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by English Bob

Tom lay on the bed in the holiday apartment looking up at the whirling ceiling fan as it slowly rotated the hot air around the room. He could hear the mystical sounds from the Moroccan street outside the window, and the aroma of exotic meats and fruits filled his nostrils. The early evening air was warm and muggy as it had been the whole week of the vacation and Tom wore only a pair of loose shorts as he stretched out and tried to get as much cool air as he could from the ceiling fan. Moving on to his side, he looked out onto the balcony where his wife Darla was leaning on the rail and watching the street.

Tom and Darla had been married only the previous week and although it was his idea to honeymoon in Morocco, Darla found the country totally fascinating. Tom watched his new wife from behind and again marveled at her superb body. The last of the African sun was in front of her, and as it shone through her thin sun dress, silhouetting her figure, Tom could make out the tiny bikini panties she wore. He let his eyes scan up and down the back of her body noting the smooth curve of the side of her breasts, her pert tight ass and her long slim legs as she stood barefoot watching the locals set up the evening market. Tom never tired of looking at Darla's body and even now realised that he had started to develop an uncomfortable erection. He stretched again, slid his hand into his shorts to rearrange his penis into a more comfortable position, and swung his legs off the bed. He padded softly up to his wife, and stood behind her wrapping his long arms around her trim waist. Darla acknowledged her husband's presence by leaning her head back onto his shoulder and looking up into his eyes. Tom lowered his face to hers and gently kissed her lips, a loving sensual embrace. As their lips met and parted, Darla slipped her tongue into Tom's mouth. He returned the deep kiss and their tongues entwined in a dance of love.

Unable to help himself, Tom let his hands slowly move from her waist up the smooth contours of her body to her breasts. Darla broke the kiss. She was slightly breathless as she spoke.

"Tom, please," she giggled "we are only one floor up. Someone could see us."

But her actions defied her words as Tom realised that her nipples had started to harden under the thin dress. Encouraged by the reaction of her body he tilted her head back to his and continued with the deep kiss while slowly and gently massaging her breasts through the thin material. Tom knew his wife to be daring and a little on the exhibitionist side, so as her tongue began darting in and out of his mouth he slowly slid the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders. Darla moaned slightly into his mouth as his fingers found her hard nipples and gently rotated them between his fingers and thumbs. He knew she always responded well to this and continued to tease and stimulate the hard buds.

Again Darla broke their kiss, this time with a sigh and a louder moan. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back to her husbands shoulder enjoying his touch and the early evening air playing on her breasts. Still standing behind his wife, Tom was now kissing her neck and shoulders as he continued to play with her breasts. As he moved his head slightly to lick her earlobe, he caught something moving from the corner of his eye. He stopped for a moment as he gazed out into the front garden of the apartment trying to pinpoint where the movement had come from, but the increasing darkness made it difficult to see. He felt Darla's hand on his head as she pulled his lips back into contact with her neck, slightly irritated at the pause in his ministrations. Tom continued to kiss and nibble her neck again but kept his eyes open for the movement in the shadows.

Again he saw it. More clearly now. A dark figure behind the bushes. He could see now that it was a young, dark skinned man. He guessed around 18 years old and obviously of local origin. The man was hiding and quite obviously watching Tom play with his wife's breasts. A wicked thought entered Tom's mind. Briefly letting go of Darla's left breast, he beckoned with his hand towards the boy. Again Darla moaned a breathless protest and Tom quickly returned his hand to her breast.

Tom looked at his wife's face. Her eyes were still closed, enjoying the erotic stimulation, and then returned his gaze to the boy. The boy had now crept a little closer on Tom's invitation and was closely eyeing Darla's large breasts and was trying to cover an obvious erection. Tom decided to give the boy something more to look at and slowly let the straps of the dress fall to Darla's waist. With little effort the dress fell away completely and pooled around her bare feet. Darla's nipples were now as hard as pebbles as she moaned further encouragement into her husband's shoulder. Without taking his eyes from his one man audience, Tom scooped up both breasts in his hands and squeezed them together. Darla moaned a little louder this time as she felt the warm air play over her body naked but for her panties.

Tom decided that it was about time that his wife was made aware of their audience.

"Hey honey," he whispered "Don't move now..."

"Oh god, there is no way I'm gonna move now," she replied, her voice soft. "You have me close baby, so close."

"I think you should know that we are being watched. He's only a boy, are you okay with that?"

"I don't care baby, just don't stop now...please"

Smiling wickedly at his wife's lack of concern, Tom once more beckoned the boy closer. Slowly the youngster crept towards the balcony keeping his eyes on the near naked woman in front of him and squatted beside a large tree. Tom could tell that he was breathing quite hard and that the bulge in his jeans was still very evident. Still smiling Tom let his hands wander down Darla's sides to the waistband of her panties. Her eyes were still closed as he hooked his thumbs into the top of the garment and pulled them down her legs letting them fall in a heap at her feet with her dress. As Darla stepped out of her panties, Tom encouraged her to stand with her legs apart holding on to the balcony rail.

Tom could now see the boy quite clearly and realised that he had undone his zipper and released a large stiff penis. Still standing behind his wife, Tom could imagine the view the boy had of his wife's shaved pussy, large breasts and erect nipples. The boy was clearly becoming more excited as every now and then he would give his large cock a few swift rubs up and down the length of his shaft. Darla too was becoming more vocal as she moaned louder and began to grind her ass back into Toms crotch.

Wanting to continue with the show, Tom moved one hand down to his wife's ass and between her legs from behind. She gasped as his fingers found the smooth wet folds of her pussy lips and she drew a sharp breath as he touched her distended clitoris.

"Open your eyes, honey," he whispered in her ear. "He's taken his cock out for you to see."

Legs trembling, Darla slowly opened her eyes to see the boy not fifteen feet in front of her with his erection sticking out through his zipper and avidly watching her. It was now Tom's turn to close his eyes as he carefully worked two fingers inside her pussy from behind.

"Tell me what it looks like to you baby - describe it" he breathed as he continued to finger her.

Darla was now fast approaching her orgasm as she felt Tom's fingers seek out her most sensitive areas.

"Mmmmm he's big. Very big. Long and wide around with a large mushroom shaped head"

"Wold it feel good in you mouth? Would you like to slide your tongue along the underside? Suck the head? Taste the pre-cum?"

Darla could hardly speak as her orgasm began. Tom's fingers were buried deep inside her vagina his thumb rotating over her clitoris.

"Aaaahhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh yessssss, I would suck it...mmmmmmmmm suck it deep...taste the cum..."

Tom felt her vaginal muscles contract around his fingers in orgasm as he brought his other hand to her face. He slipped a finger into her warm wet mouth, pushed it gently in and out simulating the act of oral sex.

"Or would you prefer it inside your pussy?" he continued, bringing his finger now wet from her mouth down over her tight stomach to the front of her shaved mound. Tom pumped two fingers into her from behind as he slowly rotated his finger wet with her saliva over her clitoris from the front. Darla could now only manage moans and sighs as she felt her nether regions being stimulated over and over again.

"Can you imagine his cock going in and out of your shaved pussy baby? Filling you up?

Tom felt incredibly stimulated himself now as his wife, unable to form complete words, moaned her encouragement. His penis was throbbing uncontrollably inside his shorts and he needed relief badly. He now had three fingers deep inside her vagina from behind and was still flicking and teasing her protruding clitoris with his other hand from the front.

"What about in your ass baby?" he whispered. Tom and Darla had been together for two years before they married but had never tried anal sex. Darla was curious but Tom had never felt the need to put his penis in that hole, contenting himself with her velvet lips and sweet shaved vagina.

"How would that big cock feel in your ass?"

"Oh god yes... my ass... big cock...fucking me...mmmmm yes...I need it..."

Now was the time, thought Tom. Pulling his fingers from deep within her wet pussy he slid them backwards and found her puckered little anus. Darla moaned as she felt his fingers leave her vagina but gasped aloud as she encountered the unusual feeling of her asshole being slowly massaged. Tom's fingers were soaked with her juice as he slowly rotated a single digit over her tight rear hole. He could feel her tense and relax as he slid the finger slowly and gently inside her. She felt so tight he wondered how on earth her would ever get anything larger in there. As these thoughts raced through his mind he felt his wife's body push back and realised that she wanted more, needed his finger in deeper. Encouraged by her reactions, Tom pushed another finger in to join the first and slowly rotated them, gently widening her tight opening. He looked over her shoulder and could see the boy openly masturbating his penis. He was kneeling now with his hand wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, pulling the heavy foreskin back and forth.

Tom was going insane with excitement now. His wife was bucking her hips wildly back onto his hand as he finger-fucked her asshole and a young male stranger was openly masturbating in front of him. Swiftly he pulled his hand from his wife's clitoris, and tugging at his shorts released his penis. He took his fingers from her asshole and squeezed her butt cheeks, whispering into her ear.

"Look at him again honey. He's jerking himself off just for you. He must be close now I think. What do you think his cum would feel like in your ass?"

Darla, both holes now empty, was pushing her ass back onto her husbands groin as he pulled her cheeks apart.

"Oh would feel so my ass... I need it in my ass now"

Needing now further invitation, Tom slid his erect penis between her legs using his hand to coat the cock head with her juice. He held her cheeks apart and placed the head at the entrance to her tight puckered hole. He was about to start pushing in slowly when he felt he wife lurch backwards. The sensation was incredible as half of his cock disappeared into her anus. She was so tight, all the feelings that he usually encountered when they made love were compounded ten fold. He reached around her body and took her nipples between his fingers again resting his chin on her shoulder as he slowly began to fuck in and out of her ass. As he looked over her shoulder her could see the boy masturbating in front of them. He had moved closer and Tom could clearly make out the size of his huge member as it went in and out of his hand. Both men were in heaven as they fucked; Tom, his wife's ass and the boy, his hand. Darla was also ecstatic. She had finally got Tom's cock in her ass and his hands were back on her nipples, her most sensitive body parts. She had lost count of her orgasm's, they seemed to be almost constant now as she enjoyed the feeling of the anal sex that she had secretly always craved. She too was closely watching the boy jerking himself off and was surprised at how long he had been able to last so far.

Tom was pounding her ass now. He had been surprised at how easily she had accepted his penis with seemingly no pain and little discomfort. He was going to make the most of it. His balls slapped between her legs every time he thrust forward and he could see that her knuckles were white as she gripped the balcony rail to support herself. He could feel his balls start to tighten and his cock twitch and swell. He knew he would not be able to hold out much longer. He heard a noise from in front and, looking up, saw the boy, eyes tight closed, shoot a stream of cum on to their terrace. Darla must have seen it too as she groaned and tensed her anal muscles. Tom felt her nipples swell beneath his touch and as her ass tightened around his penis he let out a low guttural moan and pulled his cock out of her asshole. He pulled out just in time as his cock exploded a huge stream of cum against her ass cheeks and upper legs. Tom felt his wife's hand sneak back and cup his balls, massaging and gently squeezing his cum from them. Spurt after spurt hit her ass and legs as Tom stood back and looked at her open and used asshole.

As they both regained their composure they dressed and walked into their front garden. There was no sign of the boy that had spurred on their first anal session. They searched the garden but found no trace. As they walked back towards the door Darla spotted a small scrap of paper. As she bent to retrieve it she noticed with a smile that it was resting next to a small pool of cum. As she picked up the note and opened it her smile broadened. The note simply read "Thank You".

As Tom and Darla returned to their apartment and showered together, they talked about their exhibitionist and anal experience. They both admitted that they had thoroughly enjoyed exposing themselves to a third party, and Tom raved enthusiastically about the virtues of anal sex. They both knew that to keep their loving marriage together they would have to experiment further, but agreed that they would not try to encourage each other to do anything that either of them felt uncertain about.

As Darla washed her husbands penis, he started to rise once more. She led him back to the balcony and wondered if anyone would be watching...

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