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by Saddle Tramp

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She was a mess. There was no telling how many times she had been stepped on by that damn horse.

The rest of the cowboys were on us in seconds. A couple came to help me, but most tried to help Liz. I tried to be the macho biker and tell them I was fine, but the moment I tried to move my right leg, I passed out from the pain.

I woke up in the ambulance. Liz must have been in another one, cuz she wasn't in mine. I asked if she was OK, but the medic told me to be quiet and relax.

As they were casting my leg at the hospital, I picked up bits and pieces of what was going on with Liz. She was in surgery. She was in bad shape. She was lucky to be alive. She'll be lucky to live.

By the time Kate came to get me, Liz was out of surgery. All we could get from the nurses was "wait and see".

Kate told me I was a hero. All the cowboys wanted to buy me drinks for what I did for Liz. I was dirty and all, but Kate took me to the bar for the party anyway.

I was greeted with a hero's welcome. All the cowboys wanted to shake my hand and all the cowgirls wanted to kiss me and shower me with affection. The table they sat me at was quickly covered with beers and shots of anything imaginable. Not wanting to be rude, I did my best to drink all of them throughout the night.

One redhead in particular would not leave my side. She flirted with me the whole night and kept handing me drinks when I couldn't reach them my self.

When I passed out, Kate took me back to the motel room we were sharing. Separate beds. Get real.

The next day, she told me who the redhead was. That's right. Michelle Carlson.

"Did she remember me?" I asked.

"I don't think so, but she does remember me. She did her best to keep me away from you, and put up a fight when I started to carry you out. You almost got raped last night" Kate said with at smile.

"You can't rape the willing." Was the only thing I could think of to say.

The rest of the rodeo, I sat in the stands. I did get an ovation when introduced to the crowd. The announcer then asked for everybody to stand up, remove their hats, and have a moment of silence for Liz. It turns out she was gonna make it, but it would be a rough recovery.

The rodeo was great. Competition was fierce, and the stock was more than a lot of the cowboys could handle.

Many of the cowboys pitched in at the end to help Kate load up the stock. They were helping her both because of what I did for Liz and because many of them knew Rat and they missed him too.

I still went to work at the shop every day, but I couldn't get around at all, so Kent did all my fetchin' and steppin'. He learned a lot and I started to let him do more and more in the shop.

Business was picking up again, now that word was getting out that I was doing good work. As the weather was starting to turn, business really started to pick up. I was fixing the little things that the bikers had let slide cuz they wanted to ride and a lot of the guys wanted their motors rebuilt after a hard year of riding and before spring.

That was fine with me. I needed to stay busy. Kate was busy with the ranch, but we managed to see a lot of each other around the house. We were getting real close again, and I was afraid that one of us would do something stupid.

So I found a release for that urge. Michelle Carlson. I called her up and less than 15 minutes later, I had her clothes off her and her ass in the air. She didn't want any foreplay, but I did manage to get her to start getting me ready with a blowjob while I was fingering her pussy getting it wet. When I was ready, I pulled out of her mouth and moved in behind her. With one strong stroke, I bottomed out. Not much to the quality of that pussy.

I remembered how tight it was when I was the first in there, but I also remembered how loose it was by the third time. That's how loose it was now.

I knew that there was no way I was gonna get any relief this way, so I started to think of other options. I ran a finger over her anus as I looked at it. That looked like one well-fuck asshole. Gone was the little pink rose bud, replaced by a scarred up brown sphincter.

Slipping my finger into her pussy along side my cock, I got it good and wet, then proceeded to stick it in her asshole. It was no where near as tight as it had been thirteen years ago, but it was still tighter than that sad pussy of hers.

Just as she was staring to cum, I slipped out of her pussy, and rammed it home in her ass. She started to scream, begging for more. Harder. Faster.

She and I reached to point of no return at the same time. I squirted and squirted into her well fucked ass.

As I started to soften, she turned around and took my limp cock in her mouth, cleaning it really well.

After it was clean, she went into the kitchen, pulled out a glass from the cupboard, and filled it with the cream from her ass. The gross brown and white liquid looked like swirled ice cream.

Michelle then stirred it around with her finger before putting the finger in her mouth and pulling out a "clean" finger. She smile and made those "yummy" sounds as she offered me the glass.

"Fuck no, you sick bitch." I said in disgust.

With that, she downed the whole glass like a martini.

I grabbed my clothes and got dressed. She walked me to the door and tried to get me to kiss her good bye.

"Not a prayer, not a chance, bitch. By the way, you don't remember me, do you?"

When she told me no, I told her I was the one that took her cherry and first fucked her ass.

Then she told me that every since that night, she hasn't been able to get enough. She said that when she was in college at A&M, she took on an entire frat house. That night she was fucked by 32 guys in every hole imaginable. She worked her way through college by "catering" bachelor parties. Her largest was 132 guys.

She said she owed it all to me, and thanked me. What a sick, fucking whore.

My bad-ass biker persona and rumors and memories of my youth had a terrible effect on my social life in town. Even with a broken leg, the guys stayed clear of me, and the women ignored me. Some even crossed to the other side of the street to avoid me.

So with a choice of Michelle or nothing, I looked for a third option. I shared my problem with Kate. I know this sounds funny, but when we were younger, the three of us discussed everything. Rat and I learned about feminine problems and Kate learned about guy things. Nothing was off limits.

When I told her about my problem, she introduced me to the internet. Between the pics ad the stories, I started going blind, but my terminal case of lack-a-nookie was under control.

Then about three months after the rodeo, Kent came back to the service area and told me someone out front wanted to see me. I followed him up front and got the shock of my life.

The gorgeous blonde from the rodeo was there, but was different. Her face had several long scars though it, one starting at the corner of her mouth and extending back towards her ear. It made her look like she was smiling. She was very thin, probably twenty pounds lighter than the day I first saw her. And she walked with a limp.

"Hi" was all I could manage to say.

"I just came here to say thank you for helping me. I heard that your leg was broken, too. I'm sorry for that."

"No problem. I'm really glad to see you up and around again." What the hell is a guy supposed to say?

"I would very much like to buy you lunch and get to know the guy that saved my life." It sounded like she had rehearsed that line for the last three months. So I said yes.

We went to the café down the street. Everybody turned and stared as we walked in. I still had a limp from my brake, but hers was much more noticeable.

Throughout the meal, the waitress and other customers stared at the scars on her face. I stared at her too, but I was staring at the strength in her eyes. I could see that she had been down a long hard road, but that she fought every step of the way. Just to come and see me had to have been hard for her, but she did it.

As lunch and the conversation wore on, we both loosened up. She got to know all about me, and I learned a lot about her. The reason she stayed away from the rodeo people was because her mother had once been just like her: The best cowgirl and the prettiest woman. Then fell for a cowboy that just loved the rodeo more than the woman carrying his baby.

Liz vowed this would never happen to her. So she stayed away from the cowboys, turned down their romantic advances, and concentrated on her own little ranch and being a champion roper and barrel racer.

Then she started to cry. She said all that she had every worked for was gone. She couldn't ride anymore because of the injuries to her head and body. And she had to sell the ranch to pay for her hospital stay and all the other bills that had piled up. She was living in a small trailer on welfare, trying to heal up enough to get a job, anything that would support her.

We connected that afternoon. I never did get back to the shop, but I did take Liz home to have dinner with Kate and I. Kate insisted that she stay the night, because it was too late for her to drive back to her town, about a hundred miles away.

Kate turned in early and left Liz and I to talk. As it got late I helped her to her room. I told her good night at her door, but she reached out for my head and kissed me.

Long and soft she kissed me. It was like she had waited her whole life for this, and now all of the pent-up feelings were being poured out in this one kiss.

When she ran out of breath, she pulled away, took my hand, and led me into her room. She started to kiss me again, only harder this time, as she started to pull up my tee-shirt. Then she started to unbuckle my jeans.

I took her hands, and told her she didn't have to do this. When she started to cry, I wanted to kick myself.

"Is it because I'm ugly? I know it is. It's because I limp and I'm skinny, and I'm ugly." She cried.

"No. It's not that. I've slept with ugly before. This has never happened to me before. The reason I said that is because I do like you. I respect you. I just don't want you to do this because you feel you owe me something. You don't. All I want from you is you friendship. Please think about this."

I don't know where this came from. It used to be a woman was just nice to me, I wound up in bed with her and never thought twice about it. But this was different. For once in my life I was interested in someone because of who she was, not just as a sexual object.

"Then I think I want to make love to you for what you just said. All my life men have wanted to give their left arm for a chance to sleep with me just for my looks. Now I might have found a true gentleman."

With that she started another kiss and fumbling with my belt. She started to slide my jeans down over my hips as I started to unbutton her blouse. I pulled it over her shoulders and let it hang from her jeans by the tail. Her bra was next, then her jeans found their way down to her thighs.

Liz then knelt down and began to take off my boots before she reached for my cock. Like a child with a new toy, she looked it over, touching and exploring it before taking it all into her mouth.

I started to grow in her mouth, the end of my cock moving towards the back of her throat. The longer I grew, the harder she worked to give me the blowjob of my life. But that wasn't what I wanted. That is what I expected of a saddle tramp or a bar pick up.

I wanted to make love to her. Not fuck her. Not find out if she swallows. For once it was love and not sex.

A soft pull of her head and she realized what I wanted. She began to stand up, but I had to reach for her arms when she couldn't do it by herself. When she was standing, I led her to the bed and helped her off with her boots and socks. I pulled her jeans off the rest of the rest of the way. I studied her closely head to toe. The scars a maze, crossing for one side to the other and from top to bottom. If her insides were damaged even half as badly, there is no way she would have lived.

But I found them fascinating. Beautiful not in the classic sense, but beautiful to me none the less. I started to kiss my way along them, covering them lightly with my tongue. I wanted her to know that I found them beautiful too.

I kissed my way up to her breasts. Clearly they had been much larger and firmer in the past, but tonight wasn't about boobs, but about Liz. Tonight I wanted Liz to experience as much pleasure as she had pain in the last three months.

Gently I kissed and licked her nipples. Taking each bud in turn between my lips and teeth a tenderly pulling them and causing Liz to sigh softly with pleasure.

When Liz's nipples her hard and tingling, I started the voyage down her stomach to scar-bisected hair of her womanhood. Around the bush, across her thighs, an up to her waiting pussy.

It was already starting to flow with passion. Her scent was strong, but pleasant, as was the taste of her lube. I lapped up all that had started to drip, then went inside for more. Parting her lips with my tongue first then my fingers, I probed deeper into her sex with my tongue. The further is got, the more she moaned and squirmed. Finally I moved my attention from the depths of the fold to her clit. As my tongue touched it, her first orgasm struck her. As she continued to reach her climax, I began to nibble on it, driving her further over the edge.

I continued to slow my work on her pussy as she came down from the orgasm, then moved up beside her. The look of passion and love in her eyes was the greatest source of happiness I'd ever know.

Again we kissed. And as we did, she reached down and began to stroke my cock again. When I reached my full potential, she rolled over on top of me and guided me into her. Slowly she traveled down for about five inches, then I ran into a barrier.

"Is this your first time?" I asked. She nodded. "You don't have to do this now. We can wait and see about building our relationship first."

"Shut up. I know you've probably had virgins before."

"Yeah, but I didn't love them. I want it to be special for you."

"It is special." With that she relaxed her legs and let her body weight sent my cock piercing through her hymen. Liz bit her lip to reduce the scream to a whimper.

She laid there for a couple of minutes getting used to the intrusion into her womb before starting the slow journey up. Then down. Faster and faster she repeated the journey. Before long, she was a blur. Her small emaciated breasts wiggling up and down as she rode me like she was once again the queen of the rodeo.

This was too much for her and me, and we both let go at the same time. Her entire body in spasms and my balls emptying themselves deep inside her.

She collapsed on top of me, laid her head on my chest and fell asleep. She had not much time to build up her stamina since the accident. I pulled a sheet over the both of us and fell asleep with her in my arms. I never even considered moving to my own bed like I had done a hundred times before.

The next morning, I let Liz sleep in and had breakfast with Kate. She knew what had happened and was happy for me. She said that Liz could stay as long as I wanted her to.

Liz and Kate became great friends. Their common love of horses and ranching the thread that held them together. That and their common love of me. I helped Liz with her exercises and a year later neither of us limped any more. The scars on her body faded quickly. Before long, the stares of the townspeople were no more.

Liz and I married a year after we met. We bought a nice trailer near town. I still run Rat's shop and Liz works for Kate, doing much of the business end of the ranch, allowing Kate to be a cowgirl.

Kate gave us that '46 Flathead that was in Rat's shop as a wedding present. I've since restored it and even put on a backseat for Liz. Since she can no longer ride horses (one of the blows to her head affected her balance), her riding behind me on the Harley is a special thrill that we love to share with each other.

If you have and questions or comments, feel free to write me.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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