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Harley Heaven Pt. II
by Grease Bunny

I had practically been begging my best girlfriend, Blondie, to get with the biker babe scene. I told her over and over about what happened at Harley Heaven and the dude with the incredible tongue, Scorpion. She liked the spanking part. I could tell because she lifted up her skirt and slipped her hand down the front of her panties.

Yes, and when I told my girlfriend about the nickname Scorpion gave me, she called me Bunny from that moment on. She never liked me calling her Blondie all that much or telling stories about her foibles and blond escapades.

Finally Blondie agreed to go with me to Harley Heaven the next Friday night for happy hour and the Spring Hog Party that Scorpion had e-mailed me about. What she would not agree to do, however, was to get on up behind me on the '51 Panhead or ride my other scoot, the cobalt blue pearl year old XLH Sportster 883 Hugger. Perfect girl's bike for those who aren't used to big old hogs. Blondie said she would go but insisted she would follow me in her car.

"Yeah, OK Blondie. We'll park your car down the road and make believe you road with me because you trashed your scoot when you were riding stoned. Now that we have decided we are going to the Spring Hog Party at Harley Heaven, we need to get you properly dressed for the occasion. You know Spike, the mechanic I told you about? Well, not only does he have a bike shop, he sells biker duds in a leather shop next door. Actually, his son runs the clothing business but I'll get Spike to open the doors for us after hours."

"Bunny," Blondie replied hesitantly, "I don't like have hundreds of dollars I feel like wasting on some outfit I may only wear once. You know I'm saving my money to gamble away in Las Vegas next month."

"Don't bullshit me, Blondie. You're going to Vegas with your boss. He'll be paying for everything, and I do mean everything. Besides, Spike probably won't make us pay for any of the stuff. That is, if you let him watch you try everything on. He likes to watch. He's too damn old to do anything else."

"Well, I dunno, Bunny. I did want to do some topless dancing but you talked me out of it."

"Damn right I did. That was different. That place was two miles from your parent's house. Duh! Nobody will know us at Harley Heaven. We can get real wild and crazy."

"OK, Bunny, I'm game. I trust your judgement."

Spike, of course, was more than happy when I told him I wanted to bring my girlfriend over to get some biker duds. He was even happier when I described her. Spike preferred blondes and if they were beautiful, leggy and packing 38 D's, he preferred them even more.

"Hey, Spike, what's up?" I greeted him a hug as we entered Spike and Son's Lewd Leather Emporium just about midnight. "The Panhead is purring! Talking about purring, this is my best buddy Blondie."

"Hello Ms. Blondie." Spike could barely talk he was so impressed. In a way I am reluctant to take the girlfriend anywhere because the dudes hit on her before they do me. Oh well, she is fun as hell. Spike continued his stuttering at my pal, getting as close as he could without standing on her feet. "My pleasure I am sure, my dear. You are very pretty. What beauty pageant did you escape from?"

"Hey, thanks, Spike. You are making me blush!" Blondie kissed him on the cheek as he fingered and smelled her blond locks. "By the way, her name," and she pointed at me, "is now Bunny. Don't call her you know what any more."

"So what exactly do you need, my dear?" Spike asked in a tone that said whatever it was, she was going to have it.

"Everything Spike," I interrupted, "the whole works and quit flirting! We got to turn this classy lady into a down and dirty biker babe, and quickly."

"I can do that," Spike responded nodding his head like a woodpecker. "What should we start with?"

Blondie unsnapped the front of the Australian oilskin waterproof washed back canvas duster I had lent her. I mean, I didn't want her looking like a total geek going to pay Spike a visit. This duster looked like a snowmobile suit except much more comfortable. The girlfriend had been wearing a tweed skirt, matching blazer and cream silk blouse. Great outfit for corporate America but zilch in the biker and leather underground. What I had to do for the girlfriend to get her to change into something more appropriate for the visit to Spike. And I buy her a vibrator every year for X-Mas.

There wasn't much under the duster that covered almost everything until it came off except for, well, undergarments. Blondie was wearing only a stretch mesh string bikini and matching demi bra. She was bulging out a little on the bottom and a lot on the top.

"Uh, uh, uh," muttered Spike quite dumbstruck, "what color is that skimpy outfit?"

"Wildcat Blue, Mr. Spike. Matches my eyes doesn't it? Bunny is wearing the same getup almost. We bought them when we went shopping at the mall, Victoria's Secret, a couple weeks ago. I might point out, however, that the color of hers is Honolulu Melon and the size of her top is 36 C as opposed to mine which is 38 D. Not important, just trivia, but here I'll show you." She slid the adjustable straps off her shoulders and unfastened the back close.

"Uh, uh, uh." That was all Spike could muster. He was beginning to sound like a broken record.

"Oh, fuck you, bitch!" I screamed in jest. You are always bragging about your tits. Hey Spike, find her something quick to cover up those slut puppies with, will ya?"

"Uh, uh, OK. Here's a little something you might like." He pulled a black leather vest off the rack. It had a full collar, lapels and front zipper closure so one could show as much cleavage as one wanted. Blondie tried it on.

"Awesome!" Spike cried. "Here are some matching leather shorts."

Blondie slipped off her Wildcat Blue mesh string bikini and flung it at Spike. He sniffed it and began making panting noises. He couldn't help staring at Blondie's neatly trimmed triangle that matched the hair on her head.

"Duh, duh, da, daaang girl, you got some long legs," was all Spike could sputter as his eyes continued to focus on that particular center of attention.

"Spike," I had to add as a precautionary measure, "you are foaming at the mouth. Now settle down a little bit here, boy. We don't want to be doing CPR on you, ya know."

"Why not?" Blondie asked demurely. "I think he's kinda cute. I find older men incredibly attractive, full of wit and wisdom."

"Shut the hell up, Blondie. Spike here is older than dirt. One step away from a nursing home. He couldn't get it up with enough Viagra to kill everybody in Las Vegas."

"Yeah, Bunny, I still say he's a cutie!" With that she pinched his cheeks and tickled his beard. She slipped on the leather shorts and did the zipper in back. "Hey sexy, how much for the vest and shorts?"

Spike's eyes were rolling in the sockets and his tongue was hanging out like a very hot and thirsty dog. "For you, doll, nothing, as long as I can keep the panties and bra you wearing."

"Hey, no problem Spikeroo, sounds like the real deal to me although I don't think they will fit you very well. Oh, by the way, you might want to wash them before you put them on. I been wearing them for two days. My washing machine is on the blitz."

Spike took another exaggerated whiff of the panties he stuck right under his nose. "I don't think that will be necessary. They smell just fine to me."

"OK, Bunny, what else do I need?"

"Some chaps, girlfriend. They are like, well, open in both the front and in the back. Show her, Spike." He fetched the black leather fancy fringed chaps. They had a front buckle and zippered sides which were obscured by the fringe. Braids hung from the waist of the open rear.

Blondie slipped out of the leather shorts. "I want to see what these look like without anything underneath.

"Talk about showing some ass and some beaver," I snickered. "No need to get naked and cold. All you got to do is bend over."

"I think she looks lovely in the chaps," Spike offered as he glared at me.

At this point Spike was about to give it all away for free, and no doubt he was hoping we would do likewise, if only he were twenty years younger.

"Here Blondie," he insisted, "you need these." He slipped the Bugz Tazar goggles with the silver lenses over her ears and adjusted the EZ Rider helmet on her head. The boots, however, took an infernally long time to dispense with to dispense with as I knew they would. She picked out a pair of 12" Euros with the double buckles and it took Spike considerable effort to get them on her feet, due mainly to the fact she wiggled and yelped like crazy while he was sucking her toes and licking the soles of her feet.

Blondie then picked out a nice pair of fingerless mesh gloves with leather palms. Before Spike put them on her, he began to slowly suck the middle finger of her right hand.

"Yum, yum, good. Where has that finger been, girl?" Spike inquired hopefully.

"Let me assure you, Spikeroo, some place warm and juicy. Here, I'll show you. All this leather is turning me on." Blondie lowered her hand into the large opening in the front of the chaps and stuck that long finger Spike had been licking right up inside her. When she pulled it out a few moments later it was definitely glistening. "Here, Spike, a treat for you. Taste it." He did and made a face like I did the first time I tasted caviar.

"Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking at my door? Spike, man," I blurted, "are you frigging deaf? There is somebody at your door. You better go see."

"Yeah, I'm sure it's my grandson, Woody. He comes over every night about this time to clean the place." Spike let his grandson in and Woody looked at us like he was looking at "Penthouse."

"Hey," Woody remarked excitedly as he stared at the opening in the front of the chaps Blondie was wearing, "you babes are hot! What beauty pageant did you two escape from?"

"That's the same thing your grandfather said, Woody," I chided. "Did he give you lessons on how to win friends and influence girls?"

"Yeah, right," Woody boasted, "I talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to chicks. They call me the 'Babe Magnet' in school."

"What school?" Blondie asked sarcastically. "Kindergarten?"

"Woody, run out to my truck and get my tool box," Spike ordered. When Woody had walked out, Spike explained, "Please don't mind him. Just your typical horny teenager with a big mouth. He has never had sex with anything but his hand. I'm the one who talks to him about the birds and the bees. His mother is a holy roller and my son is a wimp. I promised Woody a real woman for his birthday next week, to break him in right and teach him all the right stuff. Hey, would one of you be interested? I'd pay you whatever you asked."

"No way!" we both spat at him in unison.

"Well, do you know anyone who would be interested?"

"Maybe," I replied, "but it would cost you a grand, Spike. But she's worth it, very beautiful, and discreet and safe, if you get my drift. I doubt I could get you a discount, Dominique doesn't negotiate the fee for her services, but I probably could talk her into letting you watch."

"Yes! I like that idea. My grandson gets his first piece of ass and I get to see it all. Please, Bunny, arrange it. In the meantime, when Woody comes back in, could you give him a little T & A show, like you do for me? Just to sort of tide him over until next week when he meets up with your friend Dominique. Pretty please? If you do, Blondie can have all the stuff she already picked out for free and she can also take one of those leather jackets on the rack in front."

We looked at each other, shrugged and nodded. I spoke first. "OK, we'll let him put the tattoos on us."

"The tattoos?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, Spike," I responded, "biker chicks need tattoos. Ours just happen to be fake and you can't even hardly tell."

"Bunny, he can put the tattoos on you," Blondie corrected. "I didn't say I was doing tattoos."

As soon as Woody came back I unbuttoned my denim shirt and took it off. Next I removed the Honolulu Melon demi bra.

"See Spike, what did I tell you?" Blondie joked. "Her melons are smaller than mine." She unzipped the leather vest so Woody could offer his opinion. "What do you think, Woody?" Spike and Woody were speechless.

Next I wiggled out of my jeans, leaving me in just the mesh string bikini. I sat on a chair and beckoned Woody to come near and kneel in front of me. "Woody, put this butterfly tattoo right here on my left breast." I leaned over and stuck the boob in question right in his face. "Incidentally, these tattoos last about a week and are quite waterproof."

"No, Woody, not on my nipple!" I screamed at him. "Over here. Geez!" I grasped his shaking hands and helped him.

We could really notice the huge bulge developing in Woody's pants. "Woody, you got a woody!" Blondie joked. "Well, let's see the dang thing. Pull it out. Let's see what the 'Babe Magnet' has to offer the babes."

We were both duly impressed but of course didn't say so. Woody did have quite the woody. We weren't about to stroke his already over-inflated ego. But then Blondie began to stroke his already over-inflated something else. "Woody," she cooed, "you need both hands to put the tattoos on Bunny. I'll take care of that woody for you."

"Here, Woody," I instructed, "put this dolphin tattoo right here on the inside of my thigh." He was going wild right about then and his squirming under Blondie's touch made it clear he was eager for a little faster hand action than her slow stroking and fondling. And then she began to talk.

"Woody, we already know you are a virgin. Spike told us. But just for another week until your birthday. So tell me, hasn't anyone ever sucked your cock?"

"Uh, uh, no, not yet. But I think I'd like that."

"Yes, I'm sure you would, Woody. You mean to tell me that none of those cute little cocksucking cheerleaders at your school ever gave you a blow job?"

"Uh, uh, no, not yet. But I think I'd like that."

"Yes, I'm sure you would, Woody. What if I put your cock in my mouth, Woody, would you like that? You have a nice woody, Woody. What if I, well, maybe I'll just show you. Would you like that Woody?"

"Yes, ma'am, I surely would."

"Oh, what the fuck?" I couldn't help interrupting, "now he's getting polite?"

"OK, Spike, here's the deal," Blondie stated dramatically, "I'll suck your Woody's woody now and fuck him silly next week on his birthday for the grand. Bunny, why should Dominique make all the money? Besides, you did those biker dudes at Harley Heaven just for fun and you'll probably do it again on Friday night. I mean, what do you really think a Spring Hog Party is all about?" I hung my head in mock shame while Spike ran and got the money before she changed her mind.

"Stand up, Woody," Blondie demanded.

I burst out laughing. "It looks to me like woody is already standing up."

Blondie began to nibble and lick the head of Woody's woody. Then she slowly deepthroated him with one hand caressing his balls and with the other hand playing with his bum. His knees began to buckle and he was very unsteady.

"OK Woody, we better get you off your feet before you collapse. Bunny, tell me again how that goofball biker dude Homer fucked your mouth."

"I was on my back being stuffed by Scorpion and Homer knelt behind my head."

"Can you do that, Woody?" Blondie asked as she relaxed on her back on the plush oriental rug on the floor.

"Yes, ma'm!" he replied eagerly and did it.

"OK, Bunny, now you pretend you are Scorpion. You got that toy in your purse? I know you are usually packing something for dull moments."

I pulled out the Double Dick Vibrator, popped in the two AA batteries I had just bought and began to give Blondie a buzz while I nibbled and licked the insides of her thighs through the open crotch of the chaps. She controlled Woody's woody with her hands so he wouldn't cum, at least not until she had gotten off due to my ministrations. She had a nice whimpering and moaning orgasm, not one of her yelling kind but not too bad. I then used Double Dick on myself as I watched Blondie finish the job. "Hurry up!" I told her. "Spike doesn't look too well. I don't know how much more of this watching his dear old heart can take."

"OK, Woody, you heard her. Hurry up now, honey," Blondie purred. "Now you can fuck my mouth hard. Go for it!" Woody did what he was told. In about what seemed like a minute later he pulled his woody out of Blondie's mouth and shot loads of cum all over her face and into her mouth which she kept wide open. He didn't make much noise which is true of most teenage dudes who are so used to secretly jerking off fives a day but he did have a cute look on his face, like a puppy dog who just got petted.

"Woody, did you like that?" Blondie cooed.

"Yes ma'am and thank you, ma'am," was all Woody could muster.

"Don't call me ma'am. Next week on your birthday you will call me mistress." Blondie looked at me, winked and whispered, "Like I said, all this leather is turning me on."

I knew then we were ready for Harley Heaven and the Spring Hog Party. But I was still feeling sad. Blondie kissed his woody but Woody never kissed her. Where has all the romance gone? If you find it let me know.

To Be Continued...


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