep into the white bitch's cunt, he felt his cock letting go, shooting his wad inside her. Baldwin's spurting cock filled her cunt, with each successive thrust he shot off another sticky gob of his cum inside her. He slapped her ass playfully as he felt his balls emptying themselves into her hot pussy. Even he was strained by the effort of giving Caroline the fucking she so richly deserved, and he slowly withdrew his cock from her cum-soaked pussy. He turned to catch his breath at about the same time Caroline turned back towards him and let out a blood-curdling shriek. Her husband Ray was standing in the garage doorway, and had seen the whole thing.

Caroline could do nothing but stand there and stare. There was no way she'd be able to deny anything had happened, her cunt was still dripping with Baldwin's cum. He stood there, watching Ray intently. If it came to blows, there was no doubt that Baldwin would have the upper hand, but he was very guilty of getting his rocks off with the man's wife. Surely Ray had seen and heard everything. Indeed he had. After spending some time tossing and turning, he realized that he wasn't going to be falling asleep anytime soon. Maybe that reunion fuck with Caroline would do the trick, but she had gone next door. He had waited for her, but it was some time before he returned. Puzzled by this, he got dressed and went over to see what was taking her.

What a sight that was! Ray had arrived at the door to Baldwin's garage at about the time Caroline was begging him to fuck her harder. When he heard this, Ray's first instinct was to go in and smack the shit out of both of them, but as he stood angrily watching, it stirred something in him. Caroline was clearly enjoying herself, being the cock-loving slut he knew she could be. Baldwin was extremely well hung, and it was amazing to watch that hard black tool fucking his wife's cunt. As soon as Ray paused to watch, he realized that seeing Caroline getting it from behind like that was actually a turn on. His own cock started to stir as the other man took her from behind, and when she started begging him to fuck her as hard as he could, Ray decided he would rather just watch.

His eyes took in every last detail as he stood there unnoticed. Caroline's perky tits jiggled as Baldwin slammed into her. His thrusts were hard enough that Ray could hear him slapping against Caroline's tight buns as he shoved his cock inside her. Ray could even see how glistening and wet that cock was from fucking her hot box. His own cock was full erect in his shorts as he heard the two of them cumming. Caroline looked like such a slut, letting that big black stud nail her cunt from behind and fill her with his cum. As soon as they had disengaged, he made his move.

Wordlessly, he stalked towards them in the garage. Caroline looked sheepishly guilty as Ray approached, Baldwin stood by ready to defend himself. He made no offensive move towards Ray, secretly acknowledging his guilt. But Ray wasn't interested in confronting him. Rather, he swiftly picked his petite wife up in his arms and placed her on the workbench. Then, before she could react, he spread her legs open before him. A quick glance towards Baldwin. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all," smiled the big black man.

With that, Ray turned back to the stunned Caroline. Sure the look of guilt was still on her pretty face, but he was looking elsewhere. Her chest was slightly flushed red between her exposed tits, the result of her previous exertions. His gaze traced lower. Her spread legs and pussy were the objects of Ray's attention. Her cunt lips were swollen from the fucking she had just gotten, they sparkled wet with her pussy juices.

Sticky white streaks of Baldwin's cum dripped out of her well-fucked cunt. A large white glob was just starting to ooze out of her open pussy; smaller streaks adorned her pussy lips and her pubic hairs. How sexy that looked! Wordlessly, Ray dropped his shorts, revealing his erect cock. Caroline sat in shock, realizing that her husband now wanted his turn. Her mind hadn't registered the fact that he wasn't supremely pissed at her when she felt him penetrating her. His cock slid inside that well-used pussy with ease. Ray pushed her legs up onto his shoulders, allowing him to ram his cock deep inside that hot little fuck-hole.

He started his thrusts fast and hard. Her wet pussy grabbed at his cock, her juices and Baldwin's lubricated the way. Her hot wet hole was perfect for fucking, and Ray was going to make the most of it. He let his hand slowly wander down towards her pussy. Once there, he let his fingers play with her hard little clit as he fucked her cunt. More of Baldwin's cum was dripping out as Ray's cock found its way deeper and deeper inside Caroline. Ray scraped the sticky drops up with his fingers and rubbed it into her clit. Caroline was screaming again as she felt her husband fucking her like mad as their neighbor watched. She brought her hands to her breasts and started to play with her firm nipples, then guided Ray's cum covered hand to her mouth where she licked her juices and Baldwin's cum off his fingers. Ray's thrusting grew faster and faster inside her pussy. It had been a week since he fucked her, and this was quite a homecoming present. He was extremely aroused after watching the black man fucking his wife, and now it was his turn. He pounded his cock into her hot wet hole as she screamed in absolute pleasure.

Caroline had never been fucked this hard in her life and she was loving it. The shrieks of her orgasm echoed off the garage walls as she felt Ray drive himself deep inside her. With a few last thrusts, his cock let go, filling her cunt up with his cum. The spurting jets of his cum mixed with Baldwin's inside Caroline's hot pussy. She was soaked after doing both men, her pussy overflowed with their mixed cum. Ray slid his cock out of that hot pussy, and Caroline was quick to jump down off the bench to lick his cock clean. She savored the taste of her own pussy and both men's cum off her husband's cock as she gave him a good sucking. She even reached a hand down towards her well-used cunt and coated a couple of fingers in the pearly white mixture. This she sucked off her hand seductively as the two men watched. Ray grinned over at Baldwin.

"You were right, that is a three person job," he said. "But I think we might need to do it again to be sure." His neighbor smiled back at him, then at a Caroline who made her way into the house, wiggling her ass seductively at the two men and beckoning them to come and finish the job.


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