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Hubby's Cleaning Up
by Rebecca

I'm a 29 year-old Puerto Rican woman living in New York. I'm 5'7" with brown eyes and dark brown hair down to my butt. My measurements are 34B-23-34 and I think my best feature is my ass. I have never had problems getting men, even after I was married 8 years ago. I got pregnant and had to get married or else I never would have. I love sex, there's no other way to put it. I love cock and enjoy it in all 3 holes and have to have sex daily. I've been a slut whore since I sucked my first cock when I was young (my Uncle's) and have been hooked since.

I would have divorced my husband by now but he's a good provider for me and the 3 kids so he sticks around. He worships me and I enjoy taking full advantage of that. We haven't had sex in over a year, except that every morning my husband eats my hairy pussy. I keep it hairy because it tends to hold the smells of my previous night's fucks as well as the jizz better then when I used to keep it shaved.

My life is as follows: I work all day, get home at 5, feed the kids and wash them and put them to bed by 9. Then I nap for an hour, shower (sometimes) put on sexy clothes and go out at 11 to spend the night with one of my lovers. Right now I am seeing two men, neither knows about the other but they both know that I am married. I usually get home around 4:30 am and strip down to my panties and go to bed. If I'm still horny I wake my husband to eat my pussy until I cum otherwise I sleep until he wakes me at 6 am by eating my pussy. That's his job, that's his reason for living... to clean up other men's cum.

As I said I have two lovers and they are both very different with only one thing in common. Tony is a 32 year-old Italian man. He's wealthy and he's married with a family. I usually see him twice a week and we always go to Motels in the area. Of course he pays for everything. He's a good lover, loves to have his cock sucked and can go for a long time. His cock is about 8 1/2" and as thick around as a can of beer. I don't allow him to stick that fat cock in my ass but he fucks me good, usually once or twice each time we meet and he shoots huge, creamy loads of cum.

Terrence is 26 and he's black. He loves eating my ass and pussy but more importantly he fucks my ass. Terrence's cock is nearly 12" but its much thinner than Tony's and much easier to take in my ass. I don't fuck my husband because his puny 5" dick does absolutely nothing for me. Terrence treats me like a total whore and sometimes invites a friend over for me to fuck and has even arranged for me to have lesbian sex with one of the hot sista's he knows. That's only happened 3 times but I enjoy that a lot. I also enjoy his friends because he knows me, knows I only do big cocks so I don't get bothered by any guys being around with little peckers.

Usually with Tony he likes me to wear my sexy lingerie around the motel room while we watch a dirty movie. Then I suck his dick and get it nice and hard and he fucks me for a long time until my pussy gets sore and then he shoots a load in me. Sometimes, if he's really horny he'll watch me masturbate after we fuck and then when he gets hard again we fuck again. He likes to see me use vibrators and dildos on myself while he watches and strokes his big, fat dick. That's usually our routine but it never fails to get me off two or three times each time we get together.

I especially enjoy the morning after when my husband licks my pussy because its usually very tender from Tony's big cock. My husband likes it because my pussy is even bigger then usual when he eats me. I have large lips and a very big clit and it gets especially swollen after fucking Tony. I also think he likes the fact that Tony's cum is so thick and creamy and its usual spread out all over my crotch from masturbating for Tony.

The other night I had a really hot time with Terrence which included two of his friends and that's the night I want to tell you about. He picked me up at 11 o'clock and instead of going to his apartment he sad we were going over to his friend Andre's. I didn't mind. I had met and fucked Andre on several occasions with Terrence and he had a big, beautiful, black cock that always got me off. My pussy was already getting wet thinking about getting fucked by two men tonight.

When we got to Andre's place Terrence made me get naked in the car and put my coat back over myself. Andre lived in a nice building and in the elevator Terrence told me I better be a good little whore when we got to Andre's and I told him I would do whatever he wanted. We stood in front of Apartment 4C and I heard voices coming from inside. I figured it was just the tv or something. Terrence rang the buzzer then turned me to me "Lose the coat". I looked up and down the empty hallway and then I dropped my coat and stood there in my nakedness. I felt like a total whore and that turned me on.

Andre answered the door and gave me a hug, grabbing my ass. "C'mon in, we been waitin for you" and then I realized all the voices weren't from the t.v. so Terrence and I walked in. Besides Terrence and Andre, three other men were sitting in the living room. Two very tall, very dark black men and one muscle bound Puerto Rican. "All these guys should meet your requirements" Andre said with a smile. I stood naked in the middle of his living room with ten hungry eyes burning through me. "Lets party" Terrence said and just like that all five men began taking off their clothes. Michael was 6'4" and had a nice looking cock on him, he was already semi hard by the time he stripped. Andre's cock looked as good as I remembered and Terrence's 12" looked as good as it did two nights ago when it was fucking my ass. Carlos had one fat cock, it may have been fatter then even Tony's but I couldn't be sure because he wasn't hard yet.

Then I looked over to Malic, he had his back towards us as he lowered his pants. When he turned around I was actually frightened by a cock for the first time in my life. It hung there, maybe 10" and it was completely soft and he was uncircumsized, his foreskin covering the head. Besides the length he was pretty thick. I was pushed to the floor and within seconds I had four cocks in my face. Malic stood back and said I could suck last and that I should warm up on the others. They all laughed.

I love to suck cock and this was more than any healthy cock sucking slut could ask for. I moved from cock to cock, getting familiar with each guys meat and licking their sweaty balls. It didn't take me long to suck them all to erection. Then Carlos knelt down and started sucking on my right nipple, Michael moved to my left one and Terrence got on the floor between my legs and started touching my pussy, "She's dripping already boys. I told you she was a ho," and then he started tonguing me. Andre stepped back, stroking his cock and Malic stepped up.

I stroked his huge cock and pulled the foreskin back a bit. When I leaned in I could smell the scent of a woman on him. He saw me hesitate, "That's alright...I had to fuck my wife before she let me out tonight" he said and pushed his cock against my lips. I opened up and knew I was tasting not only his dry cum but his wife's pussy juice...and I loved it! Absolutely adored it. The strong smell of his wife's pussy was much more evident when I pulled the foreskin back to suck on the head. It was turning me on more than any cock I'd ever sucked. I had my first orgasm thanks to the two mouths on my tits, the tongue and fingers in my pussy and the one big cock making its way down my throat.

When my body stopped shaking Andre moved around and in one thrust buried his cock in my pussy. That started it. Each guy fucked my pussy as I lay there on my back and each one came in my pussy. By the time Malic started fucking me I was so wet and nasty I didn't realize he was buried all the way in. He fucked me the longest and while he did the guys started waving their cock in front of my face so I could suck them to erection again. Malic pulled out when he was ready to cum and stood over me his cock went off like a firehouse spraying all over my tits and belly and in my hair and on my face. I had a shattering orgasm just then and I think I passed out for a minute.

I opened my eyes and Terrence was rubbing my pussy, rubbing all that cum into my thick bush and in between the crack of my ass. I was hoping they would let me rest a minute, but there was to be no rest for me. Terrence lifted my ass from the floor and without warning he was shoving his huge cock in my ass. And that's what happened for the next hour or so, I lost track of time as I just kept cumming until I felt totally drained.

The last thing I remembered after each of them had fucked my ass and pussy, was lying there on the floor, the guys putting their sloppy cocks in front of my face for me to lick clean. I remember Michael cumming all over my face and tits and that's when I passed out from exhaustion.

Terrence told me I stunk as he drove me home. I didn't need to be told, I could tell that all by myself. I smelled of shit and pussy and cum and sweat. Never had I been so thoroughly fucked senseless. I barely made it up the stairs to my apartment. I didn't even undress. The clock next to the bed read 4 am and that's all I remember until I opened my eyes again at 6:30.

To Be Continued...


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