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Hot Lady
by Defon

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Doesn't that look like fun?" She say and sits up on the bed. She lays her toy down on the bed and picks up my leash. When she leans over I try to get a kiss of her but she pushes my head away. "Now that wasn't nice. You better stay still." She pulls the leash and I remember that I am a slave. I want her in my mouth so bad.

I look at her letting her know how much I want her in my mouth. "Yes sweet owner. But I ..." She pulls harder on the leash and then stands on the ground pushing me slightly backwards. Now the thing I want most of all is inches form my face and I can't have it. She pulls the leash tight knowing I urge to take a kiss. The leash keeps me from making my move.

"You what?" She says. She gives me a look as to say 'you better be good and do as I say'.

She looks at me with a thin smile and asks, "You want this?" She hold my head next to her but I dot' have enough freedom to kiss her. And if I did I wouldn't dare. She is already pulling me off balance.

"Yes owner." I respond and show relieve has she releases some of the tension on the leash. She sits back down on the bed and lays a leg on either side of my shoulders. I can look right at her miss happy. She gently grabs my chin with her free hand and looks into my eyes. I want to look at her miss happy but I know it is better to obey.

"Now you have to play my game if you want to be rewarded." She smiles and runs her hand through my hair. "Do you still want to play?" I begin to nod yes when she gently pushes me between her legs and finally I get a taste of heaven. She is so warm and I get three good kisses when she pushes me away. "Not yet."

"Here you go little boy." She picks up her vibrator and put the handle in front of my face. "Well don't you want to pleasure me?" I nod and hold the toy in my mouth. She gives me a slight smile and releases the vibrator. She then begins to play with my hair and says, "OK my cute little slave. These are the rules. When I put tension on your leash you do like I showed you. When I give two quick tugs you move in further. I'll give you directions for the rest. Start out slow."

She then lays back in a reclined position on the bed. While still holding the leash in her left hand she grabs my head with both hands and slides me closer to her. Her legs lay on top of my shoulders and give a welcoming embrace. She guides me into her and I can smell the warm sex and it drives me mad. I want to plunge right into her but she guides me slowing. The toy touches her and parts her in two. I am now close enough... I want to be inside of her. I want to really taste her. This sensation of pleasing her and being so close to what I want is driving me crazy. Her hips slowly turn to welcome the toy and once the head of her toy is inside she allows me to move at my own speed. I move forward half a inch and back and forth. I slowly advance while making a back and forth motion the entire time. She is now beginning to moan and her hands are playing with my hair.

She tugs twice on the leash and my heart races with excitement. I know what she wants but I like to see her want, so I wait to advance. She tugs even harder and I can't wait any long. I advance and her hips push down into my face as her hands and legs pull me closer. The warmth is so intense that I can barely breath. I push the vibrator deep into her until my nose touches her sweet clit. I wish I could just get a kiss. As she holds the entire vibrator inside of her she moans and twists her hips faster and faster. Her hips push down into the bed and she pushes my head deep with in her legs. Her legs hold my head in place and her hips shot up. Her legs begin to shake and her moans are turning into screams. The energy and passion is making me sweat and shake. I can't take it any more. Her hips are moving up and down and rotating with accelerating speed.

"YEEESSS!!" she screams. I can't help it, I abandon her vibrator and kiss her clit with an explosive lust that can not be held back. Her screams become helpless and sounds like the verge of pain. She begins to grab my hair and pull while her body flies out of control. She jumps into the my face and the force pushes me over.

I look up at her as she slowly rotates on the vibrator and rubs her shaking legs. Her breathing is slowing down and her eyes are closed. She raises her hands and rubs her face as if she just woke up. Her hand slides down her body and removes the toy deep from within her. I am on my back with my knees in the air. She finally opens her eyes and smiles at me. "you arrrre a good boy." And she closes her eyes to re-live her pleasure. I lay helpless on my back viewing her in a moment of bliss. She slowly sits up on the bed and looks down at me with a grin of pleasure.

"I guess you deserve your reward." She looks at my swelling dick and licks her lips. She begins to rub her Mrs. happy to feel how sore she is and decides that she will have more. "Pure little boy you fell." She leans down to grab my Mr. happy and hold it like my it is a remote control. "That is OK. You stay right like that."

She releases my dick and I moan. I want her to take me inside of her and all I get is a short encounter. She picks up my leash and walks above me with her legs on either side of my chest.

"This is what you want?" She gives a quick grin and increases the tension on the leash. She knows damn well I want to taste her.

"Yes, swweeett owner." I quickly respond while raising my ass towards her in order to lessen the tension on the leash. She slowly lowers herself to her knees and her Mrs. Happy is resting on my chest. I attempt to steal a kiss but she is too far away. She smiles at my futile attempt.

"Here you go my little boy." She says while pushing down toward my face and using her free hand to push my head into her. I am smother by her and enjoy every drop of her in my mouth. She tastes as sweet as love itself. I search every inch of her looking to find the sweetest spot. Every inch seems to taste better than the last. She uses her hand to guide my head and grinds slowly on my face. She pulls hard on the leash to watch me twitch under her command.

"You are ... hmm a good boy.." she moans while riding me. She then lets go of the leash and grabs my balls with her finger nails and they slightly dig in. Just enough so I know she could do harm if she wanted to. Right before I think I am going to pass out from lack of air and pure excitement she lets go of my head and allows me room to breath. I slightly lick her as I try catch my breath.

"Lets see if you are as good as my toy." She pulls away from my mouth and I miss her more than before. She slides down my chest leaving a warm trail. She looks at me with pure excitement in her eyes and begins to tie the leash around her hips. She raises her hand and runs it through my hair and down my face. Then she put her hand in front of my mouth and I open to accept her fingers. She slowly wets each finger as I suck on them. Then she grabs my dick with the first real stroke of the day. She moves her hand with solid professional movements wetting every inch. Then she puts a hand on each of my shoulders and plunges me into her. The warmth and pleasure are over whelming. I try to thrust but I am limited by my restraints. She begins to bounce up and down on me with powerful rotations. She runs her hand through my hair and begins to accelerate She moves me almost completely out of her and thrust me completely into her. On each rise the leash pulls on me force me to rise. She watches me as I welcome her warmth and then twitch from the tension on the leash. Just as her moans begin to turn to screams she reaches for the leash and pulls hard and thrusts down. Now the tension is overwhelming at all times. She rotates and screams while her right hand pulls at my chest hair. Her legs shake from the work and the coming climax. I feel like my Mr. happy is about to explode and my balls are beginning to throb. And then the explosion sends us both into a singular scream and our hips both rise and slowly fall together. I fill her completely and she raps her arms around me and gives me a passionate long kiss.

I close my eyes and feel a warm peace glide through my body as I go limb inside of her. She slowly turns her head and whispers in my ear.

"I should have a slave everyday." And kisses me on the neck.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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