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Growing Up With Sis Part Two
by IndianAsian

Summer ended, but the fun didn't. The less adventurous girls didn't come over as often, but I didn't care about them.

One particularly unforgettable afternoon, one of Megan's friends brought over a book. When she showed it to Megan, they looked at each other and ran upstairs to her room and shut the door. I was immediately intrigued. I snuck upstairs and listened at the door. I couldn't really hear anything, except a few "oh my gods" and a couple "wows" emanating from Megan's room. I was captivated. Then I heard a shocked "what is THAT?!" from Megan, and a low humming noise. What the hell were they DOING? Then Megan let out a yelp of surprise, and a low moan. Now I HAD to know what they were doing! All I heard after that was "I found it at my mom's," and then just the humming punctuated by little moans and giggles. This went on for about 15 minutes, until I heard someone's breathing quicken, and another breathless "ooohh." When it sounded like they were moving around again, I quietly snuck to my room down the hall.

When they emerged from Megan's room, I nonchalantly emerged from my room as though I knew or heard nothing. Megan looked flushed, and sort of avoided eye contact with me. I pretended not to notice, and started to head downstairs. They were not carrying the book with them, so I knew it'd be hidden in Megan's room. I planned on finding it!

They went downstairs after me, and left for Megan's friend's house. I was upstairs in Megan's room a split second later looking for the book, and the source of the strange humming noise. It didn't take long, since I knew where she'd kept her other secret stuff. I lifted the mattress, and there was the book in all its glory: "The Joy of Sex." Next to it laid the oddest looking device I'd ever seen. It was long and round like a cucumber, only it was plastic. It looked like there was a dial on one end, so I turned it. Suddenly, this thing was vibrating in my hand and I knew the source of the humming. I was seriously confused. I turned it off and put everything back under the mattress because invariably Megan would walk in any second.

Over the next few weeks, I heard the humming noise coming from Megan's room almost every night after we went to bed. During times when I knew she was going to be gone for a while, I snuck in to read the book. It was strange and wonderful, showing things I'd never dreamed possible. I eventually found out what the humming device was, and the secret was overwhelming.

When I discovered how I could bring myself the same pleasure, I immediately understood why she used this strange device so often. I wondered if it was the same for her at the peak of pleasure, how she went about bringing herself to that point. I spent hours in my room the night I first tried pleasing myself, hardly believing someone could have so much fun by themselves. The first orgasm took me completely by surprise, since I had no idea what would happen. I was afraid to finish, because it felt like I'd explode. When that first glistening drop of semen appeared on the tip of the head, I was awestruck. What was it? I did a little digging at the library, and began finding out even more than Megan's book would reveal about my body, what happened when a man and woman did those things, where babies came from.

Whenever I heard the sound coming from her room after that, I thought of her giving herself pleasure and became unbearably aroused. I would listen intently at the end for her soft moans of satisfaction, and wonder what it was like to be the one providing the pleasure. Desire would overwhelm all feelings of guilt I had thinking about being with Megan that way until I could satiate my yearnings by my own hand. My preoccupation with Megan's pleasure became a borderline obsession on some days.

One afternoon, I came home early from football practice on a particularly warm day. I didn't think anyone was home, and went to my room to change. I knew my parents were at least 2 hours from getting home, and thought Megan was over at a friends' house. Since discovering my newfound "hobby," I took advantage of every spare moment alone to practice. I went the kitchen and got out the olive oil I'd been using to please myself. I looked out the window to see Megan and her friend floating in the pool on lounge chairs, completely naked. I immediately got an incredible erection, and ran upstairs to spy on them from my bedroom window.

I couldn't believe my luck! I'd never seen a woman completely naked, nor had I cared much about them before reading that book of Megan's. I don't think she'd cared as much about boys before that book, either. Looking out at the two of them floating nude in the pool, the water caressing their beautiful young bodies... I was in heaven. The sun shone alluringly off their smooth, tanned skin; droplets of water on their tummies and perfectly shaped breasts sparkled in the lazy afternoon sun. My hand slowly slid up and down the shaft of my erection, and in no time I was on the brink of a thunderous orgasm. The drops of cum were dribbling down the side, over my hand, with each stroke. I let up every time I'd get close, to make the ecstasy last a little longer. Megan's raft slowly turned so that I got a direct view of her tender pink labia. She adjusted her position, lifting her knees and throwing her legs over the side of the armrests on the raft. The moist folds of her sex and dainty curls of downy pubic hair glistened as the water from the pool lapped at her crotch.

At that moment, I couldn't hold back the waves of pleasure any longer. My fist was pounding furiously away at my throbbing, eager young cock. My whole body stiffened and I suddenly, intensely exploded across the room. I nearly collapsed, and had to muffle my moans to keep them from hearing me. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, and the streams of jism just kept pouring out. I couldn't believe all that came from inside me! I grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped up the pools of warm fluid off the bed and off my hand and still-firm cock, shuddering when the rough material rubbed across the hyper-sensitive ridge of the bulbous, purple head. I was totally spent.

I lay back on the bed, pants still wrapped around my ankles, cock still bulging out in my ill-fitting underwear. My eyes sagged closed, and I drifted off into a deep, satisfied sleep...

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