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High Hopes Ch. I

Regards to Shawn

The minivan packed with suitcases, garment bags, and cosmetic cases, sped in the dark down the lonely predawn interstate toward Huntsville International Airport. It was only a fifteen minute jaunt and Carla spent every second of it hoping that she hadn't forgotten anything important.

Once at the airport, they rushed their luggage to the bag check and hurried up to the green concourse. There they checked in and sat down to watch out the window where their plane would soon await them. Boarding would take place any minute and they'd soon be on their way.

The airplane seemed to point straight up. Carla's ears popped twice before it finally leveled and the seat belt sign went off. She gazed out her window. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, a new day, a new start. They needed this, a trip alone in hopes of bringing back the electricity and lust that their marriage once blossomed with.

Carla relaxed and looked around at the people on the flight. It was the first week of June and vacation season had arrived. Families spotted the plane. Children were bopping up and down in their seats, mothers commanding them to settle down. Overly serious businessmen hiding behind their finance magazines and laptop computers clearly perturbed at the lack of discipline aboard. It was a circus. She dropped her seat back and turned toward her husband.

There was nobody sitting in the seat on the isle so Dave decided to scoot over and put the arm rests up for more room. Just like him, she would rather be scrunched up next to him, but he needed his space. He lay back and slept. Carla watched him, wondering what he would do if she suddenly laid her hand on his crotch. Nobody would notice, not with their kids out of control or their noses buried in their work. She scooted over in the middle seat, grinned to herself, and eased her palm over Dave's zipper.

"What are you doin'?" Dave growled under his breath. Carla withdrew her hand and turned to the window. This trip was probably a waste of time. She had such hopes for them this week. They were headed to Sierra Vista, Arizona. The brochures made it sound like such an attractive place to visit. "Seventy miles southeast of Tucson, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of majestic mountain ranges and the San Pedro River, Sierra Vista boasts a temperate year-round climate, abundant sunshine, and clean, fresh air."

"It sounded so damn romantic, and clean fresh air, that's what we needed, air," Carla contemplated.

A couple of weeks ago Carla's mother had told her that her brother Mark was going to Germany for a job interview and he and his wife would be gone for a week. Carla called him up and made arrangements for her and Dave to stay in their house while they were gone. "Sort of house sit," she convinced her brother. So it was set.

The clouds outside the window looked thick enough to walk across, step from one to another as stones in a creek. She closed her eyes and recalled the days some thirteen years ago when Dave would have hustled her back to the tiny little cubicle for a bathroom, undressed her from the hips down and made sweet love to her with his fingers. He would be chewing her nipples through her blouse creating little wet spots, all the while she would be fighting him telling him this was not the place and time and how embarrassing to have to walk out with wet spots on her shirt, everyone would be staring, they would know what the two of them were doing in here, and begging him to stop. Now, she was not above shedding her panties right here in her seat sliding her skirt up, and positioning herself on his lap demanding that he . . .

She didn't mean to laugh out loud, but she did. Dave turned toward her but she didn't look back at him. When had things changed? When did he grow so old and cold? "That's it," she avowed. "This trip was going to restore their relationship, and she was going to do it." Carla fell asleep.

Dave nudged her awake, "Fasten your seatbelt we're about to land." They landed at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and quickly ran through searching out the terminal where they were to meet the America West Express to take them to Sierra Vista's Municipal Airport. They were scheduled to arrive around 6:00pm.

The rental car was waiting for them as planned. A map of the area was included to help them get around. Dave drove, Carla co-piloted and they found the address on Periwinkle Drive with no problem. The neighborhood was built at the foot of the mountains. All stucco homes in soft pastel colors. It reminded Carla of parts of Florida, minus the palm trees.

Carla dug into her purse for the house key as she followed the stone path through the yard. The house was U shaped with a courtyard in the center protecting the entrance. She lifted the lever on the little iron gate and let herself in. The stone path continued to the front door beside an old wooden bench, curving around a miniature fish pond. "How beautiful!" her heart leaped. The courtyard was alive with tropical plants, goldfish, and even a turtle. Carla recognized a banana tree, water lilies and hyacinth, and zebra grass blended among the rest of the forage in the mini oasis.

"Got the door open yet?" Dave shouted. Carla turned to find Dave walking up the path with his arms full of luggage. She fumbled with the deadbolt and then the knob and gained entrance just as Dave entered the gate. "Where do you want these?" he huffed. Carla instructed him to drop the bags inside the foyer and went to check out the rest of the house.

On the kitchen table Carla found a note. "I know you'll be tired and hungry when you get in. There's a casserole in the refrigerator, just put it in the oven at 350 degrees for half an hour while you relax, love, Jane." Carla did just that. Not only was there a casserole but also a couple of bottles of wine, deli cold cuts and cheeses, and lots of fresh vegetables. They were set for the week.

She pulled out a bottle of red sangria and poured it into glasses. Dave was reclined and watching television. "We're on vacation, no television!" Carla commanded, handing Dave his glass. "Surely we could think of something more interesting to do," her voice a little more hopeful than her heart. He took the drink from her without even turning from the screen. "Ok," Carla resigned dropping down on the couch next to the aggravating man. Maybe he just needs a little more wine.

Wonderful smells escaped the oven. Carla remembered her hunger and jumped up to pull the dish out of the oven. They ate, drank more wine, and cleaned up the dishes. Dave collapsed back on the couch while Carla carried the suitcases to the master bedroom. She had a plan.

She dropped all of the bags in the corner but her own. She opened that one and pulled out a lovely little gossamer black negligee with a short sheer robe. She brought the garments to her face and breathed in their scent. Victoria, Dave's favorite fragrance. "Mmm," she reveled in the scent. "Enough. Time for the bath." Carla loved bathing and made it a serious ordeal. She took the entire cosmetic case into the bathroom and sorted through its contents picking out the bathing supplies. There were the pearberry relaxing bath bubbles, body shampoo, foot scrub, lotions, the list went on. "Oh drat!" Now she knew why she had the feeling that she was forgetting something on her way to the airport this morning. It was her brand-new waterproof, shaped like the real thing, still in the box, gel vibrator that she had been saving for a special occasion. She would have to be happy with the bottle of wine (well, not like that).

Dave was snoring as she slunk back through the living room and in and out of the kitchen to retrieve her glass and the rest of the bottle, hoping he would not awaken. She slipped out of her clothes folding them and placing them on the open suitcase. She pulled a hair clasp from her purse and pinned up her long dark hair. She picked up the glass and bottle and headed to the bath walking quickly past a full length mirror without even so much as a glance as had become her habit. After two pregnancies she had gained a few more pounds than she would have liked and didn't enjoy looking at herself.

Carla dipped her toe in first, through six inches of bubbles, into the almost scalding hot water. "Whew!" she shrilled, drawing it back. She sat on the wide rim of the garden tub hugging her legs with her head resting on her knees. The steam felt so good. She relaxed her hold and let one leg slip over the side and began to caress her fancy. She traced her feathery vee noticing it needed a bit of a trim. She always kept it well groomed, even shampooed and conditioned, and trimmed perfectly. It had probably been a waste of time these last few years, as she was the only one whoever noticed anymore, it was just a routine good hygiene thing she rationalized. This felt good. She continued to stroke herself dipping into her warmth, circling her clit and back again. She stopped abruptly. She was not going to have an orgasm alone, again, that was not the mission for this trip.

The water had cooled some and Carla slid in. She found her pink rubber scrubbing glove and covered it with body shampoo inhaling the sweet fruity pearberry scent. She scrubbed herself all over until her skin tingled. She noticed a towel hanging from the bar above her head, pulled it down, and rolled it up for her neck to rest on while she relaxed and soaked.

In the bath, the water grew chilly and Carla's skin shriveled. She stepped out and toweled off, she spread lotion all over her body, and slipped on the new nighty (nighty, a funny name for an article not intended to be worn more than ten minutes, let alone, over night). The light material felt cool and wispy against her body. Her nipples were still erect from the cold water and she liked the way they felt as they rubbed against the new fabric.

Carla swallowed the last of the sangria, hunted for a cigarette lighter in her purse, and crept back into the living room where Dave was still out cold. There were candles, all vanilla scented, scattered around the room. She lit a few of them and dimmed the lights casting a soft golden glow over the room. Kneeling down in front of him, she grasped the zipper of his jeans. He awoke. Carla grinned at him. He groaned. She inched the zipper down. Dave raised his hips and let her peel his jeans down to his knees. Her hands caressed his maleness through his blue and green striped briefs.

He began to react. Judging by his expressionless demeanor, it was probably more automatic than enthusiastic. She drew him out through the slit in his shorts and worked him up until he had reached his fullest.

He was really nicely made. A full eight inches long and thick, really thick. Dave usually hated to be encumbered by clothing but was making no effort to shake his jeans and shorts off. Carla kept it up caressing until finally she brought him to her mouth. She teased Dave's best asset with her tongue, fluttering across it's very tip and circling it around and around. Carla licked, then blew on it. Dave shuddered and scooted in his seat to try and cover the reflex. She smiled as she clamped her mouth down and slid him in.

It was as if he wasn't even there. Carla closed her eyes and nursed Dave's manhood. She held and kneaded his balls, rubbed the base of his shaft with her whole hand. She pushed and pulled him in and out, slid her teeth up and down until she was lightheaded. Her idle hand brushed across her breasts. Carla twisted and twirled her nipples until they were once again erect. Her hand dropped down to her own soft woolen patch. Her fingers strolled all around, to all the right places. Carla knew exactly what she liked and went straight for the maximum pleasure zone. She was already dripping wet. So accustomed to going it alone, she could bring herself to orgasm in just a few minutes if she hadn't much time but preferred to draw it out.

Carla stopped herself and withdrew her hand from underneath her costume. Her eyes turned upward to her husband's. Dave's eyes were closed. His hands were balled into fists. This was not at all what she had in mind for tonight. She didn't want to pleasure herself. She wanted Dave's arms to hold her close, his lips to whisper how much he loved her. She wanted his large manly hands to caress her heaving breasts, and his wonderfully magical fingers to cause her whole body to tingle, and she wanted his loving wand deep inside her making them one.

Dave sensed the change in her and opened his eyes. She let his member slide from her mouth and rose to her feet, their eyes still locked on each other. She slipped her robe off of her shoulders and let it drop while searching his eyes for even a hint of emotion. None existed. Sex had grown into such a routine. Maybe once a month Dave humored her by letting her play with him until she was done. Then that was that.

The scent of vanilla filled the room, filled her senses. She leaned her head back and inhaled long and hard as she placed her knees on the couch straddling his hips. Steadying herself with a hand on the back of the couch, she used her other to direct Dave inside her and lowered her hips to take him all in. She held her breath hoping to make the sensations of the moment last. Then her body gained a mind of its own and she had to go with it. She raised her hips and lowered as he rose to meet her. She bobbed and he thrust more feverishly until he let out a yell and spilled his milk inside of her. Carla collapsed on his broad chest listening to the rapid pulsating of his heart.

"Honey," Dave groaned, "it's hot, how about getting up?"

"Well of course it's hot. You're still fully dressed," she wanted to rebuke, but instead, she whispered, "I love you Sweet," and crawled off of him. She stood and picked up her robe, blew out the candles, and disappeared into the bedroom, alone.

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