The Best Erotic Stories.

by Tracy Dare

She eyed him from the doorway, knowing he was yet unaware of her presence. Quietly slipping out of her clothes, she crept up behind him, leaning over to kiss the top of his head, her soft breasts grazing the back of his neck. He reached up to stroke her face and smiled.

"I have a treat for us baby," she whispered against his ear.

He rose from his chair and turned to embrace her, smiling at her nakedness before pulling her against him. Taking him by the hand, she led him to the bed, undressing him slowly, her every touch followed by a tender kiss. He smiled and sighed happily as his clothes fell to the floor, delighted to have her near him. She sat him on the bed, smiled and winked, and left the room for a moment. Returning with a tray which she sat on the bedside table, she joined him and leaned in for a passionate, needful kiss. Their mouths danced and caressed, their kisses hungry yet tender. Their lips parted, and he looked at the tray on the table and smiled.

"Lay down, my love," she instructed softly.

A slow smile spread across his face as he laid back, his head on his arms, watching her intently. She reached for the bottle of red wine, poured some in a goblet and took a sip. The next sip she held in her mouth, then leaned down to kiss into his. Parting her lips slightly against his, the ruby fluid dripped slowly into his mouth from hers, and his eager tongue licked a stray drop from her chin. She smiled down at him and reached for the wine again, this time drizzling it down her soft, loose breasts. She leaned in and he hungrily lapped it from her flesh as she leaned her head back and softly moaned. His arms slid around her and pulled her tight against his mouth as he licked and sucked her breasts. Her desire was rising, but she maintained control and gently pushed his head away.

"Not yet darling," she whispered. "I'm not done with you yet."

She smiled and reached for a strawberry, which she kissed into his mouth. The next one she held between her breasts, leaning over him as he took it from her. Then she stood on the floor, one leg on the bed, and took another strawberry from the bowl. She pressed it against the warm folds of her pussy, slightly crushing it, gasping as a drop of juice ran down her inner thigh, then slid it between her lips and pressed it into her moist depths. His eyes never left her, and his gasp was perceptible as she crawled up on the bed and straddled his face. She moaned as his hot tongue sliced into her slit, lapping at the taste of the fruit. His hands slid around her thighs and pulled her mound tight against his face. He ate her hungrily, sucking her clit into his mouth, gently biting her swollen lips, pausing to leave a mark on her inner thigh.

Finally his tongue pressed deep into her, fucking her, digging for the fruit he knew was inside. He found the strawberry and crushed it against her warm walls, lapping the juice as it leaked out of her, before curling his tongue around it and pulling it out of her. He crushed it between his lips and savored it, tasting her warm juices on the fruit before swallowing it. Holding her tight against his mouth, his warm lips tugged gently on her clit, while his tongue flicked softly against it. She tried to pull away, but he held her against his hungry mouth, knowing she was losing control. Her moans became louder, her shuddering more intense, and he sucked her clit deeper into his mouth. She came furiously, soaking his face with her warm juices. Crawling off him on trembling limbs, she leaned over to kiss him, greedily sucking the sticky wetness off his lips and chin. He smiled against her lips as they shared the warm taste of her pussy.

As her trembling calmed, she reached for the bowl of ice on the tray, and popped a cube into her mouth. Smiling as she sucked it, she leaned down to cool his hot mouth with hers, kissing him quickly before letting her lips kiss a trail down his neck and chest. Goosebumps rose on his flesh as her chilled, wet lips sucked and pulled at his nipple. His hands tangled in her hair and his breathing quickened as her cold tongue flicked and teased down his belly. Only her cheek brushed against his throbbing, aching cock, but even this caused him to gasp. He wanted her so much.

As she slid between his thighs, she grinned up at him and stuck out her tongue. The tiny, smooth marble of ice glistened on the tip of it before she rolled it back into her mouth. Spreading his legs, her cool lips kissed his inner thighs softly, making his hair raise. He writhed against her as her face grazed the underside of his balls, her chilled lips brushing gently against his ass. He gasped as she pressed her cold tongue against his puckered flesh, and bucked against her as it probed inside him. She pressed her tongue deeper into him, her cold mouth a drastic contrast to the heat building within. Pulling out her tongue, she rolled the smooth pebble of ice in her mouth, and held it between her lips as she pressed it against his ass. Her tongue guiding it, the ice slipped inside him, and she smiled as his breath caught in his throat. How she loved pleasing him. Reaching up, her hands found his pulsing cock, and stroked it lovingly as she lapped at him, licking up cool drops of water as they melted out of him. His cock throbbed against her palm as she jerked it slowly, still licking and teasing the rim of his ass.

Raising her head, she gave his cock a quick, cool lick as she crawled back up on top of him. His eyes pleaded as he gazed into hers, and she winked at him. The torment was killing them both, but she shook her head slowly as she put her finger in his mouth. It wasn't quite time. She sat up, straddling his thighs and reached to the table again as he closed his eyes in sweet frustration. Grazing his chest gently with her long nails, she slid her hands to his shoulders and pulled him up. They sat face to face, her ass between his thighs, her legs over his, and she grinned slowly as he softly caressed her breast. He grinned back at her when he saw the glint of light off her fangs.

Her lips brushed against his warm shoulder, sliding across his collarbone, coming to rest at his neck. The feeling of his pulse against her lips drove her wild, and she savored the taste of the sweat on his skin as she kissed and licked the spot on his throat. His cock throbbed between them, and she stroked it absently as her sharp teeth pressed against his flesh. Their breathing became heavy as her bite became deeper, and they both gasped as the sharp fangs pierced his flesh. She held her mouth there a moment, nearly dizzy with desire to consume him, then pulled herself away to admire the wound.

Warm, sweet blood trickled slowly from the small holes on his neck, and she trembled as she looked into his eyes. He had never seen her so hungry. Taking her in his arms, he pulled her in close to let her feed. His heart raced, as if to offer more quickly his warm blood that she so craved. She lapped hungrily at the trail of blood pooling against his collarbone before closing her lips around the wound and sucking softly. His fingers tangled in her hair as he held her head to his throat, and she moaned softly against his skin as she swallowed his essence. Sucking harder, her hunger insatiable now, she drank feverishly from his neck as he gasped into her hair.

Desire consuming him, he yanked her head backward and kissed her violently, the taste of his own blood fueling his passion, her hungry whimpers making him animal. She wriggled within his urgent grasp and repositioned herself on her knees, still straddling his lap. Pulling away from his kiss, she opened her eyes and looked deeply into his as she reached down and guided his cock to the swollen, wet entrance of her pussy.

Still sitting up, facing each other, they shared a last moment of sweet torment before she slammed herself down, impaling herself on his pulsing, hard cock. Arching her back, her head thrown back, she cried out as his hard flesh tore into hers. Holding her in his arms, he supported her as he thrusted up into her depths, his aching cock slicing deeply into her. He was in control now, and she knew it. She held his shoulders as she rode him, and his hands held her hips and slammed her down hard on his hungry flesh. Bucking up under her, his desire mounting, he leaned in and sucked the racing pulse of her neck as she worked his cock with her strong muscles. She screamed as he bit her neck, and he gripped her hips and pulled her down harder on him.

Knowing he was hurting her, he smiled slightly as he thrust up harder into her, bruising her soft warmth, owning her completely. Her cries fueled his passion, and he held her hips firmly, slamming her down on him violently, his final thrust stabbing deep into her soul. His orgasm tore through him, and they clung to each other as he shuddered, spilling deep within her. Time stopped for them as they panted against each other, their souls as one, their minds quiet for the moment, in complete harmony. Drunk on the taste and scent and feel of each other, they kissed tenderly and embraced the silence they shared, their union, as always, transcending mortal understanding.


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