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Home Away From Home
by Jade

Well, no one could say he didn't try.

How many times had he tried to wriggle his way out of this trip.... 3...4 perhaps? Why couldn't he just tell them the truth? Why couldn't he simply explain to his superiors that this weekend was the 1 year anniversary of Wanda leaving him for that fuck-faced weasel! Well, no need to start getting all angry and bitter now. His plane was going to land in a few more minutes anyway; before he knew it he would be in a nice, comfortable hotel room sleeping like a baby.

This was his first time in Atlanta, however he was a "Home Sweet Home" member for this particular hotel and was therefore greeted as such anytime he stayed there, no matter the city. Atlanta was no different. Emma, the elderly woman at the front counter was quite hospitable and explained that although her shift was over in less than an hour, Marina, the night auditor, would be there to take care of his needs until the morning be it shampoo, soap, what ever.

With that, he took his room key up to the 3rd floor, read the note by the phone with the "Welcome Gregory Parker," and began to settle down. Fortunately for him, the first meeting tomorrow wasn't to be until 9am; he loved sleeping in. Feeling weary from the long flight, a shower seemed to be an excellent idea.

Hanging his coat and blazer in the closet he began removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt to expose his mildly hairy, muscular chest. As he completed undressing the rest of the way, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as he thought about how, although Wanda took most of the property, money, and pretty much everything with any material value, she hadn't taken his heart. He had never really been in love with her; he had only thought he had been.

Stark naked, he stepped into the shower and began to prepare for a long, wonderful shower. The hot water flowing down the sides of his body felt better than anticipated. He considered getting himself off right then and there, but then thought it better to be clean first. He loved to do it clean.

Of course, when he reached over for the soap, his land landed on the porcelain soap dish, but... no soap. His eyes frantically searching around the inside of the shower, and soon around the inside of the whole bathroom, the conclusion was quickly reached that there was no soap residing in the restroom. Fuck! That was all he needed. Wrapping a towel around his thick, strong, masculine waist, he dripped his way to the phone and dialed the front desk.

The voice that answered was so friendly that for a moment he nearly forgot how frustrated he was feeling. She had answered by stating her name: Marina, and by asking how she could help him. He hastily recovered and went on to explain to her the difficulty of taking a shower without soap.

Amused, Marina let out a small laugh, and then went on to explain that she was to be the only person on staff until nearly 6 am. However, she supposed that it wouldn't be too much trouble to quickly run him up a bar of soap or two and could he give her a couple of minutes; she apparently was checking someone else in.

Approximately 4 minutes later, a knock jolted Gregory out of his 11 o clock movie and to the door. Not bothering to look through the peephole he swung the door open, only to see the most incredible vision imaginable. In fact, the amazing blond standing before him with her mouth agape, went actually way beyond anywhere his imagination could have taken him. In the next few moments that followed, he realized, suddenly, that he was still in his towel, water drizzling down his magnificent body. No wonder she was staring.

She began stuttering her way into an apology about how she was sorry to have bothered him, blah blah blah, and she was just bringing his requested item, and so forth and so forth. Thanking her for the soap, he held out his hand to accept the 3 little bars of the stuff. When she attempted, awkwardly, to place them into his enormous hand, she was trying so hard not to look down at his body, that she dropped the soap.

He bent to pick it up himself but she stopped him by placing a hand on his chest and told him that she had dropped the soap and would pick it up. As she squatted down, picking up the soap at his feet, he could feel the coolness of her long, straight blond hair brushing against his calves. What a wonderful feeling!!

As she straightened herself up again to stand, her body brushed against his towel a little too closely, and he lost his grip on the towel. In a quick flurry of apologies, and confusion, Gregory managed to re-don his towel, grab the soap, and stare at Marina's amazingly taught, round ass flouncing away in her snug, business- like work skirt.

Thinking back by a few short moments, he was nearly 100% certain that he had seen and heard her gasp at the sight of his "7 incher." Hmmm, he wondered... could like a guy like him, ever in a million years have a chance with a beautiful, sweet woman like that....?

After a fabulous shower, (and a fantastic, self-made orgasm), he pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and headed downstairs in an attempt to make peace.

Arriving at the empty desk, he decided to ring the little bell for assistance. He knew that would get her attention. Moments later she came running in from the back, sweating and smoothing her skirt with her nail-polished hands. He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed before how enormous her breasts were! Really, they were simply magnificent! Already it seemed he was beginning to feel a little stimulated again so he stepped up to the counter to hide his lower body from view.

At the sight of him Marina became instantly flustered as recognition quickly hit her face.

"Um, do you need more soap?" she asked. He looked into her hazel eyes from over the counter and flashed a winning smile. Actually, he explained, he had come to apologize, and hoped that she would not remember him in a bad way. In fact, if there was a way he could make it up to her, he really would like to.

Unfortunately, she apparently was stuck there until 6 in the morning, therefore, it would have to wait. However, his flight was to leave the next evening, not too long after dinner.

She looked a little frustrated at hearing that, in fact, she appeared to be downright disappointed! He wasn't wanting to be too forward in asking her out, but this was distinctly his only opportunity at this woman, and wasn't sure when the next would be so he took a chance and asked her if she liked pizza.

Of course she did, she eagerly replied, her eyes lighting up. The next few hours went by so quickly, that before they knew it, it was close to 5am, and he had a meeting in a matter of hours! She hadn't even left yet and already he was missing her face. He HAD to see her again, there was simply no other option.

Apparently, she was thinking along the same lines b/c she casually asked him when his next trip to Atlanta was going to be. Knowing that the clients he was going to be meeting with later that morning were going to be pretty stubborn, it seemed very likely he would have to come by again very soon he told her. She beamed.

The day went by in a blur. In the meeting he found himself making all sorts of references to setting things up "next week." The rest of the week seemed to take forever. For the life of him, he just could not discard from his mind, the scent of her strawberry shampoo and the feel of her soft, silken hair brushing against his calves. Did he really have a chance with this woman he thought? What would it take to get a gorgeous creature like that to make love to him? Not that there was anything particularly wrong with him of course, but women like that, well, they didn't just sleep with any good looking man that came along.

The following week Mr. Parker made sure not to arrive until well after 11pm, so that Marina could be the one to check him in. Sure enough, there she was, same little tight, sexy black uniform. In fact, there was only one slight difference in her this time, as opposed to last week; He could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking right through that crisp white blouse of hers. Oh the ecstasy that must be those breasts!

After getting settled in his room, he hastily made his way back downstairs, and promptly sat himself at the mini-bar near the front desk. Between phone calls and check ins, the two conversed on all levels, same as last time. Well, as any sexual being knows, when you talk to someone long enough, the topic of sex is sure to come along whether you want it to or not..... and deep down, we all want it to, especially around the right person. It started with Marina asking him if he had ever mooned anyone before, and progressed first to, how many people have you slept with. Finally it got down to: have you ever had casual sex, and, if not, would you? This question was asked by Gregory, to which Marina replied that she would, if the man knew how to touch a woman.

This comment peaked Gregory's interest and so he inquired about what she intended by that statement.

"Give me your arm and close your eyes," she commanded. Obedient, he did as he was told and held out his arm to her. She then proceeded to roll up his sleeve. The next thing he knew she was gently caressing his forearm, and then, to his great surprise, she began tenderly placing light kisses all over the exposed flesh of his arm. In record time, blood began to flow strongly throughout the lower regions of his body.

When she stopped he opened his eyes. Looking right into them, she asked if he thought he understood how to touch. He felt that he did and so he nodded. Not wanting to make the guests uncomfortable, and needing to close the bar, (being that it was now about 1am) Marina invited him to come to the back office. His eyes nearly bulged right out of the sockets. Thinking what an opportunity was potentially afore him, he eagerly accepted the invitation. Grabbing a strong hand into hers, she led him into the back office.

Once there, he asked for her permission to touch her the way that she had done for him moments before. With eyes inviting challenge, she nodded acquiescence. Thrusting her arms out in front herself, aligning them with her now, perfectly taught, obviously hardened nipples, he positioned himself in a chair straight across from her, and took her feminine hands into his own. She closed her eyes, and he was sure he caught a glimpse of her gulping, as a slight heave of nervous air swelled in her rather large, voluptuous bosom. Aching to please the goddess, he slowly, carefully, began to caress first her fingertips, and then slowly her knuckles and then her wrists. Fighting back the urge to reach for her breasts he deliberately began working his way up her forearms, massaging tiny circles into her smooth, silken skin. Soon, he began tracing slow, delicate intricacies all along her entire arms, up and then down with his fingernails.

Within seconds tiny little moans began to escape from her now slightly parted lips. Loving the near musical sound of her moaning, but not wanting to push too far too fast he carefully slid three fingertips upwards into her short sleeves and up to her shoulders. Once at her inner shoulders, he could feel the soft flesh that was in amazing proximity to her marvelous breasts.

The situation was very edgy at the moment. He knew he was seconds away from the point of no return. But how could he control himself when every part of his being wanted nothing more than to animalistically ravage this sexy woman!!? He tried desperately to purge the thoughts invading his head.. the little voices that begged him to lay her down and make hard, lustful passionate love to this voluptuous temptress.

Just as he was about to ask her if he was touching her "correctly," his right hand hit home as a few fingertips traveled a little too far into her shirt and lightly passed over a hardened nipple. The aching nipple responded by hardening further as her body shook with delight and her lips quivered with a slightly louder moan.

That was all the signaling Gregory needed; he began fumbling at the tiny row of buttons on her crisp linen blouse.

Abruptly, she shoved his hands away and said, "no, it can't be like this!"

Confused, he gave her a questioning look as she hurriedly exited the room. He soon understood however, when she quickly returned, blanket and pillow in hand, no doubt from the hotel laundry room. She quickly splayed the blanket upon the office floor along with the pillow and proceeded to push him down on top of it.

Still in shock, Gregory stared in eager lust, fire throbbing through his loins as she tore her blouse open, exposing her ripe, awaiting breasts, starving for attention. He couldn't believe his eyes. Before he could stop himself his hands were cupping as much breast as they possibly could, letting the soft, luxurious flesh mold to shape between his rough fingers. Gasping at his touch she let her head fall back, causing her hair to fall softly against her back in a long golden stream.

It was all too much. His body was no longer controlled in the slightest by reason, logic, or any part of the brain in his head. He was like a machine now, a driven machine with one mission in mind. In moments his large hands were upon her wide, ample hips and lifting her slightly above him, as he effortlessly rolled her over onto her back and straddled her hot, ready body. Cupping a breast "bottle-style" into both hands, he began suckling it tenderly, causing her moaning to increase. Freeing one hand he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, quickly freeing his firm and ready member from its captive prison.

Slowly he caressed her thighs and began moving his hands on a trail up and inwards along her inner thighs and towards her pink passion. As they began to enter "no man's land" under her skirt, her hands reached down and grabbed his wrists.

"There is something I have to tell you first," she said. Concerned that he wouldn't find her desirable b/c she was unshaven, she felt obligated to tell him, knowing that it could possibly make him unattracted to her.

Fortunately for her, he absolutely adored "muff-diving" and eagerly thrust her wrists away with the news, continuing to work his way upwards until finally, he began to feel the wetness of her juices, dripping down the inside of her inner thighs. Unable to keep her hands still, she placed them onto his chest, massaging it yearningly, yet delicately. This aroused him to greater heights, and before he knew it, he was propelling her skirt up onto her hip bones and stripping off her red lace bikini panties, exposing her pink flesh, topped with a mound of soft, reddish-blond mane. Dipping his finger in deeply and pulling it out slowly, he brought it to his lips for a taste. The thrill of his thick finger entering deep inside of her caused yet another high-pitched moan; the intensity was becoming unbearable.

Knowing it was time to go to take it home, Gregory took one last, long look down at her amazing body and laid a small kiss onto her strawberry-blond mound, and another onto her curvy, supple stomach, working his way up until he was licking the outline of her lips and preparing himself for admission. Kissing her passionately, tenderly, he pressed the front of his head against her warm, moist, fleshy entrance. As she began to let out yet another sound from her parted lips, he commenced kissing her harder and rougher, sliding in a little deeper with each movement of his tongue. Very quickly, she had taken him completely in, all of him.

The pleasure was so intense that she grabbed the pillow beside her head and held it up to her face as he drove into her roughly, his balls slapping her body with every forceful thrust. Never had a woman pleased him this greatly before.

It had been so long since she had felt ecstasy at this high of a level. In fact, the closer they were coming to climax, she wondered if perhaps, she had ever had it quite this good. This incredibly sexy, passionate man was making love to her as if she were some sort of Greek goddess! His penetration suddenly began to hasten, each sliding thrust, arriving with more strength than the one before; she screamed into the pillow for the next minute and a half, as he rammed her into the blanket. Finally, with one last, determined torrent, he held himself inside of her, holding onto her, as he spilled out into her mercy, collapsing on top of her heaving, shaking, wet body. Eventually, several minutes later, he carefully pulled himself up with his arms, and rolled over next to her, their juices, now free, dripping out from between her legs.

She then wrapped her arms around him, and they cuddled on the floor for the next few hours, quietly, enjoying each other's company.

Knowing this man was too good to be true, Marina told him she would miss him, but didn't bother asking him when he would be back.

What she didn't know, was that Gregory, being the smart man that he was, was very successful later that day in his proposal, the one that would open up a franchise of his company, to be built right there in Atlanta.

Gregory and Marina just love telling their twins how they met all those years ago, although they are sure to leave out the "special" parts. After all, how do you explain to your kids that they were conceived in a hotel, but not in a hotel room, AND, only after their parents had been acquainted hardly a week?


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