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Hit and Run
by Deborah

( "Hit and Run" is Part Four of the sexual story of my life. "Time Out" which was posted on 10/11 was Part Three. I am purging my soul. Telling of my past "sins" is part of my repentance. )

The very same day I got back to that certain institution of higher learning to begin my junior year, the sorority sisters sent me out for groceries. The refrigerator was quite empty. Just because I was the only one who had a car I got to go. They gave me a bunch of coupons and a long list.

I went to my favorite grocery store which I like best because it usually is not very crowded, particularly on a weekday afternoon. The prices are higher than the bigger stores, buy hey, I had the coupons.

It was a very hot and muggy day. I was wearing cut-off shorts and a very loose tank top. No bra, but I mean, you couldn't see anything. Who would have thought? I forgot something; two actually.

It took me about an hour of pushing the cart to find all the stuff that was on my list. I crossed off each item as I found it and attached the appropriate coupon to the list. Very scientific.

I get to the check out and I'm in front of the cart, reaching over and getting the items, matching them up with the coupons and giving them to the clerk as she passed the stuff through the scanner. Once, twice three times I bent over and reached in the cart.

The man behind me, quite attractive and professional looking in a very sharp summer suit, is "giving me the eye." You know, looking, but trying to look like he is not looking, and actually trying, quite unsuccessfully, not to look. You had to have been there.

Duh! Finally, click, click. So, I'm thinking now, the next time I go down for more groceries, do I like put my hand on the top of my shirt or not? If I do, he'll know that I know that he got a great boob shot. But then, I think he knows anyway. I realize that the look on my face must be, had I been him in a similar situation, "What? Did I forget to zip up my fly?"

I was definitely attracted to this guy, although he was probably more than ten years older than me, and I would have flirted with him, but all he was buying was disposable diapers. "Definitely taken," I thought to myself. I never make the first move on a married guy. If they make the first move, I can only assume their wife gave them permission to fool around.

Well, I did sort of flirt with him. I lifted up the front of my shirt and said, "Want a look from a different perspective?" Lucky for me no one else was behind him and the clerk wasn't paying any attention. Oh my, he like turned five shades of red. I broke the ice with, "Hey, no big deal. I like to be looked at. Now help me get the stuff out of the cart." I laughed and so did he.

I thought that was the end of that, paid for the groceries, pushed the cart outside, loaded the stuff and took off. There is a deserted stretch of road on the short cut I take back to the sorority house and there was a car behind me, following much too closely.

As I slowed around a curve the car smacked me in the rear. I pulled off onto the berm and so did the other driver. I got out. "Oh, it's you! I said to the peeping dude from the grocery store. "Nice Mercedes and nice dent you got in the front now. And look at my car. How in the hell did you manage to hit me?"

"I'm so sorry, Miss. I was talking on my cellular phone to my stockbroker. Big deal brewing."

"Well, do you want to call the police about this, or what?" I asked.

"No, no. I don't want to report it to the police, or the insurance companies either. I'll pay you for your damages. It looks like a couple thousand dollars worth to your car."

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed. "Those little dents and the busted light will cost that much? I never would have guessed."

He nodded and pulled out his wallet and handed me a packet of $100 bills. "Will this take care of it?" he asked.

I never realized $5,000 in $100 bills was less than a inch thick. "Well, sure" was all I could stammer.

Walking over to my car, I reached through the open window of the passenger side to put the money in my purse that was sitting on the seat. He was right behind me.

"You have exquisite breasts," he said as he reached under my shirt and squeezed them, at the same time pressing me against my car. "I loved your large aureoles when you lifted up your shirt. Oh, oh, they are getting bumpy and your nipples are getting hard!"

"What the hell do you expect when you are pulling on them like that, and quit it!" I demanded. I tried to slip away but he had me pretty well pinned against my car.

"I want you," he said as he bit my neck from behind. I could tell he was very hard.

"But, but ... I don't even know you," I stammered. "You won't rape me, you're not the type."

"What type is that? You never went on a blind date? Call this a blind fuck."

He turned me around and kissed me hard and forced his tongue inside my mouth. I didn't kiss back but I didn't fight him either.

Unbuttoning my shorts with one hand, he slipped his hand down inside my panties. Oh shit! Just my luck; I was wet. Well, I couldn't help it! This was starting to get a little exciting in a scary kind of way.

"You're not going to murder me, or anything are you? I got to get the groceries back to the sorority house or the sisters will be pissed. It's worse than PMS when those bitches are hungry and there's no food." I was trying to lighten the mood.

"Hey, you're not turning soft on me are you? You look like you are one tough cookie when you want to be. I want you to fight. That's half the fun."

"What, you do this often?" I asked incredulously.

"Only when I encounter a beautiful bitch in heat who is just dying for some rough stuff. Who knows, you might even learn something, Little Miss Smarty Panties."

"OK," I said, "you asked for it. No, wait, you didn't ask for it, you are just fucking going to take it, or try anyway." With that I kneed him in the groin. He deflected my aim somewhat as he moved quickly. I dabble in martial arts and I gave him a quick left hook to the lower ribs and an uppercut with my right hand. He barely flinched. I raked my nails across his face and drew blood, kicked him in the shins and stomped on his foot. None of that seemed to faze him either.

I thought I best try the talking approach again. "Why are you doing this? I would have given you my phone number if only you had asked."

"I'm a gynecologist. I look at and touch pussy all day long. Thousands of women have quite willingly let me explore their innermost physical being and have discussed everything with me, including their orgasms or lack thereof. I only like it when women are unwilling participants. I only like it when I make them cum even though they don't want me to, or at least say they don't."

I started screaming and scratching and punching and biting. "Now you're cooking babe!" and he threw me over his left shoulder and walked to the back of his Mercedes, opened the trunk and took out a blanket and rope. He carried me off into a wooded area near the road.

He dumped me on the ground in a clearing. "Don't bother running. I'm very fast."

I did anyway and he was very fast just like he said. He tackled me within twenty yards and as he laid atop me, he raped me. Well, sort of. He quickly pulled down my cut-offs and panties, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and entered me quickly. It was like all in one motion and happened before I even knew it.

He was huge and I was not yet adequately lubricated. He was hurting me and he knew it. But he only thrust deep inside me once and then he pulled out. "No," he said, "that's not how I want it. You already fought, now I want you to beg." When I got a good look at that big cock I thought to myself he just might be right.


He pulled my shorts and panties the rest of the way off, lifted my tank top shirt up and off and carried me back to the blanket.

The good doctor tied me up in some strange contortion with the rope, which was some kind of nylon stuff and didn't bite into my skin at all. My hands were tied behind my back and my legs were tied loosely to my hands. I was lying on my back, resting on my elbows with my knees up and my legs spread.

"Perfect!" he said as he smiled seductively. "You can call me Doctor if you like. Now I am going to give you a vaginal examination. With my tongue."

He gave me a few little licks. "Yum, yum. You smell and taste wonderful. What do you douche with? I'd like to recommend it to some of my other patients. Sometimes I wish I could put a clothespin on my nose."

"I douche with rat poison you fucking pervert!" I screamed at him.

He laughed and went back to licking my clitoris softly and gently. "Oh my, and aren't we getting more than just a little wet here? I don't think I'll be needing these," he said as he pulled from his pocket a handful of small samplers of Vagisal Intimate Moisturizer and other lubricants. He put them away and plunged his face back into my very moist triangle.

Separating my wet pubic lips with his fingers, he spread me wide open. First he licked under my clit and inner labia and occasionally swirled my clit in his mouth. He was driving me crazy! Then he alternated with his tongue, slow flat licks, and with his lips, sucking gently.

Soon I was squirming with pleasure. He was way better than any other man who ever ate me and even better than my girlfriends. I didn't want him to know that, though, and I tried to keep myself under some semblance of control.

But finally I lost it as he licked my hot swollen clit with harder and more demanding strokes. I started yelling and screaming louder than when I was fighting him off.

Thrusting my hips upward with excitement, I exploded in a powerful climax I felt from my head to the tips of my toes. "Yes! Yes!" I cried as I squirted juice all over his face. He continued to lick me gently as I came down from the most wonderful orgasm I had ever had and I'm sure he could feel my entire body shuddering right through my clit which he still held in his lips.

"Please stop! Please. No more. Not right now."

"Whatever you say, Little Miss Smarty Panties," he said sarcastically as he pulled his face away from my soaked and throbbing pussy.

I laughed. His face was all wet and cunt juice was running down his chin and onto his shirt and tie which he had never bothered to remove. Damn, he didn't even loosen the knot on the tie! His pants were also still on and his big stiff cock was still sticking through the zipper. "What are you going to tell the dry cleaner about the spots on your tie? That you are a real sloppy pussy eater? Duh!" and I laughed again, even louder.

"Oh, a funny girl, huh? You got a big mouth. A nice big mouth. Just right for a nice big cock!"

He stood up, pulled me to my knees and lowered his pants and shorts. My hands of course were still tied behind me. Grabbing my hair with both hands, he pulled me onto his cock. There wasn't much I could do but open wide and let him fuck my mouth.

He did all the work and it didn't take him long. Back and forth and up and down he jerked my head. When he was really going he had one hand on the top of my head, the other under my chin, lifted up my face and just rammed that big cock as far down my throat as he could.

When he exploded down my throat he let out a yell that sounded like somebody being tortured. I'm glad I'm not the only one who screams bloody murder when they get off. He pulled out and shot his cum all over my face and rubbed his gushing cock on my lips. When he was down to the last few little spurts, I opened my mouth again and slurped on his cock, sucking and licking up every last drop. I put him all the way back in my mouth and felt him shudder as he came down from his orgasm, just as he had done for me.

When he finally could talk again he said, "Now we are going to have a doctor/patient chat. I know you have clitoral orgasms," he said and smirked. "Did you ever have a cervical-pubococcygeal orgasm; a vaginal orgasm?"

"Well, yeah. I know a little bit about Kegel exercises and such. My sister is a doctor and she explained some of this stuff to me. I think I have had vaginal orgasms."

"What do you mean, you THINK you have had vaginal orgasms? Either you have or you haven't. I seriously doubt it owing to the fact that most of your lovers have probably been young studs who can't wait to get off. Now, I'm going to explain this all to you and I want you to pay attention very carefully. But first ..." and he began to lick my clitoris again.

Just when he got me started again, he stopped.

"Don't stop! Why are you stopping?"

"Are you sure you want me to do this again?"

"Fuck yes, now get to it!"



"C'mon, you can do much better than that."

"Would you please, PLEASE, shut the fuck up and eat me again?"

"You're not angry with me? About abducting you? Or cumming all over your face?"

"No, no. Paybacks are a bitch. Now eat me again and we'll be even. C'mon, hurry up, PLEASE! You got me all started again, now fucking finish it! And why don't you untie me? You don't really think I'm still going to run, do you?"

Ignoring me, he went back to incredibly enthusiastic muff diving. Ten minutes and another great orgasm later, the doctor began his lecture and we began the show and tell on the subject of vaginal orgasms.

Speaking of telling, you don't really think I am going to tell you about "The Secrets of Vaginal Orgasms" which I learned that afternoon do you now? Yeah right. You can read about it in my soon to be published book. I will tell you that I had more than five vaginal orgasms in about an hour. Somehow I lost count.

I became totally exhausted from the multiple orgasms but the good doctor still had not had another orgasm yet. "What's the matter, Honey?"

"Oh, now I'm Honey, huh? These positions don't work for me. No big deal."

"Well, it's a big deal to me. Untie my hands. I'll give you a real special blow job instead of you just fucking my mouth."

"No, no," he said almost shyly. "I want something else. Your ass. You have a beautiful ass. I want to fuck it."



"I said OK. What fucking part of 'yes' don't you understand?" I screamed as I rolled over, leaned on my elbows with my 'beautiful' ass up in the air. "Fuck my ass, and make it quick! My sorority sisters are gonna be so pissed. They are probably eating the neighbor's dog right about now. Hey, why don't you come back to the sorority house and explain to those hungry bitches why I'm so late with their chow? Who knows, you might even get laid. Uh, did I forget to tell you that these girls are nymphomaniacs?"

"I think not, my dearest Little Miss Smarty Panties," he replied as he started to slip that big cock up my ass.

"Yeow! I yelled. "Do you think you could please use some of that Vagisal or other lubricant you have in your pocket?"

He greased it up and I loudly moaned with pain and pleasure as inch by inch he shoved it in deeper and deeper. When I started to thrash around, he grabbed my hips and held me tightly.

Oh, he liked this and it wasn't all that bad for me either, other than it hurt like hell. I put my hand underneath myself and started to rub my very raw clit. I got off again one more time, just as he did. It felt like a jackhammer was up my ass as he thrust and spurted until he shot every last drop. I was squealing and he was screaming so loud I think we might have woke the dead.

He got up and put his clothes on. "You can keep the blanket and the rope," he said as he unloosened the knots, just enough so I could get free with a few minutes of effort. He just walked away. I heard him drive off back the direction he came from.

As I freed myself I debated whether I should notify the police. I wondered if they would ask if I had orgasms while he raped me, if that's what I said he did. How would I reply? "Yes, about eight or nine times. I lost count." What just happened definitely was hit and run, but hell, I got paid for that didn't I? And then I thought about all the times I had been fucked but not kissed. This dude at least kissed me before he took what he wanted.

Trying to track down my mystery hit and run gynecologist with the Mercedes proved futile. Nobody seemed to know anything about him. I should have taken down his license number I suppose.

I learned an important lesson in life from this experience ... if you do coupons, wear a bra.

I still go grocery shopping at that very same store every chance I get. Now, I wear a bra, under my long jacket. I do not, however, wear panties and when and if I see that doctor dude again I am going to flash him to see if he recognizes me. I mean, he is a gynecologist. One would think he should be able to recognize one pussy from another. I still have his blanket and rope in my car. Who knows, I just might fuck him without asking. Hit and run!

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