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Hangover Helper
by Anonymous

The last place that I wanted to spend my vacation was with my wife's family in their Podunk town in Western Canada. My wife was the only one of her family to escape that closed in existence and I thanked the stars that she left that nowhere town to meet me in L.A.

We hadn't been back to her town in nearly seven years, about a year before our wedding. My wife's step-father was ill, and our niece was graduating from high school, so it was a good opportunity to pay a visit.

After the long flight, I was nearly exhausted, but I had the nearly four hour car drive from the airport to that tiny town to look forward to. (Yes, that's how far it was from the nearest airport to this town.) After picking up our rental car, and only being on the road about a half hour, I nearly fell asleep at the wheel, and we would have crashed if it hadn't been for grooves in the side of the road that woke both of us. After a few minutes to regain our composure, we started again on our way.

About two minutes later, my wife placed her hand high up on my thigh and in a sly sexy voice said, "I know what will keep you awake." Deftly moving her hand to my zipper, she was able to unleash my quickly growing erection. My wife stroked my cock for little while until it grew to its modest 7 1/2 inches in length. I loved when my wife just strokes my cock, but I was eagerly looking forward to what I knew was going to come, and that was what she did best, suck cock.

She leaned over and expertly used her tongue on the underside of my shaft and twirled it around the head. I nearly drove off the road right then. She continued with her tongue and slowly lowered her mouth around my cock superbly working her mouth and tongue around my penis. As she worked her mouth over and around my shaft, she placed her hand on the shaft and proceeded to simultaneously jerk and suck my now ready to explode cock. The slurp-slurp sound provided by her mouth-tongue combination only added to my pleasure. I leaned back in the seat and she knew I was ready to explode and kept sucking and jerking my shaft. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open and on the road as I exploded into her mouth. My cock must have quivered about 15 times as my wife eagerly gobbled up all the jism that spewed forth. She slowly leaned back in her seat and I saw that she still had cum on the sides of her lips. She extended her tongue and exclaimed, "I can't let any of this go to waste," as she licked the remainder into her mouth. "Now," she said, "stay awake and keep your eyes on the road."

Well, I was now completely wired and we made it to her hometown in about 3 hours. After arriving at her sister's new house, where we were staying, and going thru all the pleasantries. After a few hours, and several beers, it was getting late and her parents and brother went home while my wife, her sister and my brother-in-law proceeded to move to the living room and proceeded to engage in the standard banter about work, family and the such, as well as downing about 4 beers per hour. I don't know if it was the incredible blowjob that my wife gave me, or what, but for some reason, I kept pounding the beers. The alcohol also loosened my wife's lips and turned the standard conversations to a sexual nature. She went on to tell them about our car trip here as well as other wild sex that we had, like the bathroom of a police station and under the Hollywood sign.

About 1 A.M. we ran out of beer and moved on to Canadian Whiskey, I knew it was a mistake, but I was craving the alcohol. At 2 A.M. we heard the front door open, and in walked my niece. When I first saw her, I tried to keep the reaction to myself, she was a complete knock-out. We had seen pictures of her last Christmas and she looked nothing like this. I was surprised that my cock was even reacting after all the booze that I had inhaled, but it was definitely stirring. My niece was the same height as my wife, 5'7", and had Auburn Brown hair, just like my wife, in fact she looked nearly identical to the pictures I'd seen of my wife when she was her age. I estimated that she also had my wife's tits, 38C and her lips were as luscious as my wife's. What made my cock grow even more, was that she was wearing a denim mini-skirt, that showed off her long athletic legs and her incredibly sexy calf muscles. She had on medium size heels, that only increased my fantasy of her legs wrapped around my waist. Her tight purple top accentuated and exposed her cleavage and left her bare mid-riffed exposed showing-off her pierced navel.

She leaned over and kissed my wife a hello on the lips, giving my twisted mind another fantasy, and came over to me placing both her hands on each of my mid-thighs and kissed me on the cheek. As she was moving back from me, she stumbled and put out her hands to break her fall and her hand fell right onto my incredibly stiff cock. I was completely embarrassed, but she let her hand linger longer than what was probably appropriate and instead of pulling her hand away, slid her hand along the shaft of my cock before standing. We made eye contact and she gave me a little smile. She excused herself and went to bed. About 1/2 hour later at 3 A.M. we all went to bed, where I fell into a deep drunken sleep.

It was 7 A.M. when my sister-in-law knocked on the door to wake us up. At first I was worried, because I sleep in the nude, but realized that I was covered-up. My wife and her planned to go shopping 90 minutes away and wanted to get there early. My brain and body were in no condition to do anything. Never again with Whiskey, I told myself. About a half hour later, my brother-in-law peeked in to poke fun at me and I was wondering how he could be so chipper when he drank nearly as much as me. He got called in to work, as he was the safety officer at the plant, and there was a small accident there. By 8 A.M, everyone was gone and I was allowed to slip into another alcohol-induced coma.

I was pleasantly dreaming about my niece and she was letting her tongue travel the length of my cock as it swelled to it full length. HUNH? Wait, this was no dream, I was startled, but I was awake, and my niece WAS licking my cock from head to balls. I tried to get up, but I realized that I was tied to all four bed posts. She must have tied me up as I lay in my alcohol-induced stupor. My head was still pounding, but I was beginning to enjoy the feeling down below.

My niece than noticed that I was awake, and she said, "Good, I'm glad you're awake, I wanted to make sure that you were able to see me as I fuck you. I love tying the guys or girls up as I fuck them." I couldn't believe it, this was someone about to graduate from high school! She maneuvered herself back into position, as she licked my cock like a lollipop. Just then, she proceeded to deep throat my entire shaft, right down to the balls. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock and she to expertly teamed her tongue with her mouth.

"Do you like it," she said, continuing to stroke me, not knowing how I loved the feeling of a woman stroking my shaft. After I felt your cock last night, I had to have you, Uncle or not." "I know that you wanted me to, did I make you all hot and bothered last night, did you go in and fuck your wife thinking of me last night." She went back to giving me head, but this time it was slower and even more enjoyable than before. Her tongue was like a boa constrictor around my cock as she sucked and sucked me as I lay tied to the bed. I thought to myself that this was an incredible blow job, as good as my wife, who would be in the hall-of-fame for cocksucking, if there was one.

She bounced my head off her tongue and lips, and went back down on me, stroking and sucking, jacking and sucking. "Most guys have cum by now," she said, your special." She lowered her sexy lips and mouth back onto my cock and continued jacking and vacuuming my cock. "Unnhh" I groaned as I unloaded a huge load of sperm deep down her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but couldn't take it all, jacking me onto her tits and my stomach. She proceeded to lick that off my stomach and moving slowly up kissing, sucking and biting my nipples. She then pressed her lips against mine, shoving her teen tongue deep into my throat as I returned the favor. It had only been about 2 minutes, but my cock was already rock-hard again.

My cock must have brushed against her leg, because she turned and stared at it and exclaimed, "Damn, I can't believe he's ready to go again. She turned and looked me in the eye and said, "do you wanna fuck me? Do you wanna get fucked? Do you want that big cock deep inside of me?

"Yes, fuck me," I uttered.

"No, not yet" she said. First you're going to taste your sweet niece." She proceeded to move her nubile young body over my mouth, and this was the first time that I noticed she had her pussy shaved almost completely clean, with only a puff of her hair above her glistening and obviously extremely wet pussy. She placed both of her hands on the bed board and lowered her cunt onto my face, as a catcher would crouch behind home plate. Hungrily I lapped at this hot teen's pussy, as she ground into my face. I must have been doing something right, as she was beginning to moan in pleasure. "Yes, Yes, Oh Yeah, that's it," she cried. I was flicking my tongue at her clit, although not quite being able to suck on it, the pleasure was still there. She cried out, "YES, I'm cummmnning," as her pussy fell completely on my face, nearly suffocating me. She rolled off my face and moved into a 69, with her ass and cunt rammed into my mouth, I proceeded to lick both as best I could, while she sucked and stroked my big dick. She re-positioned her pussy directly on my mouth and demanded that I make her cum again. It wasn't long before I obliged as she was again gushing directly into my mouth.

She crawled like a cat forward, keeping her back to me, and grabbing my cock in her hand. She sat on my stomach, raising her hips and body and moving my cock right below her pussy. "Are you ready? Once you're in, we can't ever go back." As if what we had done already didn't matter I thought. Slowly she played with my cock at the entrance of her pussy, rubbing against her lips, as if hesitating at what she was about to do. Then, she slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. First the head, and then the rest, "OH Yeah, she shouted, this feels good." Up and down, Up and down, she began to ride my cock, with her hands leaning back on my stomach, she rode me like Paul Revere. "Oh God," I heard her shout as she was cumming again. She then rotated on my cock until she was facing me as we stared directly into each other with both lust and love.

"I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am," she said. "You're the best I've ever had," she told me. Then she started, grinding into my hips, as I thrusted up into her. She continued grinding as she rested her hands on my chest and ground her hips into me, as she fucked me good and hard. "I'm cummming," she screamed, "I'm cumming all over you cock." She repeated the process again, and again, cumming at least three more times, continuing to fuck me as I thrust my cock deep inside of her. "Cum with me" she said, as she increased her pace. This is it, the pressure in my cock was tremendous, I stared up at my beautiful teenage niece, and she exclaimed, "please, cum with me, inside me, I wanna feel you."

As her pace was now furious, there was no holding back the both of us as we simultaneously exploded. Her all over my cock, and me deep inside her. "Yess, Yess, Oh God, Oh God." she cried, as she slumped on to my chest. She lay with me inside her for a few minutes, as I slowly grew limp. Slowly, she regained her senses, and extracted her self from my now limp and spent cock. She moved to the side of the room and put on some clothes and came back to me. Passionately kissing me, she said, "Next time, and there will be a next time, you're going to fuck me without being tied up." She untied my right hand from the headboard and quickly exited the room. As I was untying myself, I heard a car start and leave the driveway. My next thought was that I was no longer hungover. . .

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