The Best Erotic Stories.

by Brianna

Nightwolf had a plan. A plan of domination. It was simple, he had build a maze filled with various traps and perils. All each heroine had to do was survive for 24 hours and they would go free. Or so he would lead them to believe. All that was left was nominating the candidates and getting a hold of each of them.

And the Nominees are: (In order of my personal favorites)

1st place: Black Canary!

2nd place: Batgirl!

3rd place: Supergirl!

4th place: Esha the Thief!

Unfortunately getting a hold of each of them required a different strategy for each heroine. Given that they all had different powers and talents, they all had one thing in common: A weakness to anesthetics. Which was the Wolf's advantage. Naturally he had a extreme fetish for putting beautiful women to sleep. But he grew tired of civilians who gave up after 5-10 seconds of gas of chloroform. He wanted someone who could challenge him a little more evenly. The biggest challenge would certainly be Supergirl because of her obvious powers. Black Canary held the biggest sex-appeal by far to the Wolf. "I'm gonna have fun with that little slut..." Wolf said to himself.

Part 1: Batgirl

First he decided to go after Batgirl. He figured he'd save Black Canary for last, so there was no rush and he could take his time with her.

Wolf watched Batgirl as she swung from roof to roof on the cheap little batarang through his binoculars. It was a cold night out, he could tell by her nipples jutting through her purple spandex top.

Wolf than pulled out a nearby crate and pulled it down on top of him. Then he began calling out: "Help...Please somebody help me, I can't move!"

Batgirl swung down and landed next to him with a soft thud. She proceeded to life up the crate easily and leaned over him. "Are you ok?" she asked sweetly. "I am now" Wolf replied with an evil smile.

He brought a slender pistol out from behind his back and aimed it at the superheroine. Pulling the trigger released a stream of pink fog that bathed the brave heroine's entire body. Batgirl felt a wave of euphoria wash over her. Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor for what seem like an eternity. The last image Batgirl was able to see was that of Nightwolf standing over her triumphant. To add insult to injury, he pulled out a chloroform soaked cotton wad and rubbed her strong scented, cloth all over Batgirl's face and body before everything went black. "You're mine now Batbitch!"

Part 2: Supergirl

"Perfect timing!" Wolf said to himself as saw Supergirl flying overhead.

He quickly finished laying Batgirl down in the back seat of his specially made limousine. He then began to cry aloud: "Supergirl, come quick. Batgirl is in trouble!"

The blonde hero changed her flight path and headed straight down the Nightwolf and the fallen Batgirl. "What happened?" she asked, striking her famous Supergirl pose. "I don't know. I heard a noise and came over, only to find her laying unconscious in the back seat of this car!"

Supergirl looked suspicious but was too concerned about Batgirl to worry about the risks. She stood outside of the open door and called: "Batgirl? Are you ok...?"

Batgirl began to stir and moaned slightly. "Wake up girl! What happened to you?"

Suddenly Supergirl was grabbed from behind, a chloroformed soaked handkerchief clamped over her nose and mouth. The Blonde Bombshell's hands clawed at the sickly sweet white cotton mass suffocating her, as she watched the unconscious form of Batgirl in the back of the limo. She could feel herself lifted off her feet and pushed into the dark interior of the vehicle, the chloroform rag seemingly glued to her face. She could feel her body going numb, her hands clinging weakly to the gloved hand and cloth over her mouth. For a moment the chloroform soaked cloth was removed, and her attacker, the civilian who had called for her help, released her, leaving her on the backseat of the limo. He left her alone for a moment, but then returned and grabbed the Blonde Bombshell as she tried to sit up. "No, no, My Dear," Nightwolf said in a soft tone of voice, "You need your beauty sleep." " more chloro...mmmppffhh" the heroine weakly protested.

Only to have her words cut off by the sickly sweet smelling cloth. Her head pounded, her vision blurred, and her body wasn't working right anymore. She wanted to fight, wanted to break free and escape, but she was so, so tired. Supergirl's eyelids began fluttering, and then closed as she went limp in her captor's arms. "Sweet dreams, My Dear," he said as he pushed her into darkness.

Wolf pulled out two gauze pads and a bottle of chloroform. Her then proceeded to soak the pads in the liquid only before strapping them to the two sleeping beauties. "This should keep you out long enough for me to gather the rest of your companions"

Part 3: Esha the Thief

"Freeze asshole!" came the demanding female voice from behind.

Nightwolf slowly turned around to see the sexy body of Esha standing before him. "Ugh! Another one? Do you guys travel in packs?" he asked her. "Shut up and don't move! I saw what you did to those two. Sorry, but your busted" she threatened. "Actually, I think that you're the one who's busted...Or should I say busty" he replied.

This caused the Thief to look down at her chest. When she looked back up, the kidnapper was gone. "Shit...where did you go?!" she called aloud. "I'm right here" came a voice out of thin air. "I've been wanting to test out this new invisibility bracelet I got. You just gave me the chance!"

She walked around blindly looking for him. As she got within twenty feet of him, a metal bar, floating in mid air came out from between two crates and slammed across the back of the blonde's head sending the woman staggering aimlessly forward then to her knees. Felicia shook her head and tried to get up. She staggered back and forth, bumping into crates in the alley.

Suddenly the American yelped as some ghostly force like some unseen hand ran between her legs from behind and groped her nether region through her skin tight, black body suit. She retaliated with a karate chop but was so disoriented that she completely missed and slammed her back up against a crate. She then gasped in shock as two more ghostly hands grabbed each of her breasts and groped them through her suit. She could feel arms even though she couldn't see anything. She grabbed the hands and pushed them away then tried to run. Some unseen leg tripping her and foiled her escape. She slammed face first into another crate. Then her left arm was wrenched hard behind her back and she was pinned up against the same crate. She could feel some ghostly body press up against behind her.

As she struggled, a free floating cotton pad came up and slowly pressed down over her nose and mouth. Esha screamed in horror and struggled frantically but her head blow still made her dizzy and disoriented. "MMMBLM! CHLOROFORM! NYET! CANNOT LET..."

The heroine went wild but she was at a huge disadvantage and she had gasped down too much of the sickly sweet fumes already. She then shrieked in terror and disgust as she felt what she thought was an erect penis press between her ass cheeks, grinding into her rear through her suit. Soon the young girl's gyrations slowed. She let out a soft moan then sank down in defeat. Then Nightwolf let Esha the Thief slide down to the ground before removing his bracelet. "Three down, one to go" he said to himself before rigging the buxom blonde with the same chloroform mask as Batgirl and Supergirl and placing her in the back of the limo.

Part 4: Black Canary

Nightwolf drove the limo to Black Canary's nearby house. (How he got the address shall remain a mystery) He sat outside her building for 2 hours knowing if he waited she would eventually come out. Patience is a virtue after all. But he had no patience.

After renewing the cotton masks on his already captured victims, he finally came out of the car and snuck up to the front door. Nightwolf slunk into the building with the intent to subdue his fantasy. He walked up to the penthouse and picked the lock. He snuck around the penthouse looking for his prey. After a few moments of searching he saw her in the main office. Looking around, trying to be resourceful, he saw an overhead air vent.

He pulled sleeping gas grenade out of his bag and approached the ventilation system leading into her office. He pulled the pin and rolled the bomb into the vent. Then he went back to the front of her office and propped the door shut. The grenade released the gas, it poured into the office from above and showered down on her and began it's intoxicating effects. "I smell gas...cough, cough" the Canary stated.

She ran for the door. The gas had filled the room totally, she couldn't see. "I can't breathe...cough, cough...I have to get out..."

She walked over to the window but only made it to her desk. She leaned on it. The green gas swirled around her hard, slender body. Sweat seeped through her white tube top, exposing her hardened nipples. "I feel so tired..."

She tried to resist the gas but she inhaled deeply and allowed the gas to fill her lungs and take effect. She fell to her hands and knees. "cough,cough.... uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh" she moaned as the gas overpowered her.

The gas cleared the room through the vents so he entered. Wolf waited for her to wake up. She did and upon seeing him, ran for the door. He stood and approached her. She continued to back up until she was in corner. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked meekly.

From behind he pulled out a billowy mound of chloroform-soaked cotton and pressed it firmly against her nose and mouth. The beautiful heroine tried to cry out, but her protests were smothered by the thick pad. As her outburst was muted and she was jerked backward, her open jacket parted further, her gigantic breasts heaving in panic. "Mmmpph...urrggfff" the blonde beauty gagged.

The sweet-smelling anesthetic filled her nostrils. She reacted blindly, clawing wildly at the hand clamped like a vice over her face. Held fast by the arm locked around her neck and shoulders, Black Canary found herself unable to move easily within the closed confines of the ambulance, her legs now pinned down by the nimble movements of the still-bound, blonde medic. Too late did she think to try her sonic Canary Cry. Her futile attempts became drowned in a sea of ether. "urrbbgglggh...mmggmmm..."

Black Canary's struggling began to abate, as the chloroform fumes continued to steamroll into her defenseless lungs. Her steely, blue eyes began to flutter; her madly shifting hips now gyrated in an odd, ritualistic way as if her submission to the cloth was a dance of sorts. "...nmbbmmm..." was the last audible inflection from the leather-clad beauty, a residual reaction reduced to a strangled gurgle.

He looked down as he dropped the blonde bombshell. There, laying like a sleeping little girl and moaning slightly from the chloroform was the Black Canary. "Party time" Wolf thought as he hoisted the dazed heroine from the box and quickly tied her hands behind her back.

The fresh air rushing through the back of the truck quickly revived the spirited heroine as the men finished tying her arms.

With a fiery yelp she began to wiggle and struggle against the group of men. He had her laying on her stomach as he sat on the office chair. Wolf started running his hands over her chest and cupping her breasts. The young girl twisted and jerked her shoulders in a vain attempt at shaking the creep's hands off her ample breasts. "What did I do to deserve this?" Black Canary asked herself aloud. "Well you deserved this for a long time." he replied as he forced is cock into her inexperienced mouth and slid it deep further into her throat.

Canary reeled at this horrid act and she kicked and screamed violently. This only excited Nightwolf more. He began to squeeze and stroke the rest of her body even harder. She could feel a pair of hands slowly gliding up and down the back of her bare thighs, getting closer and closer to her... The young heroine surged and whined as the mastermind continued to molest her. He continued and began sliding his hands over her firm but sore rear end. "Let see what we got here!?" her captor chuckled as he grabbed her shorts and pulled them down over her bare thighs to her knees.

She let out another scream as her rear was bared to the world. Nightwolf continued to slowly pump his cock inside her mouth. After several minutes, he stopped and stared at her sore, reddened rear. Canary growled a defiant moan as the Wolf mocked her like she was some spoiled little girl needing a good spanking. The man behind her then stood up and unzipped his pants. "I want something special." he said in a low, intense voice.

Suddenly, Dinah's hips surged and she let out a ferocious scream as the Wolf grabbed her buttocks and parted her cheeks before inserting his dick into her virgin ass. Her hips jumped and rocked wildly as the engorged member slowly slid inside her. At first the going was hard, but, as her ass relaxed his penis began to inch its way deeper inside her. The sensation was too intense and Dinah gyrated frantically in despair. This excited the man behind her which caused him to pump faster and faster.

Dinah's eyes popped wide open at the prospect of this and she struggled even more. The man continued to pump faster and faster, slamming himself into her from behind. Then the office filled with silence as the kidnapper surged inexorably upward. Dinah let out one last defiant yell as both men burst and ejaculated inside her. Dinah slumped back down, moaning and cooing sighs of defeat as he pumped every last drop into her. Her rear was covered with cum which had trickled out from her ass and down her legs. Her mouth and chin were also covered and he smeared the remainder across her face.

Nightwolf then flipped Dinah on her back and climbed on top of her. Forcing his hips between her legs, he violently began penetrating her. Canary fought back as best as she could, gyrating and thrusting against the onslaught but it was to no avail as he came hard and long into her defenseless vagina.

She clutched her head and tried to shake off the endless fucking as a hand reached out of the darkness and fired a jet of thick gas in her face. Ms. Americana reeled from the ether fumes and her head spun before dropping limply to the floor.

To be continued...


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