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Growing Pains
by Dr. G. Spot

Lying on his bed looking at the ceiling was boring...

Ryan, like any other eighteen year old, had hormones that were in turmoil, boundless energy and was permanently horny. There was nothing better to do that afternoon but to lie on the bed, look at the ceiling and try to fall asleep. Ryan's thoughts wondered in the direction they normally went - girls and sex, he felt the first stirrings of an erection and looking downwards he could see the outline of his swelling penis through the pair of briefs that he was wearing and there was not much that the thin fabric could do to stop the bulge from growing.

Ryan had very little practical sexual experience and he burned to learn more. He was an only child with no sisters to grow up with, his experience of the female anatomy was that gleaned from catching a quick glimpse between the legs of his cousins when they came to visit. As the cousins became older so they became more aware of what they had between those legs and so the glimpses became fewer and farther between as they learned to keep their knees tightly together. His favourite cousins, Kate and Judy both eighteen, occasionally flashed their panties at him. Ryan was convinced that they did it on purpose just to see the lump in his jeans become bigger and more uncomfortable and they would whisper to each other and giggle.

Just thinking about Kate and Judy was enough to make him push his hand down the front of his briefs and pull his erection free from the confined space inside. He took the shaft in his hand and slowly pulled downwards, retracting his foreskin and exposing the swollen head. He was well hung for his age with a good eight inch shaft and well defined head. Ryan remembered the day, not long age, that his cousins had come to visit.

They had all been swimming, the girls were in two piece bikinis and Ryan could not keep his eyes off them. He swam past them under water so that they could not see that he was watching them. The fabric of their costumes clung tightly to their bodies in the water, perfectly outlining the shape of their mounds and the swell of their firm breasts tipped by nipples hardened by the cold water. Ryan's hand was now stroking up and down the shaft of his penis, pushing the foreskin over the head and retracting it again, continuously rubbing around the sensitive area at the base of the head. Ryan could still picture how Judy had sat on the edge of the pool directly in front of him, looked him straight in the eye and opened her legs to expose the area between her thighs. He had nervously looked down to see where the fabric of her bikini had pulled up in between outer lips of her vagina, perfectly outlining the shape of the one thing which he yearned to see fully exposed. There were fine hairs peeping out from the sides of the costume, teasing him, mocking him just as surly as Judy was mocking him by spreading her legs for him, knowing that it drove him wild and he could do nothing about it.

By now Ryan was rubbing his erection at a rate which was fast bringing on an orgasm, he could feel the head of his penis swelling even more as it readied to shoot a stream of hot sperm out onto the wall next to his bed.

"Hi Ryan" purred a female voice from the doorway.

Ryan looked up in total surprise to see Judy standing in the doorway looking straight at his fully erect cock, not taking her eyes off of it for a second. "We've come to visit for the weekend" she said as he tried desperately to cover himself from her stare.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone I caught you wanking if you don't, oh, and by the way...nice dick "

What could he say? She had caught him masterbating just as he was about to cum, he hadn't heard her come in and he had no idea how long she had been standing there watching him. All that he could stammer was something about him joining them shortly and she left.

All traces of his formerly rampant hardon were gone. He knew that she would tell her cousin and from there on it would escalate until the whole town knew. It was a long time before Ryan ventured out of his room, expecting loud jeers- but there were none. Nobody mentioned a word about what Judy had seen, she just looked at him when no-one was watching and gave him a knowing smile. As he watched her she slowly looked down until her eyes were directly on the lump in his shorts. He could not believe it, Judy, the cousin that always made fun of him, was openly staring at his penis. No remarks of ridicule were passed this time, but if he had been able to recognise lust he would have seen it in his cousins eyes as her gaze yet again caused Ryan to get an erection.

Ryan spent the afternoon with the family but could not stop thinking about what had happened earlier, every time he looked at Judy his thick shaft swelled in his pants. He found himself watching her every move, how her skirt lifted teasingly, almost revealing more but not quite, the swell of her breasts under her tight cotton shirt and how her nipples became erect if she looked down at the lump in his shorts. He soon realised that he was having the same effect on her as she was having on him, he wasn't sure of how much he was arousing her because he had no idea of what to look for. He knew that woman could not get a visible erection so what other signs should he look for?

Later the families were around the pool. Ryan and the two girls were in the water. Ryan, as usual, had trouble keeping his eyes in his head as the girls wrestled with each other. At one stage Kate almost lost her top and Ryan had a full view of her firm breasts, seemingly floating, just above the water. Her nipples were erect due to the cold water and Ryan stared openly at them as Kate repositioned her top, knowing full well that Ryan could see her naked breasts but making no attempt to turn away.

Kate looked around to make sure that none of the parents had seen her allowing Ryan to see her exposed breasts. This confused Ryan. He had enjoyed seeing his cousin's naked breasts but why had she allowed him to see them?

Ryan saw the girls whispering to each other.

"Here it comes" he thought "back to their old tricks" He turned his back on them and swam to the side. The parents were all moving inside, Ryan floated at the one end of the pool looking up at the sky, it was almost dark and the lights around the pool came on, throwing shadows over the water.

Suddenly Judy and Kate were right beside him. Each took a shoulder and they pushed him under the water, at first he fought going under but he became aware of two female bodies very close to his, rubbing against him. As he went under he felt his arm brush against Judy's breasts, he almost choked. As he continued to pretend to resist them he was pulled up again to breath and his other hand touched Kate's leg - wow, this was great. Down he went again and this time his hand was pushed behind Kate and came to rest on her thigh just below her the elastic of her costume. He kept his hand there, waiting for it to be pulled away, but it wasn't.

Ryan felt his heart beating as if wanted to climb out of his chest, by now his penis was so hard he could feel it throbbing inside the baggies he was wearing.

The girls brought him up for air again and it was now obvious that they had no intention of drowning him, far from it because his other hand was strategically placed over the swollen left breast of Judy. Both girls were breathing heavily, their breasts rising and falling in time.

With each breath Judy's breast was pressed firmly into the palm of Ryan's hand, he could feel the erect nipple in the centre of his palm and instinctively closed his hand around the mound. Judy gasped at his touch and Ryan started to release his grip, Judy brought her other hand up and covered his, pressing his palm firmly against the swollen breast in his hand, she moaned softly. Neither of the girls said anything, to anyone outside the pool it looked as if the three of them were resting at the one end of the pool, but to the three inside the pool the time for making fun of each other had suddenly ended and would never be the same again.

Kate stood very still, took Ryan's hand off of the back of her thigh and slowly rubbed the palm of his hand upwards over the top of the costume covering the one firm cheek of her buttocks. She rubbed in such a way that his fingers were pushed between her thighs and he felt the first hint of the soft heat that radiates from there. It was his turn to gasp and Judy asked if he was enjoying himself, he could not answer, it felt as if the water had turned into melted butter and he was in a dream from which he did not want to wake. Kate continued rubbing Ryan's hand over her buttocks, all the time pushing his fingers deeper between her thighs and then up between the cheeks.

Judy had, in the meantime loosened her top and pulled it out from beneath Ryan's fingers. There was now nothing between his hand and Judy's naked breast, she sucked in a deep breath as she felt his warm fingers cover the curve of her and she pressed against his hand. Ryan felt Judy lower her other hand, touching his chest, slowly moving her fingers up and down his chest, feeling his erect nipples, tracing the outline of his muscles. He knew he was going to come very soon, his balls were aching, swollen to bursting point.

Ryan felt Kate moving, he realised that she was slowly pulling her costume down and out from under his fingers. He felt the waistband brush past his fingers and then the first sensation of Kate's naked flesh under his fingers. By now he was getting the hang of things and felt that he knew exactly what Kate wanted him to do and so he placed his hand back where it had been. He felt the warm space between her cheeks and traced it with the tips of his fingers from top to where it disappeared between her thighs. As Ryan's fingers touched the top of Kate's thighs something wonderful happened - she parted them, allowing Ryan to continue into uncharted territory.

He pressed his fingers deeper between Kate's thighs, very uncertain of what was going to happen. He felt heat, the deeper he went, the more heat he felt until suddenly his fingers made contact with the swollen lips of her pussy. Ryan was unsure of what to do next until Kate spread her legs further and pressed back against his hand automatically slightly opening her outer lips and forcing the tips of his fingers deeper in between them. To Ryan it was like sliding his fingers into warm syrup, once his finger tips had parted the lips there was no resistance due to Kate's level of arousal and they glided inwards along the length of the outer lips until they came in contact with the tip of her clitoris. Kate moaned and pressed against Ryan, she reached between her legs guiding his hand again, rubbing his fingers against her clit until she was nearing orgasm.

It was about that time that Judy, seeing what Ryan was doing to her cousin allowed the hand that was stroking Ryan's chest to slowly venture downwards over the waistband of his baggies and onto the fully hard shaft of his penis. She felt gently up and down the shaft, the head was enormous and Ryan knew he was about to spray semen all over the inside of his baggies, but Judy was careful not to make him come. Instead she slipped a hand under the loose leg of his baggies up Ryan's thigh, lightly brushing the soft skin between his thighs, under Ryan's balls, then upwards encircling his balls gently squeezing, feeling the soft spongy feeling between her fingers before wrapping her fingers around the base of his shaft, it throbbed, driven almost to the point of no return by the touch of her hand.

As Judy was getting her first feel of Ryan's penis Kate had positioned herself in such a way as to be able to introduce Ryan's fingers to the wet heat that exists beyond the tight entrance of her vulva. Kate had turned slightly to enable her to face Ryan and lift her knees in order for him to fully explore her vagina. Again she placed his hand between her thighs and Ryan could feel that she was fully exposed , noticing that she shaved her lips but left a small strip of hair just above her clit. He looked around quickly to check that the three of them were still alone in the pool area before he felt Kate again take his hand guiding his fingers to part her lips and open the tight wet hole between them. At first he was afraid he would hurt her by pressing against the opening but she continued pressing downward on his middle finger, guiding it up into her until he felt the hole stretch open under the pressure and his finger slide upward as the tightness of her closed around his finger.

As his finger penetrated Kate's vulva for the first time Judy was busy pulling Ryan's baggies down below his knees. Again she took his penis in her hand and slowly stroked up and down the shaft, she pulled back Ryan's foreskin, exposing the head to her, now shaking, hands. Judy explored every part of Ryan's penis, paying particular attention to the sensitive area under the head. Judy gently pulled on Ryan's erection while placing her other hand under his waist, the result was that his hips were lifted out of the water, exposing his naked erection while he floated on his back with his one hand exploring Kate's vagina and the other gently massaging Judy's breast. As Ryan's shaft broke the surface both girls stared mesmerised at it as Judy continued to slowly stroke the shaft.

"I'm going to cum" whispered Ryan.

At that he felt the inner muscles of Kate's vagina spasm on his finger. "Me too" she moaned.

Ryan felt his orgasm start at his toes and rise upwards towards his raging shaft. Nothing could stop it now and he felt Judy press harder against him. "I want to see the sperm shoot" she said and pulled his foreskin right down, leaving the head exposed to them to watch. After that things were a blur, he saw a long streak of semen shoot out of the end of his penis, Kate's vulva tightened around his finger and Judy gasped as she reached down between her legs, exploding into orgasm as soon as she felt the pressure from her fingers on her clit. Ryan felt as if he would never stop coming, he saw his cock squirting semen over and over again, with both girls watching as each pulse of his orgasm caused his penis to jump in Judy's hand.

The spasms died down and Judy reluctantly released Ryan's still hard penis. Ryan slowly retracted his finger from its warm nest inside Kate, feeling the tight inner muscles close behind his finger.

"Wow!" whispered Judy, "that was great."

Slightly self consciously the three of them covered up, not speaking, trying to absorb what had just happened. Ryan still had a semi erection and was still very horny, he knew that he could easily do it over again but he wasn't sure of how the girls felt, he was amazed that he had been allowed to touch Kate's vagina and even thinking about the soft, warm folds stirred his shaft into another throbbing erection.

Dinner was very uncomfortable for Ryan, every time one of the girls looked at him he found himself remembering what had happened earlier that afternoon in the pool.

He felt something touch his foot, Kate had stretched out her leg under the table and was now slowly rubbing her foot up the inside of his leg. Ryan looked around nervously to see if anyone had noticed what Kate was up to. Everyone carried on eating and talking, oblivious to what was going on under the table, everyone that is except Judy who was watching Ryan's facial expression intently, knowing full well what her industrious cousin was intending. He frowned at Kate in the hope that she would stop the upward journey of her foot between his legs but she just smiled back at him in mock innocence.

Her foot was now between his knees and he was determined that it would get no further as his thighs were together. Kate pushed her foot into the narrow gap between his thighs, trying to force a way in. Just the thought of what Kate was planning made Ryan hard, he parted his thighs slightly to allow Kate's foot to get closer to his burning root. Kate took full advantage of the moment he relaxed slightly and forced her foot up between his legs until her toes made contact with his rigid shaft. Ryan was caught by surprise and nearly gave the game away as he jumped slightly. Kate rubbed her toes gently up and down Ryan's shaft, he was completely at her mercy as there was nothing he could do to stop her without making a scene.

Saved by the bell!

Ryan's father announced that all the parents were going out for the evening to visit friends and that Ryan was to look after the girls whilst they were gone. "Me look after them? I'm the one that needs looking after" he thought when he saw the looks of mischief on the faces of the girls.

They were all sitting watching t.v. when their parents left, the girls both on one couch and Ryan on another. The programme wasn't that good but they were watching it anyway. The girls had earlier changed into mini-dresses but Ryan was still in his baggies but he had taken off his shirt. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the girls shuffling around but paid no attention to them, it was some time before a low moan from Judy cause him to look in their direction.

Judy was lying on her back with her head in her cousins lap and her feet towards Ryan. Kate was bent forward over Judy with her mouth firmly on Judy's, Ryan could see their tongues playing with each other. He was shocked at first, never having seen anything like this before but he soon realised that this was how the girls knew as much as they did, they swapped information and practised on each other. As he watched Kate reached down between the legs of her cousin and cupped her mound in her hand, gently massaging the softness beneath the dress and panties.

Judy responded firstly by spreading her thighs to allow Kate's hand deeper access between her legs, and secondly she reached up and cupped Judy's one breast in her hand, rubbing inwards until her finger caressed the enlarged nipple. As Judy spread her legs her short skirt pulled upwards, giving Ryan a view of her panties where they covered the entrance to her vagina before they disappeared between the firm cheeks of her buttocks. Kate slipped her hand under Judy's dress, exposing her panties completely, Ryan could see that they were transparent in front and he then realised that Judy had no pubic hair, she shaved her pussy completely leaving her clitoris visible from where it stood out from between her swollen lips.

Kate again covered her cousins mound with her hand. Slipping her fingers deeply between Judy's thighs she pressed her fingers against the fabric as if she trying to penetrate her cousin's vagina through her panties. Ryan could see the shape if Judy's lips as Kate pressed the thin material between them, parting the soft folds and causing the outer lips to become fully visible to Ryan as they were exposed by the retreating panties. Kate continued to stimulate Judy as she rubbed her middle finger slowly up and down from her clitoris to her opening, pausing briefly at the opening each time to feel the slippery wetness which was now clearly visible on Judy's panties and on her exposed lips. By now Ryan's penis was yet again rock hard, both girls kept taking a peep at him to be sure that he could see what was happening, his eyes were glued to the space between Judy's legs and to the hand which was stimulating Kate's, now naked breasts as Judy had feed them from the top of the mini-dress.

Kate then slipped her fingers under her cousins panties from the side, this exposed Judy's entire vagina to Ryan. He saw for the first time the pink folds that were Judy's inner pussy lips and for a fleeting moment he saw where the inner lips had parted, slightly exposing the entrance to his cousin's vulva. He only got a glimpse because the secret opening was quickly covered by Kate's finger. Ryan saw Kate gently part Judy's inner lips and slowly insert her finger, moving in small circles around the opening until Judy moaned. She then slid her finger up along Judy's vagina until the now wet, slippery fingertip came in contact with Judy's exposed clit. Kate ignored Judy as she began to thrust her hips towards her fingers in an attempt to increase the pressure on the sensitive tip, she teasingly circled her cousins erection, Ryan could see the full length of Judy's clitoris as Kate gently pulled back the hood covering the swollen tip, she then gently rubbed the shaft, causing Judy to arch her back in order to press her clitoris harder against the source of the pleasure.

Kate continued to masturbate her cousins clitoris, Ryan felt as if his cock was going to burst at any moment, all this was too much. First sexual starvation and now overload - WOW! Judy reached down suddenly and in one motion removed her panties, she was now open for full exploration by Kate's fingers, Judy then lifted her knees slightly and parted them as far as the couch would allow, in doing so the cheeks of her buttocks had parted, exposing the pink, puckered area that was her anus. Ryan stared in amazement as Kate slid her now very wet fingers downwards, pushing her fingers between the lips as she did so, until she reached the entrance to Judy's vagina where she parted her fingers and in so doing parted Judy's lips. Judy's opening was gently stretched open until Ryan was shown exactly what a woman's most secret place looked like. The soft pink folds shone with the wetness that escaped from deep inside Judy and out onto the outer lips and Kate's fingers.

As if on cue the girls suddenly got up and came towards Ryan, it seemed as if they moved in slow motion, both of them undressing as they approached, the strip of soft hair between Kate's legs contrasting sharply with the seductive gap between Judy's where her fully erect clitoris was clearly visible. Both girls were fully aroused, breathing heavily and Ryan noticed that their nipples were fully erect, the aureolas puckered up around the nipple made darker by the lust burning from between their thighs. As they got nearer Ryan noticed a strong musky smell coming from the girls, a smell he had never experienced before, a strong aroma which turned him on like never before. Kate made the first move, pushing him back onto the couch and climbing up to straddle him with her pussy right in front of his face. From close up he could see Kate's clit nestled between the tight lips of her vagina, Kates outer lips were darker than Judy's with a tight slit, unlike Judy her inner lips were not visible unless her thighs were fully parted and the aroused outer lips gently pulled apart. Kate took Ryan by the back of the head and gently drew his mouth into the space between her open legs, she was shaking slightly, a result of her high level of arousal.

Ryan was unsure of what to do next, he had read about how to arouse a woman orally but had no idea of what to do - until his lips touched her for the first time and instinct took over. He put out his tongue and gently pressed over the swollen tip of Kate's clitoris, the result was immediate, Kate thrust her hips forward, exposing more of her vagina to his tongue and moaned deeply. Ryan increased the pressure on his tongue, pressing it between Kate's lips opening her up to his probing mouth.

Kate spread her legs as far as she could and reaching down with her free hand she parted the outer lips of her pussy, exposing her clit and inner lips to Ryan's mouth. Ryan gently sucked on Kate's clit, running his tongue around the base of the shaft, teasing her, increasing her arousal. Ryan was getting the hang of this now, suck and she moans, tease with your tongue and she thrusts forward in an attempt to get closer to his hot, wet mouth. Ryan could feel Kate's clitoris swelling even more as he sucked hard on it. The tip was hot against the tip of his tongue and it tasted like copper. The smell of her aroused pussy was incredible and he breathed her in deeply.

Ryan felt his baggies being drawn down over his thighs and his erection spring free. He kicked his baggies free and opened his legs, he was far too aroused to think about being shy now. Judy's fingers were around his shaft for the second time that day but this time all they did was to retract his foreskin to fully expose the head of his penis for Judy's inspection. Suddenly there was a warm wet sensation engulfing the end of his shaft, Ryan was so surprised he forgot to continue teasing Kate's clitoris with his tongue but she reminded him as she thrust her vagina deeper into his mouth. Judy had taken Ryan into her mouth and was slowly moving up and down his shaft, stopping at the head, running her tongue around the tip and then continuing downwards again. It felt as if his brains would burst, it was so nice it hurt. His toes were curled and he had an urge to push the full length of his penis into the warmth.

Before he could move Kate shifted slightly, lifting her one leg she removed her pussy from his mouth, she then pushed Ryan down gently with her hands, Judy followed him down. Ryan was now almost flat on his back on the couch with Judy slowly pushing his penis in and out of her hot little mouth and Kate hovered above him. Kate again spread her thighs over his mouth only this time she was in a position to fully expose herself to his mouth as there was more space and she could position him deeper between her legs. Ryan saw her reach down and again prepare to open herself to him. She placed her fingers, one on each swollen lip and gently drew them apart. Kate's inner lips were small and tight and did little to hide the secret opening between them. As Kate parted her outer lips Ryan could immediately see the wet opening of her waiting vulva. As Ryan watched so he saw the hole opening and closing slightly as Kate's inner muscles anticipated the intrusion that was to come. Kate lowered herself downward and Ryan got his first taste of the liquid honey that only a woman can produce when she is fully aroused.

Kate's outer lips closed around Ryan's mouth leaving her hole open and waiting for his tongue to explore her inner folds. As Ryan inserted his tongue into Kate her vulva tightened around it seemingly trying to suck it deeper into her. Kate let out a long moan " I am going to cum in his mouth " Ryan heard her tell Judy. "Well I think he is about to cum in mine "Judy replied " and I wish he would" Kate started to move in Ryan's mouth, thrusting her hips back and forth, rubbing the full length of her vagina in Ryan's mouth. Her movements became more urgent and exaggerated as she approached orgasm.

Judy was holding the head of Ryan's penis in her mouth while she pumped her hand up and down his shaft. He felt his penis twitch as his balls tightened, ready to release their load. Judy must have known he was about to come because she pumped furiously on his shaft but kept her mouth firmly around the tip of his penis. Kate shouted that she was comming, thrust her clitoris into Ryan's mouth and dug her nails into his shoulder. That was it for Ryan and he came in Judy's mouth. Judy didn't stop pumping the shaft until the last drop of sperm had shot out of Ryan's penis and it just twitched in her hand. Kate continued cumming, her vulva convulsing and her juices running freely from deep inside her, eventually she relaxed, spent. She got off and sat next to Ryan, her legs spread wide apart. Judy sat back, she was visibly excited, having had no manual stimulation in a while.

Ryan's erection did not abate even though he had just ejaculated he was still fully erect. Judy stood up and approached Ryan, she pushed him up into a sitting position and then straddled his legs so that her open vagina was positioned over the head of his penis. Kate, seeing what Judy wanted went down on her knees next to the couch and took Ryan's shaft in her one hand, placing her thumb over the hole at the tip she slowly circled the hole, still wet and slippery from his recent ejaculation, at the same time she reached under Judy and carefully parted her aroused lips. Kate guided Judy's vagina over the tip of Ryan's erection, passing her circling thump teasingly between the lips of Judy's waiting pussy, rubbing the now open entrance.

Judy slowly began to lower herself over Ryan, at first Kate kept the tip of her thumb in place, but as the pressure between Judy's vulva and Ryan's penis increased so she slid her thumb out of the way. Ryan felt the heat from Judy immediately, he could feel the elastic opening stretching to fit him inside. He felt the exact moment that the head of his penis penetrated Judy's vulva and he felt her inner muscles contract around the head, convulsing with pleasure, massaging him. Kate did not relinquish her hold around the base of his shaft and she moved her hand up and down, increasing Ryan's pleasure.

Judy continued her downward pressure, gently inserting more and more of Ryan's length up inside her, her slippery, wet heat causing waves of pleasure to ripple through Ryan's body. Kate moved her hand downwards to allow deeper penetration until she had room only to hold onto the base of Ryan's shaft, her fingers firmly against Judy's open vulva where Ryan's penis entered her.

Judy started to move, slowly retreating off of the throbbing shaft and then returning to insert it back into the burning heat that she felt up inside her. She held Ryan behind the head and pulled his mouth over one of her nipples which was moving erotically up and down in front of his face. He felt the swollen nipple in he mouth and instinctively started gently nibbling and sucking on the firm flesh which had so long eluded him. As Ryan sucked so Judy started moaning and bucked faster up and down on his rod, thrusting her hips back and forth in an attempt to force the pleasure that she felt deeper up inside her. Kate's hand following her every movement on Ryan's shaft.

Ryan placed a hand over Judy's other breast and gently squeezed the firm swelling, Judy went wild, moving faster and faster on Ryan. Ryan knew that he was about to come and that between the wet, warm tightness that he felt around him and Kate's hand moving up and down his shaft, he would not be able to hold back.

"I'm going to cum inside you " he told Judy breathlessly.

"Don't stop, I'm safe " she hissed between her clenched teeth. Ryan felt his penis swell even more as it readied to ejaculate up into Judy's vagina and Kate felt it too. " He's going to cum Judy " she said and moved her hand downwards on Ryan's shaft, retracting his foreskin away from the head of his penis and giving Judy the full sensation of the head moving in and out of her.

"Ohhhh Nooo" Judy cried a her orgasm took hold of her. Ryan released the nipple in his mouth, put his head back and gave himself over to the orgasm that hit him with such force that he thought he would pass out. He felt the semen shooting up through his shaft past Kate's fingers and up into Judy. His shaft and Judy's inner muscles twitched in unison, with each spasm a new load of hot, white fluid shot from him into his cousins convulsing vagina.

It took a long while for Ryan to come to his senses. When he did his cousins were on the couch on either side of him, grinning . "That was great " he breathed " Lets do it again "

Needless to say, the cousins visited often from then on, sometimes together and sometimes alone. Whatever the case, they practised every form of sexual pleasure on each other that they possibly could, as often as they could. Oh - the pains of growing up.


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