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Hot Colorado Nights
by Dr. Bull

The first time I met Kris was at a party that had manifested itself in my dorm room. My roommate and I were more than happy to spend the night drinking with some lovely young lasses. Kris and James (my roommate) hit it off right away, in fact the next morning I woke up with a headache and he woke up with her. She and James moved off campus together the next year, and their place became party central for my college sweetie and our other friends. The four of us became life long friends, during the course of college parties I saw Kris in various states of dress or undress depending on how you look at it. As time passed we kept our friendship alive over the phone, since we lived about 600 miles apart.

I had an opportunity to visit them a couple years later; Kris was visiting her parents in another city when I arrived, so James and I went out partying. We hit the high spots of the near by city, reliving our college days through stories and too much beer. The strippers loved us, and we tipped well. As the night slowed, and we talked into seriousness we talked of women, sex and life after marriage. During one of the more serious moments I admitted to James the only woman I had ever really had fantasies about was Kris, other than my wife I had no other real interest in other women.

The net day I woke up with one of those 3 alarm hangovers, and James wasn't in much better shape. We spent the day nursing our heads and trying to solve the world's problems. That afternoon Kris arrived back from her parents and greeted me with a big hug and a kiss, lasting just a bit longer than it should have. The three of us had a few drinks and Kris made a wonderful meal, as night settled in I felt the effects of the previous evening with little or no sleep so about 10:30 I excused myself and headed off to bed.

Their house was small, with one bedroom on the main floor and a spare tucked into more or less the attic with a small steep staircase leading to it, my room, the cold Colorado night winds seem to blow through the walls. The small bed was cozy twin size with plenty of comforters to hold out the cold. I could here my hosts as they headed to bed chatting presumably about their days apart. The lights went out downstairs and I snuggled in for the nights sleep. Just as I was slipping into slumber the light in the stairway came on, and I heard someone on the stairs, Kris stepped quietly into my room wearing a flannel robe and warm slippers. I closed my eyes figuring she was after something from the storage area by the door.

I felt her hand touch my shoulder, "Can I come in?" I opened my eyes to a vision; at 5'3" and about 120 lbs. Kris was a slender beauty. Her legs were slender and rounded into a gorgeous tight little ass, cupping into her flat stomach; her breasts were almost too large for her frame and the feature that always grabbed your attention first. She stood with her robe at her feet her large up turned breasts starting to goose flesh in the cold night air. Her shoulder length hair cascading down across her face, she took the edge of the comforter and slid her cool body in, cuddling up to my six-foot frame. Since High School I have always slept in the buff, no matter the temperature and tonight was no different. The feel of Kris's breasts rubbing my chest, and her deep kisses brought out desires long kept in the back of my mind, my manhood began to grow. As the head of my cock began to tickle her thighs, she murmured "I know what you need" she slid under the covers, nibbling as she went until her lips reached the 10 inches of hard cock. Her tongue darted around the head, ever so playfully, then she took the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. Her tongue rolling across the underside she sucked and lightly chewed my member. Slowly she slid it back out of her hot mouth lowering just a bit more her nimble tongue pulling my testicles into her mouth, first one and then the other, taking time to envelop my pleading cock in her warm mouth.

The temperature seemed to be rising in the bedroom and I through back the comforter, and genitally pulled her legs toward me, she accommodated by sitting on my chest. I lifted her hips sliding her small frame so that my tongue could reach her moist tunnel. Her moan told me all I needed to know I tasted her juices slowly my tongue danced around her pussy lips, settling on her clit. As she opened her legs wider I delve deeper into her with my face and tongue. She sat up right grinding her hot snatch deeper on to my face till I wondered about air. As her orgasm peaked, she collapsed down on my body, shaking. I felt her glorious lips once again circle my manhood, bringing it to full size, she rolled her body around and kissed me. Then rose up and slid her hot spot on to my waiting spear.

Her hips ground, her breasts sliding across my chest, her tight hot pussy clamped and held me like vice. We came together exhausted from the work out. Contented with our fantasy, the cold came back to us and we pulled the bed clothing back over our bodies, snuggling she said to me "I better go back downstairs, so I know where I am when I wake up."

She kissed me and crawled out of bed gathering her robe and slipping it on. She turned once more kissing me deeply, as I cupped her breast through her open robe she whispered "I always wanted to do that too." I had forgotten the drunken remark to James, but it seems he had not. She left to sleep with her husband leaving me to sleep with a fantasy fulfilled.


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