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Growing Up With Sis Part Three
by IndianAsian

About 20 minutes later, I awoke from a delicious dream about some anonymous woman slowly running her hand over my perpetually hard member to find Megan and her friend standing over me, giggling. Needless to say, I was rather embarrassed. I was still hard from the dream, and they were both staring intently at the obvious bulge.

I wasn't quite sure what to do. They were back in their clothes, and most likely had no idea I'd seen them in the pool. I attempted to cover myself, but Megan's friend Laurie held the sheets back. Megan closed the door to my room and walked over to the bed, next to Laurie. There was a tense moment of silence, and then Laurie whispered "Can I touch it?"

I was as shocked as when she kissed me that first time during hide-and-seek. I quickly got over it and nodded. My mind was racing. My face was hot. My heart was pounding. The bulge in my underwear, which had quickly been reduced by fear, magically began to grow again at the prospect of being attended to by someone other than myself.

Megan stood by, watching with an agitated intrigue. She seemed to want to try, but something held her back. Her frustration grew.

I laid back in my bed, cautiously measuring Laurie's intent. Her hand gently rested on my turgid rock, and it responded with an uncontrolled twitch I felt all the way to my toes. She began running her fingers across its length, down to the place where my hips were no longer covered by the cotton briefs. I shuddered when her fingertips touched my bare skin. I wanted to tug my pants from around my ankles and get more comfortable, but I was afraid to move, lest she stop. I wanted to hold her hand to it, press it into the firm flesh, to grind against.

She gently measured its breadth, squeezed it carefully in different places to see where I'd react most. My breathing became heavier, my eyes fluttered closed. I grabbed the sheets in my fists when she pressed on the head, and my lower back tightened. I wanted to pull the briefs back to give her unhindered access to its smooth, solid form. I could tell she enjoyed immensely the power she was discovering she had.

Suddenly, we heard a car door slam outside the house. It sounded suspiciously like our parents. The girls quickly exited the room, leaving me hard and ankle-bound to shut the door before my mom climbed the stairs to find me in such a state of arousal. With the door closed, I gave my hard-on a quick squeeze the way I knew it'd feel best, and crawled into bed to finish my nap. It would be hours before the pressure subsided.

Laurie's initiative only seemed to increase Megan's agitation. Laurie would come over every day she knew our parents weren't home just to engage in some petting with me. I could only encourage this kind of behavior, because it wasn't long before Laurie wanted to practice her oral skills. I was an enthusiastic guinea pig, and she was becoming an increasingly entertaining and talented playmate! Megan, however, started becoming quite miffed with Laurie, claiming the only reason she came over anymore was to see me. I stayed out of it. Finally, Megan sent Laurie home unless she came over just to see Megan. Wasn't a great deal I could do about it, so I went back to taking care of the urges myself.

Megan reacted in other ways to show her discontent. She began grabbing me where Laurie had gently caressed. Her gestures were not quite as welcome, however, and often resulted in pain. I became resentful, and it seemed our friendship was becoming rockier.

One evening, when our parents had gone and neither of us had anyone to hang out with, we crossed a boundary we'd both been skirting for awhile.

It started as a normal sibling wrestling match, innocent enough. Megan was ticklish, and I never failed to use this to my advantage. She had me pinned to the ground, straddling my hips, and wasn't letting me up. I began trying to tickle her. We were both laughing when I looked at her and our eyes met in a way they hadn't before. We were suddenly silent, and I quit trying to fight her.

I got that same feeling I'd had when I saw her through the crack in her door, and when I heard the delicate sighs coming from her room at night. A nervous tension filled the air around us. We weren't quite sure what to do. We skated the limits of acknowledgment that we were on the verge of doing something we weren't sure was right, but were intrigued enough about the possibilities to try anyway.

Megan had pinned my willing arms to the floor and gently began rocking her hips against my increasing arousal. She could feel it grow as well as I could, but didn't seem bothered. She acted like she enjoyed it, and had been waiting to try it for a long time. I looked into her eyes and saw something there I hadn't seen before, an intensity and singleness of purpose that was mildly intimidating. Her frustration reached its apex...

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