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Happy Birthday, Baby
by SpecialK

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

You resume your attentions and nuzzle your tongue against the lace of my panties. I moan again, loving this beyond description. I am sure that this lace has become drenched with my wetness by now, seeping through to your lips. You slip your fingers beneath the lace and gently encourage it away, wanting to submerge yourself deeper, to explore further. My lacy panties are quickly removed to drop ignored to the living room floor for the remainder of the evening.

Then, without delay, your tongue dips between my womanly lips, lightly exploring. You find my "love button" and your tongue circles it, teasing it, then lightly flicking over it, your lips sucking it causing it to perk up like a delicate spring flower bud seeking the sun.

Meanwhile I writhe and moan and twitch and whimper at your considerate and thorough attention. I can feel my stomach muscles tensing, orgasm on the horizon. My whines become more plaintive and higher in pitch and you know the effect you are having on me. You alternate sucking on my clitoris with giving it soft blows. My muscles all tense and I become quite still, only my fingers clenching. My head is thrown back against the back of the couch. You flutter your tongue over my clit as your lips gently suck. And when you slip your fingers deep into my womanhood, I am pushed over the edge to my orgasm. I am entirely silent as my body stiffens and spasms before you. You gently move your fingers in and out of me, feeling my womanhood grasping them. Eventually my erratic breathing calms and my shudders subside. You lightly kiss my inner thighs. I weakly manage to lift my head to look at you, a blissful and completed look on my face. My chest and throat are covered with a pink blush. You grin at me without a word.

You slide up to kiss my lips before departing to the washroom to clean your face.

Then, when I have returned from cleaning myself up, I find you sitting on the couch, a fresh drink in your hand.

"I took the liberty of making you a drink, darling." you say, motioning to another glass on the end table.

I smile and take a sip. Then I look at you and grin suspiciously.

You look at me. "What is THAT look for?" I raise my eyebrows suggestively at you.

"Oh, nothing." I reply casually. For some reason you remain doubtful.

I kneel before you and look up at you sweetly, smiling. You caress my cheek with your fingertip and then reach to release the clip from my hair. My chestnut brown hair softly falls from its confinement like a waterfall. I toss my head about a bit until it settles like a whisper over my shoulders. You can't resist touching a lock of it, which is dangling near my cleavage.

My hand, meanwhile, starts lightly caressing the top of your foot. Then it travels upwards along your inner calf up to your kneecap where I tickle you lightly. You fidget. I smirk.

I take another sip of my drink and then my moist, cold lips follow the course of my hand, making a trail of light, cool kisses against your hot skin. You make the odd appreciative murmur.

My hand now starts slipping upward even more, while the other finally undoes the sash to your robe. You look at me and raise an eyebrow. I smile innocently yet we both know where this is headed.

As I move my hand up your thigh, I remark to you how much hotter the skin seems to be getting. You try to shrug indifferently.

I take another sip of my drink and once again my chilled, wet lips kiss your skin, cooling it.

My hands and lips have avoided all contact with your manhood and my fingers and lips and tongue tease and tickle all around your shaft, which by now is throbbing and standing upright. The only contact to your manhood comes from my hair as it dangles down, tickling it.

I take another sip of my drink. And only now do I make contact with your shaft. My cool, wet hands (from the moisture on the glass) grasp firmly around the base of your shaft, squeezing. My lips cover the head in one smooth motion. You gasp at the sensations.

You, until this moment, had not realized that I had one of the ice cubes from my drink in my mouth. And now you are further aroused by the extreme contrast my hot mouth and the cold ice provide. I move my tongue around, tickling your head, the ice flowing from one side of my mouth to the other.

I remove my lips from your manhood and blow lightly against its wetness.

Shivers run down your spine. Now my lips tease along the side of your shaft, the ice held by my tongue rubs your skin. You moan. After travelling the length of your shaft and back up the other side, the ice has almost melted entirely, so I overlap your head again and begin sucking you in earnest. My tongue massages the ridge beneath your head and around to the right side, which you love. My hands stroke your shaft with just perfect amount of pressure. You feel your release building powerfully and know that you can not hold back much longer. With a few more strokes of my hand and movement from my hot tickling tongue, you are sent over the edge and climax forcefully into my mouth.

Once you have finished your climax you look at me for a moment, just staring. I blush as your scrutiny embarrasses me.

"What?" I finally implore. You smile at me and reach down to hug me, hauling me up off the floor and into your lap, lips meeting lips.

"I love you! Do you know that?" you say.

I smile at you. "Yes, I know. And I love you too." I snuggle in your lap with my head against your shoulder. My fingers draw on your chest. You kiss my forehead and I get quivery all over.

We sit together like that, cuddled in each other's arms, lightly caressing each other. I reach behind me and grab the TV remote, putting on something mindless and funny so that we can just relax. A few hours later I wake, having fallen asleep in your arms. Looking over at you I notice that you too have drifted off, your head against the back of the couch, your eyes closed. I look my fill of you and smile at how adorable you look sleeping, your breathing slow and even. I lean over to plant a feather-light kiss on your lips. You don't even stir.

The TV is still on so I watch it idly. Meanwhile I begin caressing you lightly on your arms, a light ticklish caress. My hand then moves to your chest and my fingernails tickle your skin gently. You still remain sleeping but now you have begun to twitch slightly.

I grin and try to imagine what you are dreaming about. My hands trail lower and run along your upper and inner thighs. Then I blow gently on your neck and lick your ear. You snooze on, only occasionally murmuring and moving. I giggle silently. I decide it is time for the heavy artillery.... My hands move to stroke your limp manhood gently. It doesn't respond but I am persistent, lightly stroking your shaft and fondling your balls.

Eventually my persistence pays off as the shaft swells slightly and becomes more firm. I continue stroking, now applying more pressure. You stir in your sleep and mumble, shifting so I have better access to your manhood. I wrap my fingers around the shaft and cover the head with my thumb, massaging it in leisurely circles.

I know the precise instant you wake because your manhood abruptly stiffens in that moment as well. With the sudden pressure I feel stretching my hand and the increased hardness I feel, I turn to look at you. Your eyes are open and you smirk at me. "Hello there," you say.

"Hello THERE!" I reply with a mischievous grin. You chuckle.

"It's entirely your fault!" you protest.

"Oh, I know. And you know me well enough to know that I'll take care of it for you." I say with a squeeze for emphasis.

"Ha ha! So I'm discovering!"

I get up from the couch and pull you up by your hands, leading you to the bedroom. You follow me complacently, your manhood leading your way.

Once in the bedroom I slip your new robe off your shoulders and push you backward toward the bed. You lie back and watch me.

I begin the leisurely and sensual task of removing my lingerie. I slowly shimmy the beige fabric up my thighs. You are transfixed as my brown haired womanhood appears. I continue to move the beige slip dress upwards and eventually over my head. I see you lick your lips as my soft, white, large breasts come into your view.

Walking to the bed in my naked glory, I caress my breasts, pushing them together, my nipples staring back at you.

I straddle you on the bed, facing you. I look into your eyes. You reach out your hands to fondle my globes, your thumb flicking across my sensitive nipples. I moan softly. You bend forward, seeking my nipples with your lips. I lean towards you cooperatively. I let out a sigh when your lips cover my left nipple and your tongue flicks across it. Then you provide the same attention to my right breast, massaging the left one with your hand.

I rock above you, your manhood between my thighs trying to work itself between the slit of my womanhood. I reach down and wrap my hand around your shaft, stroking it. Then I move it between my womanly lips, running the head along the entire slit and back, stimulating the both of us. I let your manhood remain between my lips, the head against my clit. I murmur softly about how much I love the way you feel between my thighs, which excites you more. I rock against you, your shaft sliding along my slit and stimulating my special spot. Finally I can bear no more of this sweet torture.

"I want to feel you deep inside me!" I say breathily. I raise my hips only enough to position you at the entrance to my moist, hot womanhood. I sink over you with an elongated moan, your manhood disappearing into me. Your moan accompanies mine as you relish in the feeling of my tight, hot, damp tunnel. I remain motionless for a moment, savoring the feel of you inside me. My muscles clenching periodically. Finally I begin to move, slowly, my pelvis rocking and your manhood is exposed to the air. I slip back down over you, inch by inch. The mood between us is relaxed and unhurried. We are both content to take our time with our lovemaking. You still fondle and suck at my breasts and I run my fingernails along your chest, teasing your nipples playfully. I rock against you slowly but deeply, wanting to elicit every possible iota of pleasure from your manhood. I begin to move a bit faster now, rubbing my clit against you with every downward stroke. You caress my thighs now, encouraging me. And you arch up, meeting my movements with your own. I can feel it, my orgasm. My stomach muscles begin to clench and I squirm over you. You fondle my breasts and look at my face. My eyes are closed and my face is contorted in pleasure. I whine within my throat and with one last downstroke, my orgasm courses through me with a quiver. I cry out and grip your shoulders with my hands. You hold my thighs with your hands and you can feel the muscles convulsing beneath your palms. My clenching and releasing pelvic muscles, meanwhile, are milking your manhood. It turns you on so much more to witness my explosive release. I collapse against your chest, the last electric shocks of pleasure coursing through me. I nuzzle and kiss your neck and you stroke my back and kiss my hair.

Then you roll us over so that my back is against the bed. It is your turn now. I look up at you from orgasm-drooped eyelids. You part my thighs and enter my womanhood with one determined stroke. All thoughts of slow, gentle lovemaking have disappeared and you pound into me with all your force. My vaginal muscles clench your shaft as it enters and exits. My legs have wrapped around your back. I arch my back and my breasts point naughtily up at you. You take one nipple in your mouth and nibble and suckle it teasingly. I wail like a kitten. You pound into me with a few more powerful thrusts and I can tell you are close to your climax. Your breathing is faster and you are making little grunts with each in stroke. Your manhood is twitching within me and in another moment I feel the first spurts of your climax within me. That is all it takes to put me over the edge again. We climax together, our lips meeting together and our tongues dancing. Your manhood quivers and spurts inside me and my womanhood clenches and squeezes out every drop.

Finally you collapse against me with a grunt, my legs still wrapped around you. Our tongues still dancing with each other. We lie together breathing heavily, our bodies content. Eventually you roll off me to the side and I snuggle next to you.

I rest my head against your chest. We lie there contentedly for awhile until I hear your stomach mumble. This reminds me that we haven't had dessert yet. I get up and drag you with me to the kitchen, both of us naked.

I've prepared strawberry shortcake for dessert and since it has been sitting in the fridge since late this afternoon, it is chilled and the whipped cream is a bit runny. I take it out of the fridge and look at you with a silly grin on my face. I take a spoon out of the cutlery drawer. I carry the serving dish and the spoon over to the table and pull out a chair and sit down. You sit in the chair next to me. If you notice a problem with the lack of plates, you fail to mention it.

I dig the spoon into the strawberry shortcake and bring a heaping spoonful of the dessert to your lips. It reaches it's target precariously, with only a small dab of whipped cream missing your open mouth and landing on your lip. I kiss it off for you. Then I dunk the spoon in and take a bite for myself. I load the spoon up again, overflowing and again take aim for your open mouth. This time though, I'm not as careful and a blob of strawberries and whipped cream lands on your thigh. I shove the spoon into your mouth and bend to lick the blob off of your thigh. You grin at me and take the spoon, loading it up to serve to my mouth. You aren't as dexterous as I am (whether purposefully or not) and almost the whole spoonful drops between my breasts. You eagerly eat it up and refill the spoon so I can actually get some of the dessert into my mouth. We exchange the dessert this way and it seems to keep "accidentally" falling in the oddest of places. We have no recourse but to lick the mess up off of each other. We eat strawberry shortcake from each other's body until we are full of cake and strawberries and cream. I put the remaining dessert away and drop the spoon into the sink.

Now we are both sticky from strawberries and cream and sex, so we beeline for the shower together. Under the running water I wet my hair and before I can grab the shampoo you're massaging it into my wet locks. I grab the soap and begin to soap up your body, my hands running along the length of it. Once you have massaged shampoo into my hair, you take the soap from me and lather up my body. I scrub my hair a bit more, and notice how your eyes are transfixed on my bobbing breasts as my upraised arms move. I massage your scalp with shampoo. Our soapy slick bodies come together and you wrap your arms around me. My arms entwine around your slippery neck and our lips meet. You move us beneath the showerhead and I close my eyes just in time as the water runs over us and in between our fastened lips. Soapy water falls from my hair down our bodies. We move apart just enough to rinse all the soap off. Your hands travel through my hair, getting the remaining shampoo out. I smile at you, my wet lashes fluttering.

Eventually I turn behind me and shut the taps off. Yet we remain in the shower, our bodies dripping and our arms wrapped around each other. Our lips are wetly mingling.

Finally you step out of the shower and grab a towel which your wrap me into. Then you towel off your own body. We prance hand in hand back to the bedroom, still naked and get back into bed. I pull a sheet over us and we cuddle and snuggle and kiss until you fall asleep. I snuggle closer to you and listen to your even breathing. Your heartbeat lulls me to sweet slumber.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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