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Handi-Horny, for Sacralagenee
by Phallux

Matt is finally in high school, and excels in academics despite his confinement to a wheel-chair. He suffered from a rare illness when he was younger which left his legs useless. His body above his legs worked fine, including his recently awakened groin which his mother discovered from cleaning his underwear recently. She also discovered some girly-mags under his bed without a clue to their means of getting there.

His mom was really great; cool to talk to and very helpful to all of Matt's special needs. On his 18th birthday, his mom decided it was high time for her son to experience the ultimate in human She wasn't sure if she should ask her neighbor's daughter, Matt's age, or look up an escort from the yellow pages. Either way, she was determined that her son should grow up with normal experiences for a guy his age. Sexual discovery and contact was one of them, and so he sure as hell was gonna lose his at the same age she lost hers.

The yellow pages were so damned confusing. She left messages here and there, but no one returned her call. They probably thought it was a joke, or else didn't know what to think about a mother ordering a date for her son. While moving through the pages of the phone directory, young, beautiful Emily knocked on the screen door, dressed in a little beige mini skirt, and tight, light-blue belly shirt, showing off her girlish curves. Damn, she would be perfect for her son. She had already seen the way Matt's eyes scan Emily's body. "Is Matt here?", asked Emily. Mom shook her head, but motioned for Emily to enter. "What is it you needed my help with?", asked Emily, full of good intentions. Mom asked her to sit down at the table and offered a drink. The conversation lasted about a half hour as Matt's mom convinced Emily to not only come over and watch a movie with her son, but to sleep over! As it turned out, Emily's parents were going away this coming weekend and so she agreed to come over for the duration.

Mom found out from her talk that Emily had a crush on Matt, even though the other girls chastised her for it, because he is handicapped. The deal now brokered, Matt's mom promised to pay for anything they wanted this weekend and escorted Emily to the door. After saying goodbye, Emily walked back next-door, her young, curvy ass swinging side-to-side in her tight mini skirt. Mom got really excited for her son and remembered that she had to leave to pick him up at his physical therapy session.

Friday came and Matt was dropped off from school with a big smile on his face. It seems that Emily, from next door, had invited herself over to watch movies with him. Also, because her parents were gone, she wondered if she could sleep over so that she wouldn't be alone. Matt's mom of course accepted the idea with about as much excitement as her son. Until then, Mom had to shuffle Matt off to his therapy session and return in time to greet Emily.

A half hour later, Emily showed up at the door, an overnight bag slung over one shoulder and a big pillow under her arm. On top, she was wearing a pink, cropped-top fuzzy sweater which revealed her stomach and belly button. On bottom, she wore the same tight, white mini-skirt which she had on the day of their conversation. What a sight, this young, beautiful girl. Mom felt happy with her choice for her son. Hopefully, Emily was not a prude and would put out for him. A little booze in her drink should ensure that Matt gets some action tonight.

Mom led Emily to Matt's custom-made room on the ground-level, for ease of getting around. His room was huge. It had a sleeping area with bunk beds, a giant bathroom, and a whole living room area complete with high-tech home-movie system, surround speakers and cushy couch in front of a huge TV. A fridge buzzed in one corner of the room, a fish tank in another. Emily was impressed. She put down her bag near the bathroom and threw her pillow on the top bunk, where she figured she would sleep tonight. She was kinda sweaty from the heat of the day and asked to take a shower in Matt's shower. Mom got her a towel and asked her to feel free and use the shower and that she was going to go out and pick him and a couple movies up and then come back.

Emily was as excited about this evening as much as Matt's mom and even Matt. She had always had a crush on him, since she became his neighbor a few years ago when her parents moved here. She knew he liked her, too; those wandering eyes were too often caught taking in her endowed chest, and shapely hips. She was determined to show him a good time tonight, since she already had his mom's good graces.

Instead of showering right away, Emily decided to time it with Matt's arrival. She figured him walking in on her in his shower would be a nice start to the evening. A half-hour later, she heard Matt's mom's car pull into the driveway. She quickly pulled off her top, undid her bra and miniskirt and left her articles of clothing in the middle of Matt's room. She walked into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open, and started the shower. The shower was surrounded by clear, glass panels and a clear glass door. Perfect. She threw the towel across the bathroom, onto the floor, and stepped into the warm spray of water.

Matt rolled himself into the kitchen, from the ramp outside, and looked around, very quickly. He hunted for his date as he wheeled around his house, hoping he would find her; after all, his mom did say she had come over, already. The sound of a shower running piqued his attention, and he roved over to the source; in his bedroom.

His mom shouted goodbye, that she had to do some grocery shopping before dinner, and shut the door again. Matt's excitement level peaked at the prospect of being alone in his house, with the most sexy girl in school, showering in his bathroom. His dick sprung to attention in his modified trousers as he wheeled toward the open, bathroom door.

His jaw dropped as he witnessed the young female, Emily, washing herself in his shower. The scene was barely masked by the faintest trace of steam on the glass door and wall panels of the shower stall. He could still make out her large breasts, and beautiful pink nipples as she washed them with both hands, drawing her thumb and forefinger to her nipples in slow, long strokes. His eyes rolled back into his head as the blood rushed to fill his now fully-erect cock. He sat silently, as his first glimpse of a naked woman, live, showered before him, in full view. Emily, then bent over, washing her beautiful ass and also between her legs, seemingly oblivious to Matt's audience. Her hands slowly pushed the suds across the crack of her ass and her trimmed mound. Matt's mouth went dry from hanging so long as Emily cleaned herself, most diligently in all her most private places. She put her leg up on the low shelf in the shower, and slowly cleaned her long, slender legs, one a! t a time, to Matt's mounting excitement.

He couldn't help himself, and started to jerk his cock. This was just too good to be true, thought Matt, as he pulled on his especially large member, for a handicapped guy. He came with ease as Emily was bent over, washing her feet, baring her ass and pussy mound for his private viewing.

He rolled away, as quietly as possible, to his bedside table and grabbed some Kleenex to clean up. No sooner had he cleaned up than the shower stopped.

Emily finished rinsing and turned off the shower. She knew Matt had watched her, and also caught a glimpse of him playing with himself. She felt a girlish joy that she could turn him on with her young, naked body. The shower wasn't enough, though. She would create a carnal desire in him to match her own before the night was through.

Emily called out from the shower, "Matt, is that you?". Matt cleared his throat and replied that it was so. "Could you hand me my towel? It fell to the floor and I can't reach it.", Emily said.

Matt's hands began to tremble at the prospect of getting that close to this unbelievably attractive girl. Nonetheless, he wheeled himself into the bathroom, half averting his eyes from the glorious sight of this naked female. She had the shower door wide open and was holding her boobs with one arm, and crossed her legs tightly so he could not see her girl parts.

"It's right over there," Emily said as she pointed to the little white towel on the floor. Matt picked it up and rolled to the shower where she was. His dick was hard, again, as he handed the towel to her. He soaking wet blonde hair stuck to her delicate shoulders. Her body shivered slightly and he could see goose bumps all over her lightly tanned skin. She released her boobs, flashing him, as she grabbed the towel and shut the shower door again to dry herself. He couldn't move. He was awestruck as she dried her naked, wet body in front of him.

"Oh, and could you see if my clothes are somewhere in your room, I wouldn't want to lose them.", Emily asked.

Matt's eyes rolled back in his head again as his heart skipped beats at his great luck today. She actually left her clothes somewhere in his room, she had said. Sure enough, a tiny white mini-skirt, little furry pink top and lacy white bra were laying, carelessly, right in front of the television. He started to pull on his dick again at the sight of her clothes until he heard soft footsteps from behind.

Emily was wrapped, tightly, in the little white towel as she walked toward the living room area. "Could you shut the shades, so no one sees me change?", Emily asked.

Matt almost blew his load right there, but controlled himself as he rolled over to the tall, double window and drew the shades so that the room was darkened.

"Is there a light in here?", Emily called out.

Matt wheeled to the lamp next to the couch and flicked the switch. Damn she was beautiful. Better than any porno chick in any of his magazines.

"Would you mind turning around while I put my clothes back on?", she said with a big, warm smile.

Matt turned his wheelchair around, facing the television, catching a great reflected image of Emily on its screen. Her towel dropped, revealing her incredibly developed bosom, and quarter-sized dark-pink nipples. Her muff was light brown, and shaven into a thin stripe. She pulled on her skirt, no underwear, and then put her bra, and then top over herself and allowed him to turn back around.

Emily could see the huge lump in Matt's pants and couldn't imagine how big it must be. Her eyes left his lap to meet his eyes for the first time since their meeting in the hallway at lunch.

"My, you look really good, Matt.", Emily stated. "You're a real hunk.", she added.

" you, Emily.", Matt replied, nervously. "Would you like to watch some TV, or something?", he quested.

Emily agreed and sat down on the soft couch, specially designed with a piece cut out so that Matt could move his wheelchair into it in order to sit next to someone. He dropped his arm rests so that his chair did not obstruct him should Emily decide to move closer, or something.

Emily decided to curl up on the couch and rest her head in Matt's lap while they watched some MTV. Her hair was sweetly scented, as only a gorgeous girls' could be, and her head was warm, yet light-weight on his leg as she lay down. He could see right down her sweater-top from his position, and again viewed her huge, bra-covered breasts. The lump in his pants stirred.

"My, what is that?", Emily asked, fakingly. "I think you're so hot, Matt.", she added. "Would you like to kiss me?", she queried.

Matt dropped his jaw, again, but quickly puckered up so as not to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Emily lifted her head from his lap, brushing her nose against his hard-on before lifting her face to his, and kissed him on the lips. Her lush, warm red lips were the sweetest of sensations and her eyelashes fluttered against his. She also moved one of her petite hands to his lap, and gently grasped the ever-growing lump in his pants. He moaned, but kept on kissing her, now allowing her tongue to enter his mouth as she started to tongue-kiss him for the first time in his life.

Emily's fingers rubbed the lump in his special-fitting pants until it seemed it would burst through the denim material. "Would you like me to touch it...inside your pants?", Emily asked.

Matt simply nodded his head. She undid his button and fly and had her hand around his shaft in seconds. Her cool, delicate hand felt good against the heat of his pulsing penis. She gently stroked up and down his meaty pole making it bigger and bigger.

"Can I put it in my mouth?", asked Emily, coyly.

Matt rolled his eyes toward the back of his head, and didn't even respond which gave Emily all the permission she needed to open her mouth and accept his shaft into her head. Her mouth opened wide; her tongue was the first thing to touch him as it swathed his head all over. Then her lips closed on the rim of his head and she slid her mouth to the base of his cock, taking every inch inside her warm orifice. Matt could not believe his luck.

Emily felt his huge head inside her mouth and was still able to suck it all the way into her throat without gagging. She knew he was enjoying this and it was all a matter of time before he would shoot his seed into her. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap; Matt held tightly to his wheels so that he wouldn't accidentally roll anywhere during his first blow job. He really enjoyed the sight of his sexy neighbor giving him head, dressed in a furry pink sweater-top and tight white mini-skirt. Her blond hair was held back by one of her hands, the other one was gripping his balls, helping to keep his cock straight as her petite, but capable mouth sucked on his knob.

He felt like he was about to explode and so released his hands from his wheels and grabbed Emily's head with both hands. His grip was strong as he forced his dick deep into Emily's sucking mouth and throat. His head grew even bigger as the first shot of creamy cum spurt onto Emily's tongue. His subsequent sprays shot straight to the back of her throat and she kept her mouth's grip tight on his dick as she swallowed each blast from his cock. Once Matt finished, she gently cleaned the full length of his dick with her tongue, drinking down the last of his seed.

"That was great!", Matt exclaimed, somewhat out of breath.

"I'm not through, yet.", Emily replied. "Don't you want to put your dick in my other hole, too?", she teased.

"Uh, I don't know if I can.", Matt said, seeing his penis shrinking back down.

"How bout if I do a little strip show, just for you. Would that get you back in the mood?", Emily queried.

Again, Matt's eyes rolled backwards; his cock also stirred.

Emily got off the couch and stood in front of him. Her blonde hair fell beautifully onto her shoulders. Her pink top showed off her belly button, and her cleavage; a very enticing sight. Her mini-skirt hid nothing of her curves; it was evident that she had no panties.

"Ok, I'm ready. Which shall I take off first?", Emily asked him, feigning innocence.

Matt swallowed hard, as his best porno-mag story was about to be usurped by this real-life experience.

"Your skirt.", Matt stated, very excited.

He held his breath as he watched Emily grab the bottom of her skirt and tug on it until it began inching down off of her hips. He couldn't wait to finally get a good look at her girl area. He'd seen her in a bikini before, but now he wanted to see it all. Her skirt finally released from her curvy hips and slid down past her knees and dropped to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and as she did so, exposed her labia to his all-to-watching eyes. Now Emily was standing, bottom-half naked, looking back at Matt with a smile on her face. She could see that he was enjoying every minute.

Intent on not wasting too much time, since his mom was due back from shopping soon, she proceeded to pull her furry pink top off of her head showing a lacy, white bra underneath.

"I need help with my bra. Can you unlatch it?", Emily asked, wanting him to gain some experience for the next time they may be together.

Matt nodded. His cock was fully erect again as Emily stepped directly in front of him, turned around and squatted so that he could reach her straps. He fumbled with the bra but managed to undo the latches. Her bra was now open, inviting him to push the straps off her shoulders and reach around and pull the cups from her breasts.

She bid him to do it while she lifted her arms a bit so he could reach his hands, under them, and pull the cups from her ample bosom. His fingers felt around her slender body and came right into contact with her boobs. He felt her hard nipples with the pads of his fingers and then instinctively squeezed them a bit with his thumb and forefinger.

Emily made cute noises as he did this and turned around again to face him. Her large breasts were like rockets; he nipples were puffy looking with hard, half-inch pink knobbies poking straight out at him like antennae. Matt took a deep breath and pulled her body to him, taking one of her tits into his mouth and sucked it, hard. Then he moved to her other tit and did the same, this time chewing a bit on her nipple until she winced with pain. She liked his sucking and asked him to squeeze them with his hands while she played with his cock again.

His cock was fully erect again as she pulled on it with both hands.

"Now Matt, you are going to lose your virginity to me.", Emily stated, matter-of-factly.

He reached for his wheels again. He didn't want anything to screw this up. He hoped to God that his mom didn't return home too soon.

Emily mounted his lap, her knees resting inside each of his arm rests, straddling his mid-section. Her tits were rubbing into his face; he licked them like they were candy. She lifted her ass up a bit, and steadied his cock with one hand so it was aimed at her precious girl-hole.

Matt, blind by her enormous tits in his face, felt the warm wetness of her furry slit as his head bore into her folds. Next he felt the rim of his cock pass into her tight hole for the first time, almost making him come right then and there. She felt it and stopped for moment to allow him to gain control. Then she slowly lowered herself onto his tall shaft. Each inch of his cock was slowly and surely taken into her young, tight pussy hole. She lifted and lowered her ass in succession until a most pleasurable rhythm was attained. She grabbed his shoulders, he continued to hold his wheels as her pussy pounded down onto his cock. She impaled herself onto his thick, veiny shaft and purple head over and over again until he could hold out no longer.

He bit her nearest nipple hard as his cock exploded inside her warm passage. She slammed her ass down onto him, taking his phallus deep inside her tight opening as she came as well. Their juices mixed; his shot in large bursts, coating her insides; hers flowed out of her slippery slit and drooled all over his cock and ball sack. She gripped his cock tightly with her pussy and continued to ride him until every spurt was done. Then she let him stay inside her while she tongue-kissed him, deeply, letting him also fondle her breasts at the same time.

This was the first of many such episodes between Matt and Emily as they proceeded through high school and through college, finally graduating as a married couple with a very happy and healthy life together.

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