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George's Surprise
by Sigi

I was home alone and playing around on ICQ, I had been talking with a young guy for quite awhile and he had me stripping and taking pictures to send him, then he talked me into going and getting one of my toys to play with and send him photos. Since I live in the country and didn't expect any company I took all of my clothes with me upstairs and left them in the bathroom, I figured I would take a bath once we were through playing. I came back downstairs to the den and began to photograph myself with the dildo and chat with my guy, he sent pictures of his hard cock and then some showing him jacking off, all the while I was busy with my dildo.

Then I heard a car pull up in the driveway and I looked out to see my 26 year old son and a black guy he worked with coming up the drive, I could not run upstairs because I would have had to pass the picture window right in front of them and here I was naked. I decided to go into the small closet in the den and as I did George our Lab Retriever came and whined at the closet door, I quickly let him in so that he would not give away where I was. Steve, my son, called out for me and then told his friend that since my car was still there but he didn't see George; I must have taken him for a walk. Then he asks his friend if he would like a beer, Steve went to the kitchen and brought back a couple of beers and they sat down watching TV directly across from the closet! George began to sniff at me and lick my thigh, I started to push him away but he whined and I was afraid they would hear him so I let him lick my legs. I was peeking through a crack in the door hoping they would leave soon, as I did George shifted his attention to my bare ass and began to lick it, I shivered and again started to push him away, he grunted and I saw the black guy look over toward where I was hiding, he ask Steve, what was that? Steve apparently had not heard it and said nothing.

George was now licking my damp pussy and I was shaking all over, I slowly let my legs open further and let him lick it completely, there I was peeking out the door on my hands and knees while George licked my pussy and made me hotter by the second. The young black guy said he needed to take a piss, and Steve said the bathroom is upstairs, he came back down with a grin on his face and I realized he had seen all my clothes up there. Suddenly George mounted me and began to try to penetrate my pussy; I tried to squeeze my thighs together but by then the thin tip of his cock had entered me and he was humping me like crazy.

The tip of his cock reached deeper than I had ever felt and I could feel it swelling as he pumped away, his knot forced its way into me and we were locked together in that small hot closet, I whimpered once and bit my lip so that I would not make any other sound. I saw the black guy looking directly at the closet door; he knew where I was but not what was happening. George was now cumming into my pussy, I could feel it running down my thighs but he continued to fuck me harder and harder, I had already had an orgasm and was fast working on another. Steve ask his friend if he wanted another beer, his friend said no we better go, I need to piss again, you start the car and I will be right out. As Steve went out the guy started up the stairs but as soon as Steve was out of sight, he walked over to the closet and opened the door, there I was sweating and being fucked my dog! The guy looked back at the desk, picked up the digital camera and snapped a couple of quick pictures of me and George, then he put the disk in his pocket, smiled and said see you later tonight. He turned and walked out. George continued to fuck me for another 10 minutes before his knot subsided and we came apart, as I lay there trying to get my breath, he licked me clean. I patted his head and thought how long could I have been doing this if I had known how good it could be.

Then I thought of the black guy's promise and went upstairs; when I entered the bathroom to get dressed I picked up my panties and found them full of his cum! He had jacked off in my panties, there was cum in my bra also. The thought of what he might have planned made me weak in the knees, but I looked forward to that night.

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