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How About A Little Domination
With That Date?

by Sexy Eyes

You are my sub, about to go on a date, but you and her were planning on coming back to our place, for the sex...I allow you to go and get her...but she doesn't know you and I are together. I will be home when you come back with the story goes like this....

Let's say I was there but she didn't know I was but you DID, you knew I knew the two of you were gonna be there but I told you that I had some kind of plan but I won't tell you, all I tell you is to call her up and tell her that she wasn't allowed to wear a fucking bra...and NO panties. And off you go meet her and I am there alone making the finishing touches to the room before the two of you get back. You have NO clue what I have in my mind...but you know that my mind is real dirty and due to this you are hard the entire time when you go meet her.

I hear your voice in the hallway and I decide to go into the bedroom...which I have set up as a dungeon. I am being quiet and of course you are not to say a word to her that I am she is sitting down with her legs crossed tightly...nipples alternating from soft to hard over and over again...I hear you open the bottle of fine champagne. i have told you before you left that as soon as she drinks her first glass to put on her a blindfold that I have left for you to put on her. It is a black leather one. I hear you TELL her that you are going to put it on her, and if she doesn't...then she will not get fucked by you...

She agrees with it and you put it on her. I now know that it is on and I walk out...I am wearing a black vinyl tight and my hair is up in a ponytail, my make up real slutty looking and I am wearing 5 inch healed shoes. You look at me and I know that you have just gotten an instant major hard on...I smile to you and walk over to her...I start to smell her from her hair to her ankles...She smells a scent that is NOT yours...she is wondering what is going on...I whisper to you over the music to take the cuffs and tie her hands up behind her back...You do so and you also reassure her that nothing is going to tell her that you love to do this to make the moment even more intense...she is so dumb and believes you...I am laughing inside...I smile to you and you know by the look in my face that I have planned something beyond intense...You start to lick her neck...nibble on her ear lobes. She is getting wet, I can tell from the moans she is letting out.

I, at the same time start rubbing her thighs, slowly and with the tip of my nails...she now knows that someone other than you is there...she asks who is touching her...I answer her that I am your Mistress...and that I love to fuck little sluts like her, and watch you fuck them too...The sounds of my voice are turning her on...she says to you, what the fuck is going respond to her "what my Mistress has said is not worry lovely, you are not in any fact quite the opposite, you will be well taken care of tonight" This makes her sigh...she seems to be getting comfortable. I then ask her if she is just in case...and she says that yes she is. And surprises us both when she says she has done this before. I think to myself that this is good indeed. She will be very happy then.

I am still running my nails up and down her legs, giving her goosebumps and making her very relaxed...I tell you to go into the kitchen and grab some the meantime, I stand in front of her and stroke her hair..making her even more relaxed. She starts to speak and I tell her "Shut Up, are not to speak until I ask something of you" Like a good little slut she responds "Yes Mistress" This pleases me...this girl has potential and I think that tonight will be a very interesting night. You come back with the ice..ordering you to put it down on the table and to get undressed, I tell you that there is a suit for you to wear in the without hesitation say "Yes Mistress, I will go put it on" I then say to you what a good slut you are to me and I thank you. I start to undress the fukkslut...her body so soft and perfect for me to play with...I hear her let out little moans and I know she is enjoying my undressing her. The feel of my hands on her skin are making me very horny, and anxious to really start playing with her.

Her clothing all off now, I take her by the arm and lead her to the bedroom in which I have made into a dungeon...the room has lit candles for the lighting and there is soft music playing in the background. I lay her down on her back, I first untie her hands and then I tie them back up to each top corner of the bed. I take her ankles and tie them up to my spreader bar. I am wondering what is taking you so long...I go into the living room and see you are kneeling on the floor ready for my instructions...because you KNOW that everytime that I order you to change, it means you must kneel for me. I order you to get up and to bring the ice with you. Walking towards me, I stop you with my hand and I look down at your limp cock. I tell you that you better start getting hard or else I will punish you. You agree with me..."Yes Mistress" you now enter the room with Me and I then order you to take off her blindfold. You do so and ask what else I want you to do for Me. I order you to kneel down beside her on the floor...

Taking the ice in my hand I run it up and down her soft, silky body...starting from her feet all the way up to her neck. I do not touch her cunt. I make circles around her nipples with the ice, her nipples so hard now...I lean forward and suck on them a little. rubbing the ice onto the other nipple while I suck on her nipple. The ice is melting fast...I must keep taking more and more to keep her body numb. I stop sucking on her nipples and look at her...her face so innocent all of a sudden...makes me wonder why she wanted to have sex with you slut. I ask her how she feels and she responds "very horny Mistress" I smile and tell her that she will get sex when I WANT her to get laid. I then turn around and go into my "tool box" I take out my clothespins. I order you to get up off the floor and to put them on her nipples for Me. You do so without any questions. She lets outs a cry of pain. I reassure her that they will not be on long. I then tell you to play with her cunt to take her nasty little not so obvious mind off the pain...I give you a dildo for you to use. You listen to my every command while I tell you what to do to her. She is moaning louder now...I am standing beside her face and ordering her to look at MY eyes the entire time she is getting fucked by the dildo.

Looking deep into each others eyes...seeing pain, exitement, fear, horniness in her eyes...I can tell she loves all of this. I tell her to let all her moans out...feel the pain, and pleasure all at once...I call her a slut and everytime I do so, her moans get louder and louder...I tell her that she is such a good little slut...she responds "thank You Mistress" I put my finger on her mouth to show her to keep quiet..."ssshhhh not speak...feel the pleasure"

You are pumping the dildo in her faster now because I told you too and at the same time I am walking over to you and order you to stop. I can tell she is about to cum and I will not allow her to do so just yet. I order you to untie her for Me while I go get my next tool, and when you are done, you will both get on all fours on the bed for Me. I take out my flogger and to the beat of the soft music I lightly wip both of you one by one. Cries coming out of your mouths, I call both of you sluts and both feel the slight sting the flogger is inflicting on both of you. I am not doing it hard, just hard enough for you both to feel stinging.

i decide that it is time that you both may fuck, I like to watch you fuck little whores in front of Me and you know exactly what to do, since you have done this before for Me. Pleasing your Mistress is all you have in your mind and you know that doggy style in the ass is the way that I like you to fuck sluts like you. I ask you how her ass feels, you say "very tight Mistress" I say "Good slut...push it in slowly, take this dildo and pump it in her cunt at the same time" doing so for two nasty sluts are moaning loud now...your cock is now all the way pump her ass and cunt all at do so for about 15 minutes, sweat dripping off both your bodies onto the bed...I smell the aroma of it all in the know the drill, when you are ready to cum, you let me know and I will allow you to come if I feel you deserve it...which in this case I do. But she must turn on her back first and you know I like you to come on the faces...your cock is pumping now...thick white cummm falling onto her face and while you are doing this I am licking her cunt....making her cum in my mouth...her cum so sweet and thick tastes really good in my thirsty mouth...and when you are both done cumming, I go and lick up your cum off her pretty face.

I am quite pleased with you both and I let you two be for the rest of the night...talking aloud sex without My presence. I order you both to go shower and then sit in the living room...teasing each other, making each other hot all over again...while the two of you are getting aquainted, I am cleaning my tools. I then go take a shower... and head off to bed.

THE END (for now)


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