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House Guest From Heaven
by GuyJD

I've often considered myself a fairly attractive man. I had a pretty good looking future and never had any problems meeting women. After all, I'm a 20 year old, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletically built, college student and I work part-time in a local grocery chain. I had my own place and I even allowed my 18 year old sister to move in until she's able to get her own place. And, much like me, my sister had a heart of gold.

About a year ago, my sister, Amy, approached me one morning and asked, "Steve, is it okay for my friend Tyra to stay here for a while? She's gotten into some shit with her parents and they're threatening to throw her out." I told her that it wouldn't be a problem consider Tyra is a friend of my sister and we, basically, grew up together. Tyra lives a few houses away from our parents house and she and Amy were friends since the 5th grade. But Tyra was a little more than that to me. She was a beautiful black angel from heaven to me. Hell, at 18, Tyra possessed a body that most women would pay thousands of dollars to have a plastic surgeon do for them.

Tyra had beautiful light brown eyes, a lovely smile, and a short "Halle Barry" hair style. But her body was awesome. Her breast were at least 38D, big healthy, tight thighs, and a perfectly round ass that accented her big thighs. Yep, she had a hell of a body. But despite her beauty, I never even considered making a move on her because, I watched this girl grow up. She was almost like another sister to me. That is until one Saturday morning...

My sister's room is directly across our bathroom and I would often check on my sister as I prepare for my daily morning hygiene. But this day, I suppose my sister was called in or scheduled to report to work early because what I saw totally took my breath away. There was Tyra, wearing nothing but an over-sized pajama shirts that went no lower than the top of her lovely brown thighs and the buttons looked as it they were being forced to hold her sexy breasts in. There she was sound asleep. I figured that sometime during the night, the blanket slipped off of her and onto the floor. But Tyra was just lying on her back and sound asleep. From that position that she was in, I could see that she was wearing a pair of bikini underwear and no bra. "This can't be happening", I thought. So I was just staring at her as I continued to brush my teeth and wondered if or when she would awaken. But she didn't. I had a hard on that could break a 2 by 4 board just fantasizing about her gorgeous brown body.

Once I was done, I went to the kitchen and began making coffee. But all a while, sweet Tyra stayed in my mind and my erection was not getting any softer. Finally, I left the coffee brewing and proceeded back to my sister's bedroom. And to my amazement, Tyra was still asleep and still in that position. I couldn't take it any longer. I just dropped my shorts and whipped my cock out of my boxers and began jerking off right there in the doorway. But in a matter of minutes, I realized that it wasn't enough. So quietly, I approached Tyra's sleeping sexy body and gently laid on the bed with my head between those fine, healthy brown legs of hers. I gently slid the crotch of her panties aside and she didn't feel a thing. She just laid there sleeping. I slipped my tongue in her pussy and began tonguing her clit. Just the scent of her pussy made my erection even harder. I couldn't believe it, I was eating the pussy of this sleeping angel and she had no idea what was going on. After about five minutes of this, I heard her awake with a sweet moan. She looked down to find my head between her legs and my tongue in her pussy.

And in a low moaning voice she said, "Steve, what are you doing?" I didn't answer her and she didn't tell me to stop neither. Instead, she reached down and grabbed the back of my head as she pushed that sweet pussy of hers against my face and I could feel her juices flowing. Then she let out a louder moan and I could tell that she had broken out with a massive orgasm. I raised my face to see her laid back in ecstasy. Mouth open and more moaning escaping. Then she looked at me and said, "Damn Steve, thanks. That felt so good. I thought that I was dreaming at first. Damn, I never had my pussy eaten like that before."

She assumed that I was done. I knelt between her legs and she could see that I was jerking my cock a little to prepare her for a glorious fuck. She quickly said, "No, Steve. We can't. What about your sister?" As if not hearing a word she said. I positioned the head of my hard, stiff cock at the slit of her wet pussy. Tyra was gradually telling me, "No. Steve No". Then I pushed in. Tyra let out a load moan. Damn, this girl was hot. Her pussy was so tight and wet. It felt like I had slipped my cock into a tight glove.

Tyra yelled out, "Oh God'. I could tell that she was having orgasms on top of orgasms. Then she raised her legs up in the air so that I could have deeper penetration. And I did. Man, she just kept moaning and calling my name. I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and I could see that this once sleeping angel was enjoying a great fuck. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and this set her off. "Oh shit, it feels like you're fucking in my belly now.", she cried. Tyra was really having some orgasms that would look as though she was crying when she moaned. Then something beautiful happened. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. Just then, her head went back, her throat let out a deep moan, and I could see her eyes roll back of her head. The sight of that made me explode. I felt my cock shoot a massive cum shot into her tight, wet, brown pussy and several more small shots afterwards. After that, we both collapsed. She later told me that she had only dreamed of a fuck like that. But that wasn't the end of that. Tyra and I would end up fucking several more times that day.

That was a year ago and Tyra and I are still enjoying each other's body and company. Tyra and my sister are still friends. But Tyra suggested not to tell my sister about our relationship until the time is right. Lately however, Tyra would claim to get into shit with her family quite often just to come and spend a few nights with Amy and I. More with me than Amy though.

Is this the end of "HOUSE GUEST FROM HEAVEN"? Only time will tell...

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