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Happy Birthday Baby
by CD Construct

Sammy stirs from a peaceful nights slumber. Reaching across the bed to wrap her loving arm around Terry. Sammy's gentle hand searching high and low. A deep sigh crossing her soft, pink lips. Finding nothing but the cotton sheets where she is used to finding Terry's warm embrace.

Had he forgotten today was Her Birthday and slipped away without a word?

Dragging her bare, limp, body from the canopy bed and stumbling to the bathroom. Slowly sliding back the shower curtain and adjusting the water to warm. Sammy turns to grab a fresh towel, as she does she notices something strange out of the corner of her eye. Turning to fully face the mirror just to see if she was seeing things. There written in her cherry red lipstick, surrounded by a huge heart, is this note:
Good Morning My Sweet Baby! Happy Birthday, to the one I love more with each passing day. Have a great day and I will soon be back in your arms.

Love You Always and Forever, Terry
A gentle smile spreads across Sammy's face. Wrapping her arms across her chest, feeling him near as she squeezes so tight. Sensing Terry so close to her heart, even though they are apart.

Teriy has never forgotten any of their special days and she should have known better then to doubt him now. Feeling a little guilty for doubting his memory or his love.

Reaching down and taking a fresh towel from the linen cabinet and throwing it over the towel bar. Sammy steps into the shower and sighs. Her body covered in the gentle flow. Standing as a statue as the water brings her body and her mind to life. Leaning back and letting the water wash the sleep from her soft brown eyes. Water cascading down every curve of her beautiful body in streams of gentle stimulation.

Sammy's mind drifting away into the clouds as thoughts of their love pass through her mind. Dreaming the water as Terry's gentle kisses covering her flesh as they had so many times before. Her hands drifting through her blond hair. Senses reeling, as her body starts to roll around in small circles. Washing her hair and rinsing it deep, letting the water gently massage her scalp. Breathing a deep breath as her heart begins to beat faster.

Sammy's hands begin to trail the flow of lather as it slips down her chest. Her hands wrapping around those firm breasts and rolling them deep in her grip. Pinching her nipples between her fingers, as her legs slip slowly wider. Moaning softly as the warm river flows between her thighs. Sammy's mind going wild as her hands caress her golden body.

Gliding her fingers softly over her belly and back up over her breasts. Chills rolling through her body as in her mind she feels his warm breath on the back of her neck. Sammy's hands begin roaming her body across her sides and down over her firm little ass. Smiling to herself as she remembers his sweet words. "Nice ass baby, I would follow it anywhere."

Terry was always teasing her with those kind words.

Her hands moving across her hips and down her legs. Reaching her knees they reverse direction as they slide between her tight thighs. Inching their way up to the edge of her trembling golden mound.

Gingerly slipping over her hard clit as a silent moan crosses her lips. Flattening it against her body. Spreading herself to the warm water as it flows deep over her aching clit. Sammy's hips rolling around and around, her fingers slipping to the edge of her warm body. One by one, her three longest fingers slip gently inside her wettness. Her hips thrusting at her long slender fingers, as they slide deep into her aching body. Sammy's body now on fire, her mind turning to his gentle touches.

Leaning back against the cool shower wall as her body begins to tighten. Nearing the edge of release, a soft moan escapes her wet lips. Growing louder and louder as her body is set free. Sammy's knees buckling as waves of warmth roll through the length of her body.

Sitting on the edge of the shower seat, as her mind comes back to this world. Shaking her head wondering how even the thought of Terry sets her body on fire. Breathing a big sigh, Sammy stands and finishes the shower. Turning off the water and stepping softly onto the marbled tile floor. The warm towel in her hands covering her and pressing onto every inch off her glistening body. Rolling it around her blonde head as she once again gazes at the note in the mirror. Knowing this smile will be hers to carry through the day.

Stepping into the bedroom and looking at he empty bed. Picturing Terry there smiling, swaying her hips across the room for him. Feeling a little frisky now, grinning from ear to ear.

Yanking open the closet door, and searching for his favorite outfit. Flipping carefully through her wardrobe. Then frantically searching the closets entire length. It was nowhere to be found. Pausing to think, "It was here yesterday I know", Sammy whispers to herself.

Mumbling under her breath she turns away from the closet and looks around the room. Her eyes widening as she looks over to the dresser. There on the mirror was another note. Written as before in her cherry red lipstick. Hurrying across the room Sammy notices neatly laid out on the dresser, an outfit she has never seen before. There lay a short, red leather miniskirt and a beautiful matching silk blouse. Next to the skirt was a pair of sheer, red silk stockings. Sammy pressed the stockings against her blushing red cheeks as she reads the note:
Happy Birthday my love! Sammy, wear this outfit with that smile I know is on you face as you read this note. Please be here at home at exactly 1:00 p.m. no earlier.

Forever In My Heart, Terry
The smile on her face growing wider as she began to dress. Drying her hair and pinning it up in a button on top of her head. Sitting down on the bed and slowly pulling her new stockings up her sexy legs. The feel of the silk against her soft skin sending quivers through her body.

Leaning back on the bed as she wiggles her red leather skirt up over her tight little ass. Laughing to herself, thinking about how Terry had always loved the way she never wore any panties under her skirts.

Sammy leapt from the bed as she noticed the time on the alarm clock. Strutting over to the full length dressing mirror. Slipping the silk blouse over her arms and around her breasts. Swaying her hips back and forth as she buttons it up and tucks it neatly into her skirt. Sammy's bare breasts pressing tight against the fabric. Whispering to herself, "Damn Terry you really know how to make me smile, I look hot! Woo hoo! Look out baby!"

Giggling as she grabs her keys off the night stand and heads out to greet the day. The brilliant sunshine setting Sammy's body to glowing along with her smile.

Saying to herself, "Wow what a nice day! Knowing Terry, he had a hand in it." Laughing out loud as she heads for her car. Opening the door and sliding behind the wheel of her white convertible. There on the steering wheel was another hand written note pinned to a deep red rose. It read:

I know this rose pales in your beauty as it always does. Have a fantastic day my love!

Love You Baby, Terry
Shaking her head as she pushes the button and drops the top on her convertible. Starting the engine, punching the accelerator, and heading to the beauty salon. The cool breeze flowing through her blouse causing her nipples to become hard. Neatly outlined in the red silk surrounding them. Every stop light bringing a smiling gaze to the men's faces in the cars around her. Cat calls and whistles only made her smile glow even more. Thinking to herself how nice it was, to have another birthday and still get that response from the men around her.

Arriving at the beauty salon and stepping inside with a smile on her face. Daydreaming of the day Terry had planned for her.

* * * * *

Terry had been planning this day for a two weeks. Every detail was perfect for his surprise. Arriving home only minutes after Sammy had left for her appointment. Putting every element of his surprise into place. Not a minute detail left out. Everything now ready, Terry dashes up for a quick shower and the first step of his birthday surprise.

Dressing quickly and heading for the kitchen with a wicked grin on his face. Dimming each light, as his trail leaves another element of his gift to Sammy. Hearing her keys in the front door he laughs to himself and ducks behind the kitchen wall.

Sammy pulls the note from the front door. Steps inside and begins reading this note:
My Sweet Sammy,

You have given me so much, more then you will ever know. I would like to give you something special back. Follow the trail of roses when you have a dozen my surprise will be complete.

I Love You My Beautiful Baby, Terry
Glancing down at the floor Sammy sees a carefully placed trail of deep red roses leading to the dinning room. Her heart racing faster as she carefully picks up each one and moves toward the dinning room. Squinting in the darkness of the house in the middle of the day. Opening and closing her eyes to make sure she is not seeing things.

Staring into the dinning room Sammy notices the room has been rearranged. All the chairs had been removed. A stool has been placed at the head of the table facing the kitchen. Beside the large table was the other stool and the small table. Sammy follows the trail of love leading across the dim dinning room.

The end of the trail was the small table. Placed upon it were single candle, a rose in a vase wrapped with a bright red ribbon, a portable stereo, and another note. Sammy's mind was racing as she sat down to read the note. Squinting hard to read it by the flickering light of the solitary candle. Word by word she read it carefully:
My Sweet Sammy,

I love you so much baby. If you have counted the roses in your hand you will notice there are eleven now. To receive the final rose, please hit the play button on the stereo and wait for me.

Surprise Baby, Terry
Sammy hit the play button and the room bursts with light. The four strobe lights Terry has placed in the corners of the room shatter the darkness of the room in a brilliant flash. The stereo pounding out the beat of their favorite dance tune.

Terry runs from the kitchen, up the stool, and onto the dinning room table. He is fully dressed with his tool belt hugging his slender hips. Sammy's eyes nearly popping from her head as Terry begins to dance back and forth down the table.

Sammy jumping to her feet, laughing in disbelief. Covering her eyes with her hands then slowly peaking between them. What's this she thought to herself. Easing closer to him, Sammy notices the deep red rose in his teeth.

Terry beginning to sway erotically to the beat of their song. Passing all his love to her in this dance. His hips rolling around and around as he began unbuckling his tool belt. Whipping it off and tossing it away.

Sammy whooping and hollering as she watches his every move. Terry turning his little ass to her and shaking it all around as his hands reach for the buttons on his flannel shirt. Ripping it open and turning around to face her. The muscles in Terry's golden chest rippling with each erotic movement. He eases the sleeves slowly down his arms. Twirling his shirt around his head, slinging it right into her hands.

Smiling, as Sammy wraps it around her neck, and begins to clap to the beat. His dance becomes even more intense as he bends over and places the thornless rose in her golden hair. Kissing her softly as his lips fade away from Sammy's.

Flipping his head back and with two quick kicks his laceless boots fly off and onto the floor.

Wearing only his tight jeans now. Terry turns to her and rolls his hips seductively to her. The bulge in his jeans growing against the tight blue denim. Reaching down to the clasp on his jeans as he begins to turn away from her. Shaking his cute ass as he leans forward, and begins to reveal the back of his g-string.

Laughing together as Sammy reaches into her tight skirt and pulls out a wad of bills and waves them in the air.

Slowly he exposes more and more of his muscular legs to her. Terry's mind now racing with thoughts of the special love they share.

Sammy places a $20 bill in the band of his g-sting and let's out a loud whistle. Her smile lighting up her beautiful face.

Slipping his jeans over his ankles. Turning and kicking them in Sammy's direction. Laughing and giggling as they look deep into each others eyes. Terry's bulge now showing clearly as his hips gyrate up and down.

With a wicked grin he jumps from the table and lands directly in front of Sammy. Whispering, "Happy Birthday Baby! I Love You", as the song slowly fades.

Terry pausing to gaze deep at the gorgeous lady before him. Thinking to himself, his lady is even more gorgeous then the day they met so long ago.

Kissing her deep as he eases close to her. Pressing her back to sitting on the stool. Dropping to one knee, as he kisses the back of her hand softly. "Breathe" begins to play on the tape player. Slowly and even more erotically then before Terry rises and begins his lap dance. Sammy places another $20 bill in his swollen g-string. With a wicked grin, slapping his ass and smiling bigger then ever.

Strolling around behind her, brushing Sammy's back with his bare ass. Teasing her with every sway of his hips. Moving around her with his cute ass close to her face. Rolling the muscles in his ass as he reaches for the strap on his g-string.

Beginning to slip it down his legs, exposing himself to her eager eyes. Feeling sammy's warm breath against his bare skin. Slowly releasing his swelling passions from it's binding. Terry's entire erection becoming visible to her now as he leans farther forward to take Sammy's ankles in his hands. Her lips softly nibbling at his rolling body.

Terry's firm hands stroking her beautiful legs up and down as his body sways before her. Her soft moans of pleasure driving Terry onward. Slipping his hands up inside her thighs, causing Sammy's legs to spread wider and wider. Her skirt slipping up to reveal her golden mound to his greedy brown eyes.

With Sammy's tongue now wandering up and down his erection, Terry's hands slip over her wetness. Her body shuddering, from his firm hands wiggling against her swelling clit. Slowly he massages it hard, while his ass mimics the movements of Sammy's tongue. Rolling and gliding up and down.

Terry's hands parting from her wetness, as he turns to face her again. Placing his fingers to his lips and licking them of her juices one by one. The muscles in his erection tighten and relax, causing it to rise and fall in front of her wet lips. Sammy bites her bottom lip as Terry presses his erection firmly between her breasts. His hips rising and falling pressing her silk blouse between them. New sensations spreading throughout their bodies. The tip of Sammy's tongue greeting his erection with each thrust upwards against her.

Terry's fingers dancing up from her knees and crawling deep inside her thighs. His fingers eager to feel her muscles around them as the glide so easily into her moist body. Creeping deeper and deeper inside her aching body. Sammy's hips rising to pull them into her. Circling against her tight muscles as they clamp down hard on Terry's probing fingers. Sammy's lips part, releasing a slow steady moan. Her lips once again clamping down on his throbbing erection, her gentle moans vibrating him harder. Her head bobbbing up and down over tip of his erection. Terry's fingers thrusting in and out faster and faster as they begin to moan as one. With a cry of pleasure they explode into a climax that shakes their bodies deep. Terry thrusting deeper into her lips, erupting like a molten volcano. His passions flowing hot into her mouth. Sammy's juices splashing up Terry's hand. Her warm love flowing from the depths of her sexy body.

Their bodies trembling as their lips meet once again. Sammy's tongue tickling his as it slides deep into his kiss. Gazing deep into each others eyes. That look telling them that that the love they have is strong and true. Terry's tongue wrapping up Sammy's and pulling it deep into his mouth. Nibbling it lightly as his tongue rolls around it. Sammy's lips pressing hard against Terry's. Kissing him so passionately while her head rocks into his deep kiss. The love between them burning so intense.

She slowly pulls from his kiss and whispers, "Baby you are so good to me. This is my best birthday ever."

Rising from the stool Sammy says, "I'll be right back my love."

Terry hollers after her as she heads for the kitchen. "Nice ass baby! I'd follow it anywhere." A burst of laughter fills the room as Sammy shakes it just for him as she turns the corner into the kitchen.

He rises quickly and hurries to the window. Reaching down onto the sill and picking up the small package and cupping it in his hand. Listening intently trying to figure out what she was up to in there. He hears a drawer open and close and then total silence.

With her hand behind her back she rounds the corner into the dinning room. "Close you eyes baby" Sammy says with a smile.

Terry closes his eyes and then feels something strange against his forehead.

Sammy says, "Okay baby you can open them." Opening his eyes, his vision is blocked by a thin piece of paper. Terry reaches up to take it in his hands. It is a note from Sammy. She laughs as he begins to read it out loud.

You had me from hello, baby. Each day with you brings a happiness beyond belief. Thank you, for all you do for me every day. Our life together means so much to me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Kisses, Sammy

Wrapping his arms around Sammy tight, and lifting her into his arms. Careful to hide the small package from her sight, as he sets her gently on the edge of the table. Taking a step back and lifting her leg into his hands as they glide down to her ankle. Looking up and smiling at her as he opens the box and removes his gift. It glitters like icicles in the strobe lights as he holds it up for her to see. A breathtaking sigh comes from her lips as the diamonds sparkle in her soft eyes. Terry carefully places the bracelet around her ankle and kisses it lightly. Whispering, "This my love is a small token of my forever love for you."

Small kisses covering the top of her foot as Terry's lips meet her soft flesh. Nibbling down to the tip of her toes and flicking them lightly with his tongue. Drawing one then the next slowly between his lips as his tongue circles them slowly. Sammy giggling softly as his tongue tickles her toes. Rocking his tongue back and forth across her foot and back to her ankle. Terry nibbling his way around Sammy's calve and up to her knees. Leaning his head to the side as he kisses the sensitive skin behind her knee. His tongue ever so lightly touching her flesh as it crosses between Sammy's thighs.

Gently snaking it's way up between her sexy legs and rolling over her golden mound. Covering Sammy with soft kisses as his mouth slips down over her hard clit. Pressing his face into her wetness and rolling her firm clit between his lips. Eager to share in her passions he pulls Sammy to the edge of the table and leans her back. Terry's hands spreading her wetness fully open as his tongue dives inside her. Tracing each muscle as it slides deeper and deeper. Darting from side to side as it reaches it's limit inside her. Terry feels her body begin to tighten as he shakes his head to and fro against her wet body. A deep moan escaping Sammy's lips as her legs lock around his head and pull his face deep into her climax. His tongue racing deeper and faster as her juices roll across it and down his throat. Swallowing hard as her juices flow in streams across his lips. Terry looks up into her eyes as he licks her thighs dry and whispers, I Love You Baby"

Sammy quickly removes her blouse and releases her firm breasts from their confinement. Squirming on the table as the skirt slips over her hips and down onto the floor. Sammy reaches down and pulls Terry to her body. Kissing him deep as she guides his throbbing erection to her wetness. Terry pressing his hips to hers, filling her body with his. Rolling his hips against Sammy's as their kiss becomes a blur off fiery tongues. Rocking into her harder with each thrust. Terry kisses across her check and nibbles on her ear as he begins thrusting harder.

Whispering into her ear, "I love you so much Sammy." Diving his tongue deep into her ear and rolling it around inside. Her moans blending with his as the love between them flows like fine wine through their veins into one heart. Sammy's legs wrapping him tight at the waist as she grinds down hard on him. Tightening her muscles with all her might around him. Pulling him so deep inside her with each powerful thrust. Terry's hands cupping over her firm breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers as her moan becomes continuous. Thrusting with all his love into her warm body. Their bodies so on fire as their bodies slap against each other. Terry reaching up and taking her by the shoulders and pounding deep and hard.

Feeling the loving release nearing. Both of them whisper at once, "I love you!. Those words driving them over the edge. Sammy's body shaking with his as they share their release in a loud moaning kiss. Pounding and rocking against each other. Their juices splashing all over their bellys. Sharing the love they feel for each other.

Their juices blending into a froth inside her fabulous body. Terry's thrusts moving so fast and deep. Sammy's muscles squeezing every drop from him.

With a deep breath Terry falls forward onto her and relaxes his body to hers. Catching his breath and regaining control of his muscles.

Wrapping Sammy in his loving arms and carrying her to the bedroom. Lying her on the bed, and crawling in beside her. Gently spooning her close to his heart.

Whispering, "I love you Sammy. I hope you enjoyed my simple Birthday gift to you."

Looking back at him, Sammy flashes that special smile only they share. Silently they drift off to sleep in each others arms.

So deep in each other's love.


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