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Horny Aunt Peg
by Buff

It was a weekend I had been dreading for a long time. Staying with Aunt Peg was no longer a treat for me, mainly due to her excessive drinking and grief over the death of my uncle 5 years earlier.

When I was 12 it was fine. But I was 19 now. . .a college freshman. . .a grown adult. And staying with my auntie - all alone - in her little farmhouse on the outskirts of town was akin to pissing away an entire weekend. But my mother insisted, telling me it would give her some much-needed company. Like I cared.

Aunt Peg was not unattractive by any means, but she had trouble with men because she was somewhat unrefined. Although she had pretty brown hair and eyes, she was tall (about 6-0') and big boned - which I guess intimidated a lot of men. When I was a kid I found her exotic - I loved watching her walk around the house in a v-neck T-shirt that did nothing to hide her enormous breasts that bounced from side to side when she walked. And when she reached up to get something from the cabinet, that little T-shirt would invariably ride up revealing her large, round white bottom and huge patch of brown pubic hair.

When I arrived at her house she answered the door, but something was different. The normal friendly hug and kiss on the cheek was replaced with a scowl and a deep, dark stare. I knew immediately that she had been drinking, and that it was going to be an extremely long weekend.

"Hello Eric," she barked, not even giving me the courtesy of a smile. "Come on in. You know your way around, you bastard."

"What did I do?" I asked, completely dumbfounded by her reactions.

"Well, you're a male, aren't you?" Aunt Peg screamed, knocking over a lamp in the process as her right hand waved at me. "And males are all the same. Your useless good-for-nothing uncle used me like a toilet all these years. I cooked for him. I cleaned for him. He even fucked me whenever HE wanted. Then the prick up and dies on me. But what about me? What about MY needs?"

Aunt Peg swigged down another drink from the bottle of vodka she clutched in her right hand. Judging from the mascara that stained her cheeks, I could tell she had been crying most of the day.

"And you!" Aunt Peg continued, pointing menacingly at me. "Look at you, all grown up. Your a man now, aren't you? That means you're not cute anymore. And you can fuck whenever you want to."

"Now wait just a minute," I blurted out, only to be interrupted.

"I'll tell you a little secret Eric," she said, her words slurring together because of the alcohol. "I've always wanted to fuck you. Even when you were a little kid, I'd sneak into the bathroom and watch you shower. I could fuck you right now if I wanted to. . ."

"I don't think so," I said. "I'm a man. You're just a woman. You couldn't do anything without my permission. Besides, you're just drunk and have no idea what you're saying."

"Oh honey, please!" Aunt Peg screamed, hurling the empty vodka bottle over my head. "I outweigh you by about 40 pounds, and I've worked this farm my entire life. You're just a soft little city boy. I could rape you right here - right now - and you'd be begging for mercy. And don't tempt me, because I'm a horny old broad that hasn't had dick in about 5 years."

"Fuck this. I'm outta here," I barked, as I strolled past here to the front door. "I don't need this shit. I didn't even want to come here in the first place."

At that moment I felt a tight pressure on my arm, and I swung around only to be cold-cocked by Aunt Peg. I don't remember crumpling to the floor, but when I came to about 30 seconds later I looked up to see Aunt Peg - my auntie - ripping my jeans off my legs, a crazed look in her eyes.

"Hey, what the fu. . ." I said. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Just lay back and don't make this harder on yourself," said Aunt Peg, who was frantically ripping the clothes off my 145 pound body. "We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way."

I put up a small struggle, but it was futile. My Aunt Peg was too big, too strong, too drunk, too horny to be denied. I watched as she ripped off my shirt and removed her red terry-cloth robe, the large, heavy breasts I lusted after as a teen bounding from their restraints. As she stood over me the sight of her big, brown pussy and swollen lips was too much for me as I sported a massive erection.

"Okay, kiddo. I'm gonna fuck your brains out now. Don't move a muscle unless I tell you to, if you know what's good for you." I knew from her wicked glare that she meant business.

Slowly, I watched Aunt Peg use her thick, powerful legs to squat over my erect penis. Judging from the wetness glistening from her public hair, I knew she was extremely horny and eager for her first cock in 5 years. Placing the tip of my swollen member against her slit, she easily slid me in and sat down all the way - moaning all the way down my 6-inch shaft.

"Oh. . .my. . .god. . does. . .that. . .feel. . .good," she panted. Violently, she bounced up and down on my rock hard cock, riding me full bore - her large, heavy breasts bouncing in rhythm to her movements. Her nipples were completely extended, resembling two long bullets jutting from her massive breasts.

Up and down, down and up. The wetness of her crotch was amazing, as it firmly but gently grasped my cock like a hairy little glove. Raising herself onto her feet, Aunt Peg then fucked my "froggy" style - her big, round butt bouncing violently against my balls and hips. It was too much, I told her. I thought I would pass out.

And I did. I awoke the next morning, completely nude, and laying on the same spot in the living room. And boy was I sore.

"Well, good morning, kiddo," Aunt Peg said as she strolled into the room, grinning ear-to-ear. "Guess your old auntie was just too much for you last night. You passed out."

"Did I, uh, ever come?" I asked.

"Naw, but I sure did," she said. "Funny thing - I didn't know you guys stay hard after you pass out. I sure had fun with you while you were out like a light, honey. I must have had 20 orgasms last night."

"You mean, at one time?" I asked, incredulously.

"Oh no sugar," said Aunt Peg, laughing. "I would come in here periodically to check on you, but I just couldn't resist that cute cock of yours. You stayed hard all night! So I would hop on and take a ride each time."

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