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Gym Shower
by flashlight7.5

We got to the high school gym just as the night weight lifting class was getting out. Working for the police department gave me access to the key to the gym, and its weight room. It was the high school's way of thanking us for providing security at all their games and dances. Wendy and I stood upstairs and watched as the class left for the night. I particularly noticed a cute redhead, with a well-toned bottom and long, curly hair. She looked adorably cute in her white weight lifting shoes and her sweats and gray T-shirt with the neck and arms cut out.

"What are you looking at?" Wendy asked me.

"The same thing you were looking at," I replied.

"I was not!" She lied.

"Uh-huh. Sure."

My wife was as much a sucker for a pretty woman as I was.

Once they all cleared out, we got into the weight room and had the whole place to ourselves. I warmed up with some shadow boxing, and Wendy headed right for the treadmill. Her legs were already warmed up from our bike ride to the school. I stretched on a nearby bench and gave Wendy a wink before starting on the incline bench machine.

The time went by, and I was headed over to the bicep curl machine when Wendy ended her treadmill walk. She came over to plant a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

"I'm off to the little girl's room."

"Okay. I'll be here."

She trotted away on her strong legs and made sure to swish her hips a little as she walked, just to tease me a bit.

I finished my bicep reps. I finished my tricep extensions. I finished my sit-ups, twists, and three minutes of jumping rope. Wendy never came back.

I walked out into the hallway and looked down along the west wall of the gym. It was very quiet. I walked out onto the basketball court floor and looked up, wondering if she'd be walking around the top level of the gym. She wasn't.

Was she still in the women's locker room? I decided to check it out, and as I moved closer to the locker room door, my mind started going bonkers with scenarios of her slipping on some water and hitting her head on a sink, or being attacked by someone hiding in there.

I shoved the locker room door open, only to be greeted by another. I pulled it open and saw an empty locker room, but somewhere, a shower was running.

She was taking a shower? I knew she was sweaty, but she hadn't brought a towel, nor any clothes to change into afterwards. I figured she was planning on a drip-dry, and then I figured I had a golden opportunity to surprise her.

The idea of sneaking up behind her and taking her up against the wall of this huge shower where the girls' basketball team cleaned their teenage bodies was very erotic to me. The added danger of the nighttime janitors walking in on us made it even more exciting.

I sneaked up to the edge of the shower wall and slowly leaned over to peer inside.

It turned out that my wife had surprised me.

There she was, naked and standing under the conical spray of hot water, with one hand above her head holding onto the showerhead hose, and the other buried deep into the long, curly red hair of the woman from the weight lifting class. This same woman was kneeling on the shower floor, while Wendy's left leg was draped over this woman's shoulder, and the cute redhead busily lapped away at my wife's cunt.

I immediately turned around and stood mute.

I leaned against the cool shower wall, not quite sure of what I really saw. Maybe I was laying on the weight room floor, asleep after a hard work-out and dreaming all this. I looked again.

Wendy's wet body was shaking and her heel dug into the woman's back, pulling her closer and deeper between her legs. Her hips danced up and down and she was absolutely fucking this woman's face.

Part of me wanted to say something, but I quickly shut up. Wendy's voice started to echo through the room. She was moaning loud, long moans. The pitch would rise and fall and her breath would burst out of her lungs in quirky breaths. She was close to cumming. I knew those noises very well. I dared to look again.

Wendy had a fistful of hair, and the redhead kept sucking away at her clit. The woman's left hand had snaked up between Wendy's thighs and was pumping away with fervor. Wendy's mouth was quivering and she gritted her teeth as she inhaled sharply.

"Yes, yes! Eat my cunt! Oh, fuck, yessss!"

I couldn't remember the last time Wendy ordered me to eat her cunt, but I didn't care. She took in a sharp breath, then it came out in noiseless cries. Her tummy trembled and then she let out a deep, guttural "Oh!" and clamped onto the woman's head with both hands. Her lower body went crazy, swaying and bending and shaking as the hot water danced all over them. They looked like they were covered in oil, and Wendy pulled the woman up to kiss her under the shower of water. Their mouths were hungry for each other, and my cock was hungry for action. I turned back around before they noticed me. I somehow resisted every Penthouse Forum urge to rush in there and attempt to fuck both of them in the shower. I wanted to see how this played out.

I heard different cries then. It was a voice I did not recognize, but who else could it have been? I peeked back around the corner. Wendy sat on the wet shower floor, water splashing down from the redhead's belly onto hers, as the woman stood above her face. Wendy's tongue licked up and down all over this woman, and her hands scratched all over her tight legs. The redhead stood there in perfect handcuffing position, with her legs spread and hands on the wet wall. Wendy's wet cunt was calling me, daring me to dive in and taste this other woman's saliva all over my wife's lips. I tried to imagine iron bars keeping me back. Clearly, if my cock could somehow hold a blunt instrument, it would've been beating the utter shit out of me.

This hot, redheaded woman twirled her hips like a belly dancer, teasing my wife's lips with her wet cunt. Wendy laughed a sexy chuckle and spanked this woman right in front of me! The woman laughed and then grinned happily. She held up her right hand into the spray of water, getting it nice and wet. She slid that hand down her ribs and over her hips, and eventually slid her middle finger into her ass.

My cock was now calling me every nasty name it could imagine.

Wendy fingered this woman's puss, and licked at her clit with her mouth firmly clamped on like there was no tomorrow. This woman teased her ass and pressed her cheek into the cool, wet wall. Her mouth was open and her back arched as she started to cry out. She started with little "Oh!" sounds, but they grew into an "Oh yeah!", then "Oh fuck yeah!", and then it changed all together.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, fuck! Fuck!"

Wendy sat up just a little bit more and sank her tongue deep into this woman. She held onto this woman's strong ass with both hands and sucked up every last drop as this woman came nearly as much as the showerhead. Her torso slowly slid down the wet wall, until she was bent over at the waist, kissing my wife and talking sweet, little, girl-girl talk.

I ran back to the weight room before my balls exploded in my sweat pants.

After about ten more minutes, Wendy came back into the room. Her hair was still wet, but she looked reasonably dry. I figured she must've borrowed a towel from the woman.

"Where were you? I was starting to get worried!" I acted.

"I was - "

"Why is your hair wet?" I jabbed, wondering how she'd respond.

"I took a shower. I was all stinky from the treadmill."

"Are you just going to drip-dry? I'd imagine you're awful damn wet under those clothes." I grinned, but she wasn't sure why. She turned her head just a bit, and debated saying something, but she changed her mind.

"I'll be fine."

"Okay! I'll all done, you ready to head home?" I wanted her back home, and on the living room floor, as soon as possible.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

We locked up and headed upstairs to fetch our bikes.

"I think I want to join that weight lifting class," Wendy said, almost out of the blue.

"Okay, that's fine with me. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Besides, that redhead's awfully cute."

"Oh, shut up," she teased.


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