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Growing Up With Sis
by IndianAsian

"Damn, it's hot," I thought to myself as the sweat cascaded from my brow. Summer was not my favorite season, but it always made me reminiscent for the days when all the neighborhood kids would come to our house for pool parties. You see, I was the only boy close to the age of my sister and her friends. For a long time this worked against me. They would gang up on me and make my life hell whenever they all got together. Then one summer, their interest in me...shifted.

I was twelve that summer, and all the girls my sister Megan hung out with were fourteen or fifteen. They were all obnoxious to no end, and my sister was the worst of the lot. She had to show off, you know, so her deeds of mischief perpetrated upon me were especially irritating. It had seemed to me that the past two or three years, while their bodies were changing, their attitudes had gotten increasingly intolerable. They all thought they were *so* cool! Stupid girls, I thought. I vowed never to get married after spending so much time as their object of torment. Why couldn't there be more BOYS in this neighborhood?

As school let out that summer, I had resigned myself to yet another Season of Torture under the hands of those little witches. My sister, Megan, decided to start the fun right off the bat, inviting all her friends over to swim the very afternoon school finished. I watched their festivities from the safety of my bedroom window, wincing whenever one of them screeched in delight for whatever reason. I watched with an unfamiliar interest as my sister and her friends splashed about, my eyes following their bodies and lingering on the places where I noticed changes. Strange feelings welled up where disgust and contempt brewed before.

Even more strange, I thought, was their seeming lack of interest in me as a target for their twisted fun. They didn't spend the time chasing me as they had before, holding me down to put their stupid make-up on me and laughing as I raced off to tell Mom. When I'd venture out into whatever area they were in, they'd all stop for a second and giggle while I anticipated doom. Strange, that they left me alone for the most part. What were they PLOTTING?!?

Strangest of all was the way Megan was acting. She was almost NICE to me. I was suspicious, but I sort of enjoyed it. There was a giddiness between us, an electricity that made us seem like strangers to one another. I found myself being conveniently nearby when she got out of the shower, hoping to catch a glance of her developing body as she would dry off. I didn't know whether to feel guilty or not. I would walk by her room and see her through the crack in her door (which was ALWAYS shut and locked in the past), brushing her pretty blond hair while she was still in her underwear. I would swear she saw me, and would hurry down the hall, but she'd never close the door.

I began spending more time playing with Megan and her friends, much to the chagrin of the younger boys I used to play with. They couldn't understand why I'd want to play with the icky girls, but then neither did I. We would play hide-and-seek late into the evening, and the girls seemed to fight over who got to hide with me. Then it happened...

After one pool party, which became almost a ritual that summer, we started our usual round of hide-and-seek. One of my sister's cuter friends grabbed my hand and ran beyond where we had called boundaries, to a dark corner of our court. She held her finger to her lips to hush my confused protests, and then kissed me. I was in shock, so she kissed me again. Longer this time. I was confused, so she kissed me one more time. She tasted like gum, like anticipation, like she'd been waiting to try this. Suddenly, the same feelings I'd had seeing my sister in her room came back, and my excitement became apparent. I had never had this tension, felt this nervous euphoria before. What would happen next? We stayed there for an eternity, just kissing and enjoying this new territory we'd discovered, until we'd been discovered by another hider wondering where we'd gone.

She was not the only one who led me off to that dark corner that summer. I'd been led off by two others to "play," and it seemed like they were conspiring, or comparing notes, or something. The three of them, along with my sister, had taken a new interest in me since these hide-and-seek games had become more involved. The other girls in their troupe only seemed to hover around without ever taking the plunge. They were the less adventurous, but they seemed to know what was going on, eyeing me with a knowing smile.

My sister would quiz me about my interludes: "Was it fun? Did you like it? Did they use their tongues? Did they touch you?" I got the impression sometimes that she was sort of jealous that she couldn't join the fun because I was her brother. It was the first time I'd had something over her since I'd caught her smoking when she was 12. She gave me her allowance for 2 months, and hated it. She'd corner me every so often and get real close like she was going to kiss me anyway, and I'd resist, but not enough to keep her from trying. She'd always back off, though, more frustrated than before.

Megan was becoming a beautiful young woman, with hormones to spare, it seemed. I found her quite attractive, for a sibling, and wished sometimes she'd tried just a little harder to kiss me. There was a familiarity we had, that grew into a genuine fondness that summer. We became closer, sharing more of our dreams and fears, really talking rather than yelling and taunting. We became more comfortable with the physical changes, and were less secretive around one another. A new tension was building between us.

To be continued...
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