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His Best Friend Sees Her Nude Photos
by Kiwi Couple

For quite a while now, my wife and I have visited this site, and have thoroughly enjoyed the stories posted, particularly those in the exhibitionism/voyeurism and loving wives categories. While our tale may not be as exciting or as adventurous as some we've read, we nonetheless hope that you enjoy it.

Jen and I have been married for close on four years, although we have been together as a couple for the last ten years. A while ago we found that while we were still sexually very active, that "magic" wasn't there any more, and we decided to do something out of the ordinary to try and recapture it. From what we have read, many couples in the same situation have found that including a third or fourth person in their sex lives is the ideal way to rekindle that lost spark, however, for us the time isn't right yet.

Don't get us wrong, the fantasy is great and has provided us with many an interesting night, but that's as far as we're willing to take it right now. Including a third person, physically, in our sex life is something that neither Jen nor I feel comfortable with quite yet. That's not to say that we're total prudes or that we'll never do it. If the opportunity arises and we're attracted to and comfortable with the person (or people), we will probably do it, at least once, just to see what it's like!

In the meantime we've been content to experiment with a bit of role playing and some mild exhibitionism, which has brought back that "magic". When I say exhibitionism, I really mean that Jen will wear some sexy clothes when we go out, and will discretely flash her tits or pussy at me when no-one else is looking. Not too exciting for some, but for us it's been out of the ordinary and makes things just that little bit more interesting.

While that has undoubtedly been fun, what really got us excited was the day my best friend got to see some of Jen's nude photo's. Until a short while ago, no one apart from her doctor and me had ever seen Jen naked. To say that it has added a new level of excitement to our little kink is an understatement!

Jim (let's call him that for the moment) and I have been mates for close on 23 years now, and is more like a brother to me than a friend. Jen got to know him when she met me, and they both got on well right from the word go which was great. Sadly, we've moved a long way away, and now rarely get to see each other, although we do keep in contact via e-mail or IRC every second day or so.

What happened was that he and I were chatting on IRC one day, and he asked about our new house and what it looked like. I sent across a couple of photo's I'd taken a while ago, various shots from around the house, just to give him an idea of what the place looked like. In amongst the normal shots was one of the bathroom, with the hot tub. Initially I wasn't going to send it, because Jen was in the tub when I took the photo, and while she was covered in bubbles you could still see she was naked.

"What the hell!", I thought "Can't do any harm, and anyway, I'm only showing him the hot tub."

With that thought in mind, I sent the photo across with the others. Hah...Little did I know what the result of that would be!

I had assumed he would say something about the photo being a bit overexposed (Yeah, we have a weird sense of humour) but instead he said that he would love to get rid of the bubbles because she looked like she had a nice pair of boobs! Not what I'd have expected of my old boyhood chum, but there it was.

"Ok, well let's see what he thinks of this." I thought, and sent him another photo of Jen sitting in the hot tub, naked from the waist up this time. Jim took a while to type up a reply, but when he did, he thanked me for letting him see Jen's tits, and said that he really liked them and that I was a lucky bastard. His girlfriend would never let him take photo's like that of her.

Well, that did it for me. Here was my best mate and he'd just seen my wife's tits, which had been seen only by me and her doctor for the last ten years. What is it about letting other guys see your wife naked that's so exciting to men? I don't have an answer for that, but I do know that like most of the guys I've spoken to since that day, I was excited as hell knowing that my best friend had seen her naked breasts.

At that point, as luck would have it, Jen came into the room and asked what I was doing. I was in two minds as to what I should tell her. Lie, and say "Nothing, honey", or tell the truth. Being the sort of person I am, I opted for the truth bit and blurted out the whole story, hanging my head in shame (yeah, right!!!), expecting to be yelled at. Imagine my surprise when she asked what he'd thought of her tits! Far from being upset, as I'd expected, she was as excited as I was!

I pointed to the screen and let Jen read what he'd typed for herself. She looked surprised and asked me which photo I'd shown him. Quickly I opened the file and showed her the second one I'd sent. She looked it over and said "But that's a terrible picture! You can't even see anything clearly."

My face must have been a sight to see, because she laughed and said that if she had to send over a picture, she would have sent one that showed her tits off far better than that one. Not being one to miss an opportunity like that, I asked her which one she would have sent. Jen told me to pull up a few of the other pictures I'd taken of her in a less than fully clothed state so she could see what her choice would be.

I did as I was asked and while she was deciding, quickly tapped in a message to Jim, telling him to hang on a bit while I did something. While he waited patiently, and Jen pored over the picture files, I wondered what I'd done to get so lucky.

After what seemed an age, Jen finally decided that none of the pictures I'd taken so far were "just right" to send to Jim.

"Oh well" I thought, "At least I'm not in the dog-box because I'd sent the picture over."

"That doesn't mean we can't take one that *is* right." she said, blushing slightly.

I was shocked. I really was! Here's my shy, butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth, wife suggesting I take a photo of her tits to send to my best friend. Being of average intelligence (at least where things of this nature are concerned) I didn't need to be hit over the head with a brick to realise that I should strike while the iron was hot. I typed a short message to Jim, telling him I'd be back online a bit later, and would chat to him then. I logged off and turned to Jen.

"Well, what have you got in mind?" I asked her.

"How about a shot of me wearing just a pair of panties, lying on the bed?" was her first suggestion, followed by a shy "Or even naked if you want."

Fetching the camera took slightly less time than a 100m sprint by an Olympic athlete. Gods, was I keen to get started! Jen laughed when she saw the state I was in. She told me to sit down for a bit while she got ready, and also so I could stop shaking or the pictures would blur.

I sat watching Jen as she slowly unbuttoned and peeled off her blouse, exposing her full breasts, covered by a lacy black bra. I was hard as a rock already, imagining what was beneath the flimsy material. Truth be told, I didn't need to imagine much because the bra was pretty see-through, and I could already see her nipples poking at the lace.

Jen's face was flushed with excitement, and I could see the gleam in her eyes as she unzipped her skirt. You know the gleam that says louder than words "I'm excited!"? She turned her back towards me as she pulled the skirt down, and I marveled at how sexy her bottom was, encased in the lacy black panties. I could swear I saw a damp spot as she bent over at the waist to slip the skirt off, taking a lot longer than was necessary. The tease!!!

Standing there wearing nothing but a bra, panties, pearls and heels she looked sexier than ever, and I had trouble keeping my hands steady as I brought the camera to my eye.

"No sense in getting ahead of ourselves," I said. "Let's start off with a few shots of you like this."

With a wink, she agreed, and asked what I was waiting for. Taking the hint, I pressed the shutter release and got the first one in the bag. I looked down at the screen, saw that the picture was a bit blurry (thank you shaky hands) and decided to delete it and retake the shot. By the way, if you like taking photo's of your wife, I'd recommend going digital wholeheartedly. It's fantastic being able to see what you've taken as soon as you press the button! Saves a lot of time and embarrassment too.

The second picture came out a lot better than the first, and as I looked at it I thought how lucky I was to have a wife who is so understanding and willing to show herself off to another guy because it excites me. Wow! Seeing her standing there, half shy and fully aroused got me harder than a rock.

The shutter clicked a few more times, as I got Jen to turn this way and that, showing first her cleavage, then her panty-clad bottom. I'd taken a few really great shots that showed her beautiful boobs with their stiffened nipples poking against the lacy material, her shy but naughty smile and sparkling eyes.

Jen suggested we move into the bedroom for the rest of the pictures. I got one or two more pictures as she wiggled her backside suggestively walking down the hallway. Luscious is the word that springs to mind!

The first thing she did when we got into the bedroom was take off her bra, setting her gorgeous breasts free. Without the bra covering them, they looked even better. Full, rounded, soft. She lay back on the bed, stretching her arms up above her head, making her breasts look fuller, rounder. The nipples were stiff, pointing straight ahead.

Once again I brought the camera to my eye, framing her head and breasts in the viewfinder, taking picture after picture as she rolled and stretched on the bed. Jen was aroused all right. So was I. I could feel my cock pulsing as blood pounded through it with every heartbeat. Watching Jen caress her breasts, every so often pulling on her nipples while I took photo's was going to make me cum in my pants!

"Why don't you take your panties off?" I asked hoarsely.

Jen looked me in the eye and said that she would, but only if I put down the camera and joined her on the bed. By this time I was ready to explode but I still wanted one more thing.

"OK, but I want one more picture of you, totally naked and spread open!"

Without a word, she reached down and slipped the panties off. Jen looked at me with lust-filled eyes and asked if I was going to send this picture to Jim too. When I said I would if she wanted me to, she spread her legs wide, exposing her wet glistening pussy to the camera.

"Do you think he'll like this?"


"I'm sure he'll love it!" was my reply.

With that, I put down the camera and ripped off my clothes, joining Jen on the bed. My fingers found her lower lips, spreading them apart, feeling the silky texture of her wet labia. Her moan told me not to waste time with pleasantries and I slipped first one, then two fingers deep into her wetness, feeling her spasm as her orgasm ripping through her.

Her body convulsed again as I moved between her spread legs, pushing my cock past the swollen lips of her pussy and into her hot, wet depths. Neither Jen nor I lasted long. My fast pounding strokes brought us both to a shattering orgasm moments later, my cock spurting deep in her slippery pussy. Ah, what an experience!

Well, later after we'd rested, made love and rested again, I got up, leaving Jen sleeping peacefully on the bed. I retrieved the camera from the dresser and made my way to the computer. In a matter of minutes, I'd downloaded the pictures and stored them on the hard drive, and opened up a few of the files, reliving the last hour as I moved from one picture to the next, seeing Jen take off her clothes for another man's viewing pleasure.

I opened up the e-mail program, typed in my friend's address and a short message...

Here's something I think you'll enjoy.
Jen sends her love and said she wanted you to have these.
Let me know what you want to see next!

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To be continued...

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