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Hymn Part II
by Andra Jenny

I sashayed around the shop, feeling the crotchless panties whisk against the corduroy jeans. Waiting and wondering, I even took a stroll around the booths, just in case he would be waiting there. Nearing desperation, I even began to size up some of the other men. I lost my nerve, and was giving the adult CD counter one last going over when he arrived.

He had seen me first and was casually working his way towards me, as if we had never met. Just two strangers in a sex shop. I stood, numb, transfixed, unable to move, trembling with excitement. He drifted pretending to look at merchandise and doing a better job of it than I was. He stood next to me.

"So, are you interested in computers?" he asked innocently enough.

"Yes," barely escaped the lump in my throat.

"Would you like to go in back?" he whispered huskily.

"No." A brief pause. I found myself unable to look him in the eyes, so I stared at his groin appreciating the outline of his large, thick cock. Nervously, I finally choked out the words that I had been planning and practicing to say for, oh, so long now.

"I would like you to take me by the hand, lead me past all of these people, take me into the back, and treat me like you sex slave. I want to be daddy's little girl. I want him to tie me up and I want him to spank me and I want him to teach me to be his good girl."

He glanced around, paused briefly, then grabbed me roughly by the wrist. I held my head down, but out of the corners of my eyes, I could see the men watching me, grinning as I was led through the shop and into the hallway. He choose the farthest booth and took his time getting there, stopping twice to roughly shove me to the wall and jam his tongue deep into my mouth. Each time he left me sucking blindly and eagerly for more. I was hyper-excited. He opened a door. The faded sign above it said, "The Green Room." He took my upper arm and thrust me in.

This room was bigger than the others. Longer and wider, it featured a huge television above which a camera peered into the room. The bench was sofa wide, long and sturdy, running the length of the large booth from the television to the wall of the next booth which featured a medium-sized hole right at waist level. I shivered uncontrollably, racked by waves of ecstatic excitement. He swung me against the wall and again buried his tongue into my hot, panting mouth. His cock pressed against me, huge and hard as he hunched slowly and powerfully against the front of my jeans.

He stepped back and produced a new bottle of rush from his pocket. He began to casually strip the plastic wrap from the bottle. My heart raced as I waited, hands clasped behind me, eager to please my lover, my master. As he offered the aroma to my nose, I secretly and sincerely wished that he would take me up on my offer and accept me as his personal property, daddy's little sex slave. My heart began to pound, I writhed sensually, beckoning him to come and take me. He spoke and my heart stopped as I anxiously held my breath.

"I know what daddy's little girl likes." I spasmed in pleasure as his hand took firm hold of my crotch and his warm wet tongue mashed against mine. I sucked greedily on his fleshy probe and allowed my legs to gently part and offer him his pleasure. Whimpering with selfish desire, I lovingly humped his hand. The orgasm began to build and I kissed him with true passion. I forgot him and luxuriated in the glow as I felt the magic begin to approach.

"Take off your pants." His strong hands and rough lips left me panting and heaving in pre-orgasmic tension as I sought him for my release. Dazed, frustrated, and near tears, I obediently, but slowly, unbuttoned and unzipped my corduroys. I helped them fall around my ankles and stood proudly displaying my hot pink thong panties and black crotchless panties for all to see. Head down I waited, my eyes focused on the bulge in his pants as he lightly stroked the smooth, pink triangle and exposed upper thighs.

"Are you daddy's good girl? The husky excitement of absolute sexual power was in his voice.

"Yes daddy," was my wanton moan.

"You ran away from daddy last time and I am angry with you." he admonished.

To please him, I eagerly and submissively accepted his version of the story.

"I'm sorry, I'll be good daddy, I'm sorry ...." I whimpered and begged. "Please daddy, please spank me. Teach me to be good. I'll be so good."

"Yes, you will!"

He spun me around and without ceremony gave my left ass-cheek a hard, solid slap. I squealed in surprise and delight and rose up on my toes in response to the stinging blow. From behind the walls, I could hear laughter. He slapped the right cheek even harder and I grunted and pressed against the wall as I tried to pass through it. I heard his belt unbuckle.

I could only stand and wait as I tasted the reality of a dream come true. I could hear the belt sliding through the loops of his trousers as I neared a panic state. I tried to calm myself as the angry pain subsided leaving my ass feeling warm and strangely sexual. He offered me the rush and I thrust my ass out provocatively as the warm sensuality flooded my body. Eagerly I awaited my punishment. The first stroke of the braided leather belt hurt so good.

I moaned and pouted, begging for each loving stroke of my daddy's belt. The backs of my thighs were on fire, my ass cheeks glowed and radiated the heat of our passion. Again, and again, the ringing blows and distant crack of cool leather on hot flesh caused me to cry for mercy and beg forgiveness. Between the pleas, something in me would again beg for more, and I would thrust out to welcome the pain and chastisement.

I lost track of time as I was repeatedly rushed and whipped. I could no longer feel blows through the fire. I sobbed and begged for forgiveness, pleading for a chance to be a good girl long after the whipping had ceased. My hands were crossed and the instrument of punishment was used to bind my wrists together. One at a time, my feet were lifted, my shoes removed, and my pants slid over my ankles.

"Do you want to prove to me that you're going to be a good girl from now on?"

Oh, yes daddy," I cried.

"Then, you WILL do as you are told. Correct?" he queried.

"Yes daddy, please anything. I'll do whatever you want. I'll be your good girl."

"Did you mean it when you said to treat you as my sex slave?" he asked with an irresistible twinkle in his eye.

"Please, let me be your willing sex toy. I want to be your slave. I'll be so good master," I moaned huskily, my sex-hunger altering everything in my personality. This good girl would be a complete and total slut in order to please him and quench his desires.

"Sit on the bench," he commanded.

Quickly and obediently I sat on the bench assuming my most demure pose. The cool leather sent tingles throughout my arms and legs as my red-hot ass came into contact with it. My knees were together, but not for long. For now, I wanted to show him my exposed thighs and ass to titillate and entice his throbbing member into my body. He sprayed head-cleaner into a towel and pressed it into my face.

I breathed deeply and calmly the icy fumes. They seeped into my lungs and paralyzed my mind. I drifter into a deep primordial state where I could experience only my primary instincts. I rushed down a black tunnel with thick green walls. Hands, no not hands, primal desires guided me to a kneeling position on the bench and then pressed my head downward in subservience. No thoughts touched me, voices far off in the back of my head called my name. From very far away, I felt intense waves of ecstasy as the butt-plug was slowly pulled out of my ass. The towel was removed and I stared down the tunnel, seeking my place, racing to my destiny.

A thick black cock appeared before me and I worshipped it. I took it into my mouth like my mother's nipple and nursed contentedly. Safe, warm, and happy I prayed and exalted in the truth. I sucked my daddy's cock. I sucked a stranger's cock. It was my mother's teat. It was every man, it was any man. There was no turning back. I could never again be around a man and not want him deep inside my mouth. For the first time, I was complete, whole, and happy. I knew my place in life.

Joyfully, I strained to completely consume my new god and master. I forced myself down the thick, black shaft taking the swollen head into my deep throat gratefully surrendering my right to breath. Only my nose against the wooden wall prevented me from seeking to swallow his scrotum. Completely relaxed and reverent, my face became a pussy as my lord made firm, purposeful thrusts into my hot seething pit. I faithfully served the thick black cock and knew I would do so for the rest of my life. I was home.

My reverie was slightly disturbed by firm pressure and an insistent presence which sought to widen and enter my asshole. I slowly rocked and rotated my hips trying to slide myself onto this new and welcome intrusion into my being. Deeper and deeper daddy entered me as his hands caressed my undulating ass and thighs. Into the pit of my stomach he came as he rested his groin against my smooth buttocks. With ecstatic abandon I forcefully slid up and down the rock hard shaft working hard to make daddy happy. I was such a good girl.

I fucked both cocks with single-minded devotion. I prayed to the phallus before me as I sinfully danced on daddy's dick. A sexual dervish, I pumped and writhed, my body a receptacle for all the men I had ever known or would ever know. Wanting to please them, wanting them never to leave me, I wantonly displayed my submissiveness. Willingly, I put their needs upon the alter of life, discarded all but the one need of my own, and prepared for a life of worship and servitude, a slave to firm, ripe, manhood.

Soon I was exhausted and sweaty. My head began to clear and my frantic pace slowed as I settled into a dreamy, satisfied, rhythmic state. The cock in my ass was luxurious, the cock in my mouth, comforting. I made good, happy love to them savoring every new moment as a lifetime experience. I grew too content, too passive.

The loud smack of his hand on my ass coupled with the intense stinging startled and woke me. Again he hit me, and again. Hard and insistent were his blows and in response, my body began to pump and grind, but without good rhythm. Desperately, I tried to please, but the harder I tried, the worse the results. I began to think too much and began to panic. I heard the spray of the head cleaner and then I was pulled back by the hair. Reluctantly, I let the thick black penis slide from my mouth. The towel covered my face.

The world slid away, first into a green fog, then into blackness. The buzzing in my ears was replaced by silence. Distinctly, I heard my mother call my name. It startled me to hear her right behind me, so close. Other voices. Laughter. Paralyzed, I could not move. I knelt there bound, stripped, exposed again, aware of who and what I really was. The towel was pulled away and I was returned to the hole in the wall. I opened wide. Soon I was home again, safe and happy with no thoughts to bother me, feeling only the pleasure inside me.

Before I could properly begin to serve my lord, he took me. Daddy's cock thrust roughly into me slamming me flush to the wall, impaling me on the hard flesh which sought to enter me. Helpless, I accepted the double pounding, my position, my present, and my future. The stabbing lances of lustful abandon attempted to meet inside of me, thrilling me to the marrow. My sex was flushed and bursting with red-hot blood and desire. Juice oozed from my crotch and slowly trickled down the inside of my thigh into the top of my panties. The fucking was the best thing I had ever felt and I never wanted it to stop.

The swollen manhood in my throat made breathing impossible, so I stopped. Unable to even gag, I just knelt there bent over and bound accommodating the object of my desires pinned in tightly in place by the man I wanted to serve and please. I was loosing consciousness when the pumping piston in my throat picked up steam. Like a jack-hammer he used me. My head pounded against the wall in reaction to the brute force of the penetrating godhead. Three big final thrusts and my mouth filled with his flavor.

As I slavered at the thick black cock, the pounding in my ass be came more aggressive. There was so much thick, ropy white cum that I choked trying to get it all down. But daddy was insistent. He slapped me and fucked me again causing my head to slam against the wall. I sucked and licked for every last drop of the precious salty cum. The half-hard organ before me was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. It looked so mouth friendly, so delicious, so perfect.

I was roughly pulled up and shoved to the floor. He sat on the bench and as I knelt, he shoved my head to his groin. Joyfully, I welcomed him with open lips. Bobbing my head up and down on his cock, I tried with all my might to give him what he wanted, but my deep throat was not good enough to get him off. I heard the spray and then was offered the towel. He stood before my kneeling, obedient presence and I again engulfed his pride, my joy.

He took my head and my hair into his firm grip and in my silent world I knew what was coming, and I embraced his manhood with my warmth and depth. He raped me. There is no other way to describe it. Unable to gasp for air, I was pressed to his pubic hair and forced to ride his bucking and fucking groin. I looked up into his eyes to let him know that it was him I was there for him. He stared at me as he rode me like a berserker in a new village. The darkness crept in and soon there was only his eyes and his cocks relentless rhythm. Then there was only his cock..

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