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Gym Revised
by Muse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

So Carrie went through bicep curls, tricep work, back work and every imaginable hurt work with free weights. She did not allow me to lift anything beyond my range, but she pushed me with multiple sets. Towards the end of my workout, Jesse's member count must have dropped dramatically because he joined us. It was Jesse that suggested that I try a few bench presses with an unweighted bar. I eyed him suspiciously, but Carrie assured me that I would have no problem lifting the bar, and besides if it was too easy she would add some additional weight so I could "feel the burn." "Thanks Jesse," I muttered. I lay flat on the bench under the bar. Carrie took a position at my head. Her crotch was no more than six inches from my face. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I made a great show of positioning my hands and preparing myself for the lift, but in actuality I was taking in the wonderful smell of Carrie and enjoying the view. Her shorts were so form fitting I could see the gentle valley where her netherlips came together. I started the repetitions and Carrie kept count. I was so focused on her body that I ceased listening to her count. When Jesse broke in to tell me to stop I placed the bar back onto the base.

Jesse leaned over and gently stroked my upper shoulders to point out where I was to feel the effort. His hands skimmed my shoulders and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fluttering that was beginning in my stomach. "Try again," I heard Carrie command. To my chagrin, she had added fifteen pounds of weight to the bar and this time I had to concentrate on my motion rather than on the scenery. Jesse kept murmuring encouragement and I glanced up to see pride in Carrie's face at my accomplishment. A rush of warmth enveloped me. I suddenly realized that I was with two people that were supportive and fun to be with. Their presence had put me at ease and I felt like I was on top of the world. They didn't care what I looked like, but were more concerned with offering the encouragement that I so desperately needed. I allowed the friendship to embrace and hold me. I must have sported a bemused smile, because Carrie looked down and returned the smile. As my fingers tightened around the bar, she skimmed the knuckles with her fingers and lightly caressed my forearms and upper arms. I pressed the bar another fifteen times. On the last one, as my arms began to shake as the muscles cramped, Carrie wrapped her hands around mine and lifted while I pushed. She guided the bar into the supports as my arms dropped to my sides.

That's when I heard Jesse's voice comment, "I guess you all intend to close the joint down with me." I looked to the clock and noticed that it was close to ten. I looked up to see Carrie shrug. She responded with, "Yeah, I guess we sort of lost track of time." Jesse glanced first at her then at me and said, "If you hurry and shower quickly, I won't lock you in. Besides, if we hurry we can make the last set at the Blind Tiger." I sat up and said, "I'm game, what about you Carrie?" Carrie nodded her head yes. As I stood up and started towards the locker room, I glanced back when I realized that Carrie was not with me. I saw that she had leaned over to whisper something to Jesse. He threw his head back and laughed. The sound of his pure joy reverberated through the room. After looking around quickly, dismissing me, she gifted Jesse with a quick kiss. They looked so happy that I turned away, envy eating at my soul. I turned around and started towards my destination, contemplating how I could excuse myself so Carrie and Jesse could enjoy the evening together. Right before I entered the women's dressing room, I noticed that the gym was quite empty. A few men were coming from the guy's side, but there were no women entering with me, and when I entered the locker room, the room was empty except for me.

By the time Carrie entered, I had stripped of my sweat soaked clothes and had a towel wrapped around me. I looked at her, cocked my head to one side and asked her if she would like for me to bow out of the evening. She just laughed and said, "Don't you dare!" I entered the first shower; the lights low in the stalls. As I set the water for a tepid cool down, I stepped into the stream of water and slowly let the water cascade over my body. My limbs ached from the activity and I allowed the water to sooth me. I closed my eyes. I sensed another presence and knew that it was Carrie getting ready to enter the shower stall beside me. I ached with the knowledge of her nearness. It wasn't until I heard her voice say, "Let me do your back" that I nearly jumped out of my skin. I opened my eyes to see Carrie, in her beautiful nude glory, entering the water with me. Her breasts were defined on her rib cage. They were firm and softly rounded, the size of large oranges. Her skin was a bronze and her nipples a dusky shade of pink. I was expecting a crowd of tight dirty brown curls covering her femininity, but to my surprise she was completely shaven, as bare as a newborn babe. No tan lines marred her skin, and I thought to myself that with skin honey colored, would it taste as sweet as that sweet nectar?

As I turned around to face her, she caught my eyes and smiled. Her eyes then slowly worked their way down my frame. My first impulse was to cover myself, then I told myself, "What the hell, she has seen your tits and she comes with the same basic equipment as yourself." Yet I knew that on her, it made her a Ferrari or Lamborghini. On me, what can I say, the best I could come up with was a VW Beetle. Her eyes returned to question mine. I smiled at her and tried to pretend that this was just a couple of girls sharing a joint platonic shower. It was her deliberate kiss that told me that I was mistaken as to her intentions. As her hand cupped my chin to tilt my face towards her, she leaned over and kissed me ever so gently on the lips. As she broke the kiss a few scant moments later, I sighed and licked my lips. As she continued to look down at me, I leaned my weight onto the tips of my toes and wrapped my hands around her neck and began to kiss her in earnest. Carrie's lips were so soft and pliant. My tongue darted into her mouth and her tongue stroked mine in kind. Her hands slowly caressed their way up my rib cage until her right hand gently weighed my left breast. Her fingers began to make lazy circles around the nipple. As lust exploded through my body, my legs started to shake. She broke the kiss and hugged me to her. I wrapped my arms around her and buried my head into her breasts, breathing her scent. As I took a nipple into my mouth, she signed and leaned against the wall of the shower. I proceeded to work each nipple, sucking and gently biting as Carrie moaned her pleasure.

I heard a sound behind me, and broke from my enjoyment to see Jesse, stripped to the waist leaning against the wall leading into the shower stall. As I backed away from Carrie, she looked down at me and drew me back into her arms. She leaned her head slightly towards my ear and said, "Don't worry, just pretend that he isn't even here." As I glanced over my shoulder to look at him, he smiled at me and said, "I promise not to interfere. You both are so sexy that I just want to watch you a few minutes. You're both OK, I've shooed everyone else away. The doors are locked and I have killed all the lights except for the ones we are going to use back here." I turned around to look at Carrie. She took my hand and placed it upon her breast. "I believe that we were here when we were so rudely interrupted," she stated. As I shook my head and began to laugh, her eyes mirrored my humor. I slowly enveloped myself in Carrie's arms. She felt so warm, and funny, it felt so right. As we slowly caressed each other's body, we both forgot about our audience of one.

We kissed and licked. I tasted the curve of her neck, the hollow of her collarbone, the firmness of her abdomen, until I reached the apex of her thighs. As I dropped to my knees, I took a deep breath. I looked up to see the need for release written all over her face. She was leaning against the wall, and I gently nudged her legs apart. I drifted a finger over her mons. The folds were slick, thick and moist with her juices. I leaned in to slowly run my tongue to part her lips. She moaned as the tip of my tongue glanced over the head of her clit. I proceeded to lick faster and faster. As her breathing became more ragged, I eased my middle finger up into her pussy. It was wet and ready. I was stunned and turned on by how much she was enjoying me. Her flavor was salty, musky yet oh so sweet. As I began the rhythmic stroking, I eased two fingers into her aching vagina. As I sucked the little kernel that is the key to all women's pleasure, I felt the walls of her vagina squeeze my fingers as her orgasm began. I pushed my fingers as hard as I could into her as she cried out my name. Not Jesse's name, not even God's name, but my name. My desire was knotted deep inside, a driving force to be reckoned with.

I arose and gathered Carrie into my arms. Her eyes were closed and her face and shoulders were colored from the intensity of her orgasm. My desire was spiraling to an insurmountable level, driven by the knowledge that I had brought her that much pleasure. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, the slow sated smile of a satisfied lover. I kissed her and she had to taste herself on my lips. She ate at my mouth like she would never be satisfied. She broke the kiss and turned my body away from her. Carrie leaned my back into her curves; my head leaned back into her shoulder. It was then that I remembered that Jesse was watching us, primarily because I was staring him in the face. My body was completely exposed to his view. As I looked into his eyes, I was awed by the desire for me evident on his face. His eyes lovingly caressed me as surely as Carrie's hands were roaming me. Her lips were kissing, licking and biting the tender curve of my neck. I glanced down to see her left hand toying with my left breast. As the ache between my legs became almost painful, her right hand worked its way down the swell of my belly to that secret place. Instead of her hands simply masturbating me, she opened me for Jesse's view. I should have been embarrassed or ashamed, but her hands were issuing him an open invitation to enjoy watching me come. As I sighed heavily, she whispered "I see how much he wants you, why do you assume that no man would want your luscious body and your amazing sensuality?"

I didn't respond except to thrust my pussy into her toying fingers. I was watching Jesse's face as Carrie's voice carried through the shower. By this time, I was past the point of caring; I wanted Carrie to bring me pleasure. I wanted her touch. As I whimpered, she turned me around to face her. "I wouldn't waste this one on him this time though," she whispered. "This one is just for me, isn't it?" Carrie asked. As I closed my eyes, I felt her hands work my hands against the shower wall. The water was pelting my back ever so lightly. I sensed her movement away from me. I looked down to see Carrie sitting at my thighs. She gently ran her hands between my legs to offer herself a better view. She smiled at me as I saw her snake her tongue to part my folds. Her first lick was so soft and dainty, almost a slow savoring of me. Her next lick was more insistent. As my legs began to tremble, she sensed the intensity of the coming orgasm, because she buried her mouth into my clit and began to lap insistently. As I felt the orgasm start her left hand reached underneath to stroke my buttocks, first the left and then the right. As I started to cry, she ran her finger down the crack of my ass to my vagina, immediately entering me. As the spasms started she rocked my pelvis into her face allowing me to grind into her. The pleasure went on and on. By the time I felt the orgasm slip away, her feeding had stopped.

Her licks became teases across the top of my clitoris. I looked down and I saw the smile shimmer through her eyes. She circled the clit with her tongue and I felt another orgasm take hold. As I started moaning at the feelings, her left index finger gently tapped at my anus. I couldn't have stopped her even if I had wanted to. I was hers for the taking. As the orgasm started she inserted her finger inside and began to stroke me with the same motion that my vagina craved. Unbelievably, as she worked my ass as she licked my clit, I came with force that drenched her mouth with my juices. As I trembled my way through the aftermath. She eased her way back into my arms and shared a kiss. It was a kiss of love and healing. For once I felt whole after sex, rather than empty. She eased me into the water while holding me. We exchanged kisses while bathing each other. I don't know where Jesse had gotten to. Perhaps he went to relieve himself since Carrie and I didn't appear to be interested in his company. As we toweled off, she walked over to hug me. "I don't know how this will change things between us," she commented. "Well Carrie, all I know is that you have given me every incentive to work out with you, regularly." I laughingly replied. We strolled from the dressing room to be greeted by Jesse at the desk. "Y'all ready to go?" he asked. We linked arms with him and went to enjoy the end of what was already a memorable evening.

Carrie has become my favorite work out partner. I'm not willing to give up on men just yet. Carrie just offers such a wonderful change of pace.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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