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Glad To See You Again
by Denny

Pete and Joe had been friends for a long time. They didn't get a chance to see each other as often as they would have liked. But that was going to change. Pete had been transferred to the same town where Joe lived. When Pete had called Joe to tell him the good news Joe was as excited as he good be. Joe had been divorced for a year now and needed a friend to cheer him up. He had only been married for six months. His wife told him that she didn't think they would ever be able to get along. Joe thought she had been the one that wasn't trying to get along with him. But after they divorced he started thinking that maybe she was right and he had been the problem.

After his divorce Joe hadn't dated much. And it had been awhile since he had any sexual relations. And that included his wife. He didn't know what was wrong he just didn't have the desire to meet any women. That's why he was so excited when Pete told him he was moving. They had a lot of fun together when they were in high school. In fact they had been together so much people were always asking them, jokingly of course, if they were queers. But everybody knew they weren't because they were rumored to have been with almost any girl they wanted. Trouble was that wasn't true they really hadn't had many dates.

Pete was happier than Joe about being able to see him more often. Pete had never been married. He knew he was probably gay. Maybe he even liked men and women. He still got those feelings when he saw a woman dressed in a bathing suit or something sexy. Although he had never been with another man he had done a lot of thinking about what it would be like. Even in high school he had known but had never told anyone even Joe. Pete did have one little bad habit, as he liked to call it. Since he was in junior high he had always liked to wear tights and leotards. Every chance he got he would wear them. Never out in public or anything like that. Though he did wear tights under his pants sometimes we he went out. That was his one sexual escape. It was always a sure way to release his tension when he felt the tights and leotard next to his skin and pulling tight on his crotch.

Pete didn't think Joe knew about his fetish. Joe had seen him wear a pair of tights a couple of times. They were hunting at the time and Pete told him he wore them just to keep his legs warm. Joe had even worn a pair once on a hunting trip after that. He didn't tell Pete but they had felt good on his legs, too. But they had never mentioned wearing them again after that.

Joe had been waiting all morning for Pete to arrive at his house. He started drinking beer about eight that morning and hadn't stopped. Finally he looked out the window and saw Pete's corvette pull up in the driveway. His furniture was arriving the next day. Joe was letting him put his furniture in his garage until he found a place. Joe ran out to the car and hugged Pete before he had even gotten completely out of the car. Before long they were in the house drinking beer and talking about old times, getting really drunk.

They talked for hours about old times, old friends, and anything else that would make them laugh. Pete asked Joe about his marriage. Joe told him everything he could. He told him he must have been getting old because he and his ex-wife hadn't had sex since the second month they had been married. Pete told him he was sorry but he quickly changed the subject when he thought about how long it had been since he had any kind of sex. He remembered he had to use the bathroom and got up and excused himself. When he had finished he stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at the white tights he had on under his pants. He pulled his pants down to his knees and pulled the tights up because they had started to sag down his ankles. He wondered why you never saw women reaching down and pulling up their tights when they started to slip down. Even when they exercised, he thought, it seemed like they never had to pull them up. Back to reality he reminded himself. He must really be getting drunk if that's all he had to think about.

When Pete made it back to the living room Joe was trying to get off the couch, but he was having trouble. He looked at Pete and asked him to help him get up. He confessed to Pete that he was pretty drunk and didn't know how much longer he could last. Pete just laughed at him and helped him up. Joe asked him to help him walk to the bathroom. After he had finished in the bathroom Joe had Pete help him to his bedroom. He was so drunk he was going to pass out, he told Pete. He was right as soon as he touched the bed he passed right out. It was dark out now so Pete went out to his car and got his suitcases out and took them to his bedroom.

He was feeling pretty lightheaded himself but he still felt like drinking more beer. He went back out to the living room and sat down on the couch and turned the television on. True to his luck there was a show on where the three female stars were in a gym exercising. And of course they were dressed in tights and leotards. The longer he watched them prancing around the more he thought about sex. He knew Joe would be out for the rest of the night so he thought it would be safe to take his pants off and sit around in his tights. Besides it was dark in the room even if Joe woke up he probably wouldn't be able to tell what he had on.

He spent the next hour watching the three girls on television and drinking more beer. When the show was over he didn't know what to do. He knew he couldn't drink any more. He decided to go to bed. Pete stopped by Joe's room to check on him. He was still lying there in the same position that Pete had left him. Pete decided to at least take Joe's jeans off so he would be more comfortable. When he got Joe's jeans down to his ankles he finally noticed that he wasn't wearing normal underwear, he had on a pair of briefs like the kind cheerleaders where under the uniforms. Things were looking up Pete thought. He went on and took Joe's shirt off and stared at him for a minute. He was becoming aroused looking at Joe lying there.

Pete went to his bedroom and opened one of his suitcases. He rummaged through it until he pulled a white leotard out that matched his tights. He took his shirt off and put the leotard on over the tights and staggered back to Joe's room. He really didn't know what he was going to do but he wanted to do something. Since Joe was passed out maybe he could play around and Joe would never know it. He slowly sat down next to Joe on the bed and slid the briefs off of him. Pete could feel his crotch starting to twitch after he had undressed Joe. He lay there for a minute squeezing his thighs together putting pressure on his crotch. That was the way he usually had sex with himself.

He leaned his head down close to Joe's penis and softly blew on it to see if Joe would wake up. Of course he didn't. Pete took his hand and wrapped it around the head of Joe's penis and rubbed. He felt Joe's penis move just a little. He moved his hand down to the base and moved his hand up and down until he was sure Joe was going to respond. He did, within a few minutes Joe was growing to full size. Pete moved his hand away and put his mouth over Joe's cock, which was still getting bigger. He licked and sucked Joe until he thought Joe would never do anything. Suddenly he felt Joe's penis start to spasm. As soon as he felt that he moved his mouth up and down his shaft faster until Joe was squirting his juice down Pete's throat. At first Pete thought he was going to throw up but that went away fast and he started swallowing faster until there was no more to swallow. He squeezed the head of Joe's penis trying to get more out but couldn't so he gave up. So that's what it feels like to swallow sperm, he said to himself. Not bad for the first time. Too bad Joe wasn't awake to enjoy it.

Pete must have gotten more excited than he thought because he felt that feeling in his crotch. He started shooting all his own juices into his own tights. That was the best orgasm he had in a long time. Being wet and sticky in his own crotch just added to that erotic feeling. He sat there for awhile and decided what to do next. Since he liked to see men dressed in tights and leotards he thought he would try to put some on Joe. He went through Joe's dresser drawers until he found what he was looking for. Since Joe had on a pair of women's brief, maybe he had some more goodies hidden away. And he did.

Pete slowly worked a pair of tights on Joe's legs. Then he pulled the leotard up into place. It had a snap crotch so it wouldn't be that hard to get to Joe later. He went back to his bedroom and got his camera out of his suitcase. It was just one of those cheap instant kind but it would do the trick. He took a whole roll of pictures posing Joe in different positions. He was happy to see all of them came out good. He took his own leotard off and rolled Joe on his stomach. He got on top of Joe and put his penis down between Joe's legs right by his butt. He pushed and pulled in and out between Joe's legs until he almost shot off. He quit just in time. Rolling Joe back over on his back he started licking and sucking Joe through the tights.

He kept that up until Joe crotch was bulging then he unsnapped the crotch of the leotard and pulled down his tights. He didn't know a person that was passed out could get such an erection. Pete pulled the wrapper of a condom and put it on Joe. He found some Vaseline in the bathroom and put it all over the condom and around his butt hole. Then he straddled Joe and tried to sit down on Joe's penis. It hurt like hell when he first tried to guide it in his hole. He stuck his own finger in first to try to make Joe slide in easier. It took awhile but he finally slid Joe's penis in. Pete moved his body up and down Joe's shaft until it didn't hurt as much. In fact, Pete realized with pleasure, that it really felt good. He let all of his weight push Joe in all the way to the end of Joe's shaft. He didn't move for a minute feeling Joe inside of him.

Pete tried to move his butt up and down like women he had seen in movies. But he couldn't keep it going without getting tired. He had to rest after several minutes. He stopped for a minute. Then he felt Joe sliding deeper into him. Pete thought that it was just his weight pushing him further down. Then he heard Joe breathing harder. All of the sudden Joe was moving his hips up and down so fast that he thought he was going to get bucked off. So this is what it's like to get screwed, Pete was thinking. It felt good. He looked down and saw his own penis was rock hard then he felt himself on the edge of orgasm.

He felt Joe's penis take one last deep thrust inside of him then he felt the unmistakable spasm of ejaculation. Joe shot off like he would never be through. Pete started shooting off right after he felt Joe begin. They both started bucking around about the same time. Pete didn't want to turn around and face Joe. Pete felt Joe growing soft inside him so he pulled his butt up and off Joe. It was like neither one of them knew what to do or say. Pete just sat there, his butt was sore as hell, but it was a good sore. Joe finally managed to sit up and looked at Pete. Then he saw the pictures of himself on the bed. He looked at them and smiled. Although he was still seeing double they looked sexy to him. He moved around in front of Pete and reached down and pulled the rubber of his penis and threw it on the floor.

Joe reached down and wiped his penis off with his fingers and stuck his hand in his mouth and sucked everything off his fingers. Then he leaned over Pete and put his mouth over Pete's penis and licked him clean of all his juices and then licked the sperm that had landed on Pete's tights, which were still pulled above his knees. All Pete could hear Joe say before he buried his head in his crotch was that he was sure glad that Pete had moved.
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