The Best Erotic Stories.

by Vystra Syn

Walking into the lobby for yet another lengthy stay in beautiful Hiroshima City. The throng of people chattering and milling around remind you of worker ants building a new home. With a resigned sigh you step up to take your place in the long line and await your turn to check in. Setting your bags on the floor you glance around the lobby.

The lilting sound of nimble fingers flying over ivory keys of a Grand Piano floats into the crowded space and you look for the source. The crowd parts just enough for you to see the entrance to another room, a brass sign above the doorway says "Piano Room". Deciding you can just as easily check in later you pick up your bags and move towards the room.

The low murmurs from the other travelers slowly fade away as the melody fills your ears. At first glance the room appears empty save for a single high backed chair set to face the windows atop a small but raised dias.

Sunlight pours through each pane of glass casting a luminous glow to the gilded chair where a bare foot swings idly from within the padded confines.

"Come no further," a feminine voice purrs commandingly from the sunbathed dias.

The music stops and the silence roars like a tidal wave in the unadorned room. Slowly. Silently. The platform rotates, sending blinding beams of sunlight ricocheting in every direction, every angle from the embellished "throne".

Shards of light splinter your eyes until the platform comes to rest. In all of her naked glory she is spread out before you, open to your exploring eyes. She is perfection. Her auburn hair falls in thick waves down her chest. Taut pink nipples atop firm breasts peek out from beneath the heavy mass. Slightly muscular, yet slender legs part slowly as she trails her hands from her knees up her thighs to the moist curls covering her pussy.

Ever so slowly she parts her outer lips and strokes a single finger across her tightening clit. Moisture coats the tip of her finger as she lifts it to her mouth. Her full lips parting just enough for the slim finger to enter and be encircled by her waiting tongue. Pushing deeper, to the back of her throat and back out until the nail is exposed she repeats the motions again and again as if she is slowly sucking your cock.

Her eyes leave yours only long enough to travel the length of your body and rest on your hardening crotch. A faint smile pulls at the corners of her lips and her eyes lift again to yours at the same time pulling her finger out of her mouth, across her lower lip and down her throat.

Standing she brushes her hair back over her shoulders giving you an unobstructed view of her lithe body.

"Come with me," she whispers huskily as she saunters by dragging her hand across your hard cock.

Not once does she look back. She expects you to follow. Her gaze wavers neither right nor left, seemingly oblivious to the shocked expressions of those gathered in the lobby. Her movements are graceful, catlike and the languid sway of her hips calls to you.

Mesmerized, you follow. Your eyes graze the firm flesh from her thighs to her ass. The quiet ringing of the elevator bell pulls you from your erotic reverie.

With a crook of her finger she beckons you into the small mirrored car. As doors slide shut and the car begins it's steady ascent she drops to her knees.

Nimble fingers unbutton and unzip your pants with one stroke and they fall into a puddle at your feet. Her hands move quickly behind your legs to cup your ass and pull you slightly down and forward to her waiting mouth. She takes you deeply and completely into her warm mouth. The rough texture of her tongue strokes the underside of your cock slowly while her lips slide firmly over your hardened length. She arches her head back to take you farther into her throat as her hands pull and push you against her face. Amber eyes filled with passion search out your own and command you wordlessly... "Fuck me"

Dropping a hand from your ass, she spreads her legs and starts to finger fuck herself. Moans, her moans, reverberate through her throat and mouth onto your cock and balls as she nears orgasm. She moves her other hand under you cupping your balls together, she rolls them slowly against one another, matching the movements of her mouth.

Feeling you tighten she releases your sac and runs her finger tip along the sensitive spot between your balls and ass. Her fingers spread your ass cheeks gently apart. The tip of her finger touches your virgin hole and moves in a slow circle. With each thrust of your hips her finger touches lightly and retreats.

Your hips thrust against her as you drive your cock into her mouth. The orgasm takes you by storm, causing your knees to buckle slightly. She pushes you against the mirrored walls and sucks every inch of your throbbing member down her throat. Her throat convulses with each pulse of cum that pours from your body. She sucks slower and softer as your tremors subside, until your head falls back against the steamed mirrors with a groan of your own.

Realizing your hands are fisted in her auburn hair, you untangle the threads from your fingers with care and reach out to pull her into your arms. Heat engulfs your body as she wraps her arms around your neck and nuzzles against your chest. A whisper.. "David" comes to you through the sexual haze.. "David".

"David, your room will be ready in 20 minutes sorry for the delay. If you would please have a seat in the piano room the hotel will be happy to buy you a drink."

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