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Harsh Discipline
by Avidave

As always I entered the dungeon with some trepidation. The mistress had summoned me from work and commanded that I be there for her pleasure before four o'clock. Even though I had tried, traffic had been dismal and it was 10 past the hour before I arrived. Waiting on her throne she called me to her feet.

"Kneel," she said through tight lips. "What time did I summon you for" she asked?

"Four o'clock," I answered "but the traffic was so bad I couldn't make it here in time.

Her response was to slap me across the face with the back of her hand. "I'm not interested in your excuses," she spat out, "I am to be obeyed, not angered, or have you forgotten what angering me means."

"I'm sorry mistress, I won't ever let it happen again."

"You're right about that!" she said, caressing the angry red welt on my cheek, "I have something in mind for you today that should prevent a recurrence of the problem. Get ready for some training and be quick about it."

As I went to the corner and stripped she picked up the phone beside the throne and placed a hurried call. I knelt in the middle of the floor and observed her from my position. She had turned her back to me and was looking at the implements on the wall beside her. I observed the sinewy muscles of her shoulders as they slid under her satiny caramel colored skin. Ten years as a top body builder had given her a body most men would be proud of. Strong muscular shoulders tapered in a tight vee to an impossibly tiny waist. The tight halter she wore accented the sinewy grace of her upper body. Her hips were gently flared from her waist and the buttocks were round firm and high. Her thighs, a rippling mass of muscle as was her calf. Unlike many she didn't wear high spiked heels but rather boots with thick soles and heels that accented her 5 ft 6 in. height. The small leather thong she wore split the cheeks of her ass with almost cruel pressure and nestled tight against her shaven tight pussy.

Turning to me I saw she had picked a leather strap from her collection on the wall. Her eyes were glowing as she strode towards me in the center of the room.

"This should be useful for training your memory," she whispered. "Perhaps a little reminder of my anger would be in order."

"Kneel there and don't move a muscle, don't cry out, don't even flinch and you might get out of here without any permanent damage," she said. "Do you think you can do that Boy," she hissed.

"Yes mistress," was all I could gulp out. My eyes widened as she pulled back the belt. I knew from past experience that I would be expected to take my punishment in silence and that any failure to do so would be treated with contempt and more severe discipline.

The strap whistled through the air and the crack of leather on flesh rang through the dungeon. The stroke had caught me from the middle of the chest across the right nipple and arm. Without looking I knew that an angry red welt would already be showing there. In spite of, or because of the pain the nipple rose from my chest. Again the strap whistled and the pain bit into my other nipple.

"That isn't so bad is it," she asked?

"No mistress," I said. "I deserve it for keeping you waiting."

Approaching me she gently rubbed my right nipple with her hand and then taking it between her thumb and forefinger squeezed it, pulling it from my body and stretching it in the air. The pain shot through me as she hissed.

"Oh we're not through with the correction yet my little worm there is much more for you tonight."

Once again the strap whistled and this time blows rained down on my back, ass and chest as the mistress kissed my body with the coarse leather.

I was nearly fainting as she beat on me but when I thought I couldn't take another blow she stopped.

The effort had brought sheen, of sweat to her skin and her eyes sparkled from the excitement. Her nipples like my own were now prominent under the material of her halter.

Tossing the strap onto the table she turned to me and removed her thong and her boots.

"That has invigorated me my little slave" she sighed, "but I seem to have gotten sweaty. "Why don't you use your tongue to help cool me off," she said.

She sat in the throne and lifted her foot towards me. Crawling on my knees I went to her and began licking the sole of her foot. Slowly and carefully I made my way al around the foot and between her toes. I knew that to miss a single spot would result in further torture. As she held her leg in the air I licked farther and farther up from her foot. She sighed with pleasure as my tongue worked over her ankle, calf, and knee. As I started to lick her thigh I heard the sharp intake of her breath. Inches from her crotch and able to smell the scent of her heated pussy she stopped me and made me start on the other leg. Once again I bathed every inch of her foot and leg working my way up above her knee. I could see the bright pink lips of her pussy, puffy and moist from sweat and her inner juices as I licked the inside of her thigh mere inches from her beautiful pussy. Casually she fingered the small hoop that was pierced through her clit as I ministered to her legs.

Just as I thought she would let me taste her nectar she again stopped me.

"Go over to the frame," she said.

I went to the frame she meant. It is a wooden rectangle fastened to the floor and the roof. Steel eyelets are attached every few inches all around it allowing her to bind anyone, of any size, into almost any position inside its borders. She came up behind me and placed leather handcuffs and ankle cuffs on me. Spreading my legs she fastened them to the lowest of the eyelets in the frame. Taking my wrists she then fastened them to the same positions so I was forced to stand bent over at the waist and completely exposed to her.

I felt her hand caress my ass and could look through my legs at her beautiful legs behind me. I felt a jolt of cold as she smeared some lubricant over my anus.

"You like this don't you," she cooed from behind me her finger lingering on my asshole.

"Yes mistress," I sighed, "it feels great."

Forcing her finger into my ass she said

"Would you like me to continue and stretch your ass out a bit for you."

"Yes," I said, "I love it."

As a second finger entered my ass she whispered in my ear.

"You're going to love the surprise I have for you then," she said.

Just then the door to the dungeon opened and she said, "Here he is for you Sir Harold, just as I promised, a disobedient slave in need of your correction.

In front of me two massive muscular legs came into view. Black as ebony and glossy in the harsh light. A hand roughly grabbed my head and tilted it back till I was looking at his huge black cock. Not a word was spoken as my mistress grabbed his dick with her hand and began to stroke it inches from my face. The cock grew in her hand, as thick as her wrist it was already at least ten inches long and the head looked like a tennis ball. She pulled it towards me and placed it at my lips.

"Suck it," she said, "maybe if you do a good enough job I'll spare your ass."

I resisted the pressure of his cock against my lips but then my mistress grabbed my balls squeezing fiercely.

"Take it," she hissed, "or I'll rip your balls off. If you think you can keep me waiting or disobey me you'll learn better.

I opened my mouth as far as I could and he shoved his cock down my throat so far I couldn't breathe. As his cock swelled even bigger in my throat I was sure I would pass out. Just when I felt I couldn't last another second he pulled out of me. Gasping for breath I could do nothing as he walked behind me and I felt the huge head of his cock press against my asshole. With a force that I knew was tearing the sides of my ass he plunged it into me and plundered my ass. The pain made me gasp as his huge prick reamed my ass over and over. I heard my mistress laugh as she watched my rape. Just as I thought he would come in my ass she said.

"Don't waste that on him Sir Harold, I'll take it."

I watched as she knelt in front of him easily swallowing the cock that had nearly chocked me and as his cock jerked I watched her greedily swallow his seed. Without ever saying a word he turned and walked out of the room.

My mistress started to untie me as she said. "Sir Harold is my oldest mentor and the one who initiated me in the arts of discipline. If you ever disappoint me again I'll call him back here and let him have you again. Do you understand me, worm."

"Yes mistress," I sighed.

"Good," she said, "now come over here and eat me out, seeing Harold's cock again has made me horny and as long as you're here you might as well entertain me a little more.


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