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Greg's Visit
by Mike&Jan

"What time will he be getting here?" Jan thought of a million things she needed to do before she had company. It had been so unexpected that at first she was a little put-off, but the thought of Greg spending the night..., well..., the possibilities flashed through her mind.

"He said he was leaving Atlanta right after work, and would call when he got to Gainesville to let us know he's close." Mike could tell that Jan was a little flustered and continued. "Are you ok with it Honey? If you'd rather he not stay here..., he said he had planned on staying at a motel in his e-mail..., and..., it was me who suggested he just stay here."

Mike looked a little uncomfortable until Jan smiled and said, "Oh, no, you did exactly what I'd have done. Of course he should stay here if he's going to be in town. I just need to see what I should do. It's already 4:00. If he left Atlanta at..., what time did he say he was getting off?"

"He was going to try to get off early, around 2:00 or so, and he said Susan was going to visit a friend so he didn't even need to go by his house first. I guess that'd put him here about 8:00."

"Ok, I need to go to the store...," Jan thought a second as she started writing down grocery items, "Is he staying all week-end?"

"No, I don't think so. He said he had a meeting here on Saturday morning, then had to be in Miami for a breakfast meeting Sunday."

"Well," Jan put down her pen and looked at Mike, "then, all we need is something for dinner when he gets here tonight. Would you mind running to the store and getting some steaks and salad fixings? I'll make the guest bed and straighten up a bit while you're gone." "Sure Hon, anything else?" Jan thought a second, then smiling at her husband replied, "No, that's all, and thanks for going." Jan kissed Mike and quickly headed toward the guest room.

"I wonder if he'll even use this room?" Jan thought out loud as she put fresh sheets on the bed. "I wonder?" Jan thought of the events a couple of weeks earlier at Susan and Greg's house in Atlanta. The memory of Greg fucking her tits, and Mike's mouth so close to Greg's cock, started Jan's juices flowing. She had really had a wonderful experience that night but had been a little disappointed that the guys had been so conservative in their explorations of each other. She knew that they both had thought about it, but..., "Guys are just so gutless!" Jan spoke to herself. "Anyway, tonight I'm in charge." Jan smiled broadly about the decision she'd just made and continued to straighten the bed with a little more enthusiasm now.

"Damn!" Mike almost dropped the grocery bag as he came in from the garage and saw Jan. "Man, you look fantastic!"

"Thanks," Jan smiled, " I just took a quick shower and changed."

"You look great," Mike walked over and hugged Jan closely, "Ummm, and smell delicious..., want to go to bed for a while?"

"Hey there buster. I didn't get all dressed just to undress already." Jan kissed Mike, then pushed him away. "You'll have plenty of that later." Mike looked at Jan again as she walked away. Jan had on silky shorts that fit perfectly. Not tight, but tight enough to prove she didn't have any underwear on when she walked. And the matching shirt, which she had intentionally left the top three buttons undone, showed her nice breast and firm nipples right through the soft fabric.

"So, you know you're going to drive Greg crazy." Jan stopped and turned back to look at Mike.

"What do you mean?" Jan reached up and opened, the already nearly open, shirt a little more showing her entire breasts.

"This old outfit? Why do you think he'd even notice?"

Mike grinned at Jan and just winked. "I'm going to go ahead and shower myself, unless you need me to do anything else."

"No, go ahead. I'm just going to check my e-mail anyway. There's really nothing we need to do..., 'till he gets here anyway."

Mike went to the bedroom and undressed. It didn't surprise him to see that his cock was nearly fully erect as he slipped his jockey shorts off. Mike reached down and slowly stroked it as he walked to the bathroom. He reached into the shower and turned the water on to let it heat up, then while he waited he glanced in the mirror and looked at his hand on his cock. His mind slipped back to the hot-tub at Susan and Greg's, and how Greg's cock had felt in his hand. He wondered if tonight would continue that scene a little further? Mike got in the shower and soaped up his body. After he had shampooed his hair, Mike decided to wash his cock a little better. With extra lather this time, Mike stroked his hard cock firmly back and forth. With his eyes shut, he imagined that it was Greg's hand on his cock and Greg's cock in his hand.

"Hey, better save some for later." Jan's voice broke Mike's trance and, like a schoolboy caught, he quickly let go of his cock. It seemed that no matter how old Mike got he was still embarrassed about being caught masturbating. "But, it sure looks sexy." Jan grinned as she saw Mike's startled expression through the shower door. She loved to watch him play with himself, but she also loved to tease him knowing he would get embarrassed. She loved that little boy in Mike. "Really, go ahead and have fun..., there's plenty of time." Jan turned to leave the bathroom with the clean towels that she needed for the guest bath. "I'll be on the computer in the study." Mike didn't say anything. He turned the water off, and got out.

He didn't want to cum yet anyway..., it felt so good..., but he'd save this one.

It was nearly 8:00 when Greg called and got the directions for the final leg of the trip and an hour later he pulled into the drive. They both went out to greet him at his car. "Hi Greg," Jan put her arms around Greg's neck and, tip-toeing, gave him a short kiss on the lips. "Glad to see you again."

"Man, nice welcome." Greg pulled Jan's body closer to his own and kissed her back. "It's sure great to see you again too." With that he stepped back from her and looked at her partly opened shirt. "Real great to see you! You look wonderful!" "Thanks, and you look pretty good yourself." Jan tried to look bashful with little believability. "Hey guy, welcome to Florida." Mike reached out to shake Greg's hand as he spoke. "Thanks," Greg took Mike's hand, but instead of just shaking, pulled Mike to him and gave him a warm hug. "It's sure nice to be here. And, nice to be where it's warm enough for the beautiful women to dress that way." Greg motioned towards Jan.

Mike and Jan helped Greg with his bags and they went into the house. "I like your house." Greg was looking around as they came in the door. "Thanks, we like it too. I'll bet you're hungry, we'll be eating in about a half an hour, how do you like your steak?" Mike headed to the kitchen to get the steaks out of the fridge. "Medium rare is good but I'm not real picky." "Then medium rare it'll be." Mike went out to the back yard to grill the steaks. "The guest room's back here." Jan led Greg to the guest bedroom where he put his stuff on the bed. "The bathroom's in there..., make yourself at home." Jan turned to leave the room as he spoke. "Thanks Jan, thanks for everything. If you two don't mind I think I'll take a quick shower before dinner. I always feel grimy after being on the road." Jan turned and grinned at Greg, and without slowing her pace departing the room said, "Sure, take your time...," then with a wink she finished, "and have fun." The thoughts of Mike's shower a few hours earlier flashed through her mind.

The three talked about Greg's work and Susan through dinner. By the time dinner was finished and they were having a last glass of wine the conversation had changed to Jan and Mike's stories. "I noticed that you two had your male characters interacting a little more in the last one." Greg gave Mike a sly look as he spoke. "Was this your idea or Jan's?" "Both, really..., we both wanted to try it. We'd been discussing it for a long time and just decided it was time." Mike looked at Jan to see if she wanted to continue. "Hey, don't look at me." Jan grinned at both Mike and Greg. "I'll be the first to admit it turns me on to think of two guys together, but this is between you two." Jan thought a second then added. "But if you both want me to take the reins, I'd be happy too." "What do you mean Hon?" Mike looked a little surprised at Jan's forwardness on the subject. "Hey guys," Jan sounded very confident and in control as she spoke, "I know you've both given thought to what it'd be like to do things to each other. And, I know you're both uncomfortable with it. So, if you'd both like me to take the lead..., well, I'd love to." "Well, I wouldn't mind..., I trust you." Greg seemed relieved with his decision. "Sounds good to me. What do you want us to do?" Mike added. "Ok, the first thing is to help me clean the kitchen." They all three laughed and quickly had the table cleared and the dishes in the dishwasher.

Jan then led the two men to the living room, where she sat down on the couch. "Ok, now I want you both to take your shirts off. Mike and Greg, both standing in front of Jan, took their shirts off. Jan reached up and with one hand started fondling Mike's nipple and with the other Greg's. "See, you both appear to enjoy this, and both your nipples are getting hard. Now both of you reach over and feel of each other's nipple." Mike reached across and pinched Greg's other nipple and Greg did the same with Mike's. "Now, with your other hands...," Jan let go of the men's nipples and reached down and finished unbuttoning her own shirt exposing her firm tits, "I want you to both play with my nipples." The guys didn't need a second invitation.

Jan's tits looked so wonderful, and they both needed a little hetero-confidence. Jan, with her hands now free, used them to unzip both men's pants, undo their belts, and let their pants fall to the floor. She began rubbing both cocks through the fabric of the men's underwear. "Now that really feels good guys." Jan had her eyes closed as she savored the men's stimulation on her tits. "And you both feel so good, and getting hard." Jan opened her eyes again and looked at the men standing in front of her. They looked so sexy with one hand on the other man's tit, and the other on her's. "Here, check it out for yourselves." With that Jan reached up and took Mike's hand from Greg's tit and led it to Greg's cock. She then did the same with Greg's hand. "Now that looks really sexy." Jan watched as the two men fondled each other's cocks through their underwear. Jan reached down with one hand and, putting it into her shorts, began to massage her clitoris.

"Now...," Jan reached out with her free hand and grabbed Mike's underwear, "Help me get these down Greg." Greg helped and the two of them quickly freed Mike's cock. Jan then placed Greg's hand on Mike's very hard cock. She then had Mike help her perform the same task on Greg. As the two men continued to pinch Jan's rock-hard nipples, they also began to deliberately stroke each other's cocks. Jan was now fingering her wet pussy with more intent while she alternately fondled the two men's testicles with her other hand. "Now this is really sexy..., I think I'm going to cum soon." Jan began to finger herself faster as she watched Mike and Greg jack each other off. It didn't take long 'till Jan had her first climax of the evening. As she finished her climax Jan reached up and, removing the hands from her breasts, placed them back on the men's own nipples.

"Now, I know I just had my cum..., but if you two don't mind, I don't want you guys to cum too fast..., so slow down a bit." With this instruction Mike and Greg slowed their movements. It had been so hot watching Jan cum that they were both very near, but, both wanted to do what Jan wanted so tried to hold off. "I don't know how long I can go?" Greg looked at Jan, then Mike, and continued. "I might need to stop for a second." "Yea, me too." Mike added. "Ok. Let go and finish getting undressed." Jan directed. The two men quickly kicked off their shoes, pants and underwear then stood naked in front of Jan awaiting the next orders. "Ok now, Mike, get down on your knees in front of Greg." Mike's face flushed as he went down to his knees with Greg's hard cock just inches from his face. "I don't think I need to say anymore right now," Jan ended her sentence and leaned forward and kissed Mike on the cheek. She then turned her head slightly and kissed Greg's cock. With one smooth movement she took Greg's cock into her mouth and sucked it for a short moment. Then Jan moved her head back off of the cock and kissed Mike again, this time passionately, on the mouth. With their tongues entwined Jan moved her head deliberately back in the direction of Greg's cock, causing Mike's mouth to follow. She reached up, and taking Greg's cock in her hand, held it right at her and Mike's mouth. She now ended their kiss and once more let her mouth engulf Greg's long slender cock.

When she backed her mouth off she guided the cock to Mike's mouth.

Mike felt as the cock touched his lips. He touched it with his tongue, then slid his lips completely around it and let slide further into his mouth . He thought of all the times Jan had done the same to him and tried to duplicate the things that had felt best. It amazed Mike at how natural it was to suck this cock into his mouth, and great it felt to have it there. Mike continued to explore this cock with growing enthusiasm until he was stopped by Jan. "Hold on Mike...," Jan motioned for Mike to look up, "I don't think he'll make it much longer, and it's his turn. I know you both will lose interest in this the second you cum, and I want to see more." With that said Jan pushed Mike to stand back up, then grabbed Greg's hand and pulled him down to his knees beside her. "Ok, do I need to draw a picture?" Jan grinned and sounded unconvincingly stern. This time Jan didn't need to participate. Greg immediately went to work on Mike's cock. Jan watched with great interest as one of her all-time favorite fantasies was being played out just inches in front of her. She reached down and with one hand began to rub her wet pussy, and with the other held Greg's long hard cock. "Wait Greg..., hold up a minute." Jan moved Greg's face back from Mike's cock. "I know Mike, and he can't take much more right now. And, there's something more I want to try." With that Jan moved Greg backwards untill he was laying on the floor on his back. Jan quickly moved around to the sixty-nine position on top of Greg. "I want to feel you licking me and Mike while Mike fucks me." No other instructions, or encouragements were necessary. Mike got down on his knees behind Jan, and let his hard cock easily enter her wet pussy. Greg began by sucking Jan's clitoris and each time Mike would pull partially out of her pussy, Greg would lick the length of Mike's slick cock. All of the previous activities had Mike well beyond his normal control thresh-hold and in just a few short moments he started to shoot his cum into Jan's pussy. Jan began to climax at the first spurt, but with surprising control, reached under herself and pulled Mike's, still ejaculating, cock out of her pussy and into Greg's mouth. Jan turned and watched as Mike continued to shoot his cum into Greg's mouth. Jan finished her climax with her own fingers in her dripping pussy.

Mike fell back against the couch in total exhaustion. Jan rolled over off of Greg and took a deep breath. Greg looked at the two very satisfied friends and very quielty said. "What about me?" "Oh man, I'm sorry." Mike answered first. "Really! What rude hosts we are." Jan chimed in then continued, "you poor thing. What can we do? It's your call." "Hey, I just need to cum..., and bad." "I'll be right back." Mike got up as he spoke, then went to the bedroom and returned with a condom. "Here, let me take charge now." Mike took the condom out of the package and rolled it down the length of Greg's hard cock. It surprised Mike at how natural it now was to be working on his friend's cock. "Do you feel up to it?" Mike looked at Jan. "Oh, I think I can get the energy somewhere." Jan responded as she spread her legs apart indicating her invitation to Greg. Greg didn't need any more encouragement. He was in near pain from all the erotic stimulation without a release. He moved over on top of Jan, and with one easy movement, slipped all of his hard cock into her wet pussy. Greg thought he'd probably cum immediately, and her pussy really felt wonderful, but he suddenly gained strength he had never known. He began a slow fucking, completely in, then almost completely out. This continued for quite some time and within a few moments Jan became fully involved and thrust up to each of his penetrations. Soon Jan was pulling Greg's ass towards her, encouraging him to speed up some and the two continued their fucking at a slightly faster pace. Mike, after watching this for a while, had gotten somewhat hard again and was stroking his own cock. Jan came first. She really didn't think she could cum a third time so soon, but she did. And with more force than she would have guessed possible. Having Greg's long cock, which angled up just right to glide over her G-spot with each thrust inside her pussy..., after Mike had just fucked her so well..., and after all that she had witnessed and experienced new this evening, Jan came fast and fully. Greg was still fucking her after her orgasm subsided. She looked at Mike, who was now fully hard again and stroking himself in time to Greg's fucking. Then it came to her. She signaled for Mike to come closer, and when he did she took his cock into her mouth. She then let it slip out and guided it into Greg's mouth. After a few moments of exchanging Mike's cock from mouth to mouth, Jan pushed Greg up away from her just enough to allow her to get out from under him. She then directed Mike to go under Greg in a sixty-nine position. Greg still had Mike's cock in is mouth and as soon as Mike was under Greg, Mike took Greg's dripping wet cock into his mouth. Jan watched the men going at each other and considered masturbating again, but was just too sensitive. But it sure was a great sight. She watched as Greg was obviously getting closer. "Mike, take the condom off..., I want him to cum in your mouth." Mike obeyed by reaching up and quickly rolling the condom off of Greg's cock, then continued to stroke Greg's cock with his hand as his mouth sucked as much down as possible. It wasn't long before Mike felt the first spurt fill his mouth. It tasted just like his own, rather salty, but feeling it spurt gave it much more appeal. Mike was unable to take it all, so a lot was dripping down his cheeks, but still a lot was filling his mouth as well. He didn't take too long to decide he wanted to swallow it..., and did. Then he began sucking harder to get more. It was really an interestingly enjoyable experience and Mike was sold on this aspect of sexual fun.

Jan's prior thoughts of a possible "threesome" sleeping arrangement was totally forgotten. All three were completely satiated and it was obvious that Greg would go to the guest bedroom, which he did. When Mike and Jan got into bed, Jan slid over and hugged Mike. "That was really great Mike..., thanks for a wonderful night." Mike kissed his wife, reached down and patted her nice naked ass, and said. "No, I should be thanking you. It was really great." The two lovers went to sleep in each other's arms.


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