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Hidden Fantasy
by Steffi Johnson

.....Frantically, I open the door, fumbling with the keys, pulse racing as I walk in. I look first to the orderly appearance of the den. I smirk as I turn to see that the den closet is open. I walk over to see that the object of my interest, a camouflaged camcorder remains in the spot that I last left it...strategically placed to capture a desired moment. I nervously remove the camcorder uncovering it from its camouflaged sheath. I notice that the full tape in which I started was now empty covering roughly two hours of what I had hoped was of voyeur footage. I quickly rewound the tape while hooking up the camcorder to the television VCR as my heart raced with curiosity. What would happen? Did I get the camera angle right? It all became known very soon as I pressed play...

My wife's sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Jason are immediately seen lying on the adjacent futon sleeping. I shimmer as I see the camera angle is virtually perfect. I come into the picture letting Jenn know that I would be out for the rest of the day to do some work at the office. It is morning and my wife had already left for work for the day. Jenn, half asleep, mumbles OK as she turns over. Then, I leave the picture and the house for the rest of the day. Jenn turns over, gets up and walks over to the closet peering what seems to be directly into the camera. I see a subtle smile as she returns, her long t-shirt flowing over her bottom displaying a small hint of her white bikini panties. Now...I hope...things will heat up.

After approximately a half hour of dull footage of Jenn and her boyfriend sleeping, I notice that Jason is stirring in more ways than one. He slowly moves his hand down Jenn's back moving away the blanket that covers them. She is in a t-shirt as her back is lying directly toward the camera. His hand moves lower and lower exposing her lower back down over her gorgeous 22 year old butt. Then he begins to lift the shirt...exposing her tan-lined ass in a hot pair of high cut white silk panties. I shudder as he begins to remove her shirt seeing the tan lines of her bikini top. They begin to passionately kiss as I see Jason's hand cupping her sweet ass.

He begins to move the panties to one side as he explores her ass down to her backdoor pussy subtly working her hot clit from behind. Her ass begins to rhythmically sway with her boyfriend's advances. Then she moves from that position working her way around him as I catch a glance of those sweet 34b breasts. She smiles at her boyfriend as her hand runs down his lips...down his chest and stops at the beginning of his boxers. Slowly, she rubs her palm over his thickness.

Next, she reaches in through the fly and takes out his immaculate cock. I tremor as she takes it in her hand stroking it gently as she eyes him up. Then as if she knew I was filming turns her head toward the camera and licks her lips as she lowers her head to accommodate his rising fortune. My cock jumps as she begins to kiss his engorged cockhead and then swirls her tongue around it eyes fixed toward the way of the closet hidden cam. She then begins to descend on his thickness as her beautiful auburn hair begins to fall against her face. She works his cock at a torrid pace every once in a while coming up to lick his sweet shaft and work her tongue around his glorious cockhead. I see Jason thoroughly enjoying himself as his hot bodied girlfriend sucks him with such skill and tempo. I feel as though I might explode just watching this footage. Although I fantasized about Jenn quite a lot, I never realistically thought she was so experienced in sexual activities. Boy, was I wrong!

Jenn keeps up the pace watching the closet while licking around Jason's cock. I can barely hear her utter "Don't cum yet...I want you to fuck me first," in her sexy hoarse voice. Jason looks back up to her affirming her orders visibly trying to hold back. Jenn gets up and slides Jason's boxers off laying in front of him along the futon. I am taken back by her beauty as she faces the closet showing the entirety of her beautiful body only dressed in white silk bikini panties. She moves back into Jason softly rubbing her ass up against him. I almost drop as I see her as she again stares forward drop her hand to her waist and inside her panties. She licks her lips as I can see her reach down to her silk covered pussy as she begins to slowly work herself. I can see that Jason is also turned on at her masturbatory activity as he grinds softly into her pantied ass. Then I see her turning her head toward him.

"I want you to fuck me with my panties on," she hoarsely says as she continues to work her pussy. With that, she takes her hand slowly out of her wet panties and gently moves her bikinis aside revealing a well manicured auburn pussy. Shaved in a tight "V" shape, her contrasting tan lines creates an even sexier sight for the spectator. She then takes Jason's thickness working it along her hot slit. She lifts her leg up to gain better access as she takes the first one third of Jason's cock. Then as her beautiful blue eyes flicker, she backs up into Jason taking him to the hilt. Slowly, they begin to achieve a consistent rhythm as I see Jenn looking what it seems to be at me rolling her eyes in ecstasy. Amidst the moaning I can hear Jenn hoarsely instructing "Fuck me with that thick cock cock......mmmmmmmm.....oh yeah... give it to me". Jenn then begins to manipulate herself as Jason's cock can be seen glistening as he delivers into her white pantied paradise. Her body writhes in orgasmic tremors as she backs into Jason's well bodied loins.

Jenn seemingly looking toward the closet gets up and utters a few inaudible words. She turns her back to the closet giving a great view of her beautiful heart shaped ass. She subtly looks over her shoulder and slowly takes down her high cut white panties. I tremble as I see the pronounced high cut milky tan line of her sweet bottom, then to see her gorgeous pussy as she slowly bends over. Her sweet lips are totally shaved to leave nothing to the imagination. Her legs are so young and supple as she takes her knees in front of the futon and her boyfriend. This angle is particularly inspiring as she bends over to take his cock in her mouth exposing her sweet ass and pussy. As she begins to take him in a steady rhythm her ass follows sexily swaying to her delivery. I feel as though I can't take too much more as she continues this incredibly sexy sway. Then she moves to one side as she continues to service Jason looking up at him as she takes his length. I see Jason begin to shake a bit as Jenn keeps up the oral assault licking around his engorged cockhead. Then suddenly as she stares at him tonguing his cockhead, cum erupts against her face and lips ricocheting off her busy tongue. She pumps the base of his thickness completing his out of this world orgasm. As he becomes flaccid, she sexily licks the glistening cockhead fixing her beautiful blue eyes toward the closet. After that, she gets up, puts on her panties and t-shirt and begins to clean up with the help of Jason. I am speechless as to what I captured on tape. I proceed to hide the tape and put a new one in.

Two weeks later Jenn was to stay at our home again, this time without the presence of her boyfriend. My wife left that morning for work and I again set up the camera hoping Jenn would shower before she left for the day. She again was half asleep as I informed her I was going to the office again. She turned around and muttered "oh the office, huh?" as she smiled at me. I told her I needed to get a few things done as I walked out the door. My pulse again rapidly increased at the curiosity that I felt as to what I would find this time on the tape in just a few short hours.

As I walked out, I heard my name being called out. I quizzically looked around and saw Jenn from the upstairs window.

"I need some help moving a couple things to my car, can you help me out for like five minutes?," she asked as I stood motionless.

"Sure," I replied as I began to head back into the house. I began to get frustrated as I thought that this errand would surely waste some vital tape and I might miss any opportunity at seeing Jenn nude again. I walked up the steps to meet Jenn as she handed me a few boxes to carry to her car. She followed me out and took the lead unlocking her car and opening the door. She was dressed very casual in khaki shorts and a t-shirt. As she began to put the first box in I couldn't help but notice that great ass again. As I stood fixated on this hot sight I noticed a very high panty line...a thong perhaps? The notion sent ripples through my spine. I hoped to quickly get this over to possibly see her strip for the hidden camera. I was so fixed on her ass that as she turned to accept the next box she caught me dead looking at her perfect behind. A naughty smile unlike anything I had ever seen from her came across her face. I felt embarrassed.

"Like what you see?," she asked placing the last box.

"What do you mean?," I retorted trying to shift the subject.

"It's not like something you have never seen before," she replied winking at me.

I stood perplexed for a moment. What did she mean? I thought she must have been referring to times when we went swimming with her in her bikini. Yes, that had to be it.

"There is one more box," she said as we walked back into the house. She led the way and as she made her way up the stairs, I swear that she began to subtly shake her hips as I witnessed on the video. I could hardly contain myself as I could make out that high panty line again. I had to get out of here.

We walked in as I saw her look around and say "I guess that is it, I thought there was another one". She then laid down on the futon tired from the moving.

"Would you mind giving me a massage?," Jenn asked me as I began to head out the door.

I suddenly felt tense. What should I do?. I couldn't help but oblige.

I sat next to her slowly working her tight shoulders as she sat up. I was beginning to get very hot especially since I knew the camera was running. I worked my way around her neck, kneading her gently.

"That is awesome, would you mind also doing my legs?," she asked as she didn't wait for a response laying flat on her stomach. I quivered uttering a "no problem" under my breath. She then began to lift her t-shirt a little so that I could have clearance to her lower back. As I worked her lower back, I felt down to what I could tell was the top of her panty band. Again, she wore white silk panties cut high. Obviously, from the extreme high cut, I could tell she was wearing a thong. It was getting hotter by the second.

I moved down her legs softly massaging each thigh and calf until I heard a bit of disagreement in her voice.

"I hate these shorts, they are just too constricting!," she said as she undid the shorts and pulled them halfway down her perfect bottom. "Can you take them off, they just get in the way." I sat rapidly getting hard as with each tug I could see more of that thong and exposed ass which contrasted very well with the bikini tan line.

I took them off and began to try and contain myself as I continued to massage her. I worked over her calves again but my eyes never left the sight of that gorgeous heart shaped ass.

"Oh, you do that very well," she cooed as she subtly lifted her hips up a bit to further accentuate her well sculpted ass to me. I could tell that she sensed that I was getting excited from all the massaging which was a severe understatement, I couldn't believe this was happening.

"So, do you like what you see?," she tantalizingly inquired looking back at me over her shoulder. "I saw you looking at me when we were moving the boxes...I caught you staring at my ass." "Do you think it is cute?" "Do you like the panties I picked out just for you?"

I could barely utter a breath as I knew I was nabbed.

"Yes, umm... of course," I stammered not knowing how to respond. I had fantasized about this situation many times but I never dreamed I would ever really find myself in this tight situation. I continued to massage up the back of her knee and up her firm thighs acting as though her statements didn't faze me.

She looked over her shoulder in such a sexy manner and said to me "Can I ask you a personal question, have you ever fantasized about me?"

Jenn and I always had an honest relationship discussing anything from politics to sex, but I had never been presented with a question like this. I pondered upon it as she stared waiting for my response. I knew that I should continue to be honest.

"I feel a little embarrassed about this, but yes I have on occasion," I slowly answered surveying her response as I divulged my inner secrets.

She smiled wryly and said "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, I've done the same thing thinking about you". "We have both been waiting for this...I can tell."

With that she got up and moved next to me keeping her blue eyes on mine all the while. "I know what you are up to...and I must tell you that it turns me on so much," she said as she peered the way of the camera. "I know you taped Jason and I before and you have taped me getting dressed in my bedroom". I shivered as I couldn't believe my ears. She knew all the while?

"I found it in my closet once and never told you about it," she said her face getting closer to mine. I still stood flabbergasted at this revelation. All this time she knew and still got naked for the camera? I sat dazed.

"What you also don't know is that I have seen you as well," she poutingly stated.

"Huh?," I managed.

"A few months ago when I stayed over and you didn't know...You came home and began to watch one of your hidden camera features. I watched from upstairs as I saw you watching me get undressed on the tape. I watched as you took your shirt off and jerked yourself off so sweetly in your boxers. I was so turned on by your hot body watching you explode all over as you watched me." Jenn then leaned over me now slowly massaging my thigh.

She kissed my lips gently moving her hand up my leg over my swollen jeans and up my chest as I kissed gently back losing myself in the moment. She felt along my chest dropping her hands to pull my shirt up. I obliged as I watched her expression. She seemed very satisfied with the results, I have kept in good shape with broad shoulders and a tight abdominal rack. She moved her hand across my chest as now she began to use her sweet tongue as we kissed. I gently tongued her back and I could feel that she was getting hotter by the second.

The thought of the camera running excited me further. Would I have footage of what might happen? I looked over toward the closet as I quickly pondered. As usual as of late, Jenn spotted my look and continued to kiss me slightly chuckling.

"Don't worry about that...I guarantee that you will have the best video you ever had," she purred as she kept the kissing assault on. Her hands moved down massaging my knees and thighs.

I now began to gently brush across her shirted breasts. Her breath increased as I felt her young nipples getting stiff as I now felt her firm 36B breasts. I then lowered my hands slowly and began to pull her t-shirt over her brunette hair. I look down checking out her sweet exposed tanlined chest. My hands quickly reached out again as I softly kissed her again. Her breaths became more pronounced.

She then stopped kissing me as she moved her hands up over my knees and to my groin. She stared into my eyes as she brushed her hand over my thickly outlined jeans. She moved her hand back and forth across it surveying my length as I moaned softly. Her tongue slowly ran across her lips as she palmed my thickness through my jeans.

"Mmmm...that is nice....," she started as she moved up to undo my pants. I cringed with excitement. Then she pulled the fly down slowly to expose my well trimmed thick 7 1/2" member bursting through my jeans. She eyed it up as she continued to take off them off. She through them aside and crept in front of me taking my thickness in her hand.

"You have a great cock," she softly whispered as she bent her head down to kiss along my knees and thighs while she began to subtly stoke me. I moaned slowly as I watched her proceed. She then kissed her way up licking my balls and up my thick shaft. She ended at the engorged head when she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. She continued to stare up at me as her tongue ran around my swollen cockhead watching for my response. My eyes closed in ecstasy as she descended softly on my length her eyes never leaving mine. Soon, I could her small moans from her suppressed by the thick member that entered and left her mouth so nicely. Her hand pumped in perfect unison with her mouth as I sat trying to hold back my excitement. Her other hand began to cup my supple balls as she kept on her onslaught every once in a while coming up to flicker her tongue around my head. I thought that I was going to cum right there moaning with her advances. She continued to work my cock with her young mouth as I looked at the camera in ecstasy.

I grabbed her and softly laid her down bowing to kiss her sweet tanlined breasts. I licked each nipple as I looked up at her enjoying my work. My tongue moved down her fit stomach descending past her cute belly button and to the top of her white thong. I looked up at her as I continued down now feeling the warmth of her young pussy behind a wall of white silk. I could feel with my chin her tight shave as I licked my way down stopping in front of her sweet pussy.

She watched in anticipation as I began to tongue her slit through her panties. She moaned and began to arch her back as I found her clitoris. I then moved aside the panties with my hand exposing her beautiful young auburn pussy tightly shaved in a small v shaped with her lips and clit area totally shaven. Again, I moved ahead and found her clitoris working a teasing rhythm over and back as I felt it swell with each stimulation. She smelled so sweet as I looked up rolling my eyes at her as I rhythmically ate her pussy holding back the thong with my right hand. She began to play with her sweet breasts softly moaning and uttering "oh yeahhhh......" while she watched me. I continued to work her and soon spotted her looking sexy toward the camera angle. I repositioned her so that her thonged ass was facing the camera as I began to lick up the back of her leg. I pulled aside the white thong and began to tongue her sweet smelling pussy again this time from behind. I continued and moved up further licking her pussy lips. Now I headed for her sweet pink assrim. She detected my advance as her ass shuddered with excitement. I moved my other hand under her leg expertly working her slick clit with my finger as my tongue found her ass.

She let out a long moan as I began to subtly tongue her assrim teasingly while I played with her frothing pussy. I kept this routine up at times stiffening my tongue and softly penetrating her sweet asshole. She arched her ass back to me moaning in sheer ecstasy. I continued to work her pussy and now her sweet ass into gentle submission.

I stood up and she met me as we kissed gently as my thickness glanced across her white thonged ass. Her back was to me as we continued to kiss when she spoke to me in the sexiest hoarse voice I have ever heard.

"Will you fuck me with my panties on?," she offered grazing her ass against my stiff member.

"Absolutely," I responded as she threw me a sexy look and then slowly proceed to bent over looking at me the whole time. I looked back at her and then to her bent over ass. I forgot how hot it really was. Heart shaped with a perfect tanline against the white silk thong, I couldn't believe I was in this position. I was about to fuck my wife's sister.

I pulled aside the thong and positioned my cockhead in front of her pussy gently teasing her by moving it along her clitoris. I knew this was driving her wild, as her breathing audibly increased.

"Oh please, fuck me!," she uttered too teased by my antics.

I positioned again this time beginning to insert my thick cock into her tight pussy. She moaned again loudly as I buried it to the hilt now beginning the rhythm of lovemaking. I pumped her softly at first then gaining speed as she looked at me over her shoulder licking her lips. My cock looked so delectable moving in and out of that 22 year old backdoor pussy. Her pink assrim looked positively inviting as I moved my hand down to palm her sweet tanlined ass as I pumped her. We again took to the bed doggy-style. Her breath and moans increased with each pump. Now I began to tease her sweet assrim with my thumb as I rhythmically fucked her. She moaned harder as I gently penetrated her already prepared ass inserting an inch of my thumb.

"Oh yeah...that feels sooooo goooood," she breathed to me as she backed her ass up into me again. I continued to gently work my thumb around and in her sweet backdoor as I pumped her in unison. I took out my glistening cock and slapped it against her sweet asshole and then reinserted it continuing my beautiful assault on her pussy. I used the juice that was on my cock to further work her sweet more pliable assrim. Then she raised her head over her shoulder looking back at me.

"Are you going to fuck me in the ass?," she poutingly asked "because I am so ready for you".

With a quick move and my pulse now going through the roof, I took out my thick member and began to rub my engorged cockhead around her assrim. She continued to look at me over her shoulder as I teased her so tantalizingly. Then I gently inserted the first inch or so as my cockhead began to disappear. She moaned and licked her lips at me as I subtly pressed forward waiting for her virgin asspussy to submit to my thickness. I felt a sense of tightness and then release as my cock moved forward deliciously into her sweet ass. I slowly pumped her white thonged ass as she looked back and rolled her eyes in ecstasy at me. I picked up the pace and her ass felt so tight to my manhood. I couldn't believe that my first anal experience was to be with my wife's sister!

As I fucked her tanlined ass so sweetly, she began to play with her young pussy.

"Oh, fuck me in ass....ohh....feels soooo gooooooooood," she cooed rapidly approaching what surely looked like an orgasm. As I pumped her so delectably, I felt her body begin to writhe and shudder. "Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!," she loudly moaned as she rode out a heavenly orgasm. Then she collapsed down looking back at me and breathing loudly.

She got up and turned around to me grabbing my hand and leading down directly in front of the closet.

"I'm going to give you a show you will never forget," she hoarsely whispered knowing exactly where the camera was located. She then slowly took to her knees kissing me all the way down. She took my glistening manhood in her hand and slowly pumped it looking at me as she did it. Then she spit on it as she continued to stroke it and then looked the way of the camera which was only located a few short feet away. She began to lick around my still swollen cockhead with her glorious tongue as she fixed her eyes on the camera all the while. She then looked up at me as she again went down on me while she pumped the base of my cock in unison. She switched looking from me to the camera and back as she licked up the shaft of my luscious cock. She picked up momentum getting an slow but methodical pace as she rolled her eyes and moaned as she took me. I could feel the white hot excitement in my loins and knew I couldn't withstand much more.

She swirled her tongue around me again and purred loudly "Mmmmm...I love your thick is so perfect," as she teasingly tongued around the head again looking at the camera and again renewing her up and down assault. The sight of that tongue was the last of me.

"I want you to cum in my face," she hoarsely offered not realizing I was pretty much there. As she took a few more pumps, she could see my moment of ecstasy coming on and she looked up at me and swirled her tongue around my erupting head. White showers deluged against her moving tongue and her mouth, nose and face as I shuddered in orgasm. It seemed to last a lifetime as she continued to tongue and pump my manhood to true completion. She mouthed over my softening cock a few more times as I tried to regain my breath.

"Oh yeah, you were so good," she said as she got up to clean herself up.

"I hope you liked the show, but you must promise me something," she asked more serious this time.

"Yes?," I replied.

"That you never tell anyone or show anyone is our little secret," she said her blue eyes sparkling.

"Absolutely, I promise," I honestly offered.

And with that ends this true tale of incest-in-law passion and voyeurism. Every once in awhile, I slip that tape in to remember that incredible, dreamlike fantasy. Now Jenn and I have the same honest relationship that we always did (although there are times when I would still love to have sex with her). Although the last time I saw her she asked to borrow "the video" giving a subtle wink as she said it.


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